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  • Hotels.com Corporate Office Headquarters

Hotels.com Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Hotels.com Corporate Office Headquarters

Expedia Inc.
3150 139th Ave. SE
Bellevue, Washington 98005 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-679-7200
Fax Number: 1-425-702-2722
Customer Service Number: 1-877-903-0071
Booking Reservations: 1-800-246-8357

  • Your automated system is terrible! You need to have an option to get to a live person when you don't have the information available! Also all your contact information for your corporate headquarters is wrong on the internet! It would be nice if we could get a live person to talk to when there is a problem with an account! It would be nice if your system was more user-friendly! I also don't appreciate that when I do get to a live person that that person is in India and cannot connect me to tech support! I'm about ready to stop using hotels.com to book anyting! I have been trying for 2 weeks to change my password and I keep getting the runaround from the automated system and then I talk to a live in India and he cannot help me!!! Your system stinks!!!!

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    Corporate Office Headquarters