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  1. As a fellow Texan, I thought you would like to hear from a consumer regarding your IGLOO Chest Freezer FRF452-C I bought from Home Depot Jan 2016. It lasted exactly 20 months, not quite 2 years. Of course that is why you have only a one year warranty.
    When I went to Home Depot to pick up the freezer (I had it delivered to the store rather than my home due to the horror stories of reviewers who said they had damaged freezers delivered with NO damage to the box they were delivered in!!) I had that very thing happen to me. That is why I went to the store for pick up, so I wouldn't get hung with returning it. My first freezer was damaged significantly with no damage to the box. I refused delivery and Home Depot ordered me another one which I received some days later with only with some minor cosmetic damage which I was able to accept, but with great reflection on your companies lack of quality control and complete lack of conscience on your employees part.
    Today I called 4 appliance service repair companies and a very good friend in the air conditioning business (who knows compressors and their workings) and got the same response as "it is not worth fixing" and I doubt we could even get parts for it. And was told to next time buy a repairable 'name brand' product that you could get parts for.
    I also noticed that Home Depot no longer carries this freezer and only one IGLOO freezer is now offered. I wonder if you even care why, let alone know why that is the case.
    You might make a good ice chest, but you absolutely make and deliver a worthless chest freezer. Being from Houston, I had always held you in high esteem as a reputable company, but after my experience with this freezer, I would NEVER buy nor recommend a similar type product unless it was purchased from Wal Mart with their return policy.

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