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  • Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

420 Alan Wood Rd.
Conshohocken, PA 19428 USA
Ikea Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-834-0180
Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-434-4532

IKEA Systems International Head Office

Olof Palmestraat 1
Delft, 2616
The Netherlands
International Phone Number: +31-15-215-0750
Fax Number: +31-15-219-0533

IKEA Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1065 Plains Road East
Burlington, Ontario L7T 4K1
Email: n/a


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  1. IKEA US – please bring back the Sinnerlig collection!! One of the best collections you have guys have ever done! I need the clear bottles with the cork tops!

    And an added note – change your pet policy! I am pretty sure IKEA stores in Europe permit pets. Our pets are part of our families here too! A lot of people don't live within a 20 minute ride of IKEA. A lot of us have to travel hours to the closest location. I work all week and when I have to make that trip IKEA I don't want to have to leave my sweet dog at home all day! Get on board with the number of other retailers that do allow pets.

    Also – please do something about your "available" online items. It is so frustrating that some items are available to ship while other items are not. What is the point if I will still have to make the trip to get the rest of the items that are not available to ship. This process should be an IKEA priority!

  2. Well, I don't know if the people in charge actually read any of these comments, but I'm going to try anyhow. I'll also send a letter to the corporate office. I love Ikea. Of course, it's not high quality furniture but it's good to "get by". I enjoy walking through the store and seeing whats new and innovative, which is why I went there the week before last. Nothing specific in mind. I have two rescue dogs, and I bring them everywhere so that they are not constantly left home alone. I have a "carriage" for them. They are completely enclosed within it, comfortably zipped into a combination of mesh and canvas. They love it, and sometimes it's the only solution because it's never a good idea to leave animals in a car. I've never had a problem bringing them into any other store (although I don't even try to bring them into grocery stores). But upon arrival in the lobby of my local Ikea, I was approached by an employee who informed me that I could not bring my dogs into the store. I stressed to her that they were completely enclosed and had never been refused entrance anywhere else, but to no avail. She told me I could, "of course", stay in the lobby with them. I looked at her in disbelief and asked her what the heck I was supposed to do in the lobby! Anyhow, perhaps this is a minor complaint compared to many of the others, but in a day when dogs are even being allowed in restaurants and other facilities, and cats walk freely inside various cafes' and such, I urge Ikea to get with the program! I can understand that there might be liability issues with dogs being able to make contact with customers, but if an animal is completely enclosed, as mine are, there shouldn't be a problem. I paid a lot of money for the carriage and there are thousands of them readily available in stores and online, so I'm not the only person who understands that our pets enjoy an outing too! Ikea is the LAST place I ever expected to be turned away from! I've always felt it was a friendlier place. Won't be going back there anymore, with or without my dogs, unless the policy changes.

  3. Purchased $1000 worth of furniture for my daughter's new apartment in the Redhook/Brooklyn store on Nov. 25th. Because I had a great experience 2+ years ago with the delivery and assembly service (at a different IKEA store), I paid for the furniture to be delivered and assembled. The order still has not been completed. A total disappointment.

    Delivery was scheduled for 11/29 between 9-3. My daughter had to leave for work by 4 and when the delivery was postponed to between 4-6 PM, she had to reschedule.

    She rescheduled for Saturday 12/3 between 9-3. This time, they showed up, and delivered 2 of the 3 pieces of furniture. They forgot the bed frame. (They brought the headboard and the slats for the mattress). She called Ikea, got disconnected (hung up on?) 3 times, and finally rescheduled for Wed 12/7 between 12-6, a time she knew could not do but with the plan that someone would call her Monday (12/5) with a different time. They never called; they sent a pathetic email instead.

    So she called herself and rescheduled for Saturday, 12/10 between 12-6. They kept delaying the delivery, first from 6-8, and finally until 9:30 at night. She asked to reschedule since she wasn't planning to be home at 9:30 PM; the person she talked to (Shane) said they would come on Sunday, 12/11 at 10 am. When they did not show up this morning, she called again and was told that Shane made a mistake and promised something false. She then spoke with someone else to reschedule the delivery. During this conversation the woman said that the driver showed up at 9:30 PM and that she refused the assembly because it was too late. He never showed up; her roommates confirmed this.
    She refused the postponement of the delivery (at 9:30 at night) on the assumption they would there at 10 am Sunday (today 12/11). She woke up early with this expectation.

    Now she is rescheduled for Thursday 12/15. She had better be the first on the delivery route – at 9 AM.

    This is totally unacceptable service. At the very least, the delivery/assembly fee should be refunded.

    Thank you.

  4. Purchased over $4K worth of furniture from your Portland OR store today. I went thinking it would be a great shopping experience to furnish my new home but found your sofa / beds associates completely clueless as to the merchandise, entering orders, parts needed, type of bed, etc. kept telling me to go across the store to speak to another department to get info (this was Ciara in Sofa's) once, twice, three times only to find 1) she went on break 2)took forever 3)did not know what was needed or any of the merchandise and she would repeat herself over and over and over without ANY SENSE OF URGENCY. The mattress guy was the same, obviously they do not receive commission because they work at a snail's pace (getting her to enter the order took hours) between her and her 3 coworkers, they kept telling me our dinner would be comped (it wasn't so they were just lying to make themselves look better which I do not appreciate, even the cashier at the end said the manager woujld take care of it, then the manager (Kim) repeated it only to have her say "did you think it was today? and give me a $10 coupon for a $50 dinner)- they were also unaware if there were parts missing, they said "we'll guess you'll find that out when we deliver everything".. REALLY? I'm paying for picking and delivery but not for your ignorance! Now I have the assembly to look forward to but I can tell you I will use other stores for the rest of my home's needs (I only bought basic items and need the other 2/3 of my home which business I will give to another store who is interested in my $…. Keep your hourly workers and continue to receive the thousands of complaints that you get…. YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT…….

  5. They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  6. They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  7. They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  8. I recently visited your Twin Cities MN USA store to purchase a dresser. I was
    very disappointed in my experience. I had shopped around and found the one
    I liked at Ikea. I checked ahead and online it was showing about 20 in
    stock. So I headed to the store. After struggling to find a place to park
    and then traveling through the store, waiting a good fifteen to twenty
    minutes for a cart, we got to the spot only to find out that the dresser was
    out of stock. Even though it was still showing five online. Poor inventory system. I finally tracked down a sales associate who checked and
    couldn't find any. The best he could offer was to order one and I could
    pick it up in Eagan in possibly a week. I would have had one delivered but your delivery charges are more than the dresser costs which is outrageous. Having traveled out of my way to get there in the first place and then to send me even further out of my way in another week wasn't the solution I was looking for. This wasn't the only thing we looked at that you were out of either. When we asked to
    speak to a manager the associate said it could be a while because they were
    busy. Over all a very horrible experience, poor customer service. I will think twice before giving you my business in the future. Also just trying to track down a customer service contact was next to impossible. I finally found a number and got a hold of someone only to be disconnected. I hope this is not common practice
    company wide because it's very discouraging.

  9. Actually, I was going to ask if somebody knows IKEA's tax ID or their bank or anything…Or how to get that…
    I do not have money to fight their overpaid lawyers, but want to get my small money 🙁

  10. Not only worst, but sneaky too.
    I bought something and it broke before warranty expired. I tried to return it…the store people could not take it back and told me to contact the department in the store for advise. Well..that is when the nightmare started. First of all it is basically impossible to even find a number for their management or administrative office. After you find a number, nobody answers..I was willing to take portion of my money just to close this , but NOOO..They do not want to accommodate you! Eventually i went to court and i was awarded judgement without a problem. The Judge even said i am entitled to much more money; unfortunately the Small Court has a limit. Now i am trying to collect my money. Same experience…Everything is hush-hush. Nobody answers, nobody returns calls., nobody knows anything…Before I though IKEA is a sweet company with cute stuff..well, not anymore…IKEA is a BARRACUDA!

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