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Homewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Homewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Parent Company

Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

Official Corporate Address:

7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA

Phone Numbers and More Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-225-5466
Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667
Website: Homewood Suites

Homewood Suites’ main competitors are Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Fairfield Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Staybridge Suites, Springhill Suites, Doubletree, La Quinta, Best Western, Ramada Inn, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Clarion, Hampton Inn, and The Residence Inn.


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  1. My family stayed at the Homewood Suite in Windsor Locks Connecticut. We checked in on Sunday July 3rd and checked out on Tuesday July 5th. On Monday morning (July 4th) we went for breakfast and it was scarce. Not enough staff to replenish the food. The front desk manager told my daughter she was on the phone when she asked her for more syrup. Finally my daughter brought the empty container to her. Only certain people were given to go plates. The sign for the pool said it opened at 9 but the maintenance guy said that was incorrect and took a sharpie and changed the time to 10. The next day I overheard him complaining about the situation of the crowd waiting for the pool to open. There were lots of excited children and the pool did not open until 10:20am. Breakfast was worse on Tuesday. One of the employees loudly complained while looking at me that he was not making anymore breakfast. It was 8:40 and breakfast ended at 9. There were 7 of us I paid for a suite. I asked for 4 to go containers and the manager looked at me as if I had asked for the entire buffet. She said well how many people are in your room. I said 7 just give me whatever you can spare and I will make it work. I made 4 waffles and we shared that. My son did not eat. The hot tub is out of service although I was not told that when I booked. They advertise bbq grills but only have 2 so you better sign up early. The grill we had had a broken switch. The final straw was that they charged me $92 for having extra people in my room. I booked a two bedroom suite and stated that there would be 8 of us which was written on my confirmation. The manager said he had to check into that and get back to me. I had to call him. Then he said that he did receive my email proving that I was charged incorrectly and asked me to send it to another email. He responded from his iphone. I think he did not want a record of his screw up. I was not surprised because when I complained to him about the poor service when checking out he promised to get back to me within the hour. I am still waiting to hear from him. I take a trip with my family to Connecticut every year and can guarantee that I will never stay at a Homewood Suites again. The sidewalk in front of my room was cracked. At check in the front desk manager mistakenly gave my room away while I was standing there. I said didn't you just give that room to the person who came and asked to switch rooms? The basketball court was next to the grill area and I was hit in the head with a ball. If you want a nice place to stay where the staff isn't disgruntled about having to work don't stay at the Homewood Suites in Windsor Locks!

  2. I just had the worst customer service experience attempting to make reservations at Homewood Suites in Columbus, Ohio. Not only was the female employee who transfers calls rude, but when I was transferred to reservations the real fun or should I say frustrations started. It was very difficult to understand the reservation rep on the phone and I think she took it personal when I kept saying "pardon me" or "I'm sorry, could you repeat that". It took four different phone calls & over an hour to finally get the reservations, which was the closest hotel to the event we were staying at and was the only one not sold out….now I know why. I was hung up on twice (they stated were must have been disconnected). The employee (Ruby) made me feel like I was bothering her when I was making my reservations and at one point during this interaction, suggested I talk to someone else with better english. I will never use any Hilton hotels in the future, along with my employees from my company, family members, and any other individual who will listen to such horrible customer service I received today. This is the first time I have complained about customer service and I'm 43 years old and travel throughout the U.S…..just WOW!

  3. On an unscheduled road trip last week, Wed. 4/06/16, we found ourselves tired and close to Nashville, Tn. We called a little ahead to book a room at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Brentwood because we had stayed there before. They were really nice and safe.
    The booking agency for Hilton said that they were full and she would help us find a room around or in Nashville. We were on the line for quite some time while she looked. When she said she had found a room for us, it was at the Quality Inn & Suites Hotel in Franklin, Tn.
    She emphasized that the property was well kept, safe and comfortable. She stated that they only had one room left and she had to have a credit card number to book it. She also said it was non-refundable (should have told us something right there). BTW, when we got to the motel, there was a flashing neon sign in the window “VACANCY!”
    These pictures &/or their description is what slapped us in the face when we got to our “well kept” non-refundable lodging.

    Almost ALL air conditioner covers were broken and cracked

    Curtain’s backing was stuck to the windows and had peeled off of the curtains
    Paint on the door to our and most rooms was chipping and peeling off

    The first thing I do when I enter a motel/hotel room is check & discard the bedspread. ESPECIALLY a stained one!

    This is what was on the duvet!! Would you slow down to try to figure out if this is a current stain or old one? NO you would not. This hit the floor with the bedspread! Now we are down to only a sheet for warmth!

    The sheets were so thread-bare that there were HOLES in both my and my husbands beds!

    I always check the mattress for bed bug evidence and this is what I found. A mattress cover that is so worn that the netting is separating from the cover. How much good is this doing? (no bed bugs at least)

    Air conditioner vent was dirty and rusted

    Hair dryer was clogged with lent and hair

    Hole open in the wall – to “critters”

    Mold in the bathroom ceiling

    Mold in the tub/shower

    Paint / wood chipped and pealing around the mirror

    Faucet in the tub was coming out of the wall, when we pulled the shower on

    When we got to look at our receipt we found out that it was not a Hilton agency at all! The woman booking us used EXPEDIA.COM so how the hell did she know whether or not the “property was well kept”! Needless to say ALL Quality Inns are now off of our list of places to stay and because of this suggestion…. So are all HILTON owned properties they are NOT to be trusted to book a clean, safe room!

    Yes, I know you don’t care. Our little occasional stay won’t bother you, but I will be posting this to FB etc. If I can sway even ONE person from booking here or trusting a booking from a Hilton agency, I will feel like I did them a favor!

  4. I have never stayed in a Homewood Suites and been disappointed. Literally from Oakland, California to Albany NY what a great place! The food is excellent, rooms are spacious, beautiful, and comfortable. Want all the extras? Hilton has provided them at the Homewood Suites. The staff is gracious and do what they can to provide information and assistance.

  5. Stayed at Homewood Suites Bedford, Texas for 2 nights, checked out 9-27. We used my HHonors points for the stay and were treated like some kind of free loaders instead of loyal customers. This after spending over $3,200 at. Hilton in London recently for example. We were given the worst room in the building with serious ceiling leaks inside the room and immediately outside the front. They supplied 2 tiny buckets to catch the dripping water, but these filled up every few hours and they absolutely refused o bring us some muck larger buckets like the ones used by housekeeping. We had to keep emptying the buckets. Overnight the bucket outside the front door overflowed and saturated the carpets. In the AM we asked them to send some towels to sop up the water and no one ever came. They simply could have cared less. They offered to move us but only to a smoking room which was unacceptable. We now question the value of our loyalty to Hilton and advise everyone to stay away from this hotel.

  6. Stayed at the Homewood Suites in Egg Harbor, NJ from 7/26 to 8/1/2015. The suite was ok but
    the service was not what one would expect from a Hilton property. Never left enough towels, one day we only had one bath towel for two people. The Kleenex box was empty and the maid folded 3 tissues and stuck them in the empty container. No bath gel for 5 of the 6 days. The breakfast room had no
    skim milk for 3 days and Sat. morning on 8/1 the power went out in the whole hotel for about one hour.The breakfast room had emergency lights but the kitchen area was dark. Guests had to use their cell phone lights to see the food they selected. Waffle maker, toaster etc were not working. You would think a large hotel would have a generator. I wrote a letter to the Homewood Corp. HQ in McLean, VA to the attention of the Vice Pres. of Guest Services on Aug 4, but so far no reply.

  7. Homewood Suites Hilton Alpharetta GA overcharged us 180.00 from what Hotels.com booked us for and will not refund our money,and they actually told Hotels.com that we cancelled our reservation,that is crazy this place needs to be shut down, to treat a customer this way,and from what I read online this is not the first time this has happened..This was the first time we stayed at a Hilton and we will never stay at a Hilton again due to this experience and will not recommend one to anyone we know etc.

  8. We are currently staying at Homewood Suits in Germantown, TN (Memphis). First time we tried to cook on the stove it didn't work. I took it apart and fixed it. It's a very low budget 2 burner electric stove. All of the connecters for the electric burners are burnt and broken off where they plug into the sockets. Every time housekeeping cleans the kitchenette I have to repair the stove top ALL OVER AGAIN! The lights above the bathroom sink don't work (maybe burnt bulbs….I don't know). You would think after staying here 3 MONTHS housekeeping would have noticed the lights not working and had maintenance repair the lights?? The carpet is coming up/torn where it transitions from the living area to the kitchenette tile floor. I actually glued it back down so I would quit tripping over it. The fiberglass shower/tub is missing the traction assist tread thingies in the bottom to prevent you from slipping. On my 4th night here I fell and nearly broke my hip. I had to see a doctor because it hurt my back and I could barely walk for 3 weeks! It is CODE for places like this to have traction aiding devices in the floor of the showers. The mattress is very uncomfortable. One look at the tag and I see why. This mattress is a cheapo that's over 9 years old! The pillows must be as old as the mattress because they are flat as pancakes! I literally have to wad the pillows up to get enough support to justify even using them. Then there's the water leaks. Every time the people above us run water we can hear water dripping on the ceiling above our room. This most likely explains the musty/moldy smell we have in our room and may explain why the lights above the bathroom sink don't work. Then just 2 rooms down from us in the hallway there is a significant leak in the plumbing that causes the celing tile to get water logged. Instead of fixing the leak they replace the ceiling tile once a week……PATHETIC!! This is a MAJOR source of mold and probably explains why there is a strong musty/moldy smell in that area of the building. These are all things that can happen to any motel and are out of the control of the STAFF! "They only work here"

    Here are the items they CAN CONTROL but chose not to because they are too lazy:
    1) Houskeeping not replacing the guest items like coffee, popcorn, dishwashing detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper. We usually leave the "do not disturb" sign up 4 to 5 days a week. So they only have to replace these items 2 times a week and at the most 3 times and they FAIL to replace at least one of these items (sometimes all of them) each time.

    2) Replacing/changing the reuseables: We've had to complain more than once to replace things like the shower curtain because mold/mildew was growing on it and it smelled horrible! At our house we can easily get 6 months out of a shower curtain. We were gagging on this curtain after just 4 weeks! That tells me they NEVER change these things out! I'm horrified at the thought of how often they actually change the bed linens.

    3) Food: They weren't so bad when we first came here 3 months ago. Breakfast was hot and had decent variety. The protein and carbs varied enough to keep you from getting burned out. That lasted less than 4 weeks and then one day it was the SAME THING EVERY DAY. We have not had bacon in over 10 weeks! They used to alternate ham, bacon, turkey sausage links, Canadian bacon, summer sausage, and so on every day. Now its turkey sausage links 5+ days a week and they SUCK! We go down to the kitchen every day in hopes of something good to eat and we turn right around and try to cook our own breakfast on our BROKEN STOVE TOP!

    I know what you are thinking! WHY DO WE STAY HERE IF WE HATE IT SO BAD???? It's the only place ALLSTATE will provide us with! We are displaced from our home due to a disaster.

    1. ME AGAIN, they said I exceeded the LIMIT of letters/words! Just 2 hours ago I was at the front desk to ask for the popcorn housekeeping failed to replenish. The lady at the front desk was very rude. She was obviously busy doing something else IN HER ROOM! Yep, I've been to the front desk at least once a week for 14 weeks and there is NEVER anyone there. You have to stand there and wait for someone to show up. When I asked her for popcorn she pretends to look in a drawer at the front desk. Do you think I'm that STUPID?? Then she tells me she can't find any right at this moment but she will bring it to my room because she has to go in the back to get it. I explained to her that housekeeping keeps failing to replenish items like coffee and popcorn. She says it is not HOMEWOOD SUIT'S POLICY to replace these items every day. I told her I only use these items 2 or 3 times a week. That was over 2 hours ago! I have not even received a courtesy call concerning the matter.

  9. We are staying in Homewood Suites in Windsor Locks CT. We stayed here in the past but in the intervening years this property has really gone downhill and not worthy of the Hilton name. Broken sidewalks dangerous to walk on, parking lot area in need of repair, air conditioning units outside the windows of each bed room enclosed with delaying partition, they are noisy as well. Stairs to upstairs suites rusted, and room furnishings old and dated and scratched. On positive note, staff was very nice. This property not worthy of the Hilton name. Also airport van transfer vehicle was old and rusted.

  10. A few months ago we stayed at the Plainview, NY location. We had requested non-smoking, and pet free. The first room had had a pet in it as there was still dog hair on the carpet and sofa, the next room after we had made a snack and made coffee we realized that there was someone staying in the room as their computer and other personal items were still there!!!! Room number 3 had not been cleaned. Finally, room number 4 was clean and unoccupied. Not too impressed with Jeanann the manager. It seems the job of manager is over her head. We made a reservation for this weekend only because it is the closest hotel to our elderly relative. When I called to make sure that our room was pet and smoke free, the clerk said he couldn't make a note of it, and I should call back. I asked to speak to Jeanann and was connected to her voicemail. She has not called me back.

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