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  • Hickory Farms Corporate Office Headquarters

Hickory Farms Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Hickory Farms Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1505 Holland Rd.
Maumee, OH 43537
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-419-893-7611
Fax Number: 1-419-893-0164
Customer Service Number: 1-419-893-7611


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  1. Your company has ruined Christmas for me. I placed an order to be delivered Dec. 21-23, 2020. ORDER #W00083821 I received an email last night saying part of it was already shipped and would be delivered Dec. 12th, this is not what I asked for and not what I paid for. I called your customer service and they couldn't do much. Fedex wasn't much help either. I need this fixed ASAP. YOU SCREWED UP, NOT ME. YOUR COMPANYS MISTAKE, NOT MINE. I thought I had found the perfect CHRISTMAS gift for my sister's family, but now you've ruined it.

  2. i was recently a store manager but was not given the power to hire employees or make schedule as the regional manager said she was bringing me people to work for me but after a month and half of working by myself with one other person, I had to be at the store from open to close 90% of the time and my numerous times of reaching out to my bosses I was demoted to sale associate and suspended for 2 weekd and after being back to work for two weeks,on Christmas when I asked if I was on the schedule I was terminated, I then asked for my check and my check is being held from me for a whole week. I too find this unprofessional that I cant get ahold of my area/regional manager and I will take this to Northern California "Bay area" labor board and cooperate I'm very disappointed that it had to come this. my family and I have been hickory farm customers for years before and now think this will make me question staying a customer

  3. I applied to work in one the kiosk's and never got any schedule, communicated with both the area manager and store manager trying to get put on the schedule, never did. One day I get a nasty message from the store manager, if you can call them that, saying that she was sick of me calling out 10 minutes before my shift – HELLO I WAS NEVER SCHEDULED AND NEVER WORKED. Then I get disrespectful text messages from the store manager. This company is a joke.

  4. Im a seasonal employee.This year will be my last year as an employee.Im ashamed of the way my store was ran this year.The district manager and our managet was having an affair that totally kept our store tore upside down.The lies and the theft of company personel was just to much to bare.The manager hired his best friend to work with him and only when he worked.The rest of us had to work alone 99% of the time,no breaks at all.The labor board is going to be brought in on this matter,i can promise you.The district manager(maggie) and my manager(matt) and a guy that matt hired(josh) went to another store and implied to be high ranking company employees at the regional managers(devon) request,so maggie said.THETE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BONUS TO THE #1 store and when i ask about the bonus last nite maggie said she picked people randomly to get the bonuses,which is a lie.maggie,matt and josh and his wife is going to florida this month,so i hope this bonus was not givin to them seeing how none of them worked for it.Please do a thorough investigation of the huntington store.We the employees are going to corporate head

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Corporate Office Headquarters