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  1. My experience at the lFly location in King of Prussia, PA was distaste say the least. I had an 18th birthday party for my son that cost me $800. My guests were rushed because they appeared overbooked, not all of my party member got to fly, our party room experience was subpar, management was short and unfriendly. Then to make matters worst, i noticed a charge the next day for an additional $115. My flyers were “encouraged” once inside to go higher, and then i was charged an additional fee for it without my asking or knowledge. I will NEVER go their again and i will be disputing this fee!

  2. The IFly website clearly states " Use code Fun20 and book by Labor Day
    20% off all first time flights". When you enter the code you'll get the following message, "Your promotion code isn't valid for anything in the cart, because of restrictions". WTF? No where does it specify ANY restrictions!
    My sister purchased a gift card for me because with the so called FUN20 20 % discount it almost seems worth it. Now I have a gift card that I will have to sell on eBay since iFly refuses to honor their LARGE PRINT advertisement that doesn't actually exist. It would've been fun, but I'll stick to the real thing. I'll call corporate on Monday and give them one chance to make good on their false advertisement, otherwise I'll sell the gift card so I can get an actual skydive (tandem) for less than the price of an iFly 4 minute flight (4 one minute flights). One of the best things about skydiving is the ride back to earth after the canopy opens.
    iFly has lowered their price a little bit since they opened two years ago nearby, but their expenses are far less then an actual skydive… plane, fuel and maintenance to fly the plane, pilot to fly the plane, x number of slots on the plane, more equipment than just a jumpsuit, person to pack the chute, weather to delay all the above, licenses to fly, land, operate, risk………..I know I'm just babbling and of course that too have expenses, but they charge a fortune for a lesser experience, then will not refund or honor what they've advertised. One chance, they'll get one chance on Monday to make things right or I will write a review worth reading.

  3. I completely agree with the customer service not being customer friendly, especially, when taking customer suggestions to help benefit customers who are returning flyers. The website does not state what returning flyers are actually getting to do. The website totally was in contradiction with the Ifly in our state. I see the business not in the plus, if the company continues to not have all your eggs in a row for all places and for all jumpers, new and returning.

  4. iFly is a great concept, but your pricing leaves something to be desired. A first time flyer is $69.95. You get a total of 4 minutes to fly, which calculates to $17.48 per minute. Most people work and make $17.00 an hour to support their families. I was told by an iFly manager that you charge $3.00 a minute to training someone how to fly. That is $180.00 an hour. CEO's don't make $180.00 an hour. Just saying…..

  5. Love the iFly expirience don't care for the pricing and the fact that you have no loyalty program, whether a customer invests in this or not, to iFly it's just another dollar in the pocket. Ridiculous amount of money for fun. Been training for some time now and not even close to good and it's cost more than my F150!!! Left because iFly is not customer service oriented just a bunch of young kids running the place. Your management sucks and would love to train and discipline them to a better iFly but since you're popping up everywhere and the cash is flowing screw the customer, right?

  6. I booked, paid and had a 21st Birthday Party Package for my Son and 8 of his friends for his 21st Birthday at your Yonkers location. I paid approximately $1500 for the entire package including the party room. Although their flying experience was a good one, the party room was not. They were placed in a "kitchen" type setting with a 6 pack of beer in a kitchen sink with ice. I sent an email to your Manager Kris the very next day explaining my disappointment. I have yet to receive a response to my email. I called Yonkers today and asked for Kris. I was not surprised to hear that he was unavailable. I left Kris a voice mail message explaining my disappointment and that I expect a return call. I agree with the April 25th comment by Anonymous, staff is not nice, girls are rude and sarcastic. You need some good over-haul on your management team. Your flight instructors, I have been told, are awesome.

  7. Hello, this Yonkers location you guys have terrible costumer service. The instructor was okay but the rest of the staff very unhelpful and sarcastically rude. I dont know if they just wanted to show offs in front of other staff but that made this experience very uncomfortable and not worth my money.

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