HP Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

HP Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


3000 Hanover Street

Palo Alto, California 94304

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-857-1501

Corporate Fax Number: 1-650-857-5518

Corporate Email: info@hp.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: HPQ

HP is famous for their computers, servers and printers for both consumers and businesses. HP is one of the premier technology companies in the world. HP’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-474-6836. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

hp corporate office headquarters hq

  • Dear Sir,

    Need help correcting my laptop order. This would have been done during the limited time Hp required but, the extreme customer demand has exceeded Hp's capability. My gifts order number is H339437865 Please have the wireless upgraded to the intel WIFI 6 card and charge it to my card or call. I finally made contact with customer service and spent hours trying to solve the problem by buyi9ng the WIFI card for Hp and installing the card myself. I was informed by Tech Support that this would void the warranty and the purchased 3 year AD&D warranty as well. Please let me know if I purchased my gift from the wrong company. Look forward to HJ0p's reply

  • Case H328301708- Battery

    As an HP Stockholder, I am disgusted at the depth of deceit perpetrated upon the consumer. I ordered an HP computer this past summer and it was not as described on the website. The battery only lasted 3 hours while the description stated it lasted 9 hours, the backlit keyboard did not operate properly and other items were wrong. I was repeatedly deceived and basically lied to by Jake Roberts in Customer Service (more like DIS-service) and then the same by Caesar in Tech Support. The frustration experienced was off the charts. HP sells junk computers and all these idiots would do was attempt to "double talk" me from their pre-written verbal "scripts". I was literally sent a battery for a laptop computer where the battery could not be opened. My credit card company refunded my money in full when I sent them all the correspondence as to what I was forced to experience. When I attempted to contact Dion Weisler (the CEO), more push back was received when a ridiculous stupid reply was received from a Carlene Martinez in Executive Escalations. Bottom line, whatever you attempt to do with HP results in total and complete disgust. Suggestion, shop elsewhere for a laptop and by the way skip the HP Instant Ink Service which is yet another perpetrated "con" on the consumer.

  • B. Stagg states the following: Today made the 3rd day, on the phone, trying to get my newest computer working. I have only had it since December. It started with a looping issue from restore and not being able to use the product. Hours on the phone, trying this and that, multiple reps, wrong callback number for me all to know avail. They decided that I needed to download windows from an old computer onto a flash drive. With today's call the error message received with flash drive was"critical error detected, no partition found, no process script found." I now found myself at 3rd level supervisor, Really? Then transferred to "Abbie" who stated I could ship it back for repair. I stated I felt with the days and hours spent on this issue, I no longer trusted the computer and felt I should receive a new one. I had the computer ordered from HP with extra's, touch screen and lit keyboard keys etc. She stated it could only be prepared, and would not budge. I am very angry and dissatisfied with the service I have received from customer service and managers at HP. I have multiple HP products, which means nothing! I followed every process the reps and managers told me to do on the computer. Technical support and solutions left a lot to be desired, much less doing what's right when it comes to customer satisfaction!

  • I've only had my computer for 2 years which I hardly ever used & the screen went black!! I payed $284.99 they want 397.49 to fix it!! I don't think so, these people can kiss my ass!!!

  • Because of the experience I had on Saturday, February 3, 2018 and February 2, 2018 I would never recommend any HP product to anyone. I was having trouble with my Laptop purchased in the summer of 2016. When I called your support service the first thing was that I could not understand anything the person I was talking to was saying, so after several times of me saying "what, I cannot understand you." I was hung up on, and that was after being on hold for 2 hrs. When I called back I had to explain my issue AGAIN and AGAIN was put on hold for about 3 hrs after being transferred from one department to another. They indicated I needed a new hard drive. One was sent. A "technician" was sent who replaced the part for 52.74. Technician Nathan Erickson. He put the new one in and left. 5 minutes at the most and I am still under warranty!!!! SO I DO EXPECT THAT BACK. When I started using my laptop there were multiple errors coming up. I could not connect to support, so I called and again was put on hold for an hour. I finally had had it and took my product to my local Best Buy Geek Squad where they fixed it and it works great and I understood everything they said. That cost me $99.99. I EXPECT TO BE REIMBURSED FOR THAT ALSO AS MY PRODUCT IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY. I have, in my possession all the emails from HP during this "NIGHTMARE." If you need them, please let me know.

  • This email is from a very disappointed HP customer who has been trying to have a printer problem resolved for more than a week.

    I believe this is the third case number I have been given. This is the story so far:

    We opened a new office 3 months ago & furnished it with HP printers & computers. As the business has developed we found that we have had intermittent problems with one of the printer feeders. At first this was not major but now it is a real nuisance because we have to scan multi documents as back-up for our invoices & we find that we scan perhaps the first 6 or 8 pages without a problem & then it stops & won't 'pull' the balance of the documents until we manually re-feed the balance & add a new scan, which means we send our customers at least 2 scanned docs instead of 1. The same problem happens with making multi copies in the feeder.
    The first HP support person had me clean the rollers & then loaded some 'firmware' & when neither of these worked, she dropped my call & never called back (she had my number).
    The next support person listened & promised me that the problem was fixed (of course, the problem is intermittent & the feeder worked fine for that phone call) & she also promised to follow up the next day – and she didn't.
    The third support person asked me to perform a couple of tests (which failed) & by this time I just asked him to replace the printer. He told me that I would be 'escalated' to a support manager. She tried to call me the next day & I missed the call. I called her back the next morning but she didn't answer, so I sent her an email asking for a call before 4 pm EST – so she called me after 4 pm EST & I missed her call again. I called her the next morning but she didn't answer & I am waiting for a return call.

    I am very very very disappointed in the HP support department. It never used to be like this! What has gone wrong with HP?
    Can somebody please give me a new printer & you won't hear from me again.

    Mike Edwards

  • i bought my HP laptop in Jan of 2017 and have had nothing but trouble with it the sound is horrible its super slow and this Edge they put on it is horrible i have always used HP this one i could throw in the garbage its that bad

  • I will stopped using HP IT products. I bought my laptop split X2 in 2014 and I wanted to change my battery because it is not able to charge. I was told that this battery is no longer manufactured and therefore "Too Bad". The customer service says that it is an old PC and therefore not able to replace the battery. 4 years old and no longer store parts for replacement. So beware of buying HP IT products.

  • After being pleased with my HP Desktop many years ago, I received an HPPavilion laptop for XMAS..I have resorted to use the 4 laptops that range from 6-12 years old..Gateawy,Dell, other HP , HP desktop that work perfectly compared to this terrible non functioning HP LAPTOP THAT HAS BEEN UNDER CARE BY THESE RIDICULOUS TECHS..that are not really PC techs. I have many hours of 11 audio recordings by HPTechs that no one would believe could be possible. Today, they finally broke the PC..and the poor tech (today) actually admitted that on Friday when the supervisor disabled the audio startup, claiming too many startup programs that did not exist..AND on Thursday, when Mohanna claimed that I did not know how to use this version of HP, she decided to "UPGRADE CHROME?".After deleting all of my businesses, she claimed that HP had a copy of my PC Image that could replace the entire deleted items. Worse, today, a female tech claimed she needed to remove the static electricity from my PC and had my husband remove parts. aAfter that..the HP COMPUTER WORKED NO LONGER. Wanting to rest my PC again, the poor final tech admitted that all that was performed caused conflicts that prevented him from repairing my PC. I have 11 case numbers because each "pretends" the PC is fixed to get rid of me. These are only the latest recollections. Soon after receiving the PC, Tech 1 without taking remote access claimed it must be a virus..asked me to buy more warranties. Then, returned my PC to factory settings. pCStill frozen and pointer and search box still missing…Tech 4 blamed Norton security..claimed McAfee was HPChoice. …even though I have put nothing on this PC. Tech 2 claimed no virus..bios were the issue. tech 3 had me perform 6 hour test. Supervisor 2 needed to go to Internet to check STARTUP SETTINGS..WHY? After not allowing this issue to be ignored x7 (as can be heard on audio) I showed him settings without Internet. He dis a led startup for Realtek and more INSISTING THAT I DID NOT NEED THEM until they were in use by media player, etc. After Mohanna and the female tech today, JON, took over, stating, with an unhappy giggle, Let me tell you straight, I need to find the supervisor and Mohanna and the removal of static electricity all caused conflicts that now prevent wifi, audio, Windows security, and more to even work because all drivers ARE MISSING NOW..THERE IS SO MUCH MORE..I OFFERED HP THE AUSIOS..NOT INTERESTED. CORPORATE HAS NOT RETURNED MY CALLS. I SUGGEST SELLING ALL HP STOCK..And NEVER BUYING AN HP ESPECIALLY DIRECTLY FROM HP. HAD IT BEEN PURCHASED AT A STORE ON EVEN ON QVC, THEY MIGHT HAVE DEALT WITH THIS. THERE IS NO ONE TO RESOLVE ISSUES. I even gave my MD permission to report his findings when each time Iarrived with a BP so high after dealing with HP for 2-4 hours each time. No one (until today) suggested that I return the HP for repair..Oh, Iforgot other issues they blame..Chrome is not helpful on HP…temp files caused the freezing… owner should know that newest version of HP not like the others..so learn how to use it…Not using Edge may be cause??…Junk on PC…Nothing (no music, no ITunes, no nothing has been put on this PC)…Hp is hiring supervisors that have NO CLUE AT HOW TO RESOLVE PC ISSUES. There is so much more that will be on YouTube soon. I suggest that ALL CONTACT THEIR STATE ATTORNEY AND LIST ON EVERY SOCIAL MECIA SITE YOUR COMPLAINTS..JUST WRITE..COPY AND PASTE THEM EVERYWHERE. Finally, my PC is being reset now because the tech no longer can make anything work..can no longer even take remote access..The rest began 10 hours ago reaching only 56 %….our life has been taken over by HPFor 3 months with a broken laptop roscoe for it all. If you choose to do NOTHING..do not complain. HP needs to be shut down!!!!

    • The above was written by Fran Munschauer..Linda Munschauer is my daughter who also has the exact same PC purchased for XMas..but did not write the above..I am exhausted …IHave never dealt with such a corrupt and dishonest company as HP..This is not going away!!!

  • Lies, lies, lies that is the business tag for HP. They lie about call back, cant fix a paper bag with tape, cant do anything that would require humanity or a brain. I would chuck my laptop at someone who works at HP if I knew it. I refuse to buy HP ever.

  • I have the same complaint as everyone else. The tech support is terrible. I only had one person who was willing to really listen to my issues. I have bought three printers and they all broke. I returned one to the place where I had purchased the office jet. They would not take it back the y said it was out of warranty by thirty days. I proceeded to purchase another one a 6812 office jet that broke in 45 days and again I return the office jet to where I had purchased it they did replace it with another one but that one broke also. Called HP to tell them this was reject also and this had broke. I asked if they sell rejects or refurbished machine to their accts. They were highly insulted. I will never purchase an HP printer again. I have a sick husband that I have to converse back on forth to doctors in Philadelphia, he is on critical care, and also I'm working with disabled veterans ad homeless veterans, trying to give them a better quality of life. I am really upset.

    I'm constantly have to print contracts for grants and constantly faxing and scanning to help the veterans looking for donation.

    • Tech support yesterday told me they have a chip in the HP Office Pro 8615 printer head, and unless I pay $129 for a NEW printer head with the ink colors, it will not print. I said THAT's what I paid for the printer! Okay, so NOW I know why it stopped printing when the warranty ran out. I paid $129 for this printer on HSN, who confirmed yesterday that it had a 1 YEAR warranty, not 3 months like tech support said. HP Support would not even TALK to me unless I pay another $79, b/c "out of warranty." Today 3/19/16, HP Support Assistant on my HP laptop says the HP Care Package is not available until 4/2/16! It printed beautifully wirelessly, UNTIL the warranty ran out. I think with that chip, they have the ability to turn my printer off at their end. SUCH A SCAM. I'm dumping HP altogether now; going back to Dell and ANY printer but HP!

  • 1st of all HP does not have a large enough server to list all the problems I have endured with this new 8.1 HP laptop. It appears that HP and Apple are owned by the same people. Apple would not help me with a problem with a IPod. So I refused to buy apple again and bought HP. The 8.1 operating system is a system Bill Gates could not use him self. I bought a HP15 back in Oct of 2014. This product is not like buying a car that one can generally figure out. You have to totally relearn the whole computer as the things I was used too wasn't there anymore. It seems that they have renamed everything. Like toilet paper / Bathroom tissue, they both are the same and do the same job just bathroom tissue sounds better. In Jan 2015 my wife's HP with Vista bit the dusk. As crappy as Vista was the 8.1 system has it beat hands down. She went to buy a new computer to find out she could only get a 8.1 system. So she bought one just like the one I have. She thought that it was me, that I had a learning disorder. 4 Months later she now knows what I know! It's a piece of CRAP!!!! How can two of the same models be so different. There are things on the 1st HP and isn't even on the 2nd HP and vise versa. We called support and talked to someone in China, which was no help at all. It is like HP has NO guide lines for programming it product, it is just what the one programming at the time wants to do. HP is the same as Apple, They both took my hard earned money, gave me something of no value and REFUSED to HELP or REFUND the purchase price. Sad that the GREAT USA lets companies rip people off. I think it maybe best if one has NOTHING apposed to he HP products we have!

    YOU AND YOUR GROSSLY INEPT JOKE OF WHAT I GUESS IS SUPPOSE TO BE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOUR SHOCKINGLY INCOMPETENT TECH (HA!) SUPPORT CAN TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT DICK!!!! That's right, I said it! I am so mad, never have I been subjected to such stupidity, plain rudeness and overall incompetence! Are these the requirements you have to possess in order to work there?!? How does your mission statement even read? Its probably just a huge digital poster of all of corporate giving us a dirty outta' touch finger. During my THREE HOUR waste of time, I called backed EIGHT times. Every time, put on hold only to find they sent me to the wrong department (what a freaking surprise)! Got hung up on THREE times when I asked to speak to a supervisor (very professional). And when I finally got to speak to one, turns out he was just as useless as the associate's he manages (surprise, again). All I wanted was for your P.O.S of a company to REFUND THE MONEY YOU STOLE. I did not give anyone permission to charge anything else to my debit card but for the recovery disk and its shipping. Keep it! Consider it money I had to pay to never deal with your crap products or crap service! You are the epitome of what's wrong with corporate America or just America in general. It's the little people you feel its ok to treat like this who put your company on the map in the fist place, SHAMEFUL! I will be sharing this with numerous blogs, websites and other social media sites. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT AGAIN! I will also advise anyone who listens to do the same. Kick rocks.
    -Former HP customer drained of patients

  • I've consulted to HP Labs, produced complex sales material in new media for the former medical equipment division, recruited in new media for HP. We aren't strangers. But — now — we are. Because there's nobody home. Literally. Unless I have a specific ballistic target — Joe Beets at X42315267 — I can go peddle my papers. Or maybe just fogedaboudit. Hey, what would the founders say to the brilliant strategy of NOT having anyone (and someone with a big brain at that) answering a phone somewhere?… I know, I know. It might cost a couple of hundred grand a year to staff that. And why bother? Here's the answer: The talent in predictive analytics I want to bring to HP is worth many, many millions, maybe billions. The designs I had when last we danced in interactive entertainment are 15 years more advanced. And so on. Calculate the cost of our NOT having contact. And rethink that brilliant strategy of having no one at home. Even though it saves a couple of pennies. It ain't the way the founders would have rolled, though I can imagine they're rolling now – in their graves.

  • just typed about a really long complaint about hp and it didnt post .. dont buy hp products my laptop kept turning off withn the first day of purchase .. they customer service sucks .. gates at ext 88 does not try to help at all .. the super visor Michelle at ext 88 hasnt even soke with me i called about for days in a row and all i get is .. she will call you tomorrow …im never buying a hp product again ..waste of money and time

  • Dear Meg Whitman,
    I am in IT and have purchased HP products for 20+ years for my customers and myself. After dealing with support that I cannot understand because you have outsourced your support, and after waiting for 30+min. on hold to hear that someone will call me back and never does is not working. I have been on a customer’s site 5 times now for the same issue. Their LaserJet pro M127fw just stops printing. Says it can't find the printer. I have had 2 techs login remotely to do nothing more than do a test print and it work, only because while waiting on hold for so long I was able to mess with a few things to make it work. Problem is after a couple hours it stops printing. I just want the printer replaced but can't seem to get a supervisor when I call in, they are never there and am told they will call me in a few hours. The first time I was told that they never did. We will see if they do today 3-19-14. You need to step up your support and get people who speak fluent English. It is so frustrating when you are trying to figure out a problem and can't understand half of the things they say. Bring jobs back to the US for God’s sake!
    Not sure I will be purchasing HP products anymore nor will I be recommending HP to my customers. In fact I will be telling them to STAY AWAY from HP products unless they want crappy support and speak another language.

    Ticket #3001635095

  • Dear Corporate
    On January 25, 2014 from 7:45 until 8:30 I was on the phone with your various tech support agent
    I am really PISSED OFF!! I been on the phone with the HP support for 2 hour the morning.. My problem was not resolved..Your tech support Guy Alex was very helpful good customer service skills.. He help me through the transition of 5 tech agent ..all ask for the same information serial,product, model etc. It very frustrating to repeat this transaction with the help of Alex he stayed on the line to help rely the information to each party .. Sir the reason of my compliant Is my care package was transfer over the line to the agent in order to get help. after I renewed it a couple days ago the system did not record it .That was disappointing.The point is My notebook HP Pavilion g6-2320dynote6 window 8 software.didn't get check out status on the system.They connected me to the hard ware tech Nora she stated I need to pay $59.00 dollar just to look..it was not covered in my warranty.. I was so fabricated from all transfer. that Pissed me off..I said I might have maylware virus . I said there was no indication of pop up , no slow system all above I ask just to check to she was very annoying .I was not pleased with the service that was render with the phone call conversation .There need to be better service in the HP Tech support Department to better assist the customer '

  • Mr Beasley: I would not hold my breath, this company could care less about your problem,it is not in their interest to make things right, it is to get the product out the damn door and get the money. They could care less,and you are just an anoying soul. It is what is going on in so many corporations today, as well as the congress,banking industry,automotive industry,and so many more companies.

  • This HP Pavilion dm4-3170se (Beats-edition) laptop was purchased on 10.23.12 as a Christmas present for our granddaughter. She opened it up on 12.22.12 and the very first time she turned on it would not boot up to the Windows 7 operating screen. This error message appeared on a blue screen – “No bootable device. Insert boot disc and press any key.”

    We called HP Support and they guided us thru a memory and hard drive self- test. The laptop passed both tests. Nothing we were told to do could fix the problem. We were then told HP would send us the installation DVDs to reload the operating system and drivers. The DVDs arrived and we attempted to reload the operating system and drivers with help from someone from HP support. At the end of the process a Recovery Manager dialog box said that the recovery attempt had failed! We saved the error log (see below), viewed the details in notepad, and retried the recovery process. It failed again. We were then told that one of the DVDs may be defective and they would send us a new set. When the new set arrived we repeated the process with the same results. The laptop must now be stuck in recovery mode because we no longer see the “No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key” message when the laptop is turned on.


    The laptop memory and hard drive were tested twice using the self-test options, accessed with the ESC key, and both times they passed without any errors.


    These are the error codes in the error log which was displayed after the restore failed:


    ChkErrBB.CMD: Detect some error during PININST_BBV.
    ChkErrBB.CMD: Check c:system.savlogsBurnBootWarn.log
    ChkErrBB.CMD: Check c:system.savlogsBurnBootMerge.log

    How any computer manufacturer can ship a product which obviously was never turned on and tested before shipment is beyond my comprehension. In researching this problem on the internet it seems this is a regular occurrence for HP computers. Since HP cannot, or will not, remote into this laptop the only alternative is to return it to HP for repair. When I asked about returning the laptop for repair and having the clock on our 12 month warranty period restarted from the day it finally works for the first time I’m told that no one can help us with that. When I followed that up with a question about returning this product for a refund, the call suddenly ended!

    After years of purchasing Dell computers to say I’m disgusted with the support we’ve received so far from HP would be a gross understatement. The HP Corporate Objectives page states that HP “strives for excellence” … is a company of “uncompromising integrity” … which “earns customer respect and loyalty by providing the highest quality and value.” My question is – will these objectives be applied to our case?

    Thank you,

    D. Beasley
    Case no: 8063694525

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