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Hotwire Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Mine is a long story but just to give you the worst of it. I tried to cancel or change my tickets. I could not get in touch with anyone!! I tried for days. I even hung on my phone for almost 3 hrs. When I finally got a recording to hit #1 to connect to a representative…..I hit it and the recording says my time has expired and it hung up on me. The next time I put my name on a call back. It took about 2-3/4 hrs to get that call back. I got the same recording…hit #1 for a representative and it disconnects me again. I did this for 3 days. Then I tried the text messaging. I get return texts but they kept telling me to call different phone numbers. They all went to the SAME recording. So, if you need to speak to anyone after you buy or make a reservation and need help…you are better off just letting things be or hit your head against the wall. Nothing is going to be changed or corrected. I also found out that Hotwire and Expedia are connected now. I bought my airline tickets from Hotwire, got my confirmation from Hotwire but was told that I needed to contact Expedia…Hotwire did not have my reservation info. It was all so frustrating. You do better going to the airline direct and make your own hotel and car reservations online.The aftermath is not worth the saved time

  2. I made a car rental reservation on March 1 at RSW (Ft.Myers). Our flight from Boston to Fort Myers was cancelled due to bad weather Sunday 4/11 after we waited 7 hours at the gate.
    While at the airport, a Jet Blue agent rebooked our flight for Monday, 4/12 which was also cancelled early Monday morning. After calling Hotwire, I was informed that my car rental rate was no longer valid and that I would have to pay a much higher rate because I didn't show up. I explained to the agent that not one, but two flights were cancelled by Jet Blue. Hotwire should honor my original car rental rate! My Car itinerary number is 4175786971. I would like someone to contact me to resolve this problem.

  3. This morning I was confirming my car rental reservations for my upcoming San Diego trip and could not locate the reservation in my email. I then thought I had not made a reservation and so I booked a car. After the booking, I somehow located the earlier reservation completed on 3/17 for the same dates. The cost for the booking in March was much higher and I'm willing to retain that reservation but I was told I could not cancel the 2nd reservation for $234.34 made today. Is there someone who can assist with this mistake? The reservation numbers are 4268152548 and 3641691334. It's unfortunate that someone didn't have the ability to cancel one of these reservations and this might turn out to be a $234.34 mistake – is Hotwire that heartless – if so this will be my last time using your service and I've done business with you for years.

  4. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I went to rent a car, put in date/time, hit buy.. a glitch, perhaps my cc # didn't go in right but screen made me to do it again, I thought i did it all right again, date was most important to me and I just accepted. NOW, the time of pick up/drop off was wrong SO I called within 1 min of seeing it. Hotwire tells me okay, "we'll make an exception BUT because time is different SO it would ONLY be another $128 to change the times" NOT length of rental, just pick up/drop off time!!! They basically were extorting me as it was "their policy" of NO changes or refunds SO It was rent for higher amount OR sit for 5 hours at airport to pick up my car! I did NOT pick up the car, TOLD THEM to cancel it 4 minutes after I accepted their "deal" but they would NOT! I did NOT get their car and it was on my AmEx, they can't do anything as it's Hotwire's policy, NO REFUNDS! SO I am now having to pay $314 for NOTHING!! I TRIED to reason with Hotwire, got nothing except policy nonsense, got a supervisor and she did same. HORRIBLE COMPANY, DO NOT USE THEM AS IF EVERYTHING ISN'T PERFECT, THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY! SHAME ON YOU HOTWIRE !!! GO TO ORBITZ OR PRICELINE!!! YOU (PRICELINE) know who I am, just spoke to you earlier today! Social Media blitz has already started! Scott S in Simi Valley, CA 818 is my area code!!! SHAME ON YOU, NEVER USE THEM !!!

  5. I attempted to book a weekend away using Hotwire. When I went to "click" which hotel I wanted my computer screen jumped and I hit the wrong property. I immediately called Hotwire to correct the property. I was informed that they would have to refund me and I would have to pay for the new reservation. I agreed and specifically told the Representative that I wanted to stay in the in Plainview/ Melville property, I described the property, price, area exactly how it appeared on Hotwire's website. When I received my confirmation, I was booked in a COMPLETELY different hotel, which is now a motel, in a completely different unsafe area. I called Hotwire to have this issue corrected but I was informed that I would have to pay AGAIN (3rd time) in order to have a refund. I do not have any more money. I also do not have the reservation that I requested or, a safe place to stay. I just want a refund OR the correct accommodations without having to pay more money which I do not have. I called every telephone number I could obtain for Hotwire but nobody would give me the corporate office or even the number to customer service to obtain a refund. All I wanted was to switch the motel to the hotel in my desired area without being charged for the 3rd time. I finally, after calling 6 times, spoke with a supervisor, Eric. He told me that the town I wanted (Melville) did not exist and could not do nothing for me. I cannot cancel nor will they let me get the hotel i wanted. Eric was very unprofessional and hung up the phone on me. I called again and asked for the the Corporate office spoke with another supervisor, Amanda, and again, was given the run around. I tried to explain what was going on and she said she could not do anything for me. I am not getting a refund, and I do not feel safe with the motel that was booked without my consent. I need my money back. I believe I am a victim of bait and switch and Hotwire is stealing my money by forcing me to stay somewhere I do not want to stay.

  6. hot wire is the sleaziest motel booking site.i booked a room three months in advance using book now then we will tell you the motel ,I booked and it is the filthiest motel in the town I was going to.I have stayed at same motel before and got bedbugs .I called customer service and they said sorry no refund so now I am out 120 dollars for not even staying at the motel ,my reservation was canceled by hotwire ,after I complained.but no refund ,screw hotwire.

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