Icing Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

ICING Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Claire’s Stores, Inc. (icing.com) 

2400 West Central Rd. 

Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 USA 

Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-765-1100 

Customer Service Number: 1-800-252-4737 

Claires Europe & UK: 0044 121 682 8000 

Emaill: icingcustomerservice@claires.com

  • My kids felt so uncomfortable walking into the Overland Park mall location to see your assistant manager and manager having a make out session on the floor. Seems like you have company policy issues that need to be handled.

  • Icing is horrible their customer department is a joke I will not being doing business with this disgraceful company again their employees are hired straight from the mental ward. They will hang up, leave you on the phone for hours wasting your time, when you request to speak to a manager they will deny your request. They ruined my order charged me for items they went out of stock and shipped me items I never ordered now that I'm trying to get this matter rectified I am going through hell with their customer service department I have everything recorded.

  • What is with the new advertising campaign? “Fresh AF” balloons hanging from the front of the store? How in any way is this appropriate for young girls? That is their target shopper! I had a 13 & 16 yr. old girl with me on Sat. ready to go shop there. They saw the sign and turned away! I saw it again today and asked the store manager what that was; she told me “balloons!” No kidding? I know what balloons are. I pointed to the AF and she replied “it’s an abbreviation”, and then laughed at me. I told her I knew that too and I knew what the abbreviation stood for. What I was asking is how is that appropriate in any way for young girls and teens to see displayed. Again, she laughed and said “oh well”, then turned and walked away! What on earth would possess the CEO of this company to think that advertising campaign is in any way appropriate for their company? What kind of morals does this CEO have! NOT shopping there anymore. And I posted on fb….a lot of irate parents responding that it is disgusting advertising! Going to lose business Mr. CEO!

  • The Icing in Parks mall Arlington Tx is by far the worst place EVER….even the corporate offices manners are as such of the employees that work there. I look forward to taking my business else where. Have a blessed day!

  • I have NEVER posted in response to a news story, EVER. Today is going to be the exception. I'm just a "normal" mother from the Midwest. I'm not a "helicopter" parent by any means. But I am a mother who should be able to do what I need to do in regards to my children without worrying that some jerk in public is going to take my picture (without permission) and post it on social media while judging a situation she doesn't know anything about. What if this child had a muscle disorder that causes her little legs to give out after they tire?? I realize that's not the case here, but does it really matter? It's no one else's business. The person who posted that pic online should be fired and corporate needs to let the public know that they handled the situation swiftly.

  • I will never shop at Icing or Claire's again because of your filthy-mouthed manager who takes pictures of mothers and children and degrades them on the Internet (using filthy curse words). The mother should receive an apology from Mindy Domingo. Mindy Domingo should have her mouth washed out with soap–and this vile person should not work around children.
    I have a very large extended family with lots of children. I'm going to make sure that they all know how you treat your customers–and how you refuse to make an evil cursing manager apologize.
    If a boycott is not started, I will start one.

  • That horrible employee should be made to publicly apologize and then publicly fired for all to see. Just like that innocent child was on the internet for all to see. Absolutely disgusting, saying nothing implies acceptance so shame on you too.

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