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  1. Manager Jamie Weeks in North Myrtle Beach is incompetent and rude. I live one mile from your restaurant, dine there almost weekly with family and friends. Usually very good. Tonight I was told to get out as I waited for my pick-up order. He said I yelled at his staff,,I Never raised my voice. I did ask staff to check on my order every 15 minutes. I chatted with other guest waiting to be seated. I walked back to the bar tender checking on my order as well. I walked out side, walked my dog, spoke with more guest. I understand short staffing, I understand a kitchen being backed up. I had a casual fine dining in this town for 20 years, seating 175 people. I do not understand a manager rushing up to me shouting and pointing his finger at me, "Did you yell at my staff?" Realizing he was not going to offer any apology or explanation, I said yes. But I never yelled or raised my voice at anyone. He pointed at the door and told me to get out. Like a mad man, he repeated this gesture. I told him I did not yell or raise my voice, but like a 4 year old, he kept repeating. "But you said you did." I could not dispel his belligerence. I should have let him call the police, but he was so far behind in his work already. I did not get my order, I did not get my money back, and I did not get an apology. I am sad for your corporation and the situation of staffing. The two girls at the door are teenagers in high school..one of the most important positions. I asked the one training the one in 10th grade if she had told the manager I yelled at her, she disappeared. You will continue to be busy by default, but such a shame with what I had enjoyed as a good brand.

  2. The Hickory Tavern on Statesville Rd needs Real Managers you pay four or five Managers and you still have the worst costumer service ,really bad drinks from the bar staff, I dare not call them bartenders. I went in on Friday 4th Oct two bartenders could not make a proper Dirty Martini, (3) ingredients. Waited hour and half after waitress said they would remake it. Bothe bar staff refused to make another and the management (2) of the 3 that were there did not assist in this matter at all. It's a great Venue in a great location. But your cooperation has staffing issues if you cant tell by the comments posted. If you don't care vacate the venue so a good company can use it. Not just complaining willing to help. L Kester (980-498-0252) 13 years in Management and customer service.

  3. Online order was not accurate. Ordered crispy fries and they were soggy. Grouper fish was good but mostly batter. Unfortunately this not the first issue with inaccurate orders. May go elsewhere from now on. Rock Hill SC

  4. Investigate your ballantyne location. Your managers do whatever they want and drink nonstop at the bar after work. Everyone is scared of nicole manager. I left there because she is psychotic. Go ask your employees there about her and how much she runs her mouth and abuses employees. You have a nasty location there.

  5. On Sunday, December 16, 2018 a group consisting of 15 individuals visited the Woodhill Mall location, Columbia, SC. We had a reservation for 12:30 pm and everyone arrived and was seated no later than 12:45 pm. We ordered our food and at 1:30 pm was notified by management that our group had to leave by 2:00 pm. However, no one in our party had received their food, only drinks had been served. We voiced our concern and at 1:45 pm no food had even arrived at our table. Basically, management advised us that they were expecting another reservation at 2:00 pm and we could take our food and leave. Management did not offer any other options or made any attempt to accommodate our party. I was extremely disappointment in the service and vow to never eat at this restaurant in the future. Management should never have seated our group if kitchen staff could not provide our food in timely manner.

  6. Someone needs to investigate the hickory tavern in Hickory. They are hiring people with social security numbers that are not theirs… Also their managers are rude as hell and have preference with other employees…. if someone does not find out about this managers and how three are hiring people that do not have a legal status and they know that's is not their name and still hire them…

  7. Went to Steele Creek location and service continues to decline. Last night(5/28) we ordered 2 Large charred wings and when they arrived they were undercooked so we returned them. The runner brought one order back once again under cooked and had no clue which flavors they were or where the other order went. At this point it was 40mins and only the bartender Lauren was understanding and frustrated with the kitchen staff's lack of support. There apppantely were 3 managers on duty; yet none were concerned enough to visit us(Christian/Katie/Alex). Finally if that wasn't enough the woman's restroom had a desperate need to be condemned or cleaned. The bar was very slow, no excuses for the lack of service. Amazing all of the complaints listed above. Time to get involved Senior Leadership!! Going to take my business to Copper Premium in SC.

  8. I sent the following message to the Steele Creek Hickory Tavern on February 19, 2017, and never received a response.

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    FEB 19TH, 11:50AM

    Good morning. We frequent your restaurant on a regular basis. On our previous visit the service was not so great. Last night, however, we had Elizabeth. She was phenomenal. Very attentive, polite, etc. It was literally the best experience I've ever had at your establishment.

    However, when we left we had a very different experience in the parking lot. It quickly turned the visit into my worst experience at any establishment. The reason I am informing you is because the experience was with a member of the band you had performing last night.

    When we left the restaurant the car on my driver's side had parked so far over the line there was no way for me to get in. Then I saw the driver coming to the back of his car so I thought, perfect. I went up to him and said I don't think I'm going to be able to get in my car. He continued getting stuff out of his car and told me he wasn't moving, he was with the band, and closed his car and left! I was stunned. I honestly couldn't think of what to do until the drive home. So I made my child get out and I climbed over the seats to the driver's seat and we left. I should've gone in and told the restaurant manager, but I honestly didn't think of this until the way home. He didn't have to lose his spot, he could've readjusted in a matter of a minute.

    I cannot believe a man would act this way toward a mother and her two daughters. I'm sure if I was a man the incident would have gone differently. I thought you should be aware if the type of people you are hiring to come into your establishment. It will definitely make me think twice about returning.

  9. I have been going to the Hickory Tavern in Asheville for about 6 years. I have been pleased with the everything there. The management has been great. The atmosphere is good as well as the food. The waitress have been very professional and the service excellent. I have only one complaint. When I walked in today they had changed the waitress uniform. The long sleeve checked shirt has to be hot for these girls and it looks like I am sitting at a BBQ restaurant. The black on black or game Jersey should be reinstated.

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