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Hickory Tavern Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Gastonia Hickory Tavern. WORST place to work. Actually its an amazing place, its the MANAGEMENT that makes it so bad. The fact that the GM is still there, says a lot about the company itself. Almost every employee is miserable there, (hence the reason so many people quit), and you guys should take the time to pay more attention to that. Its sad when your job performance is effected by the person who is suppose to be building his team up for success and not tearing them down.

  2. My name is Jimmy Branch and I am an affiliate with United Games. I spoke with a staff about our sports app. The staff member really liked it and mentioned to me that I should contact you about it. One thing is because it would need your approval. Second thing is because it sounds so good that it could be beneficial for your other restaurants. I would love a chance to sit down and discuss the app with you. This sports app is not like Draftkings or FanDuel. This is an interactive app that will get the fans more involved with their favorite teams. It is not just for football but a number of other sports. The players can sign up and play for free. There is also a very lucrative offer for affiliates. An affiliate will pay a onetime fee of $30 then pay $10 a month. That affiliate will have players signing up that are sitting and watching games and having a good time. Both the restaurant and he affiliates will profit from this. It is a win-win relationship for us both. Please allow me the opportunity to show you the app; here is my phone number is 828-450-4446. I would love the chance to get all of your restaurants signed up!!!
    Thank you!

    Jimmy Branch
    Affiliate for United Games

  3. ANONYMOUS,,,,,,,,,,,TOO

  4. You would think someone up of the food chain at corporate would see all of the crappy comments about ALL of these different Hickory Taverns! I've never been there personally and I guarantee I never will. All of this sounds really bad in them……but I have something even worse to the tenth degree. I'm not going to mention the wonderful and beautiful persons name that they recently did a fundraiser for but I will say with all of the advertising and the big turnout they had it should have been a major success!! The family of the person the fundraiser was for NEVER RECEIVED A PENNY!!! It's a utter shame for anyone, yet a big business to pull that kind of crap. Someone will answer for it one day and you can take that to the bank as well Hickory Tavern!

  5. Someone needs to investigate the management of the hickory taverns in rock hill sc, very upset customer! Celanese rd location. I will never eat there again.

    1. Dear drunk person,

      I do not think that anyone making comments on this page realizes that this website has NO affiliation with the company Hickory Tavern. It is a site created to serve as an index of contact information for all sorts of different businesses and corporate offices, and is not even accurate information. No one from the HT corporate office can even see these ridiculous comments much less respond to them. Congratulations, you are literally complaining to no one.

  6. Do not and say do not work for Hickory Tavern in Gastonia unless you want to be treated like a dog from the GM who is there all the time.he will yell and scream at you in front of the other employees and once I can find who to get in touch with to turn him into its gonna happen he is the absolute worst manager I have ever in my life worked for there is a place and a way to go about talking to your employees which he doesn't know how to do that…. Do not work there

  7. I wanted to let you know about my experience tonight at the Steelcroft location.
    First, let me start by telling you that Hickory Tavern used to be my favorite place to eat. Wednesdays are the best nights to go because I love wings.
    Over the last few months, I have noticed that the service has gotten really bad. The servers have no idea what they are doing and more often than not, I have to track them down to get a refill or even just place my order.
    Tonight was mine and my husband's date night and the experience broke my heart.
    The server I had (Ashley, a redhead young thing) was horrible. She took our beer order, brought our beer back and walked away without a word, and then finally, after 15 minutes of us waiting and her sitting at a table talking with some couple, decided to ask us if we were ready.
    She never came back after that, She sat at that same table (one table away from us). I had to ask another server to get our food.
    Once our food came out, my entire order was wrong, the server then sat there and argued with me about what ordered I placed. Does this generation have no concept of customer service? What kind of training do these servers get?
    So I had to wait another 25 minutes to get the right order and after that came out, they shorted me wings!
    The server (who overheard me telling another server that I was unhappy with my current server) then told me that she was sorry if I was upset because she was sitting at the table, as if it were my fault that she was not doing her job. At no point while I was talking to other servers trying to get my food did she ever budge from her conversation.
    I was a server and a bartender for 15 years and would never have sat down on the job while I had tables, let alone in front of the table! This is bad service and I let her know. She was completely unaware of what she had done.
    To make my experience even worse, there was not a manager on duty, no one offered us any kind of compensation (even though I would not have taken it) but it is the effort that counts here. This business at Steelcroft, does not try anymore and I wanted you to know tonight you lost very loyal customers. I will now be going to BW3s even though they are over priced, but at least I am going to get good service there.

  8. I have been to your providence rd location off beside golf lakes rd for a couple of weeks every afternoon to watch the world cup I ask the waitress to put the volume of the game she went and asked the manager with sideburns and he said no because their is not enough people watching it so for now on I will go elsewhere to watch the games very bad customer service no matter if 5 10 or 20 customers are watching he should put the volume on just wanted to let u know

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