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Itz Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

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Itz Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 18355 Tomball Pkwy
Houston, TX 77070
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-832-678-2151
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-832-678-2151

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My teenage child applied for a job and was hired to work in the Euless, TX location, within dining/restaurant area. My child attended the Monday orientation meeting, and was advised they would be contacted to start training by that Friday. No one called, so my child called to followup, and was advised, that the hiring manager would contact the following Monday. No one called that Monday, so my child followed up again and was told the manager was in a meeting but would callback that afternoon. No one called, a callback to the company was made again, was advised that the hiring manager was on vacation. From that callback, the Dining Area Supervisor(Seth) advised my child, he was not aware that he had a new team member to train. He apologized, then advised my child that he'd callback Friday, and to also expect a call from The General manager regarding his training times, and schedule. No call from either Seth or the General Manager Lillian, on Friday. At that point, with all the runaround my child was put through, and the negative impression of how management runs this location, there's no reason to work under this type of management or be a part of it!! What an inept/incompetent management team! This is the WORST example of Management (Adults?!) interaction with new hires/teenagers (first job hiring experience). This is such a bad impression on a first time teenage applicant seeking a job!!! – TWO THUMBS DOWN!!!

I went to itz today Tuesday and I took a cupone that I got on the mail, that it expires today which you buy one biggest deal and you get the second free for the kid,I drive mote than 45 minutes
When I got there and I was giving the coupon to the cashier I guess she was a manager, she tell me that I can’t use the coupon because I can combine Tuesday offer with the coupon deal I’m really upset and I told her that I used it before on Tuesday and she stated that they recently corporate change that. Who do customer suppose to know that information although in coupon did not stated the information neither
If she was manager she should honor that I did know the information
She stated that computer wouldn’t let her
I even said I can paid the regular price and use this coupon and she stated the same information
The system don’t let me do that

I’m upset, my kids were too I came back home
That is not customer service at all

ITZ of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, Colorado, closed overnight, no notice, no information, nothing. Nothing was posted anywhere about what to do with the ITZ cards points. Finally found an email address. After 3 emails and posting on their facebook page I finally got a response. The time had expired in which to get a refund for the points etc. WHAT????? They closed the doors with no information, no trace, nothing. Poor, poor, business character. Unbelievable!!!!!

I just called the Pasadena location and wanted to book a party of 100 kids – all ranging in different age groups (football team) and they wanted to charge me extra for each room because the fact that I'm going on their slowest night wasn't incentive enough to give us the rooms…we were going to pay their all inclusive package. Our kids were going to have their parents join them so they could have possible 200 people in the building on their slowest night and their GM said "sorry" we can't waive the room fee…going back to Main Event.

The one in Albuquerque New Mexico closed rather suddenly and now I have over 12,000 tickets and no place to spend them. not to mention I still have points to spend too on games… This really sucks. I would love to know how I can spend them if there is no other one in New Mexico…. Not like I can just hop on a plane and go to another one….

Itz located in Euless Texas is poorly managed. Their team consists of inept management that sits around while working their teen employees like slaves. They berate the staff that shows up while having appearing to have any influence to motivate people in a positive manner. The assistant managers are a joke and seem to be right out of the Barney Fife school of dufus management. Get a new site manager that knows how to cmmunicate with her staff and clean house with the lazy pretend assistant managers. You need to send an undercover boss to that location. This is what I see as a customer, I can only imagine what goes on when no one is watching.

Just visited Itz in Pasadena Tx. The food was not good and the service was not very helpful. Everything was just dirty. From the food station to the drink stations. Most of all the restrooms were just down right unkept. There were alot of people but not enough staff to handle the needs. The amount of money paid was not worth what we went thru. Almost every game had missing tickets or would take points with giving a game in return. My family visited the place when it opened and we were excited about the new attractions but was deeply saddened pm the lack of staff and good food but most of all the unhealthy filth found everywhere.

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