Hungry Howie’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Hungry Howie’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
30300 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, MI  48071
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-414-3300

  • I have lodged 2 complaints on your website, I have also lodged a complaint via messenger on Facebook. One of your employees has been grooming my 12 year daughter on Whatsapp, I would like to lodge an official complaint with your HR department to investigate the matter, I can share the conversation history. We are based in South Africa, but please do not assume that we will leave this alone. One of your employees has made a disgusting attempt at grooming my child, he is in contact with other children wearing Hungry Howie's branded clothing and if you continue to ignore me I will be contacting local news agencies, I have already alerted authorities. I want nothing from you other than for an HR person to reach out to me so that I can share what has happened and for an investigation into the employee.

  • P.S. I am not leaving my name due to safety precautions, the store has the customer names, phone numbers and addresses in their system, as it prints out on the receipt.

  • I entered a comment about two weeks ago, I don't see it published here, nor do I see a response from corporate. I wrote about the Hungry Howie's location at Hillsborough and Memorial Highway in Tampa, FL. I would expect to see some type of response, though I don't see corporate responding to anyone else either. Store had a whole new crew, a young Hispanic male blocked my entrance and exit from the store. The young lady behind the counter, also Hispanic, seemed to find it humorous. I had to say excuse me both times, and squeeze past the guy in the doorway, he didn't move either time. As stated previously, these types of actions have caused three (3) malls in the Tampa area to close. When I backed my car out, the guy wasn't standing in the doorway anymore, so it was definitely a deliberate action on his part. I do not know if he was just loitering in the store, or if he was a customer, I'm sure he would not have done this to a man, but I am a 68, almost 69 year old female, so I don't know why he felt like a big man blocking me. Corporate needs to do something, as I stated in my previous post, this is a very popular location for Hungry Howie's, and if your customers don't feel safe going there, you will lose business. I would like to see a response posted here from corporate, or I can assume you really don't care about your customers safety when picking up their orders.

  • Last night I went to the Hungry Howie's at Hillsborough and Memorial Hwy, Tampa, FL to pick up my order. Appeared to be all new staff, but the problem was there was a young Hispanic male who was partially blocking my entrance into the facility, I said excuse me and squeezed my way through, because he didn't move. The young girl behind the counter seemed to find it amusing, I paid for my pizza, left a tip in the tip jar and turned to leave, same thing on exiting, the same young man blocking my exit, again I said excuse me and squeezed my way out. There was another young man in the lobby, who was with the one blocking my entrance and exit, I don't know if they were actual customers or just loitering. When I back my vehicle out, I noticed the young man was no longer standing in the doorway, I can't help but feel that this maneuver was intentional to try and intimidate me. I am a 68 year old female, I should feel safe when I am going into any location, I order from this particular location often as it is near my home. Corporate needs to speak with the night manager at this location and make sure this does not continue to happen to customers as they will end up losing business and having to close the location, which is a very popular location from what I can tell. If this young man wants to intimidate people, who should try that with another man, not with an elderly female. I was not amused. This type of action has closed down at least three shopping malls in Tampa, would hate to see it start happening to Hungry Howie's locations too.

  • I ordered a pizza at 9:51PM online with an estimated delivery time of 40 minutes. It is now 11:08 and it is still not here. The tracker says the order is complete, but I never got it. I have tried calling the store multiple times. I was on hold with the automated message the first time for 5 minutes… this time is now at 8 minutes. Still have no pizza, and cannot get ahold of the store. I am infuriated.

  • Hungary howies off Drew street in Clearwater Florida smell like pot and management is always walking around on there phones and there is a couple always together hovering over the register cuddling all the time and whispering. i had a very shady experience and my family and i are never going back ever again.

  • Every time we order from the Holland Mi location the receipt says one thing and they give me something different. they make a new one but we had to wait 30 mins to a hour to get a new one. No refund no free food no nothing.

  • Purchased pizza at hungry howie Bloomfield hills, MI. On telegraph and long lake. The pizza was raw! Raw dough! Also they put two gallons of sauce on both pizza. Third time trying this location and will not return. All times were bad experiences. Rude employees, raw pizza and too much sauce.

  • I placed an order and went to pick it up. Used my credit card. I was checking my account online and realized they charged me three times. When I called them to let them know what had happened. The manager said they have been having issues with that happening. If that is the case then why take credit cards. Now because of $22.86 work of pizza I have over drafted my account because of this. The manager was not helpful at all. very dissapointed in this company and will never go back. He said I had to contact my bank. That is unexceptable. They messed up and I get punished for it.

    • I order from the Birmingham..very disappointed they have been taking money from me and I go to call them and they pick up the phone and hang it up I call again and he says hello…..and I tell him my name and my situation and he said can't help you thank you and hangs up.

  • I have been ordering/eating Hungry Howe's for the past 10 years

    I ordered a large cheese pizza at Hungry Howie's Pizza
    Kmart location 3753 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala,FL

    this Pizza was the WORST tasting Pizza I have EVER eaten …… 🙁
    Why is the Pizza at this location taste so Bad ????????????????????

    I usually order from the Hungry Howie's at Ocala North Shopping Center
    3435 N Pine Ave Ocala,FL location ALL the time and will continue to
    order from this location…. there Pizza is AWESOME tasting !!!

    why do they taste so completely different ?????

    the Kmart location should call the Hungry Howie's Pizza at the Ocala
    North Shopping Center location and get some training on how to make
    the ingredients/Pizza you have a LOT to learn !

    Very disappointed

  • July 5 2016 and STILL NO RESPONSE from my complaint, above. I am going to contact the local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau about Hungry Howie's on Central Av., S. Pasadena, FL. And the Health Department! WHAT A SCAM!

  • I entered an online COMPLAINT about lousy service at Hungry Howie's on Central Av. S. Pasadena FL 33707,five days ago and have not had a response. We are "out" of $27.00 on the two "Special" pizzas we had delivered to our home. They were not properly cooked and the marinara was THE WORST. Was told they'd arrive in 45 minutes but in less than 20 minutes guy in sports car drove up and delivered them. The "toppings" were squashed into the inedible marinara…there was NO extra cheese. These pizzas must have been "sitting" cuz some customer never showed up to collect.

    UNACCEPTABLE that this joint gets to stay in business and screw their clientele. Can't even find the name of the apparently "anonymous" franchise owner! I wonder why!

  • I'm trying to get in contact with the main Corporate office at store#2321 Hungry Howies in Birmingham Alabama on the Southside I ordered 2 large pizza special calzones I told they guy what I wanted to order very clearly what I wanted I get there it was something that I did not order so they call themselves being smart by fixing it all over and in up burning the 2 calzone so I ask them if they could make my order right then some dude came to the front staring me up and down like he was pissed off at me so they brought out my food which that they messed up again by them not adding no sauce to my calzone I then asked the manager if she knew the corporate office number she told me no SMH I asked her how are you the manager here at this store and don't know the corporate number I asked her will they be paying for my order do to all the mess up that they to my order she told me no I mean she didn't even try to offer me my money back a coupon a gift card are nothing some of them have nasty attitudes just about everyone in there are young and play to many games if cameras were in there you would have seen how they were sliding around on the floor it should only take one time to make an order right messing up people orders is ridiculous I in up waiting on my food for almost an hour and I truly do feel like somebody should take care of this situation I went inside the restaurant around 7:00pm on today 06/14/16 these people shouldn't have a job if they gone be messing up people orders and the manager that lied to me when she told me that she didn't know the corporate number someone need to talk to her as well corporate office please email me at or are feel free to call me at 205-420-0001 Kristen

  • I have always loved Hungry Howies. I grew up close to one of the first opened in South Lyon, MI which I still believe is the best one! However, I went to one today in Jacksonville, FL and ordered my usual pepperoni, olive and garlic crust pizza. I had to wait an hour to get it and when it showed up it was pepperoni and onions. I called to tell them they got the order wrong and the girl on the phone argued with me that she took the order and she is never wrong. She accused me of lying to her about not ordering onions! It was a ridiculous argument and when I asked to speak to her manager, she said she was the manager. This person should be fired. Her name is Sandra and she works at the Hungry Howies at 5613 University Blvd, Jacksonville, FL.

  • I ordered a chicken Asian pizza last night close to closing (Tucson, As pantano store) last night. When the pizza arrived it was covered in Asian oil so badly that the crust was wet. The oil ran thru the box and leaked all over the place. Called to inform the manager and all he could say was sorry, and offered me half off my next order. There isn't going to be another order, when their not even willing to fix their original mistake. BAD BUSINESS!!!!!

  • I live in naples florida.. I ordered online a small pizza with Howie bread ..been two hours and still waiting on my order..i only live 10 min from pizza place . 23 golden gate blvd east naples fl 34120.. I called about my order and who ever answers there phone was very rude and put me on hold for 20 min.. only to come back on the line and.. order on way.. then they hang up!!!!!! Worse customer service ive seen in a long time

  • Rude horrible burnt pizza I'll never waste my money here again at the location On 10 mile in Oak park MI , I was lied to about my order being replaced those kids that work there play games and it's unfair to the people that spend their hard earned money there

  • Horible service rude cashier in tucson az on Campbell guy with dark hair tan will never go again slamed cash register and gave me a look of hatred could hear complain ing in back wont eat food for fear of spit ir worse

  • I called Hungry Howies on Silver Springs Blvd (3753 E. Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala FL 34470- Ph # 352- 694-7171) and ordered a Pizza Sub at 1:42pm on 04/11/2013. The person over the phone said it will be ready in 15 minutes. I arrived at the restaurant at 1:59pm to pick up my food. I paid and then picked up my box. The box was not hot, and I asked the cashier when did you make this, and he said he didn’t make it. I asked him to ask them in the back what time did they make this pizza sub because it is not hot, even to the touch. The manager came out, and looked at HIS printed receipt and said the pizza is cold because it was ordered at 1:00pm, I looked at my cell phone and read that I called at 1:42PM to place the order and I was told it was going to take 15 minutes to make, and in 2 minutes it got cold?
    He argued with me that I called at 1:00pm, I told him I want a refund, when he refunded my debit payment, he told me do not come back there, or he will have me arrested for trespassing. As I left he was mumbling obscenities behind my back.

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