Hooters Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hooters Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Official Address:

1815 The Exchange

Atlanta, GA 30339 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-951-2040

Fax Number: 1-770-618-7032

Customer Service Number: 1-770-951-2040

  • Hooters of NE Philly needs to have more bikini contests. Here is the schedule they should follow for the remainder of 2017.

    Sizzling Summer Bikini Contest
    Halloween Bikini Contest
    Santa's Helper Bikini Contest

    The regular customers are looking extremely forward to having a bikini contest soon.

  • Just wanted to make a complaint about the lack of bikini contests at the NE Philly location. Start hiring smarter and start screening better. If a girl isn't bikini contest "willing and able," do not hire her. HAVE MORE BIKINI CONTESTS AND BRING BACK ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS!!!!

  • Hooters on Preston Highway in Louisville Ky. Worst service ever!Even worse than the location on Dutchmans Lane in Louisville Ky. We spent almost $40 in this nasty overcrowded place, never got our food,finally got a refund after getting into a huge verbal altercation with the staff and manager,the manager finally went into his own pocket and refunded us.The waitresses are rude and the managers just sit back and eat and look at their phones while there is drama on the floor. Terrible!

  • Hooters San Marcos,CA boght a gift card for my brother for x ma's and when he tried using it they told him it had no money on it! I called them Jan 3rd and a very nice man said it was no problem that they would fix it… Now the manager is telling me they can't do anything about it! Not just was it embarrassing to give a no money gift card! But the manager was very RUDE to me! Never ever going back again!

  • The Lubbock Texas store has always been a awesome store except for this past year. They got a new gm and he is unprofessional, his name is Vince (name on front door). He runs all of his employees off before they even have a chance. He is extremely degrading to his employees, treating them as slaves. we are regulars and he has not once stopped by our table to acknowledge us. We suggest to corporate that they hire a new gm and boot him to the curb.

  • I started a grass routes effort to try and raise some money to buy costumes for the Children at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Center. Part of our fundraising was to see if we could provide lunch for about 150 people. Ari Plotkin immediately jumped on board and worked with a couple other stores to get lunch donated for these cancer patients and their families. What Ari and his team provided was ABOVE and BEYOND anything I could've expected. They came through BIG TIME with less than a weeks notice, they brought food, girls, police officers, fire fighters and stuff toys to give to the patients. I look forward to working with Ari and his team in the future and can't thank them enough for stepping up and helping us out! KUDOS Ari!!!

  • Jamey hall at the Louisville ky Preston location needs to be fired today makes the fourth time he has came to work after 9:00am .tired of waiting for general manager to show up for work, waiting outside for him to show up for work. Last inspection score was an 86 almost a b rating.the mop sink has been stopped up for three weeks now .calling the same plumbers over and over. please get a better manager in here.


  • This is regarding Hooters of NE Philly. I think it is sad that most of the Hooter Girls there are afraid to do the bikini contests. They don't have enough participants. It is a joke and disgrace. The managers should only hire girls who are willing and able to do the bikini contests. Case closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My names is Ingrid and on May 19, 2015 I, along with several coworkers, were in a Hooters restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA located on General Booth Blvd. and the service there was horrible. I work for an agency where I care for Intellectually Disabled individuals and we had taken several of the residents there to celebrate a resident’s birthday. First we were met with stairs by several of the staff members because the residents were in wheelchairs, Second, our server must have been new because she was having a difficult time multitasking and none of the other waitresses came to assist her. Thirdly, I ordered soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for one of the residents which took an hour to get but was told that they ran out of soup. How do you run out of soup when the restaurant had just opened? I really feel that we were discriminated against because at this time an hour and a half had passed and the resident still hadn't gotten his grilled cheese sandwich and of course no soup (because they were out.) The experience was horrible and this is supposed to be a restaurant that you can bring your family to and have a great experience but ours wasn't. I will never go to that restaurant again and I really wanted someone to know how disabled people are being served in that Hooters establishment.

  • was at Hooters in Jacksonville Florida at the Landing Saturday 2/7/2015:At Hooters at the Landing. Ordered wings, shrimp., fries and an appetizer. Changed the shrimp order from 24 to 12. They gave us 24 shrimp. We started eating. The waitress cane by and I reminded her we only wanted 12 shrimp. She said ok she will take care of it. She cane back later with the manager I guess.and He asked us did we only want 12 shrimp I said yes. He said ok we will take the rest away. Ok I did not mind we had more than enough food but who does that. They took the remaining shrimp on the plate we ate off and dId what threw them away? When she took the plate I am not sure we had ate twelve. We are regulars customers but will never go back

  • rumor is, the manager Zach is the downers grove location is sleeping with them employees, how disgusting. something should be down about that. BAD management I have to say! you have 3 kids, your single, and your a manager at hooters? find someone your own age to sleep with, who IS NOT your employee! grow up!!!

  • So I guess I just add to the list of Complaints!
    You guys suck if you hire that type of managerial staff in Sarasota, Florida I was practically kick out of there for eating wings and drinking a beer and he also threatened me with calling the cops! I was told that if I wasn't eating (Hey moron thats what I was doing) to get out and don't come back what a horrible experience I had lastnight down there I am formerly going to Better Business advisory board to see what else can be done about this.
    Oh yeah I almost forgot You won't see me there ever again.
    I will boycott hooters for the rest of my life

  • Why do you allow the Fair View Heights, Illinois to be rude and refuse to serve customers after you seated them because it was told to you by the manager and district manager that they don't have to serve anyone they don't want. When I questioned why I was told because I had a blow out on the parking lot. Now this was two years ago on fathers day I had a blow out once on Sears Hardware parking lot and Sears has not refused my business for this. So why dose Hooters treat there customers this rudely this happened in front of my family which makes it worse. I don't have to spend my hard earned money at Hooters and I probably never will again.

  • Visited usual Knoxville hooters at central n merchants. Hubby n I both ordered bone in wings. mine come back boneless. The manager. Dan blew removes my wings to the trash I'm sure, yet keeps em on our bill. I JUST PAID FOR FOOD DUMPED IN TRASH!!! Then Dan blew gives me a business card for "10 free wings" lol are u kidding me Dan BLEW?!?!!! Smh hooters bad Buisness!

  • Every hooters I've gone to (5 different states) has one of the poorest and unprofessional service I've had seen. The food is constantly cold and terrible, the waitresses are obnoxiously rude, and the managers are terrible. Cannot understand how this corporation is still in business. Worst hooters though is in Austin Tx on 1st street.

  • I went to Hooters in Louisville, Ky and it will be the last time!! The boneless wings were barely a bite. I will continue going to Roosters from now on and actually get some food. thanks C Alcorn

  • Hooter Biloxi. .memorial day weekend..2-3 hour wait in food..not even many people there. Was told they only had 2 people in kitchen. Hostess was very very ryde and we asked for the manager and wasn't giventhe oppertunity to speak to him at all. We went to gulfport ms. Location and had a wonderful experience. Waitress was very nice. Food was good hot and fast. Lou the manager came out and welcomed us to their store and appologized we had that experience and assured us it would never happen at his store.

  • I was just notified that a Hooters in Greenwood, Indiana has their waitresses dressed up in skimpy deer skin looking costumes and hair feathers and saying they are showing respect of Native Americans.
    Do you think a person dressing up in a skimpy costume of any nation is showing respect? It is not respectful in any way.
    I am sure that had anyone from Hooters had contacted any local tribes or organizations they would have found other ways to show respect without making offensive costumes.
    This message is in protest that this offensive costume display be stopped at once.
    Note: The pictures of these waitresses are now all over Facebook and I am sure Hooters will receive many responses from Natives on this.

    • The Minnesota Vikings has their cheerleaders dressed up in skimpy purple costumes and blond hair and saying they are showing respect of Norweigen and swedish Americans.
      Do you think a person dressing up in a skimpy costume of any nation is showing respect? It is not respectful in any way.
      I am sure that had anyone from the Vikings had contacted any local scandinavian or organizations they would have found other ways to show respect without making offensive costumes.
      This message is in protest that this offensive costume display be stopped at once.
      Note: The pictures of these waitresses are now all over Facebook and I am sure the Vikings will receive many responses from Blonde Haired Blued Eyed People on this.

  • me and my friend went to one in amarillo and were seated and the manager hollered at all of the girls chewing them out in front of everyone and continued getting on them while they were doing their jobs.

  • Was at Baltimore Harbor on a Saturday with my wife and daughter for an early dinner. I was seated by a door leading out to the balcony. Door was broken and I had to open it for the servers at least 10 times to let them back in. On top of that, we had been waiting for more than 30 minutes for our order. The server came back only once to tell us our order was coming. Finally I walked up to the manager and asked about my order, and they told me they were about to prepare it now. We walked out of the location in disgust. And you should have seen the very long line of people waiting to be seated. No wonder all the comments online are 1 out of 5 stars on a lot of your locations. The Hooters of the 90's was better. My family said they would never go back to that kind of service.

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