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  • Improv Comedy Corporate Office Headquarters

Improv Comedy Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Improv Comedy Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 4980 Beltline Road #250
Dallas, TX 75254
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-404-8501
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-972-404-8501


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  1. Went here for a nice outing and first got harassed by an employee asking for my name to see if I purchased tickets(after we got our tickets scanned, we were seated and already ate our food). He was very threatening and did not explain why he wanted my name after I asked him several times. He threatened me with getting the manager and I said great please get the manager. The manager (shaved head with a beard(didn't get his name so I'm describing him))showed up and again asked for my name accusing me of sneaking in and was extremely aggressive. He said he couldn't find my name because he failed to ask for the correct spelling so I offered to show my ticket. He then accused me of lying and said he already asked me for my ticket which is a complete lie. The customer service is a joke and I was attacked. I was informed it was the general manager and if that's true, that's really disappointing.

  2. I arrived to the Rodman performance on 10/5 and was seated at D3 table. That is awesome but the ticket I purchased was for A2 table. When I questioned the greeter (bald head guy) he said that he had to accommodate another party.

    How is it allowed for someone to purchase ticket to a specific section and not have that honored. After questioning my ticket, I was moved to A4 table, which had me positioned with my back towards the comedian.

    I don’t understand the purpose of providing options online where you’d like to be seated and that not be honored. I am hoping you can provide assistance and/or direct my inquiry to someone who can help prevent this from happening in the future. I emailed Jessica M but have yet to even be acknowledged. I sent a message on Instragram and was not acknowledged. Horrible Service.

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Corporate Office Headquarters