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  • Hometown Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters

Hometown Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Hometown Buffet Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters

1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356
Customer Service Number: 1-800-871-0956

  • Dec. 24,2016 Hometown Buffet Edison NJ has been going downhill but this day was the worst. I tried contacting the corporate offices – message stated the number is not in service. Customer service always is busy. The health department should shut the place down. No serving utensils in dishes; people taking food with their hands. No silverware. Food was warm to cold of the dishes with pans that had food in it. Salad bar was a mess with people using their hands or their own silverware to serve themselves. I refused to take it. Ice cream machine broken. Hot drinks were all filled with regular coffee even though the names listed said other things. No labeling of any food that was out. Huge spill on the floor on one side of the soda stand. Remained there for whole time we were there even though we alerted someone. Been going to this location for 30 yrs. and it has gone totally downhill.

  • Hometown in Edison NJ is a joke. We went last night with my family. They management is horrible. The salad was disgusting. Salad was frozen and cucumbers were already soggy. Everyone does what they please in this place. They have a station where they serve roast beef and someone had to cut it themselves because usually there is someone to cut it up and serve it. Manger and another employee were just the only ones eating all of the desserts . I didn't know also that you could take out deserts if you please. Manger handed people a couple of aluminium foils out to a group so they can take as many desserts as they pleased. I actually once enjoyed this place. Now it's just sad. Just waste of money.

  • Went to the HomeTown Buffet on State College in Anaheim, the restrooms are disgusting, sticky floors and stinks horribly, need airfresheners. The food is not favorable, over heated an the plates are dirty most of the time. The health department need to check into this place.

  • Just left Home Town Buffet. Not surprised that that their review is only 2.5 stars. I wasn't aware of the cost, in fact I didn't look I was just happy to see that they offer a discount for Veterans. (I am also a senior citizen). When I got to my seat I looked at my receipt and saw that I was charged 8.99 and at the table they had their prices posted as 5.99. So instead of getting a discount, I was, in fact, overcharged $3. I went to the cashier and asked to see the manager. While I was waiting (8 minutes) I told the cashier that she over charged me and she said she still needed the manager. When he (Marc) finally showed up, he made no eye contact and no smile, no greeting and not one bit of apology. He finally looked at me with a very somber face (perhaps he is used to this routine) he asked me for my receipt. I gave him the small receipt that I had kept for my records. He wanted the large receipt and told me there was no way he could give me any kind of refund without that large one (about a foot long). What? We got into a bit of a heated discussion (I ultimately called him and a** h***… not proud of that) and told him he was rude in the way he treated me. He then ordered me out and told me never to come back. I simply turned around to walk out and just said "way to treat a Veteran." Then I told him be sure to read his Yelp reviews tonight.

    Another little pissy thing. Both times I've been there the fish (non fried) was empty. I can imagine that the fish is one of the costlier offerings there, so the longer that tray stays empty, the more money they make.

    I hope some Veterans and senior citizens see this.

    Bottom line: don't mess with us senior citizens and/or Veterans.

  • I went to home town buffet in santa ana. the food was terrible! the food was so bad I wouldn't serve it to my dog. There were bugs walking in the cake dishes and someone had taken a bite of a brownie and put it back on the dish and the staff just left it there. I will be calling the health department. I am 52 years old and this is the worst place I have ever been to.

  • I was visiting Hometown Buffet in Corona,Ca the food was great but the restrooms are in bad shape I think it is very important to have them nice and clean for the customers I made a comment to one of the employees and she said management won't do anything about it that is very sad.

  • I just think y'all should put crab legs on the menu PLEASE and cheesy Enchilada other than that I love home town buffet��

  • i was in your santa clara location on kiely today 6-26-2016 and was disturbed to witness two of your managers.as i pulled up in back where i always park i witnessed the two managers nancy and jeremiah in a long passionate embrace making out with each other out of view of their cameras.on top of the disturbing show of professionalism, when i finally sat down inside the restaurant, a gentleman comes in not bothering anyone and ask to see his wife nancy.i was shocked to see the same girl from the makeup session out back,i almost threw up my food.then i saw jeremiah grab her arm and pull her back out of site while the cashier deshaney)went to the gentleman an stated that nancy was the only manager on at the moment and is busy.confused the man walk comfy out and left ,meanwhile jeremiah comes to the front holding nays lower back or upper button are in the dinning room laughing before jeremiah call got answered by the police and filed a false statement.i attempted to intervene only to be brushed off by the managers.so i left and came home to file this report of the hometown buffet business model of in house romances,and illegal and unethical behavior, and adultery during your business hours,,,
    thanks for your time and hopefully something gets done about this management pair in santa clara.unless this kind of behavior is appropriate……

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