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  1. I am located in Tulsa. On 10/17/2021, I saw the advertisement for CoolSculpting on Face Book. I put in my info, and sure enough I was called about 30 min later. I had this procedure done in 2018, and was very happy with the results. We signed the paperwork, and was told that someone would call me Monday 10/18/2021 or Tuesday at the latest, with an appointment. I also wanted to speak with billing related to setting up payments as I didn't want my credit cards used for that purpose. I waited 2 weeks with no calls. I finally called and was told I was put on a "waiting list" – they had no appointments available. I also asked again, for billing to call me so I could set up payments . Again, I never heard from anyone. I called again. No call back. I finally went to the office, and spoke to the receptionist. I found it odd that there were no cars in the parking lot, nor were there any people in the waiting room that afternoon. She told me she could give me a fixed appointment on 02/07/2022. When asked why so long, she told me they only had one clinician and were backed up. She also told me, there was a clinician that would be fully trained at the end of Nov, and they were looking to hire another one. I was sent an Email confirming that date. This is just ridiculous. To date, I have not heard from anyone. Customer Service is in the toilet here and as far as Client Satisfaction – don't even ask, and I have not set up payment. I'm to the point where I just want my money refunded, and we'll say Adios and I'll go somewhere else in Tulsa. As far as I'm concerned, (and I did speak with an attorney), Ideal Image broke the contract when they did not, nor have ever contacted me other than 1 email to confirm my appointment. There are other avenues I am exploring to get this issue resolved. I look forward to hearing from you in the next day or two. If I don't hear from someone, I will continue pursuing my options to correct this. I am beginning to think this is just a scam.

    Lynda "Janie" Pierre, RN
    931 446-5061

  2. I am trying to reach someone in the corporate office for help. However, all numbers lead to the customer care line. I have tried repeatly to get money transferred from one account to another. I had my last session in July, the office was supposed to reach out to accounting and then schedule my next appt. I called back in September and was told that the office should reach out to me in three months. I called back in November and was told my sessions were expired and that someone tried to reach me on June. A case was again open or so I was told. I gave it a few more days and called back. This time I asked for a manager, who open a case again
    Still nothing. I called the morning and now a high priority case has been added. I told the customer service rep, that they have until Friday to reach me or they will hear from my attorney. This is my money. I have done do diligence to reach them and get services done. It took at least three months to get my first appt. I have had enough. There is a no refund policy, but it appears that they don't want to perform the services either.

  3. Hello I signed up back in December 2020 for laser hair removal, the first visit in January 2021 went fine but 2nd time I was told she couldn't fine enough dark hair to laser and sent me home without a treatment. Now I live an hour away from Strongsville, oh ideal image and I had to take a lone out for this treatment!!! Its March now I'm still paying on a lone and no treatment!! Is there anything or another treatment I can have since I'm paying still?? This is crazy and doesn't make it look good on Ideal image!!

  4. Fact: I took a day off from work because my LAST visit at Ideal Image, an appointment was made. The only action that takes place, is when I was done, the provider tells the receptionist the approximate dates of next appointment. I reiterate AGAIN, as mentioned in my original complaint The GUEST, does NOT set the appointment date, that is the responsibility of the provider. I did NOT make the appointment arbitrarily, that is just ridiculous. WHY, would a guest just pick a date out of thin air, to just show up? It was a FAILURE on IDEAL IMAGE who scheduled the appointment.
    FACT: “I” was not taken back by the provider. I was taken back by an assistant, that had no idea, on why I was there. AT NO TIME, did a provider/Nurse come back and talk to me and provide any evaluation. The remarks from the OWNER are absolutely FALSE.
    FACT: The PROVIDER/IDEAL IMAGE, scheduled the appointment 3months out. “I” did not have that option. The remarks from the OWNER are absolutely FALSE.
    FACT: The comments from the owner show a lack of understanding on what actually goes on within the business. EVERY time, I repeat, EVERY time I have shown up previously; 1. I am taken back by an assistant, 2. I then meet a provider/nurse, 3. I then receive the treatment, 4. I then am walked up to the front desk, 5. Provider tells the receptionist (3 months, 4 months, 5 months) or whatever she determines. AT NO TIME, did I ever make an appointment without then making it for me. How does a GUEST know, what that time may be? The OWNER, is either mis-informed or not being honest of the event that has taken place within in her business.
    FACT: As stated in the original complaint, I had received a call the day before to re-schedule, due to them OVER-BOOKING clients. I stated that I would wait, and be seen at the scheduled day because I HAVE to take the day off from work to make this appointment. In Addition, the provider was treating another client the whole time I was there, and NEVER came out of the other treatment room. If MY appointment was scheduled TOO soon, why did IDEAL IMAGE send me a reminder through email? If my appointment was TOO soon, why did IDEAL IMAGE NOT inform me the day before when THEY called to see if I wanted to re-schedule the appointment, inform me that THEY had made a mistake.
    FACT: The manager on duty that day stated; the REFUND would be sent. I have NOT received a single letter of reimbursement for this failure from Ideal Image.
    FACT: I requested to be reimbursed for the FAILURE from Ideal Image because of these absolutely poor customer relations, poor customer service, and REFUSED service. Nobody should have to waste a day from work, and be refused service from a provider that had made the appointment. Nobody should have to waste (3 hours) of drive time because of a failure from Ideal Image because for their inept scheduling practices.

  5. I have worked for ideal image for 9 months. I have been wrongly terminated. I was accused of misconduct three after the fact. I have complainted about my treatment as an employee with nothing being done. I have worked on my days off and stayed after hours and my treatment was horrible and unappreaciated.

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