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i Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters

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i Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 206 Terminal Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
Corporate Phone Number: 1-516-813-9500
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-516-813-9500

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On Oct 11, 2020 I ordered additional piece from Ikea. It consisted of a vanity sink which comes in 3 pieces. A vanity, sink, & faucet. The faucet was delivered and left on my driveway. I came out of the barn to look at what it was and by the time I got there the delivery van and left. Ok..I thought they would deliver the rest the next day or two. Soon realized that that wasn't happening. I called to find out when I could expect the other pieces. After 158 minutes on hold I actually spoke to Rakish and he established a file number. He told me he could fix my order for 5-10 days because they had to trace the order before reordering the vanity and sink. AFter that period of time, I called to get a status update. Keep in mind I have a reno project going on. People waiting to install this item. I have no way contacting anyone to get an easy answer. I get a call back, from the "Ikea restaurant" saying they didn't find the piece in the warehouse and would to reorder it. Ok.. when will I get Wednesday by FEDEX. I tell the contractor..WED comes and no delivery. I call again (the only # available for everything) Get Frank C on the Chat line after another couple of hours waiting. You cant really do much while waiting because you have to keep an eye on the screen. He tells me he is going to escalate my concern. Whatever that means. I think it is Swedish for don't bother me. Nothing again. Nov. 16th, I call again. On the chatline for in excess of 2.5 hours, Lournina D then tells me she has to transfer me to the resolutions department where I have to wait for another 65 minutes. I watched the "You are the number 1 customer in the queue. Estimated time of your wait is 5 minutes. Well that took 45 minutes. Interesting algorrithm !. She says she has put in another order. and sends me the email..I have inputted my issue lots of times regarding the missing pieces. It was a sink and vanity…even gave them the article number. I get the email listing the faucet and sink.. I tell the girl on the chat line and she says….wait for it..I have to call back tomorrow. I want to throw my laptop out the window. I can now see why the warning comment appears above this box about swear words. This organization is all good and talks about being a $1Billion operation. But they don't allocate any resources to doing their job. I have paid for a product and they HAVENT DELIVERED AND WORSE DO NOT CARE TO FIX THE PROBLEM. In my world that borders on FRAUD..particularly when they make it difficult nay on impossible ( on purpose I believe) to fix it without hours waiting on a chat line or phone. The ONE number for anything. This IKEA vanity has now cost me upwards of $5000 in wasted time for myself and my contractor. So much for Swedish ingenuity !

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