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IKEA America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 


420 Alan Wood Rd.

Conshohocken, PA 19428 USA

Ikea Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-834-0180

Customer Service Number USA: 1-800-434-4532

IKEA Systems International Head Office

Olof Palmestraat 1
Delft, 2616

The Netherlands

International Phone Number: +31-15-215-0750

Fax Number: +31-15-219-0533

  • If you had so much trouble reading the comment despite the gist of it being very clear, why did you try to continue? I'm sure you could have spent your superior abilities doing something else like trying to learn how to treat others in a decent manner.

  • this company has the worst service ever!Been trying for a week to order a dresser and there website says they cant due to overwhelming response? ? wtf is going on ? ? There corp CS wont answer and there message machine screws up,its the craziest thing i have ever seen!! guess i wont be buying a dresser from them!

  • I moved from Baltimore to NC so I saw something I wanted from Ikea online and ordered from there. OMG! What a nightmare. I usually will read reviews before placing online orders but did not do so in this case because it's Ikea. Big mistake. I will never ever ever ever ever order online from Ikea again. I ordered the item 8.03.18, delivery date scheduled for 8.21.18. Still haven't recvd it. Called customer service and things just got worse. Teresa told me that sometimes people are on hold for 2 hours and i should go ahead and cancel my order. She was right, because the resolutions spec never came to the phone because I want to be compensated. Found a cancel your order link, went there but I didn't get an email confirmation that my order had indeed been cancelled. Next step is to write a letter to corporate, BBB, and then file a Consumer Complaint with USA agency.

    • Ikea charged me twice for the same order at $1,400 each time. Now I cannot get them on the phone. What is happening?

  • I am thoroughly disgusted with IKEA and their horrible customer service. I drove an hour to their store to get the Alex drawer units for my daughter. Got them home and discovered a piece was missing. I called the same day to report it. It took 40 minutes of sitting on hold before a live person even picked u! She took down my info, then said she had to transfer me to another department to get it shipped out. Why? She's not capable of taking down my address? So she transfers me and it's back to being on hold for an eternity. I have to go pick up my family's dinner, so now I have to hang up after half an hour. My husband tries while I'm gone and he can't get anyone either. He also gets disconnected. I tried the next day about six times. Only one time, did someone pick up, and again, that was after being on hold for 20-25 minutes. She had the nerve to tell me I'd have to waste my time and gas and drive an hour back to the store with my receipt to get my missing piece. I have to pay for their stupidity? I said "No. You need to mail that to me." She guess what? She says she'll have to transfer me to another department. And guess what else? I'm on hold again for a half an hour, and finally have to hang up because I have work to do! Is this their ulterior motive? So customers will get fed up and just hang up and forget about their issues? I can't believe it! I've tried again 4 times this morning, the 3rd day, and I can't get a live person to pick up. Sure, maybe if I can remain on hold for 30-60 minutes, maybe I'll finally get a real person. But who has that kind of time? It is clear that IKEA does NOT value their customers nor their customers' time. Or clearly, they would have more reps to handle what they refer to as "high call volume." This is a daily occurrence with them, and they need to address it. IKEA has just lost my business!!!

  • I have never dealt with worse customer service from any other company in my entire life! I've been trying to call IKEA for 3 days now and I can't get my issue resolved because no one ever answers the phone! I bought the Alex drawer units and naturally after my husband put them together, a piece was missing. I called that same day and it took about a half an hour before I even got hold of a live person! Worst way to treat customers! Then she takes down my info of what I need and says she has to transfer me to some other department. Why, for pete sakes? She can't get my address? She's not qualified? So she transfers me and I'm on hold a good 25-30 minutes more, still with no one picking up, and now I have to hang up because I have to go and pick up our dinner. My husband tries while I'm gone. He gets nowhere either; gets disconnected. So I tried six more times the next day. Basically, the same thing. I tried selecting other numbers for different issues and would just get disconnected. Call them and wait on hold for 20-30 minutes. One time, I actually got a live person. She had the nerve to tell me that since they are dumb enough to forget to package ALL the required pieces, I now must waste my time and gas and drive an hour to their store with my receipt to get my missing piece. I said, "NO! You need to mail it." So guess what? She said she would have to TRANSFER me to another department. And guess what else? I'm on hold again for a half hour and finally have to hang up because I've got work to do. IKEA does NOT value their customers nor their time. If they are "experiencing high call volume," then clearly, clearly, they do NOT have enough customer reps and need to hire more, as this "wait on hold" game is a daily occurrence! What a joke. I've sent two e-mails and so for no one is answering those either. Not surprised. So needless to say, I will never shop at IKEA again. Thoroughly disgusted with this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ikea ad on USA TV stations is perverted and paints American family culture as morally bankrupt. This ad shows a teenage girl inviting a teenage boy into her bedroom to study their chemistry lesson. Really? Your company believes this to be the norm in the United States? Fire your ad agency.

  • Worst company ever. God forbid you need a refund. You'll be waiting for months and sometimes not even get your money back. That should be illegal. I've made a promise to not give this company another penny of my hard earned money. Ikea can gotto hell.

  • IKEA is an abomination. I am planning to file a class action suit against this huge company which has the worst customer service ever seen in this country AND with little or no recourse. NEVER buy anything large because once you bought it you are stuck with it.

  • I am looking at one of you T.V add in the Dallas FT worth area.
    the woman is leaving the store and looks at the receipt, thinking there was a mistake she runs to the car to get away. when the honest thing to do would be to return to the store and ask if there was indeed a mistake or was this just there low price. this add promotes dishonesty SHAME ON YOU.
    Marvin Smith

  • new business in Grand Prairie – hiring and interview last Nov 11 or 18.

    I am profound deaf and had an interview for part time stocker for entire departments.

    I have NOT heard anything to contact me via email and phone call. Seemed like the interviewer rejected me because of my disabilities. I felt that IKEA is violation of the American Disabilities Act laws. I am reporting to National Association for the Deaf in Washington DC so they will get legal aids to investigate against IKEA for not contact me. I will share my message to my alll nationalwide Face book friends to boycott alll IKEA that refused to hire me. And…I will forward this copy to headquarter in Sweden to CEO.

  • IKEA is the worst company to work with when it comes to ordering online and having their system deliver a package to you. They gave us a 12 hour delivery window and even though they say they will call the day before to narrow it down to a four hour window they did not call. My email said Dynamex would be delivering our product. Yelp has them at just two stars. IKEA does not care and their customer service via the phone takes a lifetime of waiting to get a rep on the phone and they really have no clue. No more shopping at IKEA

  • why is it so difficult to find a place to make suggestions when Ikea is a company that relies on innovation? Every store website should have a link to a corporate suggestion page (that gets read). Anyway, we all love Kallux units, but please make a 2-sided door insert that is clear so dust is kept out but light is let through (for cubicles that function as room dividers).

  • Why does Ikea not reintroduce the Träby series ? The units on very high demand on the second hand market, beyond the prices of 10 years ago.
    I'm sure that at a fair price (no doubt quite higher than at the moment of discontinuation) the demand will be there. The quality can only benefit IKEA's image.

  • I signed-up for an in-home kitchen design, then purchased the kitchen. The design contractor failed to show, so it was rescheduled. I complained and the $249 cost was refunded. I purchased the kitchen. They store failed to deliver all the small pieces (legs, knobs, hinges). First I discovered the missing legs when my contractor had to stop working because they were missing. I drove an hour to Ikea that night to to pick-up the legs. The contractor returned a second time. After a long day, they discovered the hinges missing. Additionally, they discovered that missing from the design was a spot where a 1.5" filler was required. Again, they stopped and I drove an hour each way to get the missing pieces. I asked the kitchen department staff about the missing 1.5" filler from the design. The response was that Traemand, their designer, did not include it because Traemand knows it's needed when they do the install. However, the design was done for ME, and I was free to use any installer. The design was not done for Traemand, so that I would be screwed by using anyone other than Traemand. My contractor would not return a third time. It cost be an additional $1325 to have a carpenter finish the installation. At the end, I discovered that I could not open the above refrigerator doors because the top of the refrigerator was even with the top of the lower shelf. I spent nearly 2 hours on hold with the IKEA customer service line, they suggested a swing door, but that also would not work. Traemand's design was flawed because of the design around the refrigerator. They had the refrigerator dimensions that came directly from Lowe's page, which I opened for the designer so that she could see for herself whatever dimensions she needed.

    I went to the store and the info was passed to their lead designer. She called Traemand, which said they could not fix it because of liability since they did not install the cabinets. Knock, knock — then did the design, which caused the problems, so they caused it. Ikea and Traemand are responsible for fixing it, even if they need to install entirely new cabinets, or pay another party to do so. Ikea's lead kitchen designer's response to me was that I either had to raise the cabinet myself or buy a small refrigerator. This added insult to injury.

    I have an idea for Ikea and Traemand — tell your story to a judge because we're going to court. You need to get out of the kitchen business in the US, if this is the way you're going to conduct business.

  • July 14th 2017 I had a misfortune to buy a sofa at IKEA in Tampa, Fl. I charged it on my credit card that didn't have enough funds there. My mistake. July 21st I tried to correct it. I went to the store with my receipt and asked the clerk to issue me a refund and charge a different card. This simple 30 seconds transaction became unsolvable problem. The clerk Charles told me to wait. I've seen him talking to 3 different people before he told me that "We don't do that." The next person I talked to was Customer Service Manager Maria Pilar Bernal. She said that in order to cancel the transaction and give me a refund and then charge another card I need to bring the item back. Needless to say that the "item" is about 100 lbs heavy and in order to bring it back (to "show and tell") I have to rent a U-Haul, carry the sofa from the 2nd floor and back, drive to another part of town, load, unload etc… The last person I had a "pleasure" to talk to was the Acting Store Manager Ahmed Velez. He told me that current policy is "for my own good." It's to prevent fraud. When I asked how could that be fraud if I brought my receipt, ID and 2 credit cards both on my name – he couldn't explain how… I have 10 credit cards and excellent credit score. I was able many times to get a refund or to charge my card at any store just by showing the receipt. Never in my life was I called "a fraud." Never in my life was I treated so badly. Considering the fact that I was asked 3 times to move from one counter to another, and was subject to "dirty looks" of a number of employees, I came to the conclusion that "innocent until proven guilty" is not for IKEA. Evidently, it was "for my own good" for them NOT to help me. Thank you, IKEA! You just lost a customer.

  • I Ordered pieces to assemble a desk, the delivery should of included 3 pieces and I only received 2. I called IKEA and was told they forgot to add the third piece the table top and it will take up to 12 days to get to me because they are behind in processing orders.

    Customer Service line, not friendly or understanding and when I called them 9am on the dot I still didn't get a rep until 31 minutes later.

    This is the first time I ever purchased with IKEA and once I get my last item delivered it will be my last time. I will also make sure to tell family and friends about this experience if they ever decide to purchase from IKEA to let them know what they are getting into.

  • I wish I had read these comments before ordering from IKEA online. I have never had such a bad experience with a company. I too am waiting to be reimbursed for items that were never delivered. I find it amazing they can take my money with a push of a button but they cannot refund my money for weeks. I am filing a dispute with my credit card and also sending a notice to the Attorney General for corrupt business practices. The local store was much better than IKEA's online services. I will never order anything from the online site again, but I would be open to going to the local store and picking things up myself.

  • Absolutely the worst customer service experience of my life. Original order placed 2/9/17. Today is 4/4/17. Still have not gotten delivery. Why is it that I have to call so much to have my order, which was paid in full, delivered? No calls from IKEA, only cookie cutter emails. I will highly recommend to all those I know, DONOT BUY FROM IKEA! To bad cause your furniture is pretty nice, to bad your customer service is lacking so bad.

  • Perhaps many who read this have never done this before. In the 'old days', you had a catalog, in that catalog, usually around the alphabetical index was an order form, and a pre-addressed envelope. You looked through the catalog, filled out the order form, companies did not take credit cards so you wrote them a check, which added to the wait since they would not ship until your check cleared, or you got a bank cashiers check or postal money order. Put it in the envelope, and send it on it's way…and wait patiently for 3-6 weeks for you order to arrive. Ordering online from Ikea makes that process from the old days look fast. Ikea, you are lousy with on line orders, and your canned email replies and your employees who mimic the same canned email reply are not acceptable in this day and age of sellers like Amazon or even Ebay that expects a certain ship response time. If you say it will be delivered on a certain day, don't keep telling me it is in the warehouse being readied for shipment at 2, 5, and 7 days after that point. Perhaps you need to stick to storefronts and leave the online and catalog sales to companies that can handle it.

  • IKEA US – please bring back the Sinnerlig collection!! One of the best collections you have guys have ever done! I need the clear bottles with the cork tops!

    And an added note – change your pet policy! I am pretty sure IKEA stores in Europe permit pets. Our pets are part of our families here too! A lot of people don't live within a 20 minute ride of IKEA. A lot of us have to travel hours to the closest location. I work all week and when I have to make that trip IKEA I don't want to have to leave my sweet dog at home all day! Get on board with the number of other retailers that do allow pets.

    Also – please do something about your "available" online items. It is so frustrating that some items are available to ship while other items are not. What is the point if I will still have to make the trip to get the rest of the items that are not available to ship. This process should be an IKEA priority!

  • Well, I don't know if the people in charge actually read any of these comments, but I'm going to try anyhow. I'll also send a letter to the corporate office. I love Ikea. Of course, it's not high quality furniture but it's good to "get by". I enjoy walking through the store and seeing whats new and innovative, which is why I went there the week before last. Nothing specific in mind. I have two rescue dogs, and I bring them everywhere so that they are not constantly left home alone. I have a "carriage" for them. They are completely enclosed within it, comfortably zipped into a combination of mesh and canvas. They love it, and sometimes it's the only solution because it's never a good idea to leave animals in a car. I've never had a problem bringing them into any other store (although I don't even try to bring them into grocery stores). But upon arrival in the lobby of my local Ikea, I was approached by an employee who informed me that I could not bring my dogs into the store. I stressed to her that they were completely enclosed and had never been refused entrance anywhere else, but to no avail. She told me I could, "of course", stay in the lobby with them. I looked at her in disbelief and asked her what the heck I was supposed to do in the lobby! Anyhow, perhaps this is a minor complaint compared to many of the others, but in a day when dogs are even being allowed in restaurants and other facilities, and cats walk freely inside various cafes' and such, I urge Ikea to get with the program! I can understand that there might be liability issues with dogs being able to make contact with customers, but if an animal is completely enclosed, as mine are, there shouldn't be a problem. I paid a lot of money for the carriage and there are thousands of them readily available in stores and online, so I'm not the only person who understands that our pets enjoy an outing too! Ikea is the LAST place I ever expected to be turned away from! I've always felt it was a friendlier place. Won't be going back there anymore, with or without my dogs, unless the policy changes.

  • Purchased $1000 worth of furniture for my daughter's new apartment in the Redhook/Brooklyn store on Nov. 25th. Because I had a great experience 2+ years ago with the delivery and assembly service (at a different IKEA store), I paid for the furniture to be delivered and assembled. The order still has not been completed. A total disappointment.

    Delivery was scheduled for 11/29 between 9-3. My daughter had to leave for work by 4 and when the delivery was postponed to between 4-6 PM, she had to reschedule.

    She rescheduled for Saturday 12/3 between 9-3. This time, they showed up, and delivered 2 of the 3 pieces of furniture. They forgot the bed frame. (They brought the headboard and the slats for the mattress). She called Ikea, got disconnected (hung up on?) 3 times, and finally rescheduled for Wed 12/7 between 12-6, a time she knew could not do but with the plan that someone would call her Monday (12/5) with a different time. They never called; they sent a pathetic email instead.

    So she called herself and rescheduled for Saturday, 12/10 between 12-6. They kept delaying the delivery, first from 6-8, and finally until 9:30 at night. She asked to reschedule since she wasn't planning to be home at 9:30 PM; the person she talked to (Shane) said they would come on Sunday, 12/11 at 10 am. When they did not show up this morning, she called again and was told that Shane made a mistake and promised something false. She then spoke with someone else to reschedule the delivery. During this conversation the woman said that the driver showed up at 9:30 PM and that she refused the assembly because it was too late. He never showed up; her roommates confirmed this.
    She refused the postponement of the delivery (at 9:30 at night) on the assumption they would there at 10 am Sunday (today 12/11). She woke up early with this expectation.

    Now she is rescheduled for Thursday 12/15. She had better be the first on the delivery route – at 9 AM.

    This is totally unacceptable service. At the very least, the delivery/assembly fee should be refunded.

    Thank you.

  • Purchased over $4K worth of furniture from your Portland OR store today. I went thinking it would be a great shopping experience to furnish my new home but found your sofa / beds associates completely clueless as to the merchandise, entering orders, parts needed, type of bed, etc. kept telling me to go across the store to speak to another department to get info (this was Ciara in Sofa's) once, twice, three times only to find 1) she went on break 2)took forever 3)did not know what was needed or any of the merchandise and she would repeat herself over and over and over without ANY SENSE OF URGENCY. The mattress guy was the same, obviously they do not receive commission because they work at a snail's pace (getting her to enter the order took hours) between her and her 3 coworkers, they kept telling me our dinner would be comped (it wasn't so they were just lying to make themselves look better which I do not appreciate, even the cashier at the end said the manager woujld take care of it, then the manager (Kim) repeated it only to have her say "did you think it was today? and give me a $10 coupon for a $50 dinner)- they were also unaware if there were parts missing, they said "we'll guess you'll find that out when we deliver everything".. REALLY? I'm paying for picking and delivery but not for your ignorance! Now I have the assembly to look forward to but I can tell you I will use other stores for the rest of my home's needs (I only bought basic items and need the other 2/3 of my home which business I will give to another store who is interested in my $…. Keep your hourly workers and continue to receive the thousands of complaints that you get…. YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT…….

  • They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  • They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  • They suck! The worst customer service ever! I will never purchase furniture again from ikea. I have been waiting 2 months for refund checks from the south philadelphia store. The management and employees of ikea and this store are incompetent.

  • I recently visited your Twin Cities MN USA store to purchase a dresser. I was
    very disappointed in my experience. I had shopped around and found the one
    I liked at Ikea. I checked ahead and online it was showing about 20 in
    stock. So I headed to the store. After struggling to find a place to park
    and then traveling through the store, waiting a good fifteen to twenty
    minutes for a cart, we got to the spot only to find out that the dresser was
    out of stock. Even though it was still showing five online. Poor inventory system. I finally tracked down a sales associate who checked and
    couldn't find any. The best he could offer was to order one and I could
    pick it up in Eagan in possibly a week. I would have had one delivered but your delivery charges are more than the dresser costs which is outrageous. Having traveled out of my way to get there in the first place and then to send me even further out of my way in another week wasn't the solution I was looking for. This wasn't the only thing we looked at that you were out of either. When we asked to
    speak to a manager the associate said it could be a while because they were
    busy. Over all a very horrible experience, poor customer service. I will think twice before giving you my business in the future. Also just trying to track down a customer service contact was next to impossible. I finally found a number and got a hold of someone only to be disconnected. I hope this is not common practice
    company wide because it's very discouraging.

  • Actually, I was going to ask if somebody knows IKEA's tax ID or their bank or anything…Or how to get that…
    I do not have money to fight their overpaid lawyers, but want to get my small money 🙁

  • Not only worst, but sneaky too.
    I bought something and it broke before warranty expired. I tried to return it…the store people could not take it back and told me to contact the department in the store for advise. Well..that is when the nightmare started. First of all it is basically impossible to even find a number for their management or administrative office. After you find a number, nobody answers..I was willing to take portion of my money just to close this , but NOOO..They do not want to accommodate you! Eventually i went to court and i was awarded judgement without a problem. The Judge even said i am entitled to much more money; unfortunately the Small Court has a limit. Now i am trying to collect my money. Same experience…Everything is hush-hush. Nobody answers, nobody returns calls., nobody knows anything…Before I though IKEA is a sweet company with cute stuff..well, not anymore…IKEA is a BARRACUDA!

  • Just received new 2017 IKEA catalog. Due to asinine Democratic comment on page 171, I will no longer support IKEA stores. I will be passing along the message to others as well. Your catalog will line my cats litter box.

  • The worst customer service. Three weeks ago I paid $529 for furniture to be delivered and assembled. After numerous frustrating calls the issues are unresolved. Some furniture was not delivered, some was damaged and some returned. I get bounced from one person to another. I will never shop here again and I'd encourage you to avoid these stores also

  • Why, when navy blue is such a popular color, would Ikea FINALLY come out with a Poang cover in navy, only to have it be the UGLIEST chair cushion? Why do they not offer navy in all the other fabric covers? Edum cover is HORRIBLE. I would not waste my money. And the others are part poly, making all except the cheapest cotton one impossible to dye properly.

  • I've always shopped at IKEA but never will again. I've tried to call customer service twice today and get a message that "we are closed, please call back during normal hours 9am-midnight", then get disconnected….its 5pm well within normal hours. I thought I would try the email service but see that takes 3-5 business days to get a response. What kind of customer service is this? I have to say this has been the worst retail experience I have ever had and I cannot get through for anyone to help me.
    I purchased at the store, we live two hours away, when we got it home we found the top piece was badly damaged. I called and was told they would send a new part in 3-5 days and they would try to expedite it. Two weeks later we received the part with even MORE damage than the original piece. I live two hours away and I'm 9 months pregnant. This furniture is for my nursery. This whole experience has me frustrated and in tears.
    I would have never expected such horrible customer service from this company.

  • I ordered items June 11 , my debit card where charged the same day and still July 24 you have not delivered a complete order!
    You should visit Sweden and see how they are working with customer support and quality!
    This order was a BIG BIG BIG mistake from my side.

  • My son ordered a tv stand and it arrived all beat up and damaged. I called the customer service and after being on hold for 20 minutes two different times I called corporate and did talk to a very nice lady and she said they would send another one out and they would send a label to return the damaged one. We received the new one and I was surprised it was not damaged because the box it was in was actually in two pieces (the inside box was in one piece and I think that is what saved the tv stand). I tried again today to contact customer service and again I was on hold for 19 minutes so I hung up and left a message for corporate to call me back. Let's see what happens with that. I just don't understand how they can ship their stuff so poorly. I mean come on it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the packaging and shipping is not up to par. Please look into this.


    I had a very unpleasant shopping experience at College Park IKEA on Monday June 6, 2016 when buying a palm plant displayed near the registers and clearly marked $11.99 but scanned $14.99. Cashier and store manager insisted customer had put plant in wrong place and refused to charge as marked. I voided my other purchases which exceeded $50 because of poor Customer Service over a measly $3 dispute.

    I have been to THE NETHERLANDS and all the Scandinavian countries and I assure you that is not how customers are treated in those socially progressive countries…or U S retailers like Whole Foods,Trader Joe's, or Home Depot who truly care about their customers.

    Samuel Augustus Jennings

  • Losing customers one poor service experience at a time… I ordered three items on line two weeks ago. Forget the ridiculous $99.00 shipping fee for roughly $300 worth of items, but now I am told I will be waiting a total of THREE WEEKS for delivery (when told it would be here much sooner), have no information on who the shipping company is so that I may arrange things with them directly(IKEA is of no help), and have been on hold a total of 40 minutes (so far) trying to get any assistance. Note: When I called the number at which I might place a new order, a representative answered in a flash! So, good at selling product, but not much after they have your money. Love your products, but will pay more in the future at another vendor after this headache of an experience.

  • Spent about 30 min navigating the automated phone system and then being put on hold. So i thought i would see if the corp office might be able to help and are you ready for this… I had to leave a message. LOL but not very funny. john m

  • I feel the same way. I'm getting the run around because IKEA'S installer made a mistake on my kitchen. I caught the mistake over a year later… now they are shaming me for not calling sooner. Certainly I called as soon as I realized the mistake was made. I've never been treated so poorly! I trusted Ikea and they really let me down. I'm dealing with the South Philadelphia store. What about you?

  • WHAT are you thinking??? What does a little boy going to the bathroom have ANYTHING to do with your business???? I was convicted of Child Molestation over 26 yrs ago and if you had any idea of the things I've heard from REAL child molestation – YOU would pull that commercial off the air so fast that it would make your head spin! Think people before doing!

  • Writing Comments here is the SameAsTextinG…. Spelling & Punctuation Doesnt Matter.. Just Get your Point across & Be Happy you get stuff of your chest (Like Semen).. Thank You….

  • I bought online a $10 item that cost $10 to deliver. You will not deliver to a P O Box. Why? I live in a small town in Arizona and we do not get mail delivered to our house. We have to have a P O Box. The town I live in did not have any available boxes to rent so we had to go 3 miles away to rent a box. I had the item sent to my sister since she has a street address and it cost another $20 to get to me at my P O Box. So a $10 item cost $40. Why will you not sent to a P O Box? There are many towns in the US that do not have street address mail delivery. I will never buy another thing from IKEA.

  • IKEA is going backwards in marketing their products. Many years ago they use to provide those bright colored large canvass shopping bags to their customers. It had their name on it which is the best advertising. Now they tell you, that you can borrow it at their stores to shop. The company is missing a great opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their customers for these bags which cost a few cents to manufacture on a large quantity. Forget your signs and other advertising. Go back to the basics that work and treat your customers right!

  • I wanted the Bjursta exendable table in birch which is not in stock in the store but to order in person at the local store (134 miles roundtrip). I was told on the phone (3 calls) that I once I had paid for the table I could then go to the warehouse (another 40 miles roundtrip from the store) to pick up the table. At the store I was told that the table was not in the local warehouse and would be shipped from the Los Angeles warehouse and would be available for pickup at the local warehouse 5 days later. This means another trip (4 hours and 176 miles) on the Saturday before Christmas through the horrendous Bay Area traffic because the warehouse is closed Sunday and Monday (something else I wasn't told) Total travel time: 7 hours and 309 miles, not allowing for traffic jams, and cost nearly $30. Ikea's policy of no online ordering when an item has to be picked up is absolutely absurd. Even Walmart allows online/pickup service which works beautifully. This really messes up my Christmas and I'm steamed.

  • I cannot say a single good thing about the Ikea customer support process:

    I just had an order / assembly delivery come in today, Dec. 11, 2015.

    I am told, at the moment of delivery, that the removal service of the exiting products (bed) was not included though specifically requested at the time of order. When I call contact/ customer service, put on hold for what turned out to be, overall, more than one hour.
    I am told by the supervisor on the telephone that there is nothing I can do except to physically go to the store and place the removal order.

    Possibly 30 minutes after the delivery/ assembly crew leaves, I receive a call informing me that it is possible to have someone come by to remove the old bed frame & mattress but am told that I would have to pay 50% of the delivery fee, explaining that this was a he-said , she – said type of situation.

    It seems deliberate to wait until just after the delivery crew leaves to place this type of call while, had this issue been handled in a timely manner, such as during my original call which was made while the delivery crew was still here, the cost would have been limited to the removal charge.

    Quite honestly, from a customer relations standpoint, it seems that if Ikea had any concern over its reputation, the company should have found a way of resolving this issue.

    While the delivery crew appeared to do their job well, I presently doubt that I will ever want to purchase products from Ikea in the future.

    Right now, I am, however, certain, that I will let everyone that I can reach out to, know about my customer experience.

  • I have spent the better part of 18 months trying to get IKEA to fix a very simple problem. I have never dealt with a company like this before. Just awful. People tell you they will call you back – they don't. They apologize but never fix. Principally, I know that we are correct but it has been exhausting. Maybe your situation will be easier to correct. Here are the contact number and people's names that I have acquired:

    you can also

    use the 6108340180 the people that answer that phone are nice. You can ask to have Barbara paged or transferred to Cathy Meyer. If they do not pick up then you will be prompted to use a dial by name directory. Good Luck

    Call 4109319432 and use extension 1450 and 1437 These extensions are for the 2 primary contacts in customer relations just below Cathy Meyer. Their names are Barbara Conner and Ms. Salazar. I have spoken to Barbara once.

    Cathy Meyer is the head of Customer Service and her number is 9492924088 and can also be sourced by dialing 4109319432 and typing her last name in the prompt menu. You can also call the Tempe store and they will transfer you to her voicemail. I have left numerous messages but non returned. She did answer the 949 work number but hung up.

    I have tried everything – white flag is raised. Use these numbers professionally and I wish you the best.

  • I bought a kitchen and appliances from Ikea East Palo Alto in 2013. The side by side fridge/freezer didn't work well for the first year, causing a visit from the repairmen every other month. On June 30th 2015, IKEA decided to replace the appliance having spent nearly it's cost on repairs, it hasn't worked yet, i.e., in 2 months we've had 7 visits from the repairmen. First the ice maker didn't function, that was replaced, then the valve leading to the ice maker had to be replaced, now neither the freezer, nor the fridge work, it's 2 months old and they can't find a control board. It's the height of summer in California, triple digits, and we have no refrigeration at all and we can get help from neither Whirlpool nor Ikea. Both still hold warranties on the appliance. I would strongly advise anyone never to do business with these people. They do not have a customer service. One rep in Michigan actually told me it was cold by the Bay and so it shouldn't be too difficult. The ignorance is rampant. Suddenly, all of California is in San Francisco.

  • Malm Dressers are dangerous and have to be attached to the wall or as Karl, FRONTLINE MANAGER at the maryland IKEA location said "well, two children die every year from dressers tipping over"" . Apparently twochild deaths a year is an acceptable form of business for IKEA. Kepp that in mind while shopping.

  • Pretty much what I see on this site are complaints about customer service. Seems to me, IKEA doesn't much care because their own homepage has mostly BAD reviews…if they DID care, it would be the opposite. Unfortunate for me, because I waited around all day yesterday 8/6 and the delivery truck showed up, but without the delivery! They were supposed to show up TODAY 8/7 but the delivery window has come and gone and NO ONE CAME! Another afternoon WASTED waiting around. I have people coming tomorrow to put together the bed, and now there's no bed to put together. Sounds like I won't get much help from customer service either. I've already been on hold for 31 minutes…and counting! Not going to recommend them either…………..

  • Just had a run in with Ikea in New Haven CT which is 45 minutes from my home. Made a first time purchase, brought it home and unpacked it. I cleared the area that the storage unit was to placed in and started to build the unit. Long story short – it was missing critical pieces and could not be built. I called their 888 number and held for 20 minutes. Finally got a live person. She asked me what pieces were missing. Because there were 3 pieces that were very similar (2 long and 1 short) I did not know if I had one of the long pieces or the only short piece. I was told that my options were: figure out exactly what parts are missing and order the replacements, bring the one piece back to the store and wait in line to get it replaced or repack the entire unit and bring it in. Did I mention that the instructions that were in the package did not match the ones the customer support person had on line? I decided to pack up the unit and bring it back. Good thing I did. When I got to the store I asked to speak to a manager. His name was Sean. I was treated very badly and it was made very clear to me that despite the fact that Ikea screwed up that they were calling it a "Quality Control Issue" (the same thing the customer service person called it). So I just got my credit and moved on. If you value customer service or at least expect a company to make good for a mistake they made – do not support Ikea in any way by buying from them.

  • Trying to return a mattress I purchased online for someone on the Naval base; the quality is very poor and its uncomfortable! Ikea does not seem to value their customers at all! Turns out IKEA doesn't care about service men and women, Ikea only cares about taking your money and not about repeat business. IKea does not allow returns on mattress purchases within 7 days. "No, I do not want a credit to buy another one of your mattresses!" The one I purchased has springs poking through it and is of poor quality. Why would I want to risk buying another one when your policy is so narrow? It will be a very long time before I go to an Ikea again.

  • You call customer service state side you are on hold for ever, I just called the NEDDERLANDS CUSTOMER SERVICE it was 9pm there and they were going home. After 2 rings someone answered in their native language, I asked if they spoke English. Amazing the difference in attitudes. That was how I know that they were closing. This the corporate office. I wonder how they would react to the American's lousy customer service. And we wonder why big companies go overseas and take the jobs away from the US?

  • Not sure if this is the right place to leave my comment but here it goes. I was scheduled a delivery last Thursday within a 4 hr window. Of course nobody ever came, nobody ever called. I called the client services myself. They opened a case for me promising I will receive a call within 24-72 hrs, but if I want to expedite the resolution, I should go to the store myself. Errrrr…scuse me? Anyway, I go to Ikea Brooklyn in NY straight to the delivery section which looks a lot worse than DMV in the amount of people sitting and waiting. The employee I spoke with checked the logs and said the store misplaced my items, instead of the upstairs, the items were stored downstairs and hence missed the delivery truck, but do not worry, I will arrange the redelivery and call you tonight by 9pm. And OF COURSE nobody called. Long story short, after 1 more trip to Ikea Brooklyn, 4 more calls, 2 more open cases, 2 calls with the Senior Advisers (aka managers), Ikea Brooklyn has still not resolved my issue, 7 days later I still do not have my furniture that I desperately need; Ikea Brooklyn has still NOT contacted me nor responded to the client services' inquiries. I ended up cancelling my entire order. Ikea will never have business from me ever again. What are the corporate headquarters doing? Where are they looking? Why are they not doing ANYTHING to improve this location? Shame both on Ikea Brooklyn, on Ikea USA and on Ikea in general.

  • Product is GREAT; selection is GOOD; in-store service is GOOD; customer service is THE WORST I EVER MET. People unwilling to discuss and resolve the issue; switchboard operator is brutal; orders were messed up and not delivered in time.

    Would you like more details: usrtkpi@comcast.net.

  • I bought a foam mattress this saturday 3/7/15- did not take it out of the plastic. took it back to get a refund, it is not what I wanted. And they will not refund me. Why it has not been opened. I am now on hold with the store in merriam ks for 30 minutes now. NOT HAPPY!! I DO NOT WANT AN IKEA CARD FOR MY REFUND!!!!

  • I ordered a kitchen cabinet and received an email it would be shipped February 18th, 2015. I never received it. Three weeks and multiple hours later after being transferred to other departments because no one seems to know how to correct the problem I am stil waiting. I even went into the store and spoke to a manager who assured me it would be taken care of, but when I called to check on it there was no record he and I had even spoken. I am surprised and very disappointed in IKEA and plan to take my business else where as this is probably the worst customer service I have experienced in quite some time. My advice to IKEA…….get your act together and learn how to follow through. Your employees need to be retrained on how to do their jobs.

    • I've been waiting on kitchen cabinets also. It's been 5 weeks for a back order. I wish I had seen this site before I went to IKEA.


  • LIving in a Kansas City, Mo. subburg we found the opening of a Shawnees Mission, Ks IKEA store across the state line a pleasant surprise. We visited the store on opening day and have returned many times. However, we will never visit this store again after viewing the news report of a mother with a special needs child being refuses to be with her dear child in the IKEA play area. We have and many other families in the KS/Mo area along with those across this nation have special need children that IKEA apparently have disregarded purposely in provided what they must call a play area fro only regular non problem children. Shame on IKEA. Again we will never visit nor recommend this company to any of out friends. And we will make known their policy to our nationally known foster and adopt association that has helped thousands of families over the years.

  • I am so very upset with IKEA. In August, 2014, my husband and I purchased a complete kitchen, including appliances and countertops. It is now December 23, 2014 and I still don't have a complete kitchen. Today Ikea delivered the last cabinet door, but not the correct panel for the back of my island. it is 5 inches to wide and 28 inches too long, but that is all they said they have. I was supposed to have my countertop delivered today, but they didn't show. Apparently Atlas, their contractor that has nothing but negative reviews, btw, came and measured and made a template for my countertops, that were paid for in August, in the beginning of the month. I was told that it would definitely be installed by Christmas. Today, Atlas informed me that the stone isn't even cut because the stone supplier hasn't sent them the paperwork. When I asked for the phone number, she told me there was none. I googled the company, Caesarbrook, and called them and they have no clue what she is talking about. I am furious. No one calls me back ever, not from any of the over 30 calls to Ikea customer service, nor from the Corporate customer service. Now I am being jerked around about the counters. I have had no sink, stove, dishwasher, or anything else working since August. I spend over 50.00 a day for takeout since I have no way to cook or do dishes. I want my countertops and I want to be compensated by IKEA for all of this inconvenience and the stress that has been inflicted on my family.

    • good luck. did the problem ever get resolved? i am having issues with the doors yellowing. spent hours on hold, finally got someone and the response was too bad. i will be taking them to small claims court.

  • My daughter lives in Brooklyn, about 5 minutes by car from the Brooklyn IKEA store. In July a small fire in her bathroom ruined just about everything in the bathroom and the attached laundry room and bedroom. She went to IKEA and purchased a PAX closet with sliding doors. She paid for delivery and installation. Delivery was in late September…Installers (Urban Express) found a piece was damaged and could not complete Installation. Since then, 5 additional installation dates have come and gone. Once a replacement for the damaged piece was delivered but the installers were not advised to complete the installation. Next, the installers arrived but ONLY were advised to install the piece that had been delivered earlier and could not stay to complete the installation. The following attempt resulted in the installers failing to bring the proper tools for installation. The next attempt resulted in NO ONE SHOWING up — because someone in the complaint department CANCELLED THE ORDER. The next time URBAN EXPRESS dropped off parts (that were either never ordered or delivered by mistake and again, no one told them they had to complete the installation. It is now, November 10, 2014 and NO ONE CAN TELL US WHEN (IF EVER) THE INSTALLATION WILL BE COMPLETED. My daughter missed two family events (a christening and a luncheon with a cousin she may never see again), left work early twice to make sure she did not miss the installer 8 hour window! She was promised a refund of the delivery charge ($59) and a $20 gift card for her "inconveniences". She thinks one of the persons in the complaint department got fed up with her…imagine…and cancelled her Order…Another person has been helpful but totally ineffective…She can't get anyone to contact my daughter to set up a date for completion of her order…Very frustrating…The ONLY thing I can think of to do is to SUE IKEA for damages resulting from their negligence and breach of contract. My daughter is frustrated and ANGRY. IKEA MUST revamp their procedures and DUMP URBAN EXPRESS…I call them URBAN DISTRESS…

  • I am over Ikea. I had bought a rug that unraveled after 4 months. I called and ikea wanted to give me a store credit and have me return the rug to the store. I live 1 1/2 hours from the closest store. I was then told they would give me a shipping label to return the rug and after ikea received it I could get a refund… The rug was received by ikea collage park 1 week ago and never called me or followed up. I have emailied, called and end up going a voice mail. Leave a message. Today I had enough there's is no follow up on there part it is my running around after this big business… So I sent another email this morning to have them call me at 12 noon so I would be able to get this finished as I have no product and a big waste of my time. No call til 3 pm when I was picking up kids called back the number and guess what a voice mail… Ikea you are the worst for customer service. Take the rug then honor the refund in a timely manner

  • Spent all day trying to get in touch with my local Ikea Store in Brooklyn and corporate head quarters to no avail…. Horrible customer service…. Shame on your company! All I can say is beware, if you have a problem with your purchase, you have no recourse…..

  • I find it truly amazing that IKEA can process and post a credit card charge to my Discover account within 48 hours but that it takes them 7 to 14 business days, per senior customer service adviser Dora, to credit the same Discover account with a refund. That's called the practice of UOPM[Using Other People's Money]! Their customer service model, in my opinion and experience is BROKEN and sadly there doesn't appear any expressed interest on the part of the customer service staff to acknowledge the BROKENNESS!

  • Once again this company has failed in their ability to not only satisfy their customers but also in their accountability. I ordered items which I then tried to cancel less than 48 hours later. First I was informed that the items were canceled and that I would receive an email of this confirmation within 24 hours. I did not receive an email concerning the cancellation in the advised time period so I called back. The next person that I spoke with informed me that the order was sent to the delivery company, but that they would email them to cancel the shipment. This action was not completed either and I again contacted the call center to inquire as to why this action had not been completed as stated by their representative, but I was informed by a THIRD person at that time that all I had to do was deny the delivery. During this time period I went out of state for a wedding and was informed by my housekeeper that the items were LEFT ON MY PORCH! After I returned home I once again contacted the company call center and spoke with a FOURTH person who informed me that they would have an freight company retrieve the items, but it was more than two weeks later when the items were finally picked up by TWO separate carriers. I was informed that once the items were confirmed as being picked up by the carrier that the issue of my refund would be PROCESSED. After the last package was picked up today I contacted the company call center once again and was informed by someone claiming to be a manager that the refund would NOT be processed until the items were received back into the local store and that it would take SEVEN to TEN days for the refund to be issued. Throughout this whole process I filed a complaint with the BBB as well as attempted to contact the CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT TEAM @ 610-834-0180 but no one ever answered the phone so I left several messages regarding this matter and asked for a call back. According to the automated answering service at the corporate level someone would contact me within 48 hours but I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this matter. In the past I had been a proud customer of Ikea products, but after this debacle I no longer with to purchase their items ever again and will tell everyone I know that. although they have quality products their service and accountability are the worst I have ever seen!!!

  • I have been trying to get a refund of $478 since August 11… I am completely exhausted and furious at your company and your customer service. I was told on August 11 to refuse the items that I canceled upon delivery… and that as soon as they were accounted for in the warehouse I would be given my refund.. I did that when the delivery was made August 19… I called back and was told as soon as the items were accounted for in the warehouse I would be getting my refund within 5 to 10 days.. That never happened… I called back… and waited a total of an hour and a half and talk to three different people… I was told that the delivery company was directly called while I was on hold, the items were accounted for in the warehouse and I would be getting a refund within 5 to 10 business days from that date. That never happened either… So I called back and spend another hour and a half on the phone… And was told that my refund was finally processed on August 28… And I would be getting it the week of September 1… I never got it. I called back yesterday and spent another hour and a half on the phone and was told that the refund was submitted. By the way, the person I talked to yesterday had no record of any of these transactions or phone conversations that occurred between August 11 and September 1. I spoke with someone named Tiffany who said that the refund was confirmed and she put it through herself… The reference number is 259–22109879. As of today the refund still has not posted. I spoke with my bank and they said as soon as a refund is submitted it would appear right away… Tiffany assured me that this was a done deal yesterday… a charge that went through today… that I approved and assumed would be fine because the refund was supposed to be in the account yesterday, made my account go negative … I am being charged $35 from my bank. I would like IKEA to to compensate me for this… I was assured yesterday and many other times that my refund had been processed. I have been waiting over a month for a simple refund for furniture i never even touched. I would also like to be compensated for the four hours that I spent on the phone… I think one hour is fair for all of this and I think that is very generous but I think I should be compensated for the other three att the hourly rate that I normally make which is $70 an hour. If I do not get my refund by today and I am not compensated somehow for the hours I've spent on the phone, the frustration, and the $35 overdraft fee… I will file a report with the Better Business Bureau and file a small claims court case for the $478 plus damages. I have spent over $2000 at IKEA in the last month alone… I am extremely upset, and disillusioned, and angry at a company that is huge and really should have better customer service… I can't believe how poor your customer service is. This is a disgrace.

  • Oh and now that I think of it….regarding those broken glass lanterns….I will contact my credit card company and see if I can stop the payment of them. Maybe that will get some attention from someone and get the issue resolved.

  • I used to love Ikea. After what I am going through right now, not so much.
    I purchased 18 glass lanterns online for my daughter's upcoming wedding.. They arrived yesterday……BROKEN!
    I know this could possibly be blamed on the carrier but not entirely…..you cannot expect glass to be well protected by a single sheet of bubble wrap and then just put into a regular cardboard box and expect it to get to it's location in one piece. The box was not marked FRAGILE or anything else to indicate it might break easily.
    Even worse….I have been trying ever since to get this matter corrected. I have tried to get Customer Service and I have pressed this number and that number and I cannot get a LIVE PERSON to talk to about it. I even selected "place an order" to get a real person. He was nice but transferred me somewhere else where I held on for 50 MINUTES and NO ONE EVER ANSWERED!!!!
    I live 3 hours' drive from the nearest location. I have phoned there and they told me I have to call the 1-800 Customer Service number where I have already tried.
    I now have $300 worth of broken glass I cannot use!!!

  • ikea honestly might be one of the best stores in the entire world. I bought my entire bedroom from ikea and could have spent 1500 bucks but only spent less than 500. My heart belongs to ikea. I was born to love ikea. If ikea was human, we would be together. Forever. Me and ikea. Ohh. Some people find beauty in personality. Some people find beauty in looks. I find beauty in furniture. Let this post be known my love and affection I shine towards ikea. I want ikea to be with me forever. forever.

  • I'm a fan of Ikea's purchase $100 in home furnishings and eat for free. That's what my family did this weekend and what a mistake!! Nothing wrong with the home furnishings, it was the food!! All three of us got food poisoning!! it didn't start to kick in til 3 days after. We normally don't go out to eat. We stay in with Grandma and uncle. They were okay. So we know for sure it was the food! The location is 1 beard street brooklyn, ny. For the past two days and nights, it has been nothing but headaches, body aches, diarhea, stomach cramps, and fever! Just my wife vomitted though… Does this sound like all the symptoms to food poisoning or what??? BEWARE!

  • The person was a pleased customer, resulting from the excellent customer service which was rendered. That's the message. Maybe the grammar wasn't perfect, but the message came through just fine.

  • What a "NIGHTMARE"!!!!!! I was in the market for a new Bedroom Set, and in search of that, I narrowed my search to "IKEA" Only to Realize it was the WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!! Upon my first arrival, or should I say many DUE TO the Incompetent Crew AT the Sunrise, Florida Location… I visted the location on a Saturday, and the bed I chose was not in "stock"…. After consulting with a store associate, I was told to call on Monday or Tuesday to check if the bed had arrived… To my surprise the BED was in. After speaking with a young man on the phone the bed was being held and I was on my way to purchase. I arrived at the store 25 to 30 minutes later. I made my PURCHASE and PAID for the BED to be delivered on "Wednesday"…
    The next "DAY TUESDAY", I recieved several calls to CONFIRM my DELIVERY. Upon confirming TWICE, brought excitement!!! Little did I know that DIASTER would STRIKE on WEDNESDAY, "EXPECTED DAY OF DELIVERY"!!!!! :((
    So, 8:30 a.m. the "CALL" from the delivery STATEED that WE have no ITEMS to delivery to you.!!!!
    What are you saying MS??? I've already PAID and confirmed TWICE!!!!
    I was then told to CALL IKEA back, because they have nothing to do with it at this point.
    I called the IKEA SUNRISE, FLORIDA LOCATION, and NEVER GOT a response from anyone. I had to MAKE a SECOND TRIP to the STORE, to rectify the SITUATION!!!
    So while I'm waiting in line I notice it's the same GUY who placed my order!!! Now that it's my turn, I politely explained my situation, and hopeful that it's all a mistake, my order will be delivered on time. His response to me was give me a sec, let me see what's going on… When he returned, with my paper work, he states that my order was never processed by the guys in the warehouse and that he apologizes. My reponse to him was that Im not sure if I trust you guys now. He replies ms, if you want to continue with the order I myself will make sure that you receive your oder on FRIDAY!!! He even tells me I PROMISE YOU!!! I then ask for a REFUND on the DELIVERY CHARGE, wish I did get back.
    WELL on THURSDAY, I GET THE "CALL AGAIN" MS, I want to confirm your order, and to let you know that it's on BACK ORDER and the next SHIPMENT will be a WEEK from today. I ask is this a JOKE!!! How can that be, when I PAID for the BED and my account was CHARGED for the PURCHASE, as well as the DELIVERY FEE!!! AND SEVERAL CONFIRMATIONS for the DELIVERY, THAT NEVER HAPPEN!!!
    I tell the GIRL, NEVER again will I DEAL with SUCH incompentent people.
    I told her Do you Seriously THINK I WANT TO WAIT TO BE DISAPPOINTED AGAIN!!!

    I even SPOKE WITH A HORRIBLE SO CALLED " MANAGER NAME ADAM" who offered no empathy nor was patient with me!!!! ADAM TOLD me I WAS not listening to him after asking me a QUESTION that I had no ANSWER to, which somehow "UPSETTED HIM" telling me then to call back when I was READY to TALK to him in a NORMAL VOICE!!!!
    Completly took me by SURPRISE, I was BAFFLED!!!!

  • I'm a fan of Ikea with a kitchen and numerous storage and media units and organizers but like others I've just had the world's worst experience with delivery and customer service that has left me angry and frustrated. I admit, I'm lazy, we went to our "nearest store" 60 miles away and paid the extra for selection and delivery for our newest storage configuration. The Ikea clerk arranged a delivery time for a day when it had to be delivered to us before 4:00 p.m. or we would need another date. No problem, he assured us and indicated he would request an am delivery. We asked if goods could be left, no, he said although we had deliveries at a previous address where they were left. So of course the delivery company notified us the delivery was scheduled for the p.m. and could be later than 4. After numerous calls, and long wait times the day before, once again, assured this time by the delivery company, we wouldn't need to reschedule, and to call back the next morning, delivery day, to check. That morning the ambiguous answer was "We'll check and get back to you" We asked if they could leave it. Sorry, you would have to have submitted that request two days before so we could send paperwork. At 3:40 the driver called and said he wouldn't be there until five. He told me to call Ikea to reschedule. And there the saga begins because in the bureaucratic world of Ikea call center employees are rewarded for enforcing policies and practices not in taking ownership or solving problems. Bottom line, they can't reschedule the delivery. From the garbled account and after two operators, one took all the info and recognizing a hot potato did the old transfer bit to another who recited the policy straight from the handbook which amounted to I would have to forfeit the money paid for the delivery, go back to the store –60 miles, pleez!–and reschedule the delivery. Or She could cancel the order, charge the delivery fee, but if I reordered from Ikea on line I would probably have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. I chose the cancel the order. She gave me a cancellation number. To be on the safe side, I've also disputed the whole charge on my credit card and will argue about the delivery charge. Meanwhile, I've reordered on line and am being penalized by paying a higher delivery charge for the same items presumably being delivered by the same company. And of course the two weeks wait time. I will also follow up with a complaint to the email address posted by 11/13.

  • Ikea has without a doubt the worst customer service for online orders possible. Hold times are outrageous and nothing gets resolved. Get your act together, you are a large enough company where you can afford to better your service.

  • I own a property management firm. I would like to develop a "See Our All IKEA Models" marketing campaign and may initially furnish at least 12 apartments and expect to facilitate all IKEA models in at least 200 apartments over the next twelve months. If you are employed by IKEA, would you please forward this message to a company representative that can discuss this opportunity in more detail. I have been unable to reach a real person. Dennis Noneman. 419-531-6446 or dnoneman@noneman.com

  • Agreed, it was so hard to read I got to the second sentence (or what I believe to be the second sentence) and had to stop reading. If you want to be heard, then write your comment so it can be understood.

  • Ikea, please bring your beautiful store to Ontario, CA 91761. We have 170,000 people in just our city, plus 100s of thousands more in area. I don't want to have to drive to Covina to visit your store. Better yet, open at Ontario Mills Mall!
    A fan.

  • To everyone who posted a complaint:
    I too had a horrendous experience with IKEA and will not bore you with the details. However, after weeks of calling the "after sales" dept. with no reply, I called Customer service and asked for the address of Corporate Headquarters. I intended to write a letter of complaint, however, there was also a phone number. I called that number and after various prompts, I was given an email address. I wrote a long email documenting all my calls and complaints and received an email the next day. The Customer Service person helped me solve the whole issue. It still took numerous phone calls, mistakes, miscommunications, etc. But it got done! It might be too late, but if you need action, write an email to cr.manager@ikea.com and Good Luck!

  • I drove 91/2 hours to go to IKEA. I had to rent a van as I intended to purchase large pantry-type cabinets and stay overnight. The experience at the store is very nice. I found the section that had the white Besta cabinets I wanted. I called home to verify the size of the wall I was using and ended up getting three instead of four due to size constraints. The wall is 84" wide the cabinets are 23" wide or were supposed to be. When I got home, we were still recovering from a flood that required the replacement of all of the flooring in the house. So, I didn't get to start installation on the cabinets until two weeks ago. Surprise. No hardware in the boxes. IKEA was coorperative and mailed the needed hardware. Fast forward to yesterday. Started with the installation again. Surprise. They sent one wrong size cabinet and right size doors and anchors. Seriously? When I was at IKEA the lady in cabinets got on her computer and assembled a list of all the "boxes" and their numbers that I would need. I was then instructed to take that list to a person that pulled the order and loaded it on a flat bed trolley. I asked several times if he was certain he was pulling the correct items. They are just brown boxes with numbers, no way to tell. I commented that I lived a days drive away and it would be impossible to get back so make sure I get the correct items. Not. Now IKEA's idea of a fix for this nightmare is for me to rent another vehicle, drive 1200 miles round trip, stay overnight in a hotel to exchange an item they sent in error. They acknowledge it was their error, but it's my problem. She even suggested maybe I could just use them somewhere else in my house!! Unbelievable. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I am sure this is my first and LAST experience with IKEA.

    • I should have added that all THREE cabinets were 47&1/2 inches wide rather than 23". You can't tell from the size of the box.

  • Just bought a desk at IKEA. After assembling the entire thing, we realized that it was not painted with the lacquer finish coated. You can see the wood grain thru the paint on the desk top. Took an hour to assemble and I've been on the phone with Ikea for an hour and 15 minutes. What a horrible experience!!!!!!!

    Michael Sarnacki

  • Purchased a large Ikea kitchen package ($18,000.00), the product is well engineered and a very good price. Oh and a hard working service team tries to make up for all the other problems. Problems? Yes. Oh yes indeed. Plan on taking about three months to get a large kitchen done with Ikea. Why?

    1- The sales process is almost a joke. Credit authorization is something out of the 1960's.
    2- There is no working back order process. You start over each time. Want knobs? Start again.
    3- The delivery team unloads a pile of boxes and wants you to sign. Don't…
    4- You will have stuff you didn't order and you will be missing things you did order.
    5- The kitchen project management service is a total farce.
    6- The project manager measured incorrectly. Then you get release saying it is all yours!
    7- The 20/20 based CAD system is a sad joke if you have ever used a real CAD system.
    8- The employees struggle with internal process which haven't changed since the Vikings.
    9- Scheduled dates are never held or the slip even acknowledged.
    10- Sub-contractors are of very dubious quality and nothing is Ikea managed in reality.
    11- Even the sub-contractors joke about the awful Ikea process.
    12- Granite un display in the stores is in fact not always available.
    13- Complaints to management are met defensively — the customer is never right.
    14- The cute Swedish names become annoying after about three days at best.
    15- Returns are annoying and slow — the employees are hamstrung by this process as well.
    15- Working remote from a store is unbelievably annoying. Think less than Sears not Amazon.
    16- After three trips to the store the stupid serpentine routing on the sales floor gets old.
    17- After five trips to the store, you want to knock done walls.
    18- If Lowes had an Ikea quality flat pack engineered product — Ikea kitchen would bankrupt.
    19- Calls to support sometimes require several tries. Calls to your IT department work better.

    Look other than the product which is really well engineered, and a few absolutely heroic low level people in customer service? Everything else about Ikea is broken. The entire system assumes you show up at the store, load a truck with your product, and drive home to put it together yourself.

    If you try to do anything else? All the Ikea systems and process suck. If you select the right product? Say a large piece? You have to go through the serpentine store crawl, find the numbers, then go to the check out line, pay for the product, get a receipt, and then bring it to the pickup department or whatever they call it… Have a seat and expect to wait for at least 30 or 40 minutes.

    Contrast this with say Sears? You pay for the large product on the retail floor and by the time you get to pickup it is waiting for you. They will even help you load it. Not so Ikea, if you want good product at a good price, and you are willing to put up with the horrific customer experience then go for it.

    But expect a major league hassle if you do anything at all different. College student who needs bookshelves? Great store. Installing a large kitchen? Ikea is pretty awful. Have a contractor pick it all up and do everything for you.

    Look I've done an Ikea bedroom, office, bookshelves, an entertainment center. The annoying parts of the Ikea customer experience were still there, but they were livable. Tear your kitchen out with Ikea and you will probably tear your hair out too.

    The engineering department is keeping them in business. It sure isn't the stores…

  • You are absolutely right, Mad in Tucson: My kitchen has been going on for 28 days and is not finished. They told me here in Orlando, that it would take three days to install it, and when the subcontrator knew this he simply said that "they were not continous days", and now I know what he meant. To add insult to injury, two doors were missing and they don't know how to solve the problem because the model was discontinued. There is no way to communicate with anyone by phone or email. If you look at the several web pages Ikea has, there in no indication on who is who and where they are or how to communicate with them. If I could advise anyone is to stay away from Ikea because they are like snake charmers to sell, but like inquisitors to talk to you. Beware! Luis in Orlando

  • If you are considering purchasing a complete kitchen from IKEA, think twice!!! We are going into our seventh week without a kitchen and this is due to IKEA's sub-contractors who are nothing short of incompetent and IKEA has done nothing to resolve our problem. We went to some local places after the fact and found we could have gotten everything at about the seem cost. It's taken four weeks to get a counter-top installed and if I would have known this….I could have gotten it locally in half the time.

    Mad in Tucson…..

  • Dear Ikea

    Since you decided to do away with classic Swedish food brands like Abba herring, Marabou chocolate, Lofbergs Lila etc I have been very disappointed, not to say disgusted. Your IKEA brand is not the same quality and taste. My wife and I used to look forward to go shopping at IKEA and in addition to furniture and other things would load up on food. Your food was an important reason to travel for 60 miles. Now we don't come as often and if we can find a substitute for you other products nearby you lose our patronage.

    I find it insincere and greedy not to profile good Swedish food products. I can assure you that my feelings are shared by 1000s of Swedes and other Scandinavians in the USA!


    Thomas Hakansson

  • My name is Felicia Walden, I shop at the Round Rock Ikea. I'm sure there is a list of my purchased items. I paid a " Convenience Fee" for ikea staff to get the items in store ,I purchased delivery and assembly. Turns out the wrong color table was delivered. Getting a hold of anyone is nearly impossible. Finally an after sales agent arranged delivery and assembly of the correct table scheduled for today from2-7PM. 7:18 PM black stornas table finally delivered but of course there's another catch to it. It didn't occur to them that they needed to make sure they had their tools present before driving an hour to my house so you know I paid well over 250 for this service. The guy rescheduled for Sunday 2-9pm. Already took 2 days off early from work and how many weeks without a dining table to eat on. Calculate how much I spent on items, in store service, delivery, assembly+$700+ for taking off from work early. This is absolutely ridiculous. Supervisors must be notified about this. All these people represent Ikea. Call me crazy but do you not see my frustration. I'm not asking for sympathy but really put yourself in my shoes along with other customers. I'm remodeling my house and paid for a kitchen assessment but now I have lost trust in Ikea and to think to spend a large amount has me terrified. Might as well have not delivered the table till Sunday to save you some gas and time.  

  • IKEA facility in Italy will be marketing cardboard furniture pieces made entirely out of the company's own flat pack furniture packaging, (chair, bed and table). Since real estate staging enities already use cardboard furniture to stage showings, why not bring these products to the US for the apartment and home dweller to purchase. I certaintly think that these product will fit in the ever changing living enviroments that want new, usable and functionable decorating ideals as what the overseas markets are enjoying. Why does America be the last to know and own? Theres a future for cardboard furniture here!

  • I have tried to get in touch with IKEA over this for 6 months now! They called me and said they would have a manager call me back but refused to give me a number. NEVER DID. I have spend over 50 k at IKEA, and this is the way I am treated? You guys have no loyalty to your loyal customer base. I am going to continue to write to corporate office with a copy of all the emails I have gotten back and just told me to bring in my receipt and after I explain myself they don't write me back.
    I bought an expensive couch cover. Washed it 3 months after it was used, thing ripped at the seams even though I washed it per instructions. They refused to even exchange the thing, cause I didnt have the receipt. Who the hell keeps a receipt over 6 months?
    I am very dissapointed the next email will be to headquarters and to the better business bureau.

    • Based on my most recent online ordering experience with IKEA, they have a broken customer service business model and apparently could care less how much this negatively affects a customer trying to do business with them. So, BUYER BEWARE!

  • When Will There Be An Ikea In NV? Nevada Is A Popular State, Yet It Doesn't Have ONE Ikea In The Whole State. Will There Be One Anytime Soon?

  • If you were more interested in spellchecking then you wasted your time reading the review. Don't you think the gist of the message was more important than anything else?

  • There have been such a long list of errors and hassles in trying to buy wardrobes of which I still do not have. Ikea in store had 2 different people writing up the service order for delivery and set up which caused the set up request to be overlooked. The delivery company shows up 1 1/2 hours after the latest time which was 9:30PM which is entirely too late to be delivering large boxes to the inside of my home. Because the store did not have the product in stock, I ordered the doors for the wardrobe online. Now I can't get anyone to help me with the online order, I am out 2 delivery fees and still don't have my in store product. I understand things can be assumed and miscommunicated but there is no reasonable and efficient way to get anyone empowered in customer service to resolve this. There is no reasonable way to even get in touch with someone in customer service. Current wait time for online is 20 minutes. That tells me there is a lack of manpower for the volume of issues consumers have with this store.

    The last 3 large purchases I have made at IKEA have been filled with hassles. I am finished shopping at this store forever. I don't wish to spend my hard earned money with a company that can't recognize its errors and offers nothing more than an impersonal email apology to a complaint. I am not looking for a handout, just some customer service and resolutions.


  • IKEA has AIR BRUSHED women out of their Saudi catalog. If you think that there is something wrong with getting rid of the images of western women as a form of political correctness to please those in the middle east then let the co know. Western women cannot be airbrushed out of the picture to please others.

  • Why is it so hard to reach customer service? This has been an extremely time-consuming and ridiculous experience. Seriously, I ordered furniture for my sons Boston apartment online a week before he left to move there. I have called your customer service for online orders several times, emailed sales_service@ushelp.ikea.com 4 times, and when I actually managed to reach a person (twice over the last several days), they promised to call with answers the next day; I've yet to recieve a call or reply email. I am getting exhausted dealing with your 'service' numbers. Can we get our furniture??? You really send furniture for a Boston location on a truck from Maryland? How effiecient is that?

  • When is Ikea opening a store in San Antonio, Texas? We have such a large metro area here that it seems like a no-brainer for Ikea-corporate. The nearest store is north of Austin, and it takes at least 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there!

    • You think you would, but IKEA doesn't care about their customers, messes up orders and doesn't fix their mistakes. I noticed the neither of the IKEA stores near me have AA ratings on BBB. I should have looked there before buying.

    • Typical propaganda….or spin if you will. Don't reward a corporation with new stores..tremendous profits..to employ people at minimum wage…and provide lousy service. Thank God for the job… but hold them accountable..

  • I waited 6 hours for Ikea to pull my order and it is all on the security cameras for proof!!!!!!!
    This was the most horrendous experience shopping at the Stoughton, MA, USA store on August 11, 2012, in fact the worst in my life. I arrived at the store with a specific list of items. Proceeded to the kitchen department and placed my order in a very timely manor. The sales associate was very knowledgeable. I then proceeded to the checkout and again, my purchase was payed for in a very timely manner at exactly 1:40 pm as noted on the receipt.
    I waited until 4:20 ( 2hrs and 40 min.) and approached the service desk and the associate said the order was being worked on and will be about an hour. I went off premises to eat and came back at 5:40 and asked the associate who took my receipt to track down the order. He came back and again said he doesn't know when it will be ready but at least another hour. My order came out at 7:40. The associates either flat out LIED to me or did not have an handle on their system. Is this the service I deserve by spending over $1600.00 on this trip to IKEA??I was not the only one that waited 6 hours for their orders. It is all on security camera!!!

    • Why on earth would you wait 6 hours. I know you probably wanted your product- but if that wait time is offensive to you, as it would be to anyone- don't reward the store with the sale. Get a refund and walk away.
      Same thing people do in doctors offices. If everyone would just walk out after 15 or 20 minutes of waiting the offender would learn not to keep people waiting. I understand they kept telling you an hour and you were trying to be patient but seriously. after the 2nd time- you should have been outta there.

  • Before you write such lengthy endorsements perhaps you should install a spell checker… Your comments look like they were written by a 10 yr old…

  • I just had a similar experience. Unfortunate that management fails to address these service issues. May be time for new leadership if they can't train their managers and employees appropriately. I had over 60 minutes of on hold time last night trying to resolve the delivery. Delivery company states they have no record of the shipment and Ikea Costa Mesa, when they do answer the phone, is clueless. Get put on hold and no one returns to the line. I Ended up at Ikea for my daughter relocating to the area and needing furniture. Initially I was impressed and was thinking of using them for the 14 rental units that I need to update the kitchen areas. Now I think I will run from them as fast as I can and tell as many people as I can.. If someone really cares in management to help my daughter resolve this today AND address the poor leadership at the Costa Mesa store, you can reach me at

  • I just had a similar experience. Unfortunate that management fails to address these service issues. May be time for new leadership if they can't train their managers and employees appropriately. I had over 60 minutes of on hold time last night trying to resolve the delivery. Delivery company states they have no record of the shipment and Ikea Costa Mesa, when they do answer the phone, is clueless. Get put on hold and no one returns to the line. I Ended up at Ikea for my daughter relocating to the area and needing furniture. Initially I was impressed and was thinking of using them for the 14 rental units that I need to update the kitchen areas. Now I think I will run from them as fast as I can and tell as many people as I can.. If someone really cares in management to help my daughter resolve this today AND address the poor leadership at the Costa Mesa store, you can reach me at mkaske76@gmail.com

    • This is the worst customer service company that we have ever dealt with! We have a problem existing as I type ….for 4 days.
      We have spent 8 hours logged on the phone- so far we have not received our shipment!!
      The people are very nice on the phone yet they are completely incompetent! Every time we call we get a new case number which somehow gets lost and again we go through the same thing!
      We bought items in chicago with no issue yet here in miami it's been one disaster after another filled with empty promises and still nothing!
      I even contacted corporate to no avail.

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