Huntington Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Huntington Bank Corporate Office Headquarters
Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
41 South High Street Huntington Center
Columbus, OH 43287
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-480-8300
Fax Number: 1-614-480-3761
Customer Service Number: 1-800-480-2265

International Callers: 1-616-355-8828

  • Worst bank on the planet!!! It switched over from TCF which i had an account since 1987 w/ no issues ever!!!! Then Huntington took over, had login issues , no one would answer the phones to help, i went in to the bank they were rude, crabby, disrespectful, they told me someone already had my user name, had to create a new one, the woman rep said go home log in to Huntington not TCF – got home entered my log in info exactly where she told me to & i got scammed on their bank site, long story short the scammer got $4000. off me & could have all been avoided if Huntington would have answered their phones as well as having alerts on my account, no notification & no safe guards , while the scam was occurring,they allowed $4000. to come out of my account before it stopped authorizing my additional funds to purchase more Target gift cards for the scammer. The bank is not taking any responsibility & told me to go to the merchant – Target, filed a fraud report w/ Target, they said sorry cant help & to go back to the bank for their help , Target had enough nerve to say they could only recover less then $5.00 and sent me a $5.00 gift card( nice slap in the face from Target!!!)Neither the bank or Target will help me or take any responsibility. I filed a police report, a FBI report, contacted the BBB, my insurance co. in the midst of all this then Huntington bank pulls more issues w/ me, i had made a $550. deposit at the drive thru on a Friday 11-12-21 & noticed on the fallowing Mon & Tues the money was not showing anywhere in my acct. i tried contacting the bank several times got no answer other then the usual that they'll call back in about an hour, of course & that would be when i am at work & can't talk, when i got home to handle the situation again it was more phone calls & waiting on a reliable person to discuss this w/ since the 1st person was more then ignorant, i told her i was attempting to go in to the bank to deal w/ this & there were fire trucks wrapped around the bank & bank was closed due to this , her reply was you tried to go in to the bank, there is nothing showing a check for $550 deposited & i said it was 4 different checks & yes i know there is nothing listed for that amount – that's why I am calling, she was acting rude & stupid , i said transfer me over to someone else that can handle this , she says yes she will, then i sat there listening to a phone rings for a few min. & was disconnected , after several more attempts someone got back to me to tell me my deposit is lost… at least i have the receipt to prove the transaction, i was told they will deposit the funds of the $550. in my acct. in 2 days. I will be closing out my account from hell w/ Huntington ASAP!!!!

  • This is an awful bank!!! I was in line for 1 hour and 42 minutes just TO ASK A QUESTION!!!!This is insane! There were 8 people in line and only 1 person serving! You could hear 2 orher people in the back but nobody wanted to come up and help. I told my dad to close his account and forget this stupid bank!

  • About in tears here, I have lived through 5 different banks at this location. My parents were customers of the original bank here. I understand things change, times change, banks get bought and sold.

    Now with Huntington, I was told a few years ago I had to deposit the money from my business a certain way, I was doing it wrong, (even though it is none of your business), I complied. Now out of the blue I get (up to 5 now) registered letters. Expecting more. They are closing all of my accounts, local branch has no idea why, not even any notes or flags on my accounts. I have been on the phone for the last 2 days, (mostly waiting for my turn). No one can tell me why you are cancelling my accounts. I could tell one guy was reading a script. I understand you are closing my accounts, even though I’m not happy, you have to do what you want to do. JUST TELL ME THE REASON.!

  • About in tears here, I have lived through 5 different banks at this location. My parents were customers of the original bank here. I understand things change, times change, banks get bought and sold.

    Now with Huntington, I was told a few years ago I had to deposit the money from my business a certain way, I was doing it wrong, (even though it is none of your business), I complied. Now out of the blue I get (up to 5 now) registered letters. Expecting more. They are closing all of my accounts, local branch has no idea why, not even any notes or flags on my accounts. I have been on the phone for the last 2 days, (mostly waiting for my turn). No one can tell me why you are cancelling my accounts. I could tell one guy was reading a script. I understand you are closing my accounts, even though I’m not happy, you have to do what you want to do. JUST TELL ME THE REASON.!

  • Why can't I find an email address to contact Huntington Bank? I have called to resolve a problem to no avail. I have visited a branch office to no avail. I want to get this resolved but nobody will do anything except open a report. They have never followed through by call, text, or email or snail mail

  • request # 0176-06APR18 I requested a proof of payoff letter april 6th for my blazer which I had paid off years ago and this is april 18 and I still haven't received it. I have called 12 times and told my story to 12 different people and repeated my name/SS/address/vehicle/reference #/and email every time after being on hold while they find me again and again!
    this is plain insane! I paid this off years ago and one gal told me they even mailed the letter to the wrong address……how many times do you have to TELL and every time they say yes that is what is written down when they read the notes. I am beyond frustrated! I have sold the blazer and they can't register it without t his proof of payoff letter going with the title to our DMV. who do I have to bribe to get this sent to me??????? I will never do business with this bank again ever in my lifetime!!!!!!!!! GET ME THE FRICKIN PAYOFF LETTER!!!!!!

  • In all of my years of doing banking with various banks and credit unions, I have NEVER before encountered such disrespect and disregard for good customer service norms. I was merely calling in to'Customer Service' to get a 10-day payoff quote and daily per diem. I verified all the info required including social security number, current address and last payment amount. I was then asked for my email address and when I gave the csr, Porsha, my email address which has not changed in over 15 years, she said she was sorry but she could NOT give me the info as the email address was incorrect! When I told her that MOST businesses require the SSN and other unique info to verify someone's identy, Porsha told me that Huntington Bank required a valid email address as well. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, Porsha told me no, I could not. She then said she was a supervisor! What a sorry, sorry excuse for a bank. Looking at all the previous complaints, I see that Huntington is NOT interested in retaining its current customers or getting new ones. I doubt that they will remain in business long judging by their terrible business reputation…I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB.

  • Worst bank for customer service and convenience. They act like it is their money when you come in asking for help or $ from your account. The system they use is so slow, takes a lot more time then the previous bank they took over. Every week there are new tellers working, they don't know you nor seem to want to get to know you. They also close at 5 PM M-Th. Who can get to their bank if you work during the day? As I said worst bank I have ever had for service and convenience.

  • I'm very displeased with Huntington, and of what the Customer Service Dept has become…more like customer no service. I needed help resetting my password because I was locked out of my accounts do to using a different server – so they said? The Customer Service 800 number is actually a call center, who managed to get my drivers license number. I don't want to talk to a call center, I am a customer of Huntington. I called a local branch and asked for help. They said the could not help me. I asked for the President's name, which is public knowledge, and the Corporate Headquarters phone number – they wouldn't give it to me. I've been a long time customer of Huntington, but over the last five (5) years they went down hill. So, I'm done! Good-bye Huntington. I know others who would love to have me!

  • My daughter's car is in my name. She has been paying the car note at the bank every month since the purchase in 2012. Today she went to the Huntington Bank on Detroit Road in Sheffield, Ohio located in the Giant Eagle grocery store to pay the bill. The teller and manager told her she could not pay the bill because she wasn't me. The car is almost paid for (approximately 3 more payments.) Since when can a person not pay a bill whether its in someone else's name or not. THEY ARE GETTING THE PAYMENT. She was paying a bill not TAKING MONEY FROM AN ACCOUNT!!!!! I will be glad when this is paid off and we will never deal with Huntington again.

  • I can tell that they don't even care that the opening web page of their "corporate headquarters" web site – – has about the highest rate (no, excuse me, THE HIGHEST RATE!) of complaints that I've ever seen. It became a challenge to find a positive comment (understanding that unsolicited opinion research has an approximate 5:1 to 10:1 negative bias)! If the president of the bank is interested, I did find one finally!

  • On October 13, @ 830 pm I call the customers services number. Because I had a problem with my account being over draft a large am oung money because of a merchant errors. The customer service rep Rachel advise me that it wasn't nothing they could do but waive one of the fee. I ask why just one fee, she stated that the dept that handle overdraft account is close and they don't handle good stand account. I ask Rachel why can't she wave all 4 overdraft fee. She replied. So I know it's not your fault and it not the banks fault but the merchant fault. So I replied so it not my fault but the bank is Benefit from it she stated YES. And told me too have a nice night… so HUNNINGTON BANK WILL rip you off and tell you that they will rip you off. It's was very bad customers services. The bank knowstatement it's not my fault but refuse to refund my money back…

  • On October 13, @ 830 pm I call the customers services number. Because I had a problem with my account being over draft a large am oung money because of a merchant errors. The customer service rep Rachel advise me that it wasn't nothing they could do but waive one of the fee. I ask why just one fee, she stated that the dept that handle overdraft account is close and they don't handle good stand account. I ask Rachel why can't she wave all 4 overdraft fee. She replied. So I know it's not your fault and it not the banks fault but the merchant fault. So I replied so it not my fault but the bank is Benefit from it she stated YES. And told me too have a nice night… so HUNNINGTON BANK WILL rip you off and tell you that they will rip you off. It's was very bad customers services. The bank knowstatement it's not my fault but refuse to refund my money back…

  • Each time I have e-mailed the manager at the State St. branch in Saginaw, MI., she fails to respond until I e-mail her at least 2 more times. Right now I am awaiting her response to an e-mail I sent on Aug. 19 regarding incorrect interest applied to my MMA account. I re-sent the e-mail today. If this is what it takes to get a manager to get back to me, I will probably close the account. I don't need this hassle!

  • My business account was hacked. The Charleston, WV office has been very unprofessional in handling my case. I would love for someone from the corporate office to contact me as to no one from the Charleston office will return phone calls or emails!

  • For two months I have been trying to get a cancellation lien letter from this bank. They are holding me up from selling a piece a property, that i need the money for my mothers surgery and medicine. I have proof that the loan was paid off years ago but cannot get a cancellation lien letter. I have email, call and fax information in to them and I cant talk to anyone. This is ridiculous! I am stressed out because I may loose my mom because I can't get what is mine. I need help bad. Please i am begging if the bank reads this please email me. If anyone knows how i can get a cancellation lien please email me at

  • Huntington Bank Trust- as executor- has failed to settle my mother's estate in ten years.They have violated ever fiduciary law there is in WV.They have lied over and over again. They have used estate money to hire defense attorneys illegally.The estate went for over two years with no one in charge.Huntington held 70% of the estate assets in their own common stock illegally.They are trash. Thrives.Filth.Lowest of lows folks,AVOID.AVOID

  • Extremely upset with Huntington Bank!!! My car just got repossessed and I make on time payments every month. They told me the bank applies my payments when they choose to….WTF!!!!

  • Worst bank to deal with — BEWARE! We sold a car to a private party. Huntington held the lien. I called the bank and the buyer called the bank to see how they would like payment of the balance handled (cash, check, etc.). The Elyria, OH branch told both of us that they would prefer a bank check. When I explained that there would be money coming back to us as the sellers and asked how that would be handled, the reply was "since you have another car loan with us, we consider you a customer. We will write a check to you for the balance immediately." We were both also told the lien would be released electronically as soon as the loan balance is paid off. The buyer met us at the Elyria branch of the bank with a bank check in hand expecting the transaction to go as described. That did not happen. At the branch, we were told there would be a hold on the funds until the check cleared the bank and that the funds would be released on Friday (the 13th). Now understand, that was a BANK CHECK which they told us was preferable to them and much easier for them to work with than a private party check. I called the bank on Friday the 13th to see if the funds and lien were being released and was told that they wouldn't be released until Wednesday the 18th because the bank policy is to hold any and all checks for 7 days. Must have been a change in policy….. My husband went to the Mansfield, OH branch on Tuesday, the 17th just to talk to someone in person and make sure the releases were on track. The computer now showed the funds and lien would not be released until May 30th! The buyer, bless his heart, was being quite understanding but as frustrated as we were. My husband and I both started calling the customer support center and each of us were being told different bank "policies." It appears as though the policies change with whomever you are talking to at any given time. Not once were we told the same policy by different people. I finally had to threaten a phone call to the OCC which governs this bank and to get our attorney involved. The buyer had called his bank and the check had cleared before May 13th so why weren't the lien and our funds being released? NO ONE COULD ANSWER THAT QUESTION. I was told "someone in the 'back office' has to handle that." "it's all automatically done by the computer. No person has to do anything." blah, blah, blah….. Imagine my surprise when I checked the BMV records online this morning and saw that the lien had been released! I think my threats to call the OCC worked! It's a shame that something as simple as paying off a car loan should generate such frustration and threats. We have a 2nd car loan through Huntington, and while I love the car and have said that I will drive it until it falls apart on the road, we are trading that car in simply to get away from having to deal with Huntington Bank in the future. They will never get a penny of our money again. This bank had better open their eyes soon….

    • Oh….but we still do not know when our funds will be released! The amount due us is over $10,000 so you can understand our concern about getting our money!

    • Further update: I spent an hour on the phone with customer service again yesterday. Within a matter of 2 minutes, rep Denali told me that after a loan is paid off, any returning funds are held for 10 days….then it was 20 days….then it was 15 days. All in just about the same sentence! When I called her on it, she could only reply that she "is trying to explain their policy to me." I asked to speak to her supervisor and after being put on hold for several minute, Ari came on the line and asked what my call was concerning. I asksed if my conversation with Denali had been recorded because I wanted someone to hear the ridiculous things this girl was saying. Ari informed me that she had been sitting next to Denali during the entire conversation and had "coached" her on what to say!!! I am actually somehow finding humor in this who fiasco at this point. It is evident and obvious that NO ONE at Huntington Bank wants to help their customers or solve issus. They will NOT transfer you to the department you need to deal with, they will NOT give out phone numbers of people you need to deal with. I'm filing a formal complain with Huntington Bank as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Ari offered to file a complaint on my behalf….yeah, like I believe she would file a complaint against herself…..

    • As a further update: It has now been 4 weeks and WE STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED OUR CHECK from Huntington Bank. I'm not sure what our next move will be, but it will definitely involve our attorney. ridiculous….

  • False Promises – We have had the 24 hour overdraft protection for 6 years. Huntington has always notified us when an overdraft occurred. This past week we had an overdraft. No notice. No opportunity to transfer funds. Just the overdraft fee. When I call customer service, the agentS really couldn't tell me why this had happened only to say that it must have been a computer algorithm. Sorry, I can't do anything for you. Why do we have overdraft protectio.n if them aren't going to make good on their word. So much for being a loyal customer for 11 years. Huntington doesn't deserve to have our money. We will be using another bank in the near future.

  • In Dec. 2013 I sent to the Beaver, PA bank papers regarding the death of my husband and to transfer IRA's to me, the beneficiary noted on the IRA's. I did not hear anymore from them and assumed it had been taken care of..Much to distress I just heard from the corporate offices that in 30 days my IRA's will be transferred to the Government due to inactivity. I am having a real problem getting this solved and the government taking my hard earned small amount of money which I need now/or in the near future. I am hoping this will cause an alert of those who trust your bank and do not check on it every 3 months. I will be on my way to Beaver, PA soon…

  • The last year and a half have probably been the worse years of my life! In June of 2014 I became ill and was SENT TO THE ER per the medical staff at my job, and was hospitalized for the third time in a six month period. It took so much time with all the paperwork (red tape) for my temporary disability to go through, that it wasn't long before I fell behind on my mortgage just 2 months later in August. Then, by October (I believe), I was medically separated from my job, forcing me to apply for Permanent total disability. In November, my Mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, and needed my help. I went EVERYDAY to change her dressing and cook for her and my step father to the best of my ability, until she just came to my house, because my step father worked so many hours, and she wouldn't be alone, making it easier for all of us. Then on January 10th 2015, we didn't hear from my step Dad for 3 days and went to check on him and found him dead in bed at the age of 63, surrounded by what looked like a crime scene because he was having a heart attack and must have been struggling to get to another room. THEN, in February, I took my mother to file taxes and had mine done as well. Low and Behold…another shortcoming! My identity had been stolen! During ALL this stuff going on, I reached out to so many organizations to help me save my home and every attempt lead me NOWHERE. Nobody would help because it was an FHA loan and Huntington Mortgage started the foreclosure process immediately. They would NOT offer any kind of programs or anything while I was waiting to know what my TRUE income was going to be. Kinda like trying to bully me into taking on a lower payment FOR 30 MORE YEARS, after I've already been rooted here for 10+ years, with a balloon loan at the end of a ridiculous offer. They REFUSED to put any offers in writing, and had me fill out homesaver papers twice during that time (while I still did not know what my true income is going to be). I finally reached out to an attorney in September 2015 and they said that the bank was in violation of R.E.S.P.A act and agreed to take the case on a contiguous basis. With some hope of finally finding a way to save my house, I told the person with the loss litigation dept. at the bank that I retained an attorney (per his instructions), and they immediately, submitted my home to a sheriff sale electronically. The sale was held on November 16th and the bank bought it for 32,000, while they insisted that I pay 116,000 + interest and attorney fees. Instead of working with me, during some of the most hurtful, emotional, and hardest times of my life..They just eagerly tossed me to the curb and shamelessly displaced not only an established member of an already failing community, but a disabled person to boot! I am planning on filing a complaint with The Controller of Federal Currency for their misleading, hopeless, bullying offers and I hope that the general public will heath warning when dealing with this company/bank. I came across this site, that shows their uncaring pattern. I hate to put all this out there, but it's ALL I can think about while I wait for the sheriff dept to serve me with a 30 day notice and pack one box at a time to save whatever I can from the last 38 years of my life. In 15 months I lost everything I worked my whole entire adult life to achieve. Please note: I am not seeking sympathy, I would prefer justice so that NOBODY ever has to go through what I am right now!

    • I stated the it took 14 months for the bank to take my home via sheriff sale…Correction: it took 13 months start to finish while they pretend to work with you! PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH THIS BANK!!!!

  • I too agree with "WORSE BANK EVER" I find them to be GREEDY, UNDERHANDED LIARS I am a victim to this bank myself, regarding mortgage…I think EVERYONE should start calling THEIR superiors, OCC (Controller of Federal Currency) at 1-800-613-6743, and file complaints for mishandling loans, credit cards, savings and checking accounts, and poor customer service! Every other bank has a CEO listed on line that can be contacted, to hear our griefs, but NOT THIS BANK! It gives you names of a management team and they say it will take up to 2 weeks for a call back. I'm sure I'll be dead and buried by the time I get the call!

  • Incredibly bad. My credit card was hacked back in 2014, and they cancelled it without telling me. I had no idea anything was wrong until I tried to use it. This was obvious fraud, I never used it for anything but minor fast food purchases, and someone had cloned it, and tried to use it to spend hundreds of dollars at Walmart. And yet Huntington treated me as if I was the criminal—totally unlike Chase, who know how to handle fraud. It took weeks to find out that yes, they WERE going to reverse the charges…in the meantime I was worried, with good cause, that they might hold me responsible for the criminal's purchases, even though several people I spoke with there confirmed that any fool could see the card had been cloned. It took weeks longer to finally get the account cancelled, and even then I wasn't sure. I insisted on a snail mail LETTER to verify that the account was closed, and got that letter, which included an apology at last—with my name misspelled. Time frame? The card was hacked in October, the letter arrived in JANUARY. A year after the account was closed, I received an email from Huntington, asking me to choose my rewards category. When I called customer service, they said it was "closed, but NOT closed." This whole credit card fiasco came a couple of years after I had taken all the REST of my accounts out of that bank because of bumbling on their part. I figured they could trust me with THEIR money (true) knowing I would always pay off my balance eery month, but I sure wasn't going to trust them with mine. (also true). Turns out they couldn't manage a credit card any better than they managed my bank accounts.

  • I am totally disgusted with how your Customer Service Call Center has been changed. I was given a paper years ago that HUNTINGTON would NEVER ASK for my PIN number for my debit card or any information like that. NOW when I call they ask for my SS number and my DEBIT PIN NUMBER> I REFUSE TO GIVE THAT AND YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER EVER ASK for it and if anyone does they are not valid HUNTINGTON BANK persons. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY> THIS IS ILLEGAL For you to ask questions that are private and can ruin a bank account for a customer. WHY would you say you would NEVER ASK FOR PIN numbers yet you are? I DEMAND A RESOLUTION TO THIS MATTER AS I AM ALREADY CONSIDERING GOING TO ANOTHER BANK. I REALIZE YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME , THE LITTLE PERSON WHO HAS NOTHING AND LITTLE MONEY BUT I DEMAND TO BE TREATED FAIRLY. YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE CALLING FEATURE TO NOT ASK FOR PIN NUMBERS AND ONLY ASK FOR THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF THE SS NUMBERS AS IT WAS IN THE PAST.

  • Am in the process of selling my home. The buyer had a pre approval letter from Huntington for much more than we negotiated for my house. Now 1 month later at the 11th hour Huntington told the buyer she needs a cosigner after they pre approved her for much more. Her realtor said no circumstances had changed in income or credit. I will be showing the house again with pre approved buyers only but we will not be accepting pre approvals from Huntington Bank again. They have wasted too much of my time already. My son is so upset he is pulling his accounts from Huntington including his business account. I assume these are large accounts since he has a home on Muirfield village.

  • So huntington just corrected some duplicate transaction fees on my account then stated i had 210 dollars… i checked with the company to insure it was there by looking at the app and the online service to ensure correct … also recieved a notice informing me that my account was corrected and my balance was current meaning the money was there… i spend 80 dollars and next day im negitive 43 dollars…. then after three calls to get a manager i spoke with a man who told me the only sulution was to go put money in my account before i get an overdraft fee only to give me 2 days to do it….thanks,, cant wait to move my account to a better buisness

  • So huntington just corrected some duplicate transaction fees on my account then stated i had 210 dollars… i checked with the company to insure it was there by looking at the app and the online service to ensure correct … also recieved a notice informing me that my account was corrected and my balance was current meaning the money was there… i spend 80 dollars and next day im negitive 43 dollars…. then after three calls to get a manager i spoke with a man who told me the only sulution was to go put money in my account before i get an overdraft fee only to give me 2 days to do it….thanks,, cant wait to move my account to a better buisness

  • For your information,
    On Wednesday October 21, 2015 approximately 8:40 A.M. I pulled into one of your branch banks at
    4975 West Broad St
    Columbus, OH 43228

    so that my son could fix a problem with double charging on his account. There was a vehicle which was parked cross ways covering the front three parking spaces at the front of your bank. I waited about a minute and half and the woman inside of the car was using her phone to surf, until she finally noticed us. She stopped surfing on her phone, looked at us then the bank door as if to say it is not opened yet, then just looked forward. I proceeded to pull into the last spot on the right.

    Eventually a woman came out of the bank, said something to the woman inside of the car and she pulled over to the parking spaces near the side street. She and another woman who pulled in next to her got out of their cars and the lady with blonde hair let them into the bank. A few minutes passed and a heavy set woman with brunette hair came out of the bank and sais “ I am going to ask you to delete the pictures you took of that lady’s car”. My response was “no I am going to complain to Huntington’s main office about this inconvenience to their customer’s”. Her tone was unprofessional and accusing. She then asked me for my name, I told her “Sure it’s none of your business”. She then proceeded to take a picture of my license plate.

    The bank opened up and my son went in to take care of the double charging on his account. During that apparently the same woman who came out to talk to me called the Franklin County Sherriff. They pulled up asked me what happened, said it was my right to take the pictures I did for the reasons I stated. Had no problem with how I handled the situation, and in fact it looked like he thought this was completely unnecessary, which it was.

    My point to all this was the approach of the woman who came to my car was in fact unprofessional and in a tone which seemed to indicate that I was completely in the wrong. If she would have approached my vehicle and said something to the fact that “I am sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a security protocol that Huntington Bank uses at start up” I would have deleted the two photo’s to begin with and this issue would never have come to fruition. But there was none of that, your manager or head teller (I sure hope it wasn’t a manager) could have handled it a dozen better ways than she did, and all of them being much more professional than it was.

    I will be retiring from my job in the next 4 – 6 years and will be using a bank to transfer a significant amount of funds to whomever I choose to handle the accounts. My son has said nothing but great things about your bank, and up until this point, you were the front runner to get my business. I hope something is done to correct this woman’s attitude before it effects more of your business.

  • Worst bank ever !!! DO NOT USE this banking firm unless you are in your retirement spot. This bank will not wire money unless you go to a branch and confirm your identity…..not to another bank, and certified attorney…..not with a notary stamp. I have relocated out of state and need my new home closing costs wired to the attorney, and Huntington Bank will not do the wire…..Even if I am present at the other bank during the time of the transfer, they will not do it……..Hmmmmmm, isn't the whole reason for a bank wire due to not being able to go to your bank in person ? What a joke !!!! BANK ELSEWHERE !!!!!

  • Beware of their safe deposit boxes. I rented a box at the Dublin branch for about 5 years, never doubting the safety of the bank. There were redecoration and work going on at the bank. Then i discovered that some of my Gold jewelry and most of the money was taken out of the box. I'm sure a bank employee did the theft. I'm devastated but they didn't even care to ask about any details whe

  • Two things have happened to my 1/1/86 30-yr mortgage. It had a 1/1/16 maturity date. Now it says it is 2/16/16. Why. Never late or missed pymt. Then I received a letter saying my Huntington mtg was sold to Huntington Mortgage. Not a typo. Why, almost done.

    Could it be because my son has owned the home since 1991 and his line-of-credit 2nd mtg is a balloon due 6/11/15? He has fraudulent cards lowering his credit rating to 544 and the bank declined to refi the loan. Comments?

  • See 14CA010574 in the Ohio Supreme Court under the Ninth District Court of Appeals opinions… This is one of the foulest entities in existence!

  • My husband and I are extremely disatisfied with the level of help Huntington is offering us. We recently had our accout information stolen and all our money stolen. When we called to report this, the person on the other line proceeded to treat us as though we were the criminal instead of the victim of identity theft. The even went as far as to say things like "if it is found to be no negligence of our own then they will refund our money." The worse part is we know for a fact that there is proof since one of the retailers the criminal made a purchase at has caught him on camera using an altered card. I know of several other banks out there that will make the situation right for you immediately. Huntington used to be one of those banks. I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service we have received.

  • Mr. Strim
    As a Huntington depositor and investment I feel you should know about the lack of knowledge of your field support team. I recently had a small Roth IRA with Lincoln Financial Group through Huntington bank. I knew it was due so I asked an assistant for Scott Jones to have it terminated and disposed in a Huntington Roth IRA money Market until I decided what investments there were. I was told Lincoln would send me a check and to and to bring it in and deposit the check in a new account. Without any knowledge or information from Huntington of what Lincoln would offer I was sent the forms and told to fax them to Lincoln. I asked if Lincoln would charge a termination fee. She said, Oh! Yes send it after the maturity date.
    With luck I received a letter and perspective from Lincoln before sending the forms allowing me to redirect allocation which Huntington should have advised me on. At one time I asked If I should come in and talk to Scoot Jones and was put off and sent the forms to fax to Lincoln.
    I do Income taxes for seniors through AARP and see a lot of poor direction for seniors. This would make for bad decisions on their part and leaving them to be a prime candidate for scams, which happens too often.

  • Sorry that you are closing your branch in Bear Lake, Mi. The Staff at this location are truly "people" that serve the customer. I live in Lakeland, Florida. I was there ehen you bought the People's Bank of Lakeland. I understand that business failed and Hunington closed and moved out of what what was once a great bank.

  • I am very angry and disappointed that Huntington Bank has decided to close its Brookfield Ohio branch. I opened accounts there because it is up the street from my home. There will not even be an ATM left to use. I am sure that no one involved in this decision has ever visited the area or the branch. It would have been more prudent to close the Hermitage PA on East State Street since it is just a drive-thru or the Sharon PA branch (where you transferred my accounts) that has a parking lot difficult to get in and out of. I have spoken to many Brookfield residents who are also very unhappy that this branch is closing. I am hoping that Huntington will reconsider it's decision as this community has many elderly residents who cannot get to another branch. Also, after reading the previous comments, is seems that Huntington needs to drastically improve its customer service.

  • Worse bank I have ever dealt with. Stay away. Bad service, false information, won't research to correct information. As of today I don't bank with them. Bad investment advice, rude and not caring.

    • You are probably one of "those" customers that complain just to complain and they are tired of seeing you…I am sure that they have answered all of your questions because they are very professional and always do…you just do not like the answers they gave you.

  • I went to a Huntington Bank to cash in a P.O.D after my fathers death. Not only was Dawn one of the rudest people I have spoken to (Bowling Green Ohio). I was told you can not cash in a P.O.D with out executor papers from the court. When I called the corporate office (per Debbie) yes ,this is their policy. If you are not executor of a estate you can not cash in P.O.D. accounts. When I asked where the money went if you were not executor she said it goes to the Federal Treasury. Good thing I am the executor and just waiting for my papers. I would never bank here ! This seems quit illegal and sneaky to do to a elderly person. Talk about taking advantage of someone. Terrible customer service, terrible policies. I will never bank with you.

  • Huntington Bank committed a federal crime, then had their security department close my account to cover it up!!! Huntington made an error on my account that resulted in a negative balance, including Huntington's multiple non sufficient funds fees. While these fees were in dispute, an employee from my local branch called my elderly mother with advanced heart disease, who is not listed on or in any other way connected to my account, and conned her into going into a Huntington branch in another county, with her walker and heart pump hanging off her hip, and depositing almost $500…THAT I DID NOT OWE AND WAS IN DISPUTE! Huntington corporate FIXED THEIR ERROR, and refunded all of my fees. THEN their security department issued an order to close my account…TO COVER UP THEIR FEDERAL CRIME!!! Well, closing my account after 3 years of absolutely NO OTHER ISSUES with Huntington doesn't keep you from being responsible, accountable, and PRESECUTABLE FOR YOUR FEDERAL CRIME!!!! OH… and they did this to a single parent recovering from stage 4 colon cancer, raising 2 autistic kids, the youngest of which is also a cancer survivor, with a 3rd child in college. Closing my account with the automatic debit payments I've established over the past 3 years and all the non sufficient funds fees these will incur IS GOING TO RUIN MY LIFE…LITERALLY!!! So, yes, someone will pay for Huntington's Federal crimes…besides me! Hopefully, it will be the belligerent, obnoxious, and extremely rude "Priority Response Executive" who didn't think a federal crime committed by her bank in this manner was a priority…or even an issue!!!

    • I meant to name the belligerent, obnoxious, extremely rude Priority Response Officer who doesn't think her bank committing a federal crime is an issue, much less a priority is SUE ROBERTS!!! She should, first and foremost…and at the very least…be fired from her job for incompetency!!!

    • They did the same thing to me!!! I asked about an error with my accout and they closed it to prevent me from obtaining the messages that had me disputing the incident!

  • Huntington Bank made an error that caused my account to go negative more than $400! When I decided to fight it instead of pay it, my local branch called my elderly mother with advanced heart disease, who is NOT on my account, and conned her into going and depositing more than $400 into my account…IN ANOTHER CITY AND COUNTY! I assure you that is a FEDERAL crime and SOMEONE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE…AND PROSECUTED FOR IT! Huntington did find that THEY WERE IN ERROR, and corrected my account…then sent me a letter saying they were closing my account without explanation! ONE WHO HAS NOTHING TO HIDE DOESN'T HIDE ANYTHING!!! WHAT IS HUNTINGTON HIDING BY NOT SAYING WHY THEY ARE CLOSING MY ACCOUNT AFTER THEIR CORPORATE BULLYING ATTEMPT FAILED?! They can't hide the federal crime they committed by conning my mother into giving them more than $400 that they were not entitled to…and later proved it themselves!

  • I've been with Huntington for over 12 years, and I can tell you from experience there are people who want to do their jobs and those who just want to get paid. When you have an issue, just call back and speak to someone else, if you are in a branch ask to see another person, if that not possible then go to another branch if you have another on in your are, if not call the 800 #.In most cases, the next person will resolve your issues. Huntington needs to pay more attention to making sure their customers are provided excellent customer service every-time, in this day and age of digital technology, it only takes a few people talking on the right channels to have an effect on business. They say calls maybe be monitored, well start monitoring those calls and firing the people who don't provide excellent customer service every time.. Stop allowing managers to hire friends, and keep people because they are partying or drinking buddies, get rid of the people who don't want to do their jobs. I've been with you a long time and I've seen good people leave and be replaced by complete idiots, to the point that I've question the type of training these new people are getting? Stop skimping on training, give your people the training and skills to do the job, and pay your people well enough so that you can keep the good people. That is my suggestion to Huntington.

  • Just got off the phone a little bit ago to remove a late fee. Lady was very nice and the whole call took about 15 minutes.

  • here is a good one lol, I have a checking account in my name and my husband is on social security but as a payee, payer account, hungtington says since it is a payee, payer account , he cannot have an online account or a debit card, they tell be quote" the social security office has issued those rules" well, I contacted the social security office and of course there isn't any such rule it is the banks rule and they still refuse to issue a card or online account and social security cannot change the status of payee/payer accounts, in otherwords I have to each month go to the bank and transfer the money into my account in order to pay bills in which is very inconvient and they keep telling me oh well so sorry but our hands are tied , bull

  • I dont understand why; they 24 hour grace when they dont give you 24hr; and then u call to ask about the account and the banker hungs up; yall have to do better this is crazy am so upset; cant wait to close my account

  • I agree this is the worst!!!!! bank i ever dealt with i been trying to get the bank to get my money back from a merchant from some return item that i purchase they seen like they don't understand and need to investigate i gave them proof what more they need?….. an i had another problem with Huntington they were giving the merchant extra money out of my account an wen i brought to there attention they told me after ninety days there nothing they can do…I'm looking for another bank to do business with…but they not going to get away this…

  • Be aware of this bank, they do not check the background of their employees. They have one individual at their Brookville location who stuck Sears for thousands of dollars and Sears had a collection agency out after her. She now is behind on her real estate taxes and she has ripped off other individuals. They better watch their vault as she may rip them off too. I would not take a chance on this bank who does not even bother to run a credit report on the people they hire.

    • Before spewing off at the mouth do your research everyone who works for Huntington bank has a complete background check, credit check and they are also fingerprinted.

  • Will never use this bank again!!!! Charging a whole years penalty to withdraw a 3 month old CD!!! That's ridiculous!!!! No other bank I know of charges that kind of penalty! Beware of getting a CD with them!!

  • I have been with this bank branch when it was McDowel,First Senca,Marine,Sky,and now Huntington. You are closing this branch,now I will have to travel ten miles north or south to a Huntington Bank. At least you could keep the drive tru like First National did right next to Huntington. I do not like it and Iam thinking about changing banks for the first time in almost fourty years! With you closing this branch now First National will get some of your customers and can open back to a full service bank. They will send you a thank card for helping them. FIRST NATIONAL THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goring through a divorce and my exhusband is ordered by the court to pay the mortgage payment of $867.68. Huntington made arrangements with him to only pay two $200 payments because he had, at one time, paid more than the amount owed. Therefore, they allowed him to use principle and interest that had previously been paid to make a payment. There is a court order stating that he is not to "change" or "alter" any financial dealing. Huntington laughed at me when I took the papers in to show that he souldn't be making "arrangements". Will never deal with this institution again. Can't wait until I can get out from under them and go with a different bank!!!!

  • Had an older not used check stolen and obviously forged signature. Cashed at Woodsforest bank on June 4 and paid by huntington overdrew account. Bank notified next day, police report filed. Huntington has done nothing except extended overdraft fees. Says dispute denied sent back to local branch. They called and demanded an immediate overdraft line payment. Local branch has not heard from security.
    AND have you caught the FALSE advertising. 24hr grace means 14 hours (2pm)if deposited in local ATM and 16hrs(4pm) if deposited to teller. Also Huntington Club has a $5.00 monthly FEE. they advertise fee free checking.

  • worst bank ever to bank at and they go thru there help like running water awfull place in findlay phio

  • I am a single father and I was asked by a guy named Troy if I wanted a date? I came in for fraud alert and was embarrassed to be asked out. Don't need a fat gray hair man asking me out. My ex wife laughed!!!

  • I am a single mother of two boys. I get paid every other week. Last Friday after work i went into my local branch to withdrawl money for my rent which was already overdue. to my ABSOLUTE SURPRISE…. they had taken $848.00 out of my account for an account that had been closed a year ago. I totally understand that there was a negative balance, but to just all the sudden TAKE that money from a good account was totally unethical, and now im left to try and figure out how im supposed to pay my rent and feed my kids for the next two weeks! the woman on the phone was totally rude and refused to let me speak with a manager!! She made me feel like an absolute loser because of this. i even offered to make arrangements on the account and she refused!!What a way to treat your customers and now after reading this page of nothing but complaints, im sorry i even opened an account there!!

    • I agree they are not a great bank, seriously lacking in customer service but if you owe money, you owe money. overdrawing an account and just leaving it at a negative balance is theft.. when were you going to repay it?

  • I opened an acct in March 2013 with a $5 deposit. 1 1/2 months later my acct is overdrawn by almost $200 because they put ID Theft protection on my acct without my permission and charged me for not cancelling it. I was told they would take off $100 but i would have to pay the rest of the money for something I never asked for or wanted or used. Of course my address was wrong so I never found this out until I stopped in the bank two months later. The people I spoke with were all very rude and not helpful at all they just kept saying there was nothing they could do i had to pay the money, which I will not do. Im still fighting to get this removed HUNTINGTON BANK IS THE WORST BANK I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH

  • Agreed with comment of WORST BANK EVER!!! I have had an account for over two years, 0 issues, 0 calls to customer service. First time I overdrafted my account I called customer service and spent two hours on the phone. I take responsibility for what happened however as a courtesy thought that something of a $38 fee for a -$6 balance could be refunded. Refused to do anything for me at all. By the end of the call I more wanted the refund due to the way I was spoken to by the reps. Will definitely report to BBB. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHOOSE A BANK WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

  • WORST BANK EVER!!!!! Recently had a bank account signature card changed by someone not authorized to do so. Happened in February, been getting the run around about it ever since. Person who made change showed bogus documents and was allowed to make changes and perform transactions since February. Still trying to get it straightened out. This is turning into a life-altering experience. Stay away from banks, buy a good mattress.

  • I have been dealing with banks for over 35 years. I joined Huntington Bank a month ago. I can honestly tell you that I have had more Trouble with them in 30 days than I have had with all the other banks combined.

  • OMG!!! I didnt even know this site existed…WORST bank in the world!!!I opened a checking account online with a special $100.00 coupon that was to be added to my account IF I set up direct deposit and made a deposit of $50.00, which I DID.First of all I set up my account online (NEVER do that) it was the most messed up thing and it took me almost 2 weeks to get it straightened out so I could go make my minimum $50.00 deposit. The branch manager REFUSED to deposit the $100.00 as she said I didnt make my deposit of $50.00 the day I opened my account. NO WHERE did it give a time line in which you had to have the deposit made by plus the online site had my account messed up NOT ME!!!! Worst bank I have ever dealt with.

  • the schoenherr branch in warren mi. is the worst bank i have ever been to!! i have never been to a bank to where it takes 10 minutes to make a simple deposit in the drive thru! I have been banking with huntington for the past 7 years and because of the service i get at this branch for the past 4 0r 5 months im thinking about leaving huntington

  • I would like to bring to your attention the customer service I received when I called on September 13, 2012, approximately 9:30 a.m.. I was connected to a lady who identified herself as Nicky. I explained that my husband and I recently paid off or loan on are truck. However, we received an email notifying us the a payment was due on the 12 or 20th of this month. She proceed to tell me that either they hadn't got the check or it hadn't been processed yet. Keep in kind this lady didn't know me from Eve. I had never id myself other than my name. I ask if she could please look at my account and see if the loan showed as being paid. She then asked for my account or social security number. I first gave my spouse since his name appeared on the loan first. She then asked what was mine SSN not my spouse. I gave her my social. She continued to ask if I was also on the loan and told her yes. Then she wanted additional information to indentify myself. She want to know the payment amount and truck type and year. I explain that I thought it was around $330. But was sure (actually amount was $330.24) and I didn't know the truck type or year for sure.) But, I had the information But, It would take me a min to get it. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn't have time that her call were monitored and she had customer on the line who already had the information ready. I could call back when I got mine.

    I really feel that this was very poor customer service. I feel the lady may as well have told me that I didn't matter and she didn't have time. For me I called back in less than one mine and provided her with the Truck info and payment amount. She then told me the loan had been paid in full. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Bu, I don't feel I was actually speaking to her supervisor because she put me on hold and instead of transferring me she put another lady on the line.

    Lana Richards

  • 8-8-2012
    i just spent an hour with the rudest dumbest people ive ever met!!!! october 17,2003 is the day my son was killed. I keep receiveing mailers from this back in my sons name wanting him to open a checking-account. for the last almost 9 years ive been dealing with this bank explaining that my son is dead. each time i call i get told, that they will take his name off the list and it will never happen again. today it happened again. i asked for the number to corperate headquarters, no surprise no one had the number and if they did they were not giving it to me. i now have to go through my lawyer to get the mailings stoped, and im also calling my t.v. news people to have them investegated. I can honestly say Huntington-bank has the stupipist people ive ever met

  • This morning I called Huntington to get my account balance. The automated service kept telling me that it was connecting me to the customer care line. It was 5am. The lady who answered verified my name and asked me what my last deposit was.. I do not remember, she asks about a ATM withdrawal, I have not removed money in over a month. I have several banks I deal with due to my car loan and mortgage and therefore could not remember small details. I know my name, address, SS#, DOB, the Branch where I MADE the deposit, security codes..but NO she would not help me. Told me to go to a branch..REALLY!! At 5AM. I am closing this account on Monday. I am sorry I ever opened it. Never in my life have I had to go through that with US Bank or PNC. She said she was the Night Shift Supervisor.

    • I agree HB is seriously lacking in customer service.. however , you and only you are responsible for know your checking balance.. they dont' want to be liable for giving out confidential info. on the phone.. besides the balance that the bank gives you may or may not be a true balance.. they have no idea what checks you've written that are outstanding and haven't cleared yet.. you need to keep your checkbook register up to date.. that's on you not them.

  • Worse bank I've ever been too. My sister wrote me a check on her Huntington bank acct. and I showed them a valid drivers license. To cash the check they also wanted a major credit card of mine to put that card # in their system. I told them no. What right do they have taking a major credit card # of someone just cashing a check that was from their own bank. Very RUDE service, BEWARE of this bank!!!!

  • The worse bank, the worse customer service. They do not know how to do job. Can not get anyone on the phone to correct their error on my closed accounts. Will file formal complaint FTC. Have been on hold for over 2 hours total with this bank being connected to nobody.
    They shouldn't even be in business.

  • We received a call from your bank today 877 477 6855 at 2PM EST 3.19.2012 asking for a person who is NOT the owner of our business phone , I told them that this was Not the name or number for that person and IF she was a collection agency she again asked for the same name I told her we do not know her and that we have had this number for 10 + years. Under the fair credit act she is required under law to IDENTIFY her company and her name which she did NOT do We then told her that she violated the law and will be reported, we have informed the FTC and the state attorney general's office of this matter

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