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  • Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ikea USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

420 Alan Wood Rd.
Conshohocken, PA 19428 USA
Ikea Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-834-0180
Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-434-4532

IKEA Systems International Head Office

Olof Palmestraat 1
Delft, 2616
The Netherlands
International Phone Number: +31-15-215-0750
Fax Number: +31-15-219-0533

IKEA Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1065 Plains Road East
Burlington, Ontario L7T 4K1
Email: n/a


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  1. new business in Grand Prairie – hiring and interview last Nov 11 or 18.

    I am profound deaf and had an interview for part time stocker for entire departments.

    I have NOT heard anything to contact me via email and phone call. Seemed like the interviewer rejected me because of my disabilities. I felt that IKEA is violation of the American Disabilities Act laws. I am reporting to National Association for the Deaf in Washington DC so they will get legal aids to investigate against IKEA for not contact me. I will share my message to my alll nationalwide Face book friends to boycott alll IKEA that refused to hire me. And…I will forward this copy to headquarter in Sweden to CEO.

  2. IKEA is the worst company to work with when it comes to ordering online and having their system deliver a package to you. They gave us a 12 hour delivery window and even though they say they will call the day before to narrow it down to a four hour window they did not call. My email said Dynamex would be delivering our product. Yelp has them at just two stars. IKEA does not care and their customer service via the phone takes a lifetime of waiting to get a rep on the phone and they really have no clue. No more shopping at IKEA

  3. why is it so difficult to find a place to make suggestions when Ikea is a company that relies on innovation? Every store website should have a link to a corporate suggestion page (that gets read). Anyway, we all love Kallux units, but please make a 2-sided door insert that is clear so dust is kept out but light is let through (for cubicles that function as room dividers).

  4. Why does Ikea not reintroduce the Träby series ? The units on very high demand on the second hand market, beyond the prices of 10 years ago.
    I'm sure that at a fair price (no doubt quite higher than at the moment of discontinuation) the demand will be there. The quality can only benefit IKEA's image.

  5. I signed-up for an in-home kitchen design, then purchased the kitchen. The design contractor failed to show, so it was rescheduled. I complained and the $249 cost was refunded. I purchased the kitchen. They store failed to deliver all the small pieces (legs, knobs, hinges). First I discovered the missing legs when my contractor had to stop working because they were missing. I drove an hour to Ikea that night to to pick-up the legs. The contractor returned a second time. After a long day, they discovered the hinges missing. Additionally, they discovered that missing from the design was a spot where a 1.5" filler was required. Again, they stopped and I drove an hour each way to get the missing pieces. I asked the kitchen department staff about the missing 1.5" filler from the design. The response was that Traemand, their designer, did not include it because Traemand knows it's needed when they do the install. However, the design was done for ME, and I was free to use any installer. The design was not done for Traemand, so that I would be screwed by using anyone other than Traemand. My contractor would not return a third time. It cost be an additional $1325 to have a carpenter finish the installation. At the end, I discovered that I could not open the above refrigerator doors because the top of the refrigerator was even with the top of the lower shelf. I spent nearly 2 hours on hold with the IKEA customer service line, they suggested a swing door, but that also would not work. Traemand's design was flawed because of the design around the refrigerator. They had the refrigerator dimensions that came directly from Lowe's page, which I opened for the designer so that she could see for herself whatever dimensions she needed.

    I went to the store and the info was passed to their lead designer. She called Traemand, which said they could not fix it because of liability since they did not install the cabinets. Knock, knock — then did the design, which caused the problems, so they caused it. Ikea and Traemand are responsible for fixing it, even if they need to install entirely new cabinets, or pay another party to do so. Ikea's lead kitchen designer's response to me was that I either had to raise the cabinet myself or buy a small refrigerator. This added insult to injury.

    I have an idea for Ikea and Traemand — tell your story to a judge because we're going to court. You need to get out of the kitchen business in the US, if this is the way you're going to conduct business.

  6. July 14th 2017 I had a misfortune to buy a sofa at IKEA in Tampa, Fl. I charged it on my credit card that didn't have enough funds there. My mistake. July 21st I tried to correct it. I went to the store with my receipt and asked the clerk to issue me a refund and charge a different card. This simple 30 seconds transaction became unsolvable problem. The clerk Charles told me to wait. I've seen him talking to 3 different people before he told me that "We don't do that." The next person I talked to was Customer Service Manager Maria Pilar Bernal. She said that in order to cancel the transaction and give me a refund and then charge another card I need to bring the item back. Needless to say that the "item" is about 100 lbs heavy and in order to bring it back (to "show and tell") I have to rent a U-Haul, carry the sofa from the 2nd floor and back, drive to another part of town, load, unload etc… The last person I had a "pleasure" to talk to was the Acting Store Manager Ahmed Velez. He told me that current policy is "for my own good." It's to prevent fraud. When I asked how could that be fraud if I brought my receipt, ID and 2 credit cards both on my name – he couldn't explain how… I have 10 credit cards and excellent credit score. I was able many times to get a refund or to charge my card at any store just by showing the receipt. Never in my life was I called "a fraud." Never in my life was I treated so badly. Considering the fact that I was asked 3 times to move from one counter to another, and was subject to "dirty looks" of a number of employees, I came to the conclusion that "innocent until proven guilty" is not for IKEA. Evidently, it was "for my own good" for them NOT to help me. Thank you, IKEA! You just lost a customer.

  7. I Ordered pieces to assemble a desk, the delivery should of included 3 pieces and I only received 2. I called IKEA and was told they forgot to add the third piece the table top and it will take up to 12 days to get to me because they are behind in processing orders.

    Customer Service line, not friendly or understanding and when I called them 9am on the dot I still didn't get a rep until 31 minutes later.

    This is the first time I ever purchased with IKEA and once I get my last item delivered it will be my last time. I will also make sure to tell family and friends about this experience if they ever decide to purchase from IKEA to let them know what they are getting into.

  8. I wish I had read these comments before ordering from IKEA online. I have never had such a bad experience with a company. I too am waiting to be reimbursed for items that were never delivered. I find it amazing they can take my money with a push of a button but they cannot refund my money for weeks. I am filing a dispute with my credit card and also sending a notice to the Attorney General for corrupt business practices. The local store was much better than IKEA's online services. I will never order anything from the online site again, but I would be open to going to the local store and picking things up myself.

  9. Absolutely the worst customer service experience of my life. Original order placed 2/9/17. Today is 4/4/17. Still have not gotten delivery. Why is it that I have to call so much to have my order, which was paid in full, delivered? No calls from IKEA, only cookie cutter emails. I will highly recommend to all those I know, DONOT BUY FROM IKEA! To bad cause your furniture is pretty nice, to bad your customer service is lacking so bad.

  10. Perhaps many who read this have never done this before. In the 'old days', you had a catalog, in that catalog, usually around the alphabetical index was an order form, and a pre-addressed envelope. You looked through the catalog, filled out the order form, companies did not take credit cards so you wrote them a check, which added to the wait since they would not ship until your check cleared, or you got a bank cashiers check or postal money order. Put it in the envelope, and send it on it's way…and wait patiently for 3-6 weeks for you order to arrive. Ordering online from Ikea makes that process from the old days look fast. Ikea, you are lousy with on line orders, and your canned email replies and your employees who mimic the same canned email reply are not acceptable in this day and age of sellers like Amazon or even Ebay that expects a certain ship response time. If you say it will be delivered on a certain day, don't keep telling me it is in the warehouse being readied for shipment at 2, 5, and 7 days after that point. Perhaps you need to stick to storefronts and leave the online and catalog sales to companies that can handle it.

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