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  • Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

420 Alan Wood Rd.
Conshohocken, PA 19428 USA
Ikea Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-834-0180
Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-434-4532

IKEA Systems International Head Office

Olof Palmestraat 1
Delft, 2616
The Netherlands
International Phone Number: +31-15-215-0750
Fax Number: +31-15-219-0533

IKEA Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1065 Plains Road East
Burlington, Ontario L7T 4K1
Email: n/a


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  1. If you had so much trouble reading the comment despite the gist of it being very clear, why did you try to continue? I'm sure you could have spent your superior abilities doing something else like trying to learn how to treat others in a decent manner.

  2. this company has the worst service ever!Been trying for a week to order a dresser and there website says they cant due to overwhelming response? ? wtf is going on ? ? There corp CS wont answer and there message machine screws up,its the craziest thing i have ever seen!! guess i wont be buying a dresser from them!

  3. I moved from Baltimore to NC so I saw something I wanted from Ikea online and ordered from there. OMG! What a nightmare. I usually will read reviews before placing online orders but did not do so in this case because it's Ikea. Big mistake. I will never ever ever ever ever order online from Ikea again. I ordered the item 8.03.18, delivery date scheduled for 8.21.18. Still haven't recvd it. Called customer service and things just got worse. Teresa told me that sometimes people are on hold for 2 hours and i should go ahead and cancel my order. She was right, because the resolutions spec never came to the phone because I want to be compensated. Found a cancel your order link, went there but I didn't get an email confirmation that my order had indeed been cancelled. Next step is to write a letter to corporate, BBB, and then file a Consumer Complaint with USA agency.

    1. Ikea charged me twice for the same order at $1,400 each time. Now I cannot get them on the phone. What is happening?

  4. I am thoroughly disgusted with IKEA and their horrible customer service. I drove an hour to their store to get the Alex drawer units for my daughter. Got them home and discovered a piece was missing. I called the same day to report it. It took 40 minutes of sitting on hold before a live person even picked u! She took down my info, then said she had to transfer me to another department to get it shipped out. Why? She's not capable of taking down my address? So she transfers me and it's back to being on hold for an eternity. I have to go pick up my family's dinner, so now I have to hang up after half an hour. My husband tries while I'm gone and he can't get anyone either. He also gets disconnected. I tried the next day about six times. Only one time, did someone pick up, and again, that was after being on hold for 20-25 minutes. She had the nerve to tell me I'd have to waste my time and gas and drive an hour back to the store with my receipt to get my missing piece. I have to pay for their stupidity? I said "No. You need to mail that to me." She guess what? She says she'll have to transfer me to another department. And guess what else? I'm on hold again for a half an hour, and finally have to hang up because I have work to do! Is this their ulterior motive? So customers will get fed up and just hang up and forget about their issues? I can't believe it! I've tried again 4 times this morning, the 3rd day, and I can't get a live person to pick up. Sure, maybe if I can remain on hold for 30-60 minutes, maybe I'll finally get a real person. But who has that kind of time? It is clear that IKEA does NOT value their customers nor their customers' time. Or clearly, they would have more reps to handle what they refer to as "high call volume." This is a daily occurrence with them, and they need to address it. IKEA has just lost my business!!!

  5. I have never dealt with worse customer service from any other company in my entire life! I've been trying to call IKEA for 3 days now and I can't get my issue resolved because no one ever answers the phone! I bought the Alex drawer units and naturally after my husband put them together, a piece was missing. I called that same day and it took about a half an hour before I even got hold of a live person! Worst way to treat customers! Then she takes down my info of what I need and says she has to transfer me to some other department. Why, for pete sakes? She can't get my address? She's not qualified? So she transfers me and I'm on hold a good 25-30 minutes more, still with no one picking up, and now I have to hang up because I have to go and pick up our dinner. My husband tries while I'm gone. He gets nowhere either; gets disconnected. So I tried six more times the next day. Basically, the same thing. I tried selecting other numbers for different issues and would just get disconnected. Call them and wait on hold for 20-30 minutes. One time, I actually got a live person. She had the nerve to tell me that since they are dumb enough to forget to package ALL the required pieces, I now must waste my time and gas and drive an hour to their store with my receipt to get my missing piece. I said, "NO! You need to mail it." So guess what? She said she would have to TRANSFER me to another department. And guess what else? I'm on hold again for a half hour and finally have to hang up because I've got work to do. IKEA does NOT value their customers nor their time. If they are "experiencing high call volume," then clearly, clearly, they do NOT have enough customer reps and need to hire more, as this "wait on hold" game is a daily occurrence! What a joke. I've sent two e-mails and so for no one is answering those either. Not surprised. So needless to say, I will never shop at IKEA again. Thoroughly disgusted with this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Ikea ad on USA TV stations is messed up and paints American family culture as morally bankrupt. This ad shows a teenage girl inviting a teenage boy into her bedroom to study their chemistry lesson. Really? Your company believes this to be the norm in the United States? Fire your ad agency.

  7. Worst company ever. God forbid you need a refund. You'll be waiting for months and sometimes not even get your money back. That should be illegal. I've made a promise to not give this company another penny of my hard earned money. Ikea can gotto hell.

  8. IKEA is an abomination. I am planning to file a class action suit against this huge company which has the worst customer service ever seen in this country AND with little or no recourse. NEVER buy anything large because once you bought it you are stuck with it.

  9. I am looking at one of you T.V add in the Dallas FT worth area.
    the woman is leaving the store and looks at the receipt, thinking there was a mistake she runs to the car to get away. when the honest thing to do would be to return to the store and ask if there was indeed a mistake or was this just there low price. this add promotes dishonesty SHAME ON YOU.
    Marvin Smith

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