Jackson Hewitt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jackson Hewitt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jackson Hewitt Tax Serivce will find all the deductions and credits you deserve, no matter what your occupation or position. That means more money in your pocket. Jackson Hewitt’s corporate office address is below:

Jackson Hewitt Official Address

3 Sylvan Way Suite 301

Parsippany, NJ 07054

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-234-1040

Fax Number: n/a

Email: info@jacksonhewitt.com

Jackson Hewitt is a public company (Stock Symbol JTX on the NYSE) and they operate over 6,000 franchised and company owned locations in the USA.

jackson hewitt corporate office headquarters hq


  • I will never go to the one located in Cohoes, NY again. I wanted to file married but filing a seperate return. The representative told me I could not do that and that it was against the law. I lost all of my return because my spouse owed money to the IRS.

  • Just had a BEYOND horrific experience at a Jackson Hewitt office on 17th street in Sarasota Florida. I have never filed a complaint about anything but I feel the need to let people know. My taxes are fairly simple (I've done them myself until this year). The lady who was doing my taxes at the Jackson Hewitt office had to ask me to interpret the questions being asked on the computer….she didn't understand what they were asking in THEIR OWN TAX SYSTEM!! I had to "google" terms for her so she would understand what to input. I had 3 charitable donations that consisted of clothes, a bed, some household items,and a sofa. Putting the information for these took over an hour and consisted of her going back pages multiple times to fix things. At the end she told me the charge (over $300) and I asked her why it was so much. She stated that the "computer knows how long it takes and how many corrections I have to make." When trying to file she ended up having to call her supervisor to fix MORE things that she had messed up in the application. I told her I felt very uncomfortable filing. She never asked me how I wanted my refund and told me at the end that the check would be sent to the office and not my house because "we didn't pick that option"…she never asked me! Ultimately, I called and had them put a stop on filing that very same day because I didn't trust what had been done. Horrible, horrible, horrible experience.

  • Jackson Hewitt will be out of business–hopefully sooner than later–there are too many legitimate tax services popping up like Credit Karma, turbo tax, etc. Better yet, file yourself online or get a friend or relative to help you–save yourself a whole lot of grief and $!

  • I've never been a customer but I was supposed to be an employee with them. Got hired mid Dec of 2016 with guarantee that my first day would be Jan 10. Jan 7, emailed them asking when my first day would be, what time, where I needed to show up. Was told they were busy and would get back to me. Jan 20, emailed again, asking the same thing and explaining that I have been out of work for a couple weeks and have bills that need paying. Feb 1 and still no response. I was forced to go pass resumes out all over town to find a new job. So disrespectful how they assume I can afford to sit around my house to wait for them. Gotta say, not surprised at some of the stories I see above if this is how they treat their employees.

  • Jackson Hewitt screwed my taxes up royally!I have contacted the manager, who was supposed to complete a complaint, and I have still not been contacted. I should have been called back by now. I am seeking legal help because of this. The lady who done my taxes was told multiple times what I needed done. I could not claim my son as a dependent but I still get the EITC. She claimed his as a dependent on my return. I caught it, and she inputted his fathers information, the return amount changed and I though she finally had it right. I mean, I asked her before I waited over three hours if she knew how to do it, I completed the questions before she started, I wrote the instructions on it and had the court order to back it, and I reminded her and she still did not do it.. But then she did, but she did not. I would like to know where the money went? The amount changed by $1200, but he still ended up being claimed as a dependent on my return. I paid over $450 to file with them which is robbery on its own there. I have went to other Jackson Hewitt stores since the discovery of her mistake, and they have tried to help me and are shocked that this woman made a huge mistake such as this, and said there system is fool proof… Jackson Hewitt is more than likely not going to honor their 100% guarantee; they can not even call me on the phone. I tried calling the toll free number and was put through an endless cycle of automated voice recording and could never get a person. This place is worthless, should be investigated by the Feds and shut down. Maybe they should invest some of the money they take from the people and use that for better service and phones.

  • Jackson Hewitt here in Colorado Springs Colorado totally completely screwed me up this year! The tax preparer that was supposed to do my taxes forgot about doing them and they were due on February 18th now I'm going to get a huge fine because of them. I've already contacted several people to help me legally because I'm going after them legally! I've contacted regional several times and nobody will respond back. I've used them for 3 years but before that used H&R Block. worst mistake I could have ever done this is going to cost me $2,500 now! I'll make sure that they paid for it!

  • Jackson Hewitt here in Colorado Springs Colorado totally completely screwed me up this year! The tax preparer that was supposed to do my taxes forgot about doing them and they were due on February 18th now I'm going to get a huge fine because of them. I've already contacted several people to help me legally because I'm going after them legally! I've contacted regional several times and nobody will respond back. I've used them for 3 years but before that used H&R Block. worst mistake I could have ever done this is going to cost me $2,500 now! I'll make sure that they paid for it!

  • I worked for them and they still have not paid me. I don't know who to go to to get my check they owe me. Where is their HR department and how do you get through to them?

  • I have no problems putting my name in here. I went to the Albuquerque New Mexico office @ 301 San Mateo Blvd. Did my taxes on Jan 22nd. Got my state refund in like 8 days. Called today 2 days after the IRS said my federal was sent out to them. One person whose name I don't remember said it was in the system to be disbursed to me.. I called my credit card company where I did my direct deposit. Said I needed a tracing/tracking number. Placed me on hold. Talked again with the office. THIS time told me NOTHING was showing. JH needs to get off their backsides and do the work. I asked for a number and all I got was the toll-free number. It didn't help JH I AM DEMANDING MY MONEY NOW!!! I paid you in good faith, now you pay me.

  • I Agee scam artists! I was told one amount and receiving another.I will never make this mistake again. only go to h&r block

  • I have been filing with JH since 1994 never had any problem until a few ago when I was informed by the IRS that I was over paid on my 2012 return. I went into JH to ask how could that happen I was given explanation at the time did not make sense to me but I am not a tax expert so I let it go. In 2015 I was once again contacted by the IRS stating that I owed over $700 and it had to be paid by nov 4,2015 this was in Oct so once again I contacted JH brought in the papers that the IRS had sent me the rep made a copy told me that they would look into it because as you know I paid that one time fee that they charge you that ever their was a issue they would take care of it. A week after I received a call from a JH REP, stating that I had not reported all my work income and their was nothing they could do I was furious because that was a lie and I told her in so many word that I was going to sue them for their incompetence moving for this month the IRS send me a certified letter so I call them because I am pissed upon having a discussion the IRS informed that they had never received a call or a letter from JH concerning my case so the rep informed me what to do and another form was sent to me to take back to JH this is now concerning my 2013 tax return so I went in again requested a copy of my 2013 return at which time I was questioned on why so I explained I never had received a copy when I had filed and I wanted to see a particular line that the IRS rep told me to look at it so happened that the GM for JH was there and invited himself to have a conversation with me. When it look up my return he found the error that his rep had done and did not inputted all my W-2's and they had it in their possession this person apologies and told me that he would make it right that they would filed my tax return for fee and I refused I told him that they should contact the IRS and make this right and he said no need that he would sent me a check so here I am thinking that I will have the almost $800 to pay back to the IRS because it is $774. A couple days after I received the check it was for $34 for the interest on the money that is owed, this is so unfear so discussed by them.

  • I am in the Erie,pa area and Tinna Blewet is so unprofessional, it is sick. Just dumps anyone into a position and then when things dont go her way, she has a temper tantrum!!! The sad part of all of this, is she is the SAAM-Coo of the org and this is how you manage? Any one else will would do a better job than her. She needs to be reported but to who would be a good question? If a Corporate employee could look into the way she runs the business, that would be great. And doing your personal errands on company time, i would say is not appropriate. Could you plz get someone in there who isnt bi-polar?

  • jackson hewitt gives out mis information. I would not go here again. they took my husbands refund and the hard working money that was promise to him with no resolution. the staff did not have many answers. I would not recommend at all.

  • I filed my taxes on Wednesday 2/4/15 in the Michigan City office with Robert Lantz. I was their over three hours due to the computer became frozen after he submitted my refund. He then had to redo everything and submit them. This is not the first mistake that happened that day others were complaining to. Robert gave me a $50 gift card and he said the money will be on it in about an hour. Hours past by and I still did not receive the money. I called Jackson Hewitt customer service and she said to wait a day for the money to be available. I waited another day and still nothing I called back and talked to customers service Christina and she said sorry since Robert had to redo the taxes I cannot get my $50. I said how is Jackson Hewitt going to advertise a $50 gift card and then give you the gift card and not even give the money on it? She said sorry there is nothing I can do. I asked to talk to a manager or someone hirer up and Christina said she is the highest I can talk to. She then put me on hold while she took another phone call then when she came back on said can I have your name again and number and that she would call me back. I have been a client of Jackson Hewitt for years and I'm feed up with the service and the lies about I would get $50 and can not now. Our whole family will not be clients of yours in 2015

    sincerely very upset client,
    Tiernan & Angela Dietz

  • This is the worst product that i have ever used due to the fact i live in ga and have always used turbo tax and got my money on time with them i have rwo wait a few days later then when i was supposed to get it

  • I have been a long standing customer of H and R block and for the first time I decided to go with Jackson Hewitt because of a promotion they were having offering a$500 dollar advance on my tax return. My agent happily assured me I had made the right decision, I had NOT! At first glance everything had appeared to be going well and I was informed I would receive the funds withing 24 hours. Within the 24hr period I received notification via text that the funds were available. I proceeded to the nearest gas station, filled my vehicle and swiped my card. The transaction went through and I was on my way.
    From there I went to the ATM and tried to withdraw $300. I followed all of the instructions as written but for some reason I was given a prompt stating my transaction could not be processed. Confused I pulled out my phone and logged into my account to see if I could figure out what was going on and when I did, much to my surprise and though NO funds were dispensed from the ATM my account showed that the transaction had been processed.
    I immediately called the customer service number on the back of the card. It took 5 minutes of running in circles through their automated system before I could even get to an option to speak to a customer service rep. Once I was finally being transferred to an agent it took 53 minutes of torturous elevator music to actually speak to an agent.
    I spoke to an agent who was ABSOLUTELY no help at all and extremely rude. I was informed that I would have to be mailed a claims form to fill out and return and that after the claim was received, it would take an additional 10 days to process my request and dispute. I found this unacceptable and asked for a supervisor. I was told there was not one available and was asked to call back in about an hour. I was not about to go through another 53 minutes of waiting so I informed the agent I was going to remain on hold and that I would not be hanging up until I had spoken to a supervisor. I was again placed on hold for another 26 minutes.
    The agent then returned to the line to say he "could not find an available representative" and again asked to call back. I refused and told the agent I would remain on hold because he obviously did not understand me the 1st time. this process repeated itself over and over again until the agent had asked me 11 TIMES to call back and I refused and remained on hold. The agent began getting angry telling me he "had other calls to answer". I informed the agent that I did not care and again informed the agent that I was NOT getting off the phone until I spoke to a supervisor because I had used a separate phone to call again while I was on hold and discovered that their line was now currently "down for maintenance" and I knew he was only trying to get me off the phone because it would have been impossible for me to get through had I done what the agent suggested and called back. I was placed on hold again…..
    After this the agent returned to inform me that he "may have found a supervisor" and he placed me on hold again. 10 minutes later he returned to the line to repeat himself and then again put me on hold. It took an hour and 57 minutes and I was finally on the phone with a "supervisor". I explained to the supervisor in detail what the problem was and was given the run around until I began to reveal exactly how aggravated I was and informed him that my next phone calls would be to the BBB and then to file a lawsuit. He then assured me that he would resolve my problem by the close of the business day. Needless to say after experiencing some of the most disrespectful business practices I had ever witnessed that I am not holding my breath for a prompt solution to this issue.
    Thanks for ripping me off Jackson Hewitt!

  • Well, as I can see it is not going do any good to complain. I don't know if any of these complaints has been taking care of but here is mine. I was also told that I was going to receive a Walmart gift card for $50 and needless to say I did not get it. My JH tax guy to which I have used for the past 3 years told me I would receive it in 30 minutes after we were done and I found out yesterday evening a day later after having to go back to walmart cause my tax preparers would not answer my calls or return my calls to tell me that I don.t get the gift card cause I did not pay more than $150 to get my taxes done this year. Well, I am just gonna change to a new tax preparer next year. Thanks for NOTHING Jackson Hewitt. I honestly think our JH people here are prejudice towards WHITE people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Went to JH yesterday to file my tax return. After filling out the tax forms they said it was 675,00 up 300.00 from last year! I told them that was to high. I was told that we would receive a 50 Wal Mart gift card sent to my email and that we would get our 500.00 advance on a card they gave us, I filled out the app online and was approved. Received an email telling me that the debit card they gave me was going to have to be turned into a gift card and that it could take up to 24 hrs to receive the money. Well its been 25 hrs and guess what? No 500.00 No 50.00 email. Called everybody just to have them say I might receive this money by 3:00 today or within another 24 hrs. All you get from these people is I'm sorry or I don't know. But guess what I know? Come Monday if I do not receive my money I'm going to the court house and file paperwork on these people. They made promises to me to convince me to use them and did not follow thru. In my opinion, not enough people are willing to legally confront this company. If there was, than the wrongs might be corrected. I have been a customer with this company for 7 years their not getting #8.

  • I agree, went back to them this year….They don't inform people that they are being charged way over everyone else…When bill goes up from one year to the next, and you had same amount of forms; and it almost doubles in price…would not recommend them to anyone and will be doing my returns from now on with someone else…also others will know and follow…

  • No more business with JW. Their liars! They just lost a loyal customer that has been with them for over 10 yrs. First do NOT be fooled into the 200forfree deal. They tell you only 200 will be deducted from the refund and the rest of your refund will be sent by check. They do not tell you upon e-signing their agreement that all your refund is going to this so called bank and any issues are out of JW's hands now. First JW rep lies and states you qualify to the 200forfree agreement and it is not credit based; they even state it in advertisement on their website. The JW rep will say you will have that money on the activated card they present you in their office. After completing taxes you go home and then you receive an email from this so called bank asking you to complete the 200forfree action online by e-signing their agreement. Upon entering that website you notice the first thing it states is a credit based application, that is not what the JW reo stated to hoax you into this deal. Read the agreement very carefully; it states by signing the agreement you are giving authority to any of the bank reps to DEDUCT any funds they see fit to adhere to any payments or reasons ness.
    I thought it was suppose to be only 200 dollars on the card.
    JW lied to hoax you into giving this so called bank your whole refund.
    I refuse to sign their agreement and the so called bank refuses to cancel the unsigned form and agreement. They also refuse to give me the free 50 dollars for completing taxes with JW.
    Their all crooks and if needed I will obtain a lawyer and sue. Their ads state one thing while their agreement states another and refusal to discard agreement if person does not e-sign and agree.
    JW does not have a real corporate office, this page and contact number is a fraud.
    I was told by this so called corporate office that this is only a corporate contact for the call center.
    This new CEO sucks!
    We had 0 problems and issues before this new CEO took over the company.
    Do not trust JW and do not trust any business associates they conduct business with.
    I will be better off filing my taxes on my own. I already prepare my own taxes anyways so done with JW and affiliates.

  • Jackson Hewitt totally screwed up my taxes in 2008 and I am paying for it 6 years later…..Jackson Hewitt's little mistake has cost me $9,568…..but I will be on Jackson Hewitt's ass now….somebody is going to pay up…..If I had to pay the IRS for their mistake then somebody has to pay me back

  • I have been a JH customer for about 3 years…well after this year I will no longer be a customer. To make a long story short, I called to check on my amendment and the rep did not verify my information. She proceeded to say my SSN and my address!!! I had a friend call just to make sure the rep didnt make a mistake….nope she did the same thing to my friend! When I called to speak to her manager, the manager stated "I don't know what you want me to do. She has been with us for 8 years" I stated "Well something needs to be done" She said "I can't believe what you are saying. She has never done anything like before"

    Screw you Jackson Hewitt

  • Hewitt was given my Court Ordered QDRO, to process our 401K…..last October 2013. Feb. 2014 they notified my attorney and said they LOST the 3rd page. Its now April, they just notified my X -for the 1st time–that they STILL don't have all they require, and have been waiting to hear from my attorney since last March. NICE IF THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD ANYONE THIS A MONTH AGO. We are all now in DIRE financial need and straits BECAUSE of them.

  • Upset charged $200 for simple return, student, said no coupon because we did not come in with one, well no one told us to look on the computer, Area mgr which I would never have working for my company told me That was not their Problem! Strange when I used to work for Drew Jarrell they appreciated their customers and treated them with respect?? Boy has the world changed, no wonder this country is in a mess!!!

    • and if you call the corporate office, well you get a foreign office that says the corporate office will call you back in72 hrs????? Nice, not!!

  • my mother n law is 77 years old and all she needed was a copy of 2012 .The office in dyersburg tn. is apparently run by someone who surly don't know the first thing about being professional at all. and fyi if I pay u to do my taxes I better be able to get a copy of it period. Instead of being a professional manager and taking time to explain the way they are just screwing people she decided to show her ghetto degree off and be ignorant and refuse just to do a simple job of giving her information to her so anyone wanting to file there taxes in dyersburg tn. DO NOT USE JACKSON HEWITT!!!!!!

  • I would never go back there they owe me 69$ n if I do not get it or get a phone call by 3:00 I will be contacting the authorties, the irs and my lawyer. It may not be alot of money but to me it is I work part time at a grocery store three days a week they will not get away with this.

  • Do not use Jackson Hewitt!!!! They are unprofessional average people off the street trying to do taxes and accounting issues!!! We sat in the office for two hours while three different people unplugged and rebooted computers. Our tax documents printed at least 7 or 8 times without allowing the e signature part to work correctly. After two hours, we do get to sign and leave finally!!! As part of the current tax preparation promotion, we were to get a $50 visa card to be active within an hour after the forms were signed. Guess what? Because they reprinted the forms over and over and over, the card is not linked to our tax forms and cannot be loaded. We are ripped off $50. They promised us $100 off of next years tax preparation. Guess what? They won't see us again!!!

  • To anyone using the St Robert Missouri Jackson Hewitt office beware. You get rude service, and tax prepares who don't know what their talking about. My husband received separation pay from the US Army, and they messed up our taxes so bad that the IRS is coming after us for almost 8K! because of their office screw up, and not adding on the separation pay as wages and earning like they are supposed to, the MANAGER of the office told us to mail in this letter to the IRS that had NOTHING to do with his separation pay what so ever. We'll be filing complaints with both the BBB and our state representative for this business filing( from what the manager told me) possible hundreds of fraudulent claims.

  • I have been waiting on my taxes since April of last year and everytime I call just another excuse this is Clarksville TN


  • I had my taxes prepared at the Kennewick, Wa office. They entered the wrong bank information and have been lying to me for a month. They have told me three times I could come by the office and pick up a check then have some excuse why they cant issue it. Now I find out some bank in Kansas City Mo. is holding my money. I called the Irs and they tell me I may get it in four to six weeks after a investigation!Of course first the bank has to release the money back to the Irs first. I have used Jackson Hewitt for years but will never use them again

  • I find it quite funny that a tax preparer hired to work at a Walmart Kiosk in the Lauderdale Lakes Florida location would be announcing for people hear she is working in Ghettomart. Just what kind of tax preparer's are you hiring. Obviously this company does not care who they hire…

  • I live in Kyle Texas and how do you contact the main office. The person in charge only will accept cash only. she just ripping off customers

    • all I can say is WOW keep the pressure up, I am going to the media and see if someone there will listen this is crazy. How is it possible to have some many disatisfied clients.

    • Absolutely and there should be a petition started to take this before congress.
      Not only because of Jackson and Hewitt but also because of the IRS supporting this situation. There are thousands of people who is being done this way everyday. An attorney told us that the IRS considers these tax preparer places, scam artist and the IRS will hold you responsible for filing with them, but they will not hold Jackson & Hewitt or any other roadside tax preparer responsible for their theft. IRS told my husband and I that they had no problems with Jackson and Hewitt, so there for we chose who to file our taxes and it was our fault. I believe they are feeding off each other on other peoples losses and neither one give a hoot what happening at all for there is no repercussions for what they are doing.; Jackson & Hewitt or the IRS. We are once again dealing with Organized Crime. Congress needs to be addressed with these issues; It wouldn't be the first the IRS was questions or sued but it may be a blessed first for Jackson & Hewitt. Got to start somewhere. I'll be the first to sign. Between J&H and the IRS we were took for over 4,000 dollars so far. It has been four years now and nothing has been done except for the IRS to benefit and that's all. greenbutterfly63@yahoo.com

  • To Whom it may concern

    I am a student at JH tax school who is not satisfied with the directions of the course. I take class on Saturday from 10am to 4pm during that time all I do is sit at a computer like I do at home and do lessons. Their is NO TEACHING! The office located in Union City, GA is very unorganized and I requested a refund from the Manager Mrs. Sara after she told me NO and I voice my concerns about the class basically she told me too bad "Not In So Many Words" My instructor has not been professional at anytime in the 5 weeks I have been in the class she comes in like she just rolled out of bed with her hair wrap and a scarf. And all we do is get on the computers never really having any kind of teaching. I'm not the type of person to complain but I do not have $150.00 to throw away and give to JH because they don't have people that can teach classes, it is a waste of my time and gas to run back and forth to that office on Saturday when I can do it all from home. If I wanted the online class I would have taken that. But because I wanted to learn something new I decided to take a Saturday class. Who knew that I would be walking into the most unprofessional setting known to man. This far most the worst experience I have ever had and if JH management is treating me like this as a student trying to learn the proper way to do taxes then I can understand why so many people have so many complaints about the customer service all over the US about JH! I have been in accounting for 14 years and never have I seen so many unprofessional people. Bring dogs in the office locking us in the office while she(instructor) handles personal business. I'm just floored that a company that I see everywhere would hire people to run an office in such a manner. JH Union City, GA is not organized and they won't tell me what my $150 dollars includes. I'm in a class where the instructor has NO BUSINESS TEACHING! Because she does not know how it is an discredit for the students that take the class. I hope to whomever this reach that you will do something about this office. I want my money back! At the end of the day if I get a refund I will be happy if I don't then I will continue to file complaints against JH Tax School in Union City, GA I believe Mrs. Cleavland is the District Manager and they office would not give me a number or email to contact her with my complaint. I am a Pro Educator and I will except anything less than what I have paid for.

  • To Whom it may concern I am taken a tax class at Jackson Hewitt in Union City, GA and I am pretty much teaching myself. I just spoke with the Manager Ms. Sara and explain to her that I was not happy with the way the class was being taught. All we do is sit in front of a computer for 6 hours with the instructor not teaching us anything. If this was an online course then it would be NO reason to attend class one day out the week to do the same thing. I ask for a refund on the class and was denied because we have been in class for 5 weeks but not learning a single thing except listening to a narrator on the computer. This is not how I thought the class would be taught and it has been one of the worst experiences of my life. The setting is very unprofessional and the management is unprofessional as well. I paid $150.00 for this class and I still don't know what it covers. No one in this particular office knows what they are doing. My instructor doesn't show up for class or she comes to class looking like she just rolled out of bed and to add insult to injury the instructor has talked to me in an unprofessional manner. I don't know what to do about getting my money back but if they are treating me like this in a class I can imagine what clients go threw to get their taxs done. This will not be the last you hear from me. I am so pro education and always wanting to learn something new. But I will not waste my money on something or a company that has me teaching myself. I don't want to go to another class I just want my money back and to be away from JH! I pray that this message gets in the right hand because not one single person in my class is happy with the way we are being taught. And I will not have anyone disrespecting me when I have paid for a service.

  • I am getting very frustrated trying to speak to a human whenever I call JH. Even when you call the corporate office you are directed to put in your zip code so that you can be linked to a center in your area. If I wanted to speak to someone in my area I would not have called the corporate office!!! It just seems that JH does not have time for it's customers after they make their money off of their returns. All I want is a copy of my 2011 return so that I can complete my fasfa for school!!! I think I will deal with HR Block next year, it seems they have no problem speaking with you by phone

    • You should be able to stop into any open Jackson Hewitt office and have them print that out for you. Also if you have your packet that you got after signing all your paperwork there should be the information for MyTaxManager on JacksonHewitt.com please don't quote me but you should be able to print it off there. I know that phone systems seem confusing most people that call corp want to talk to someone in their area and corp like the franchise offices run very limited staff through the summer and fall. I can assure you though that you will have to show up in person at any Jackson Hewitt office, with photo Id to have your return printed. To ensure your personal information and privacy Jackson Hewitt has several rules about Mailing, requesting your file (electronically), and giving sensitive information out over the phone.

      – I work as a Senior Tax professional for a Jackson Hewitt franchise I do not work for Jackson Hewitt Corp.

  • F this sxx tax service place… Fking morons put that I wanted to claim 600 dollars in donations on my state tax return when I was not claiming anything and screwed it up royally. Then the loud mouth crack head of a tax preparer woman LITERALLY got mad when I wanted to pay for my tax preparation in cash!!!! I couldn't fing believe it. NEVER go to this over expensive xxx hole of a tax company!!!

  • I worked for jackson hewitt this year for the first time. I recieved NO training, just a couple of videos to watch and a test that the manager helped me with to be sure I would pass. I was in NO way ready to do a return when I was cut loose to work. I was hired at a rate of 12.00 an hour, they started paying me 10.00 and when I complained they then gave me 11.00 , I was also promised a bonus at the end of the season and all the info i can get on that is they have 45 days to get it to me , they have just a few more days. I was expected to things on my own time and dime like pick up mail, etc I never did get my ptin number , they said it was sent into the irs now the irs tells me they never received my application yet JH wants to charge me the fee they said they sent with my application. After being told i was to work full time they actually cut my hours down to 11 hours a week.I took every training class they offer and was told when I asked for my certificates that no one cared and no one was keeping track of my training . I will work for the OTHER company next year, wish I had this year !!!

    • As a senior preparer for JH 9 years now I have never heard of such a thing and you need to understand that not all of the franchises are like that. But anyone going to a first year preparer needs to make sure that their work is overlooked by a senior preparer or manager. I am sorry you were fed to the wolves and hope you have a better second year.

  • i actually had a great experience at jackson hewitt and my friends and family did too, got my refund on time and it was more then i got with H and R block

  • The tax preparer in Norman, OK, while doing my taxes, was so worried about telling the waiting clients and myself about her personal problems, she put the wrong bank account number in. My wife pointed out the mistake and she still failed to fix it! It has been 45 days and we still have not received our full refund! But Jackson Hewitt made sure they got their money! I have been told for 2 weeks that I would receive my funds "by the end of the day" Now they claim to have lost my funds between Advent bank and my own bank…I have begged them to let me talk to a supervisor….Jackson Hewitt is a company managed by cowards and I will never pay them another dime of my money!!

  • The Midlothian office charged my 18 yr old college student $100 for filing a 1040ez!! All they had to do was enter a w2 form! They spelled his name wrong also…for $100 you would think they could type the name correct!

  • need to see what is going on in your hillsboro texas office and cleburne texas offices there are some not so right things going on you need to get an audit on these places they are not taking care of some people and taking care of others so look into these places i think u need to—–people get refunds without papers some get turned away that have the papers and some are not getting all of their refund


  • Yeah, Ive had a really bad experience with them. The area manager in Tulsa, OK named Sue Shades just laughed at me for asking her name… This is only a piece of the puzzle of how bad of service they gave me this year… and I have been a customer for 7 years. Im NOT coming back to Jacket Hewitt ever again!

  • I have been filing with JH for over 10yrs and this yr they screwed my taxes up and resubmitted my taxes twice and didn't put all my itemizing on there. I had to amend. Try contacting the regional manager but nobody will call back. Since they don't want to talk to me maybe they will talk to my attirney

  • who or where can i contact to demand my refund????? they issued me a check that i can not cash n now iv been going back n fortha for the past 3 days calling around to try to figure this out.

  • I will never use let Jackson Hewitt do my taxes again. The Battle Creek, Michigan office on Columbia Ave. sent me away after having me wait an hour to get my check by telling me that the office was closed now and I would have to wait until tomorrow. I had been calling all day long and I was told that the Manager was too busy to print the checks…..yeah he was busy raking in the money preparing peoples taxes forms himself. Today I got turned away again and told to call the 1-800 number…WHY??? I already know they have my refund. These people are incompetent and rude. Last year I went there and the woman took two hours to do my tax form because she kept losing the information on the computer form…I had to give it to her three times. I should have walked out then. I will never use this company again. TODAY THEY BETTER GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!

    • I used to work for this franchise trust me the drama behind the scenes, also they use temp instead of trying to find people that actually have work in the field. Jackson Hewitt does have good products and if they are the same people that work there when I was there ( an old mean hateful snappy women name Leah as receptionist and her son Marc yelling Mother I know from the back corner). I have worked for 3 other franchises and trust me they way that franchise owner allows his territory manager to handle staffing and training is not the way A Jackson Hewitt office should be ran.

    • I am sorry that you had a bad experience with Battle Creek. I worked for this franchise and I can tell you when I worked there the attitude from that office was all people would talk about. You had the old rude receptionist that snapped at people and her son Marc the territory manager weary sweat pants and fuzzy bedroom slippers at the back desk. I have since worked for 3 other franchises and I can assure you the way that Battle Creek/Plainwell/Kalamazoo Jackson Hewitt are ran is not the way a Jackson Hewitt franchise should be ran. I have stuck with Jackson Hewitt because it is a good product, when your tax professional is trained right and knows there stuff, the whole experience should be quick and easy. If the franchise owner is still the same his name is Allen Beck out of Douglas. He is proof that just because you have the ability to own a business doesn't mean that you should own a business.

    • They lied about the 2012 returns. Jackson Hewitt I don't recommend!They are guessing and telling you what you want to hear just to get business. COLORADO LOCATION

  • I knew that there was a reason why I stopped going to Jackson Hewitt! This "tax professional" didnt add one of my kids as my dependent and my info has already gone to the IRS. So now I have to go through the process of filing an amendment which I have never had to do before! When I called back to the office to inform them of the error the woman that answered the phone told me that she saw two in her computer, when I said that I would bring her the papers so that she could see for herself she suddenly saw the error. Then had the nerve to ask me if both of them lived with me and if I had their ssn..umm hell yea if you see it on one page obviously both of them lived with me. I knew that the preparer was hitting enter too fast and she didnt even ask me if I wanted the Gold Protection or whatever, she said that their work is guaranteed so I dont need it. Ok, Im going to see how guaranteed it is when I go back because I sure as hell am not paying them another fee! And I called customer service for the corporate office number and the woman tells me that they dont have a number but she can pass the message along..wtf! Youre a business without a corporate number or a way for customers to get in contact with you..how shady! I shouldve came to this page and read the comments before I went J.H.!

  • I have had my taxes done at Jackson Hewitt for the past 6 years the 4 of those years have been great. Last year they forgot to submit my taxes and it took several phone calls to get this fixed. This year the girl told me what I was getting back for state taxes and then didn't file them. I contacted the Raleigh North Carolina office and the woman said she would look into and call me back. She didn't call me back and when I took a day off from work to resolve this and called her she told me that she lost my number and that she didn't tell me to take a day off of work. When I informed her that she didn't tell me anything because she lost my number she got snotty with me. When I asked what she was going to do about me having to take time off she said I would have to talk to the general manager and he has not called me back yet. I am filing complaints with the federal trade commission and the IRS and if this is the customer service you give H&R Block may want to send you a thank card for the customers that leave you and go to them because you give shoddy service.

  • We have been doing are taxs here and they tell you they will have them on a date and when you call them they told us that they will have them some other date and they are unprofessional at what they do you need to get people that know what they are doing or you will lose people thank you

  • Dear Jackson Hewitt Ive have been coming to prepare my taxes with you for three years now this year was the worst experience that Ive ever had!! The tax preparer was very unprofessional she was walking barefooted talking on her cellphone she kept getting up going to other tax preparers desk all while she was preparing my taxes.She was so busy in other peoples business she didn't even tell me how much state I was going to get back. Then when it came down to her printing my forms the printer was out of ink!! R U serious Jackson Hewitt I just want to let you know that your company is tacky and very unprofessional and you need to be sued for false advertisement!! I will never come to Jackson Hewitt again sincerely a pissed off Customer!!!

  • Jackson Hewitt is the worse place to file your taxes!Me and JJ went jan. 6th and filed and also applied for the loan was supposed to get it in 24 to 48 hours and still didnt get anything!We went to cancel our tax return with them they said come sign a piece of paper so we did that and as soon as we got to my moms they called us to go back because supposly the irs had already accepted our taxes.Paying that place almost 500 dollars and still nothing.I just called and they said the irs has not accepted your taxes yet!Its been 12 days now!

  • I would like to know who I need to talk to about my disappointment with Jackson Hewitt's tax preparer. I had my taxes prepared in a Walmart kiosk and the preparer was not only late for my appointment, she had some of her friends stop by to deliver some diet pills and "chat". She stopped three times while doing my taxes!! And now I am getting a letter from the IRS stating that I owe money due to an error in my tax return. She checked a box on my State Retirement that was not supposed to be checked and I owe almost $1,000 because of her error.

    After checking with my local 12-month office, I found out that she also did not take the Jackson-Hewitt guarantee for my refund. I did not realize that until they explained it, but I do remember your tax preparer telling me something about not needing a guarantee since it already contained a guarantee. She did make a copy of the IRS letter and generated a check for $26 for the "interest" they charged.

  • At office in beaverton Oregon I was told by who I assume was the manager one thing regarding price and another at the end of the prep work.
    The preparer had to be trained on how to use software while I was waiting and because I qualified for earned income credit and child credits I was charged for a complex return when he did nothing but input the info .
    He then related the overall time it took to the price completely disregarding his training .
    I think that and the 149 dollar service fee is ridiculous.

  • Someone needs to do a investigation on Francise owner Marita Harris (Carlile IN, Vincennes, IN and Washington IN)
    This woman is very crooked, there is a lot of stuff going on that shouldn't be. Her employees are not being treated fair and there have been several client complaints about her in one of her offices.

  • To Whom It May Concern at Jackson Hewitt Tax School I was a student taking a tax class from Jackson Hewitt at one of their location in Inglewood, California. I had a bad experience with management, accommodations, and the competency level of teaching. Management appears once throughout the course during testing at the end of the tax course and only introduces himself to certain individuals. I was the only one in the room in a wheelchair and the only person the manager did not meet with, everyone else in the room receives his business card to follow-up for an appointment. The location did not comply with Americans disabilities Act to provide accommodations to those with a disability; while taking exams at the computer I was put in an uncomfortable position, I had to turn sideways while on the computer testing. Not much teaching was being done by the instructor in the class; for example, each class the same student would read the whole four hours of the class while the instructor would leave the class to go places in the shopping center, our homework assignment was not discussed on turn-in day. The instructor had her favorites that she would give the answers to and let others learn on their own. All we did when we came to class was sit down and listen to the same person read for four hours, eat, and drink the whole time we were in class. Often when the instructor would see me looking at her giving others answers she would say you understand and they do not. Also at the end of the course the instructor kept giving me the wrong forms to turn-in as the final assignment, after doing this twice I realize this was doing this purposely, while other students receives the correct forms to fill out for doing their returns and was able to read the answer sheet of what their should be. The manager and instructor was bias towards me and I receive nothing positive out of the course. When I went on my interview to do taxes for Jackson Hewitt the manager was not present and passed the interview, but when the manager gain insight I was not hired to be a tax preparer.

  • Jackson Hewitt is a scam, and do not care about returning customers. Me and My wife did our taxes here for years. Now my wife is going for here BACHELORS degree and she is having trouble with here financial aide because JACKSON HEWITT did not put her work study W-2 in with our taxes. How do you have a guarantee that is not honored? I preparer was not ACCURATE and now Jackson Hewitt wants to charge us $139 for something they screwed up. The preparer told us that since we are from New Jersey and didnt spend our money with them (Orlando, Florida Jackson Hewitt 2500 Kirkman Rd.) we have to pay. WHAT!!!!!! We are never going back again, thanks for not helping us. I am also a United States Army Veteran. Not just some trash on the street like that guy made us feel. SCAM ARTISTS, not getting my $400 this year..

    • I agree 100%!!! My fiance and i have gone to the same JH for 4 years (Nashville Tn) and had no problems. We went last night to file and they had two people working that have only been doing it for 2 WEEKS!!!! We had so much trouble, i had mine put on hold and he did not have his looked at. They have really become incompetent!!! The district manager will know who i am by the end of the day!!!!!!!!

    • How do you get in touch with the district manager? I had mine put on hold and they did them anyway and the preparer lied and said she talk to me earlier today but I must've forgot and went on to insult me.

    • I filed my taxes with Walmart Jackson Hewitt in Glasgow. They Guarented me a Check on the 28th. I dont appreciate being lied to. I had 2 pay almost 200 dollars 2 have them 2 file them. They didnt use both of my discount cards I had. One from work and one from the mail. I tryed 2 talk 2 the supervisor and she keep telling me 2 call back. I will not do business with U guys again, and I think I deserve my money back. I know someone that filed a month ago with the same people and still no money. I think something needs 2 B done or I want my money.
      Or maybe I will just get a lawyer and see what I can have done. Your tax prepariers shouldnt guarenteeing people money they cant get. As of right now Im broke. I was counting on that check.

    • #1. If YOU didn't not bring in all the information to put on your return when it was initially filed, that is not "Preparer Error" that is "client error". The Accuracy grarantee only covers you when the preparer makes an error on your return.
      #2. You need to learn the definition of incompetent and inexperienced. You have the choice to tell them you prefer an experienced prearer do your tax return or, turn around and walk out.
      #3.Good luck getting in touch with the District Manager.
      #4.It's not the preparers fault that the IRS was delaying certain refunds this year. If you'll check the IRS website, you will see they are cracking down on identity theft and tax fraud. Blame all the people who intentionally file fraudulent returns.
      You say maybe you will get a lawyer then say you are broke and were counting on that check. So, which line are we to believe ?

      You people need to realize, just because you are a customer does NOT always make you right. If you can do a better job keeping up with the tax law changes, then do your own returns. That is also YOUR choice.

    • I worked for Jackson Hewitt years ago and I can tell you that whoever Anonymous-February 27, 2012 5:48 PM reprenting JH is, should not be in this line of business! That's a very rude way to represent any company! My husband and I have used Jackson Hewitt Tax Service for a very long time and have had very good service until 2011. We were late getting our tax information into JH so that was our fault. However, it took us 3 months to get our tax returns back because nobody from a particular Jackson Hewitt office would return our calls. Finally, after a month, we were able to speak with someone from that office who informed us that they just found our tax information. At that time, because we're in the ministry, we were told that the person who specializes in that particular tax prep, is only in on Thursdays and we would need to call back then instead of them calling us back? This is totally unacceptable from Jackson Hewitt. Their fee was way too much besides having our information for three months. We are giving this particular franchise of Jackson Hewitt one more chance to prepare our taxes properly and in a timely fashion. (Shoud be within 24 hours
      after receiving our information) By the way, not all Jackson Hewitt locations in the U.S. are
      created equal as far as employee quality. Unfortunetly the not so good ones are the ones we usually hear about.

    • Jackson hewitt is a scam I'm going to file a lawsuit. They have been doing my taxes for at least 20 yrs. I went just recently in feb 2014 to have my taxes done. When I received my check I went to three different places to try and cash it, no one would they all said to take the check back where I got it from and have them to reissue me a different check because that check had already been previously approved. Meaning someone else has already cashed a check with the same numbers on it. I paid almost $400 to get my taxes done and this is how they treat customers. So they pretend to be trying yo fix the problem. I will NEVER go back there again.

    • Of all the tax prepare service — I must say Jackson Hewitt is the worst to deal with. They do not tell you up front that you are not getting a paper copy of your 1040. They are snotty to you on the phone. All there local offices are not in service – but they still pay the rent on them – but closed until next tax season. So you need to travel out of town to get a copy or what until they are good and ready to email you a consent form and mail it back with a copy of your ID. Then they will email (not send a paper copy) to you of the 1040. So real BS in running a business. You pay big money to get your taxes done and don't even get the paperwork. Now filling out my Student Grant – I am at a standstill having to wait on them to send me my copy so I can finish my application. My family will never use them again !

    • Absolutely agree. From the outset J.H. turned out to be the worst experience. Examples: 1) They scammed customers by advertising a donation to a chacherity I support. I had to fight tooth and nail and still don't know if the money made it to the charity.
      2. The preparer sent IRS a cache of blank papers…BLANK!! Never checked before mailing them.
      3. The office was filthy and hot..pizza boxes stacked everywhere and computer broke down after three hours of data entry!
      4. JH failed to complete my State forms and I had to hustle to avoid problems.
      5. For the first time in 40 years, I'm being audited; I keep good records, but wanted to have JH review their work to determine what forumula was used for certain expenses. I called the local and no one spoke English! While I'm somewhat fluent, it was impossible to communicate.
      6. Calling the Corporate number got me nowhere. They said someone would get in touch with me in seven days!!!! No manager. They allege they're given no numbers or contacts other than an email that we can access on our own on the internet. HORRIBLE COMPANY.

    • I have filed my tax with Jackson Hewitt for the third year 2014 and totally disappointed with False information and poor customer service! The day I file my taxes, tax rep didn't seems so friendly and eager to be of any help. Then having to go to another office out of my convenience, was relief to have a quick service. Finally!!! However, got exciting news about a $200 promotion offer that turned out to be a Glitch from what I was told. Yes total failure that was on Jackson Hewitt's part. So I go back to that office and questioned about what happened to a $500 cash advance instead of $200 that was changed the day before? Well I guess it was a failure of false information. I don't think it was right or Fair at all. Now I wasn't able to get the remaining $300 ;( but its okay because I will find somewhere else to do my tax next year!!!

    • This is my 4th year at Jackson Hewitt and MY LAST!! When I completed a simple 1040 return you wanted to charge me $600!!! I don’ need any explanations about your base cost and $125 per sheet or form because the bottom line
      Is it took my preparer less than a half an hour to complete my taxes and there is no service in the world worth $600. Do you realize how much of my hard earned money you just took from me that the government said I was entitled to because I didn’t make enough to support my family. But it doesn’t seem to be on Jackson Hewitt’s conscience
      to take away that return from the hard working people of this country. You are literally raping people with the amounts you are charging and then when someone does say something about the cost when they are completing the process, the location manager acts like she’s doing you a huge favor and will offer $50-100 off. She’s been doing that every year I have been there. So why not just drop the prices the $50-100 and they still would be outrageous. NOBODY, I mean NO TAX Service came close to the price you took from me when I brought my return around to show them and ask them what they would have charged. The closest anyone came was $245!!!, almost a third of what you did. Next year I won’t be able to give up that kind of return, not that I can this year but I will know better than to even step foot in your offices . . . . . .!!!

      P.S. Last year you made a mistake on my return and the office manager wanted to make all kinds of excuses why it happened and didn’t want to stand behind it. I lost $1,500 off of my return for her mistake and Jackson Hewitt didn’t stand behind that mistake and give it to me!!

    • Jackson hewitt gateway office rep say they have problem do state returns they not skill so maybe they need new people

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