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Hot Topic Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Hot Topic Corporate Office Headquarters

Hot Topic, Inc.
Address: 18305 E. San Jose Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91748
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-839-4681
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-626-839-4681


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  1. I am so agrivated with Hot Topic online service!.. I had to place a 2nd order because one was left off my 1 st order so almost $5.00 more shipping fee. So I called them ( which was so stressful cause they don't speak good English & I could not understand them) I ended up ending the call cause my blood pressure was sky high. The call got me no where. I was mad cause my 1st order I know I didn't delete my last item. But it was left off. So I got charged 2 shipping fees for one crumby order& I was charged $20 each for 2 tee shirts that were 2 for $25!!! False advertising. & I did buy ones for that sale too. Too much to complain about. & The 1st time I called was disconnected & I called back & the guy put me on hold & was disconnected🤔.😣

  2. Ordered online and all went through and gave me order number and when I checked status it was still processing for a week. I emailed customer service and they said give it a couple more days. Next thing I know they sent email cancelling my order for lack of merchandise I wanted. Why can't you just not let items through to paying field if you are all out of merchandise??? I am so upset and will never shop at Hot Topic again.

  3. I wanted to see if a they had the max costume exclusive funko pop. I was told that they can no longer tell me over the phone weather they have it in or not. I was also told that they can not hold it ether. I said I have to work. I cant go there every morning and hope that you have the item in. Worst custumer service. I have been a loyal cstumer. I will never shop there again.

  4. Dear HOT TOPICS Head Office:

    I ordered online 9/8/17 over the phone with Hot Topics customer service.
    Two weeks had passed by and I haven't gotten any updates with my order.
    I finally sent out an email to customer service asking for a tracking number on 9/21/17. Received a reply 9/22/17 saying that my order has been cancelled and NO ONE NOTIFIED ME.

    9/23/17 10am went in-store to repurchase the items from my original online purchase order number 11027383 except for items: 10591714 and 10963625 because they did not have it in-stock.
    My online order that was cancelled originally had a 30% off promotion included which I never got in-store.
    The store manager advised me that to call the Online Customer Service and request a price adjustment on my purchase.
    At 11am I called the online Roots Customer Service (1-866-460-5577) and they couldn't provide me the price adjustment.
    The CS rep was very rude (Alex 5330), he advised me to call actual Customer Service for Hot topics line (1-800-892-8674) who also could not help me and provide a price adjustment.
    I spent 45 minutes on the phone with CS rep Lius who told me he advised me to call the STORE CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE at 1-626-603-3182 WHO ALSO COULDN'T EVEN SEE MY IN-STORE PURCHASE OR GIVE ME MY PRICE ADJUSTMENT.
    They then told me to call HEAD OFFICE at 1-626-839-4681. It was 1pm at this time.

    I am very upset with your poor customer service.
    They are not trained well nor do they know how to handle a price adjustment escalation.
    The Store Customer Service line told me to go back in-store to receive my price adjustment.
    Now if you were following that riddiculous story, I was basically given the run-around and NOBODY NOT EVEN THE MANAGERS COULD HELP ME FOR A SIMPLE PRICE ADJUSTMENT.

    I called the store back and spoke with the manager.
    She told me that in-store associates DO NOT handle price adjustment HOWEVER,
    I came back today 9/24/17 and received my price adjustment instore.
    In my opinion I should have received more than 30% off for my $400 woth of purchase because of your lack of customer care.

  5. Also a Hot Topic employee. Have been on the phone with both customer service, as well as trying to get through to the corporate office, for well over 2 hours. I have worked for this company for 5 years now and have been treated horribly by every person I have been able to reach over the phone. All I am trying to do is get my W2. YOU SHOULD NOT FORCE EMPLOYEES TO GO ONLINE FOR THEIR W2!!! I will be attempting this on Monday morning when (hopefully) I can speak with a HUMAN and get this issue settled. I am very disappointed in the company I have stood loyally by all these years.

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