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Itan Corporate Office Headquarters

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Itan Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 107 W G St.
San Diego, CA 92101
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-619-238-7161
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-619-238-7161

3 replies on “Itan Corporate Office Headquarters”

A emiyee at the mission gorge location made a comment to her friend that I always come in 5 min before they close and she hates it I don't feel comfortable going back to this location and I'm canceling my membership

Itan is deducting money out of my account while they are closed. No one to talk to, no place to help.

first of all…the word 'SPA' usually indicates the use of robes or towels. which are no more. how do u call it a spa when it has lost the convenience of not having to put ur clothes back on after every service you do? And why aren't there any paper towels in the room so u can at least wipe them off? I never saw one girl wiping down the doorknobs or doors that everybody touches. I seriously hope u lower ur prices to go along with the crappy so-called spa services. those girls have no idea what spa means. I have been going there for 8 years, and that's 1260.00 a year. I never get any perks, nothing free, or any other specials cause I have the most expensive plan. Why don't we get any discounts? All the discounts go to lesser monthly plan people. I have never won anything or gotten any special deals..very unfair. you do 't take care of the people who pay the highest price. like maybe a free month once in a while? u guys make a fortune just on what I pay.The quality of ur service is. not to mention the snotty attitudes of a lot of the teeny boppers that work there. when you say SPA I don't feel like I’m getting a SPA experience when I go there. when do we get a break from u people? I have brought over 30 people to this place, and sometimes I am embarrassed because of the way they are treated. you might need to put some older girls in there that know what a spa experience is. lower our prices, it’s not a spa without towels to at least wipe the sweat off. I am probably going to yelp a not-so-favorable review but I wanted to contact u first…like I said I have been going there for 7 or 8 years. am not so satisfied with the service I get. Also, the loss of Cassidy at your El Cajon store is great, she was great at customer service. thank u for ur time, if you did read this

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