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Hoss’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Hoss’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, Inc
Address: 170 Patchway Rd.
Duncansville, PA 16635
Email: comments@hosscorp.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-814-695-7600
Fax Number: 1-814-695-3865
Customer Service Number: 1-814-695-7600

  • Well, didn't know that you never ever gave discounts for Veterans.
    I served 23 years and my dad was in war II.
    See I have him at my house on hospice. Me my wife are taking care him. and he has refused to eat or drink for days. And he woke up and remembered the shrimp and bake potato. He had and wanted that. ( Being that cant get him to eat. I drove to belleveron Pa. To get the order. the nice young man was on it.
    when paying I asked for military discount. to find out that your company does NOT offer one to veterans. But if my dad didn't want that so bad. You ate that one.
    I served 23 years. Giving the very freedom for you to own and operate. The men & woman before me and after me. And I guess your company has forgotten the very people that gave you that right to operate. there some many companies out there that do honor us. WHY NOT YOUR COMPANY. Explain to me how giving discounts to veterans is going to bankrupt you…. Or is it the greed has clouded your better judgement. so next time your counting your eggs. Just remember. People died for them eggs you count.
    And as far as it goes for me. You'll never ever get a red sent from me or any my family again. (No eggs for your basket Sir:)
    So maybe you out to rethink the whole thing. Over for moment. And ask your self. How much money. Is enough money.


  • Visited Hoss's in Greensburg, PA in January. Noticed on my bank statement that $3.00 more had been taken out than what I had signed for. We had left a tip on the table for the waitress. Nothing should have been added to our bill after it was signed for. I'm not pleased.

  • My husband and I used to enjoy going to Hoss's, until today. We went to Hanover, Pa at 4:00 pm and were told it would be a 15 minute wait, because they were waiting for help to show up.In my opinion this is no way to run a business, There were people ahead of us that were told the same thing we all left. they just lost 5 meals with us leaving. We then went to Gettysburg, Pa. We ordered at 4:30 and got our food at 5:00 pm.The waitress showed up to ask us if we needed a refill after we were finished with our meals and were ready leave to little to late. After our experience today we will not be returning to Hoss's.

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