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  1. They are claiming I used a fraudulent client , yet won't tell me anything other then that. They perm. banned my main account, but leaving my others. The other day one of my minor kids was on the there site, on mobile when I seen what thy where looking at I was horrified. They told me it was t4 . Looked on my other account. So I'm assuming thats why I have been banned. There dirty little secret.

  2. my friend LordDamianHale has been bullied and Harassed to where he wants to quit imvu.
    this time KittieMeow, ArcticRage and TheMFChris have gone too far with the "exposing" with Damian's facebook….

    will any staff seriously help or naw?
    because you are all doing a terrible job at protecting your users

  3. To whom it may concern:

    My avatar is has VIP status and I've been a customer of IMVU more than 5 years. I received a ad from IMVU in my IMVU Inbox. The promo Ad alerted me that I could get 32000 free credits if I subscribed to one of IMVU's business partners. I indeed took IMVU up on the offer and subscribed and more than a month and about 10 or more emails and Live Chats to IMVU Customer service, with proof of subscription, I am still without the free credits. I am seeking assistance in resolving this issue.

  4. some one please help I can't seem to get no answer from know one any wear from IMVU team no body is answering back to me all I been trying to ask so nicely help with reset password link have lost no one in IMVU is responding back please please help just a link for rest pass Toryros aka rl name Thresa

  5. Luis 307576 has been nothing but disrespectful cold and very unhelpful i asked him to transfer me to his manager and i am being told no that i have to pay 400 dollars when i did not make the purchase because my card and laptop was stolen. luis also continued to give my account information out to someone who he didn't even ask for the name i am very upset and if this issue is not handled i was be taking it to federal court with two counts of fraud. i would like to speak to someone in charge by tonight eastern time 5 o clock. i can be reached at 732-673-1433 my name is alyssa harden and my account is EternityThornheart

  6. my account was stolen from me after I had tried to obtain credits from another site. Anyway, I would like it if my credit card number could be stricken from your company because I do not use IMVU any longer and who knows what the person who has stolen my username "FaithfulVictor" is doing with it right now. How can I please delete my credit card number from this acount? I will wait a little longer and then I will have to cancel out the money for the credit card every month. I would like for my credit card number to be removed off of that account please. Thanks.

  7. hello, my name is rachel jackson and i got hacked sunday at 2:00 in the morning , this girl had invited me to a chat and asked me did i want credits and all i had to do is change my email, which i did now i cant get it back because i dont know the password to the email i had .. so i am really asking all yo help i worked soo hard to get the stuff thats in there ! and now she is trying to play as me and be me =.= please help me i really need all help, like disable it or something because she roaming imvu and runing my family doing that. my account name is LoveAinttWorthADimee

    1. They will sure help you. You can load up simply a new account, put your help ticket to a "Hacked Account" And simply type your story. Do not forget to mention your account name that was hacked. IMVU will not handle these cases very fast, this is because of the verification process behind the scene. They need to know if you are you, so some identification procedures will follow after that. If the account is than retrievable, than you get it back. Simple as that.

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