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Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

InterContinental Hotels Group IHG

Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Address:

3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA

Holiday Inn Express Home Office UK:

Windsor Dials 1 Arthur Road
Windsor SL4 1RS UK

Holiday Inn Express Contact Phone Numbers and Websites

Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-888-465-4329
Uk Home Office: 44 1753 972 000
Website: Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express’s main competitors are Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Hilton, Fairfield Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Staybridge Suites, Springhill Suites, Doubletree, LaQuinta, Best Western, Ramada Inn, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Clarion, Homewood Suites, and The Residence Inn.

Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office

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  1. My experience at this hotel was the worst experience I have ever encountered in my life. I was scheduled to stay at this hotel this coming weekend November 11 through 13 2022. Yesterday November 9, I noticed a charge of $406.38 which had been withdrawn from my account. After research, It was brought to my attention that the hotel had withdrawn this cash from my personal bank account. I proceeded to call the hotel to understand why this transaction took place before my arrival. I should also mention that the amount that they request from you for incidentals, which is usually just a hold on your credit card was also deducted from my account. when I called the bank to speak with someone regarding this transaction I was routed to the GM by the name of Ann Weber. Let me say this first, entitlement does exist. Ms. Weber proceeded to tell me that this was their policy and they could withdraw this money anytime after the 48 hours clock started prior to your arrival. I proceeded to ask her if this was in writing in their policy, and she replied this was their policy and that if I did not approve I could stay somewhere else. I’m a well-educated male, and I’ve never experienced someone in the Customer service field who was so unprofessional, condescending, and Just outright rude. She proceeded to call me “honey” and told me that I would not be welcome in the hotel ever again. Is this the way a Hotel should conduct business? I find this to be very interesting because this weekend a number of alumni students along with their families will attend the University of Maryland Eastern shore (HBCU) annual homecoming. I can’t help but find this a coincidence.

    1. Sir, please help me. They fired me today for something they made up against me. I am a hard worker who doesn’t deserve this can you tell me which hotel it was and the location I’m trying to sue them!

  2. I had reservation at Holiday Inn Express in Yorkville, Illinois The manager used a great deal of profanity towards me and also stated ” get the f… out of my hotel” and told his colleague to cancel my reservation. The next month when I received my credit card bill-they had charged me for the stay-which I could not stay at hotel and no refusing to reverse the charge

  3. I stayed at the Lamar, CO location in July. I left Sunday morning and when I arrived home I realized I left a $130 shirt in the room. I called and was told there was no one available to check the room for my missing item. I called the next morning with credit card info for shipping and was told they would look, contact me, and ship the item. It is now 9/27/2022 and no contact and no shirt. I am very doubtful I will ever stay at that location ever again. Very very very disappointed guest.

  4. I recently had a stay at your sister location in Beatrice Ne. My stay was 9/16 & 9/17. We were very disappointed in our room and the staff. Our room was dirty water bottle under bed hair in sink sheets were dirty. We asked for a room clean and sheet change. It never happened. I left them a note, but with no results. It’s very frustrating to pay a decent price for a room and your staff doesn’t care to accommodate. No stars from me. We do a lot of traveling and use your hotels throughout the USA. I would like a refund on the room we stayed in. My daughter stayed in another room that we rented and didn’t have any complaints.

  5. I worked at the Holiday inn express in Galesburg IL. I recently left because the GM seems to favor his female management team over anyone else. He is constantly talking bad about the guests that are not up to his standard. I also know for a fact that he has dated multiple house keeps while being the GM of this hotel. People are late, they miss work without calling in and yet they still have jobs. the hotel is clean and well taken care of, but the GM needs to be replaced with someone has integrity. The training is never enough and we were often scolded for not knowing something, when we weren't trained properly. He cares more about being on his phone and giving orders than actually trying to run a hotel and include everyone in the process, not just the female management group.

  6. So I have worked at Holiday Inn Express a IHG hotel. I have worked there for some time now if the past 4 months things have gotten kind of out of hand and it's just getting worse. I've turned to the GM and nothing has been done about the issues. I have talked to the GM's boss, and still nothing has happened. A few of us are getting to the point of tired that we don't want to work there any longer. First the GM does not treat customers the way they should be treated even though if they are wrong. The GM has argued with our biggest client that brings us thousands of people a month. As a worker at this hotel I have gotten complaints and heard a lot of complaints from a lot of customers and staff. First and foremost has been a very clean hotel but like I said the last couple of months has gotten pretty bad. Complaints against rooms not being cleaned or only being half cleaned when customers are checked in. They go to another room and the same problem. This system says they're clean but obviously they're not getting cleaned and they're not getting checked that they are cleaning. I have went to the GM and told them the issue that's been going on and it has gotten past down and just forgotten. We recently got a new head housekeeper. The GM pretty much lets her do whatever. I personally have not seen any of the housekeepers vacuum a room. I've only seen one person do it and that was the longer lady that doesn't usually do housekeeping but does do stay overs and housekeeping for new room sometimes. So to get on with the complaints, like I said from not being cleaned and most of the time they're at the same rooms from the same person which is the head housekeeper. Usually the head housekeeper has someone with her and the other girl is pregnant so there's two of them doing a room. They take breaks whenever they want they don't have to do all the rooms that day. They just get the rooms needed for that night done and that is it. Third shift and second sometimes have to turn people away because there are no rooms available, "there are sometime there are 10 to 20 rooms that are dirty and their third shift does not have time to go up and clean them to let a guest in". Coffee is not being refreshed during second and third shift. 90% of the time the customers are complaining about there is nobody to go talk to on 2nd and 3rd shift. It takes forever to find them. Sometimes they take the bells away from the desk, so they don't have to hear them and that is the GM doing it. Sometimes all the doors are shut so you can't even go in the office to get somebody. Customers have to knock and bang on the door to get someone come answer because you're not watching the front desk. Lately there has been one front desk lady on first shift that works everyday and she does everything and stuff that's not her responsibility to do everyday. Customers have recognized this and told her. This also goes with the breakfast cook. Both of them work well as a team, them 2. I have sat down with a customer and heard the complaints and we have told the boss about not having clean rooms not be able to finding anybody on second and third shift no fresh coffee the floors are filthy the trash is overflowing. We are telling the GM but nothing is getting done about it. Recently the breakfast cook and the housekeeper have gotten into it a couple times. Housekeepers not starting on time. They come in clock in and sit down for 2 hours eat and then decide to get up and actually work. They come in late all the time. There is alot more going on but for now I will keep it. We just got a new AGM and hopefully thing will work out soon. I did have a question of how to get a hold of somebody to talk to about all these issues they're not getting done. Please let me know if there is a way to contact someone that I can talk to.


  7. Stayed at the Holiday inn express in Troy Michigan. (Motel 6?) For starters I am a disabled Vet and my wife just had neck surgery. I requested ground floor and was given ground floor from the star76 t but had no tub only a roll in shower so I requested room with tub. Got there and they gave us second floor. We reserved this hotel because of the pool which was 76 degrees and not useable and I asked to have it truned up and they turned it up to 79 for only that day. next day 76. there was beer cans left from the night before on the day we left and garbage cans full out front as well as a de icer spreader turned over which I saw the night before when I looked out the window at the group of people cutting it up and drinking. about 20 right out the front door. When we first went to our room the elevator had just been smoked in as well as out hall way. it was pot. the urine around our toilet was unreal. we travel with a black light and I feel anyone should use one. they have one grumpy lady doing breakfast and she is slow. for two days the main course and little things were out. she would be standing by the ovens instead of refilling other things. the lazyness of the management at this dump should be noted. when the beer cans which were there at 10:30 the next morning and the trash and over turned spreader were just sitting there were atlease 7 people behind the desk. the assistant manager emailed me to say he would like to call but that was almost a week ago. Lazy or just do not want to hear the truth. they removed my survey or just did not post it. I could go on and on. We travel the U.S. picking up certain veicles I purchase at auctions and decided to down load the IHG app because there was a sign in the Ogdan Utah IHG saying stay twoce and the third is free. that has never happened and when I looked it up it was last summer. They need to comp our rooms for that weekend or I will never return. All the way home from Detroit we stay at Wyndham Properties. I do not like Wyndham but there Pools are useable. what a concept. IHG is nearly twice the money for these amenities and you can not use them. Ron Foreman club member 286195857

  8. I am an American citizen, living and working in China. I needed to travel to Shanghai to handle some business, therefore I needed to book a one night hotel stay. I booked my stay at Holiday Inn Express. Ten minutes after I reserved my room, I received a call telling me that the Holiday Inn Express would not allow "foreigners" to stay there. This is purely an act of discrimination that an American owned company should not condone. For an American owned company, whatever country they are doing business in, to blatantly allow such discrimination is not only unconstitutional in the USA, but a terribly poor business practice. I, for one, will never stay in another Holiday Inn, no matter what country I am visiting. Surely, I will share this experience on every travel site that I am aware of so that other travelers can be warned of the existence of this disreputable practice.

  9. To whom it concern,
    My husband is a disabled veteran. This past weekend he was able to attend a turkey hunt up in Northern Indiana for people with many disabilities. There are people of all ages ranging this year from ages 9 to 83. It is a huge event and a time for those with disabilities to get "away" from their problems for the weekend. I was truly disappointed and appalled to find out that there is limited hotel space in the area of Plymouth, IN. Due to the fact that Holiday Inn refused to allow hunters to stay in their hotel because there are too many people with wheelchairs and they wouldn't accommodate us! This limits the amount of hunters the foundation can allow to come to the hunt. Sadly, many are turned down each year and may not have an opportunity like this in the future.. I will be telling all of my friends and family and any disabled people I meet NEVER STAY AT A HOLIDAY INN. UNBELIEVABLE!

  10. Hotel in Jacksonville Tx was terrible.. We came for 8u girls softball game employees weren't very nice. Hotel was dirty stuff splattered behind the head board of beds and worst off bed bugs! A couple of our team has doctors notes stating such and we found live and dead bugs! The hotel was informed and stated they would refund and pay for pillows left we haven't received any refund or any response for that matter. My review on the booking they more or less called us liars im very disappointed in the business not professional at all!

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