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Iguana Joe’s Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I would like to say I've been an Iguana Joe's customer since the location was in the strip center on Normandy/Wood Forest.
    However,the Staff on Sam Houston Pkwy are always so kind when l visit.
    Both Managers as we commonly call them the Belinda's are AMAZING. Iguana Joe's accommodated our field trip group and everything was done with professionalism. Our students loved the service as well as the food.
    Thank you so much

  2. Originally I wanted to contact Iguana Joe's, only after I wrote my previous message did I realize this would be a public post. Now I sincerely hope you post my message in its entirety without censoring me. Look forward to seeing it in the public domain.

  3. I placed an online to-go order at the Crosby location picked up in less than 12 minutes. order##66141481. I wish I could attach pictures of how I received my food. The changitos are freezing cold and the taco salad literally has less than 1 scoop of lettuce, meat beans etc. The whole tortilla bowl is empty and there is a VERY SMALL less than 1 inch of ingredients. I receive more lettuce and meat from 2 99 cent tacos at Jack in the box. I asked for extra red and green sauce and I received 2 very small condiment cups. I am not one to complain, but I am VERY DISSATISFIED with the food and service I paid for tonight. $30 worth of food. And it wasnt worth the money. My family frequently visits iguana Joe's in Crosby every Thursday night and I eat there very regularly for lunch atleast 3 times a week for happy hour and to be honest I do not know if I will return back. I would hope you would do something to make this right because to be quite honest this is ridiculous and was a huge waste of $30.

  4. You have a great location in Mont Belvieu, high standard of food, service , etc. but your manager on charge Friday night is HORRIBLE! Smart-ass know-it-all creating lots of problems with food delivery taking up to 1 hour 45 minutes then its cold! Check out all of the negative comments on Facebook, he created quite a stir out here! He's never been nice to me but he has my wife and that's all I care about. He's tall, lanky kid with a horrible, absolutely horrible attitude towards customers. He's in way over his abilities! Unless he's your son, he needs to go!

    Call me if you care. We certainly do out here. And we're a 2-3 time a a week customer, especially every Friday night! They say it costs 10X more to get back a lost customer than one you currently have. Perhaps he's just mathematically challenged!

    Dean West

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