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Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Original Honey Baked Ham Co. of Georgia, Inc.

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Address:

3875 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 USA

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Contact Phone Numbers:

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-367-7720
Fax Number: 1-800-728-4426
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-367-7720
Website: Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham competes in the fast food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Subway Sandwiches, Pot Belly, Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Quizno’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, McAlister’s Deli, Jason’s Deli, and Panera Bread.

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office

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  1. Vestavia Hills, Alabama store is a waste of effort and time. Poorly managed, understaffed. Apparently, because it is a "pop-up" store it gets little if any attention in the corporate heirarchy of Honey Baked. Best stay away from Honey Baked. Best to go to Costco or other similar product providers

  2. I like the food at Honey Baked Ham; however the customer service at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Store is horrendous. Every single time I order from there for a catering, the order has been screwed up, delivered late, been stale and similar type of issues. Service in the store is just as bad. I placed an order yesterday for delivery today, my order somehow never went through. So i am having a lunch meeting today without any lunch. I will never order from Honey Baked Ham again. Should have learned my lesson last time it was screwed up.

  3. I paid 1899 for shipping and honey baked ham never shipped by order. I requested it to be delivered 2 days before thanksgiving and it never arrived!! When I called them no one cared, all I was offered was an "OH WELL" and a refund. Leaving me scrambling around the evening before Thanksgiving looking for a meal. I am a healthcare worker. I had to work saving lives on thanksgiving and this is what Honey baked does? well Never again will I trust them with my holiday meal!

  4. I was just told, by the kindest associated i've ever had at a restaurant, that per corporate you would not be serving white bread. I lunch with you 2 to 3 times per week and purchase a ham every holiday. NO MORE!!! The people in the store were so helpful but trying to contact someone in corporate is horrible!!! You corporate drones should go out into the field for a couple of weeks a year and get a feel of what your customers are saying. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! Someone who can make a decision too, not some lame corporate drone…..Jim

  5. Just spent some time trying to order a HBH to be picked up at a kiosk store in Ohio. Tried to Google HBH and found a lot of info about the company, but no link to be able to order a ham. Finally called a customer service number, listened to a recording that instructed me to try "honeybakedhamonline.com". Tried that site and found out the ham could only be shipped to an address, not picked up at a store. Called customer service again, eventually got a person who told me if I wanted to pick up a ham he couldn't take the order, I would have to go to "myhoneybakedstore.com" to place the order. The store closest to me is a kiosk store that doesn't open until Dec. 16th, which is fine because I only wanted to place the order now and pick it up on Dec. 23rd, but the site would not allow me to place the order. My question is why doesn't the main HBH website have links to the online site and the store pickup site? Also, even though my location doesn't open until the 16th, why can't the order be placed in advance? I shop online often and the HBH site is definitely not customer-friendly.

    1. I am a longtime customer of HBH in Forrestville, Ms. The system that is in place actually is quite effective. Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, its usually quite fast to just walk in, go to one of the many order takers/cashiers, place your order depending on size (the menu shows bone in or out,and suggestions depending on the number of people you want to feed). The smoked turkey is in refrigerated cases for your convenience, along with many other products,including desserts. They will unwrap your HBH for you to view or make another choice. During holidays, same process….just a line. I averaged and 30-45 minutes.

      Hope it worked well for you.

      I previously blogged about the smoked turkey with blood where bone was. The GA Corporate Office handled my complaint swiftly and sent me a gift card for $75; however, I paid $38, so actually they gave me $37…ummm not much for my inconvenience now that I think about it!


  6. I'm extremely upset with this year's smoked turkey. I've been a loyal ccustomer for more many, many years. I had no problem standing line for over an hour for my ham and turkey…but the hams are smaller and costs a lot more each year with no reward for loyalty. My Thanksgiving meal I preprepared for my family was wonderful…until right in the midst…nearing the middle of the smoked turkey was BLOOD!
    Damn you! It was awful and disgusting. Several folks including my grands and myself could hardly continue to eat the remainder of my prepared meal! I'm not very sensitive but this made me teary eyed because I always go out my way to have special requested dishes for my family. ..and the $51 ham didn't go as far and the smoked turkey was disgusting. ..but my Popeye's smoked Cajun turkey saved the Day! I froze the bloody turkey to return to the Forrestville, Ms. store…..but would love to send the GA Corporate Office pics so they could respond to me rather than the rude manager hassling customers the like herd.

  7. For the pass two weeks I've been working at the Honey Baked Ham in Mayfield Heighs, OH. The is a brand new store and I helped set up the store. Working the few days there the store manager (Diane) was not a big help at all. everything wasjus discombobulated and well unorganized. Moving things at least 3 times because she didn't know where the product in her store go and claimed to be working for HBH for so many years. Anyway 11/25/2015 it was my first day back at the store actually working. I was in production. Everything was running horrible uk front customers waiting and complaining. Diane just left her workers up front not assisting with the situation. I even caught her on her phone a few times. Around 3:15pm, I arrived at work at 7am, Diane asked for more product to be pulled. Remind I been at work 9 hours, already went to the truck 4 times, and cleaned the production area 2-3 times with little to no help. The other employee Joshlyn went on break for 2 hours, never helped cleaned or pull product the whole day. The store was busy so Kim (production employee) and Joshlyn went to get product. I realized 30 min went bye and Thry never returned. Diane comes yelling at me "where are my hams." In a very rude way. I said you sent your production manager Kim and Joshlyn, remember. I opened the back door, and they were outside smoking cigarettes with the full cart of hams next to them. What made it so bad it was a lobby full of customers and people wasn't pitching in and doing their job. I told Diane m, I can't work with people who don't want to do their job, go on break for 2 hours, on their phone the whole time, and then she (Diane) is yelling at me. Reminder you, my first day. I worked 9 hours without a break, and when I tell her the story about Joshlyn, and people wasn't helping she replies, "just do it, I need hams." Forgetting the fact that I've been overworked and other people aren't doing what they suppose to. Diane is s very rude individual and do not know how to talk to people. I told her I'm not the only one that's about to be working and she replied "ok your done." Never pulled Joshlyn to the side of anything. I threw my gloves and walked to the front of the bathroom. I'm in the bathroom, didn't even get a chance to use it because I hear Diane screaming at the top of her lungs in front of a lobby full of customers saying "leave my store, get out." I said, "I can't use the restroom." Remind you I have used the bathroom all day. My point is this location is a hot mess, and so is the store manager. She plays favoritism, and is a very unorganized person. On top of that because I used the bathroom and she embarrassed me in front of many customers, she Called the police on me for no reason at all like I was threat. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work for this location or go there. Bad workers ( not all), very very poor management.

  8. Honeybaked ham in Fair Oaks , ca used to be a friendly place but the manager there was very rude , obnoxious, and disrepectful blonde girl. Seemed like she could blow at any second. I won't bother going back ever again. Great food just lousy customer service and that to me is most important.

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