Jaguar USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jaguar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
Attn: Customer Relationship Center
555 MacArthur Blvd.
Mahwah, NJ 07430 USA
Customer Service Number: 1-800-452-4827 then press 9
Jaguar Land Rover Limited
Browns Lane Allesley
Coventry, CV5 9DR UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44 24 7640 2121
Fax Number: +44 24 7620 2101

  • I see from the posted comments previous to mine I'm in 'good' company with a very 'bad' car and organization. We purchased a 2013 Jaguar XJ AWD – it was a CPO car; thank goodness! In under 50,000 miles we've replaced the engine, suspension parts, alternator, and the list goes on! Contacted Jaguar USA over a month ago and got offer a $1500 coupon to buy another car – meanwhile the dealership (Hennessey Jaguar Atlanta) comes back with an offer that was roughly 30% more than what I paid for the 2013!?!… Seriously, if the car was just run right it would be super, but given it's issues and the way they treat their customers it will soon have a for sale sign in the window!

  • I would never buy another Jaguar ever, had the worst treatment ever from the Waukesha location in Wisconsin. I have had my car at the dealership over 6 weeks and they keep giving me another story is to why my car has not been repaired yet. I keep getting mislead each time I call there. I even went all the way up to the general Manager Jamie Lubar which was the rudest person I have ever dealt with, he fabricated the story of why my car has not been repaired and he refused to help resolved the issue and stated he didn't care if he lost customers do to poor customer service. Take my advice don't ever buy a Jaguar, worst car I have ever owned.

  • does jaguar pay colin kapernick to endorse their cars? He is very disrespectful to America and our flag. I'm sure jaguar doesn't want to support a person like this. If he is going to be part of jaguar I will be selling my jag and won't get a new one until he is gone!

  • I have loved jaguars but my experience with my 2012 XJL is horrific!!!! I dropped my car off on July 29 for a sunroof visor to be replaced since it was the last day of my warranty, no mechancial issues at all under hood or anywhere else. Jag couldn't locate a shade no where. so they called me to pick up my car August 26 and told me they will let me know what Jaguar USA will do. after picking up my car on 08/26 I had a rattling noise on the right passenger side of the car and my brake caliber bolt fell off as I was driving. not to mention someone else phone was connected to my blue tooth in my car. PARK PLACE JAGUAR REFUSE TO ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR THE DAMAGES OF MY CAR!!!! but I had none of these issues prior to dropping my car off.

  • I LOVE Jaguars! I have bought a new one every year for 20 years now.
    This is the 4 year mark for my 2012. I will be buying in October.
    However, if Jaguar does not pull it's endorsement of Colin Kaepernick,
    I will buy a new car but it will not be a Jaguar! Look around because many people are calling for a boycott of Jaguar due to the company's endorsement of him.

  • I have always had a great experience with your company which is why I own a Range Rover and a Jaguar XK. My last experience was quite different than prior experiences. I scheduled to drop my car off and pick up a loaner. When I arrived at the time scheduled, there were no loaner. They offered to take me to my office. I my office is located in Savannah, Ga which is 50 minutes away from Hilton Head Jaguar. I explained that I am suppose to be in a surgery shortly. Ii was on my lunch break which all had been explained to Bill when I scheduled the pick up. Eventually I did get a loaner. Bill did a good job keeping me abreast of the numerous services that my car was in need of having. My car was delivered to my office but as I was transferring my personals into my car I noticed that my passenger floor is soaking wet. We called the dealership and they said for the driver to bring my car back. Later Bill informs me that they will need to take my dashboard off to fix the clogged drainage from the air conditioning condensation. When I received my car back, I was appalled by the condition of my dashboard. Bill response was that he told me that they would not be able to fix my dashboard back to how it was. ""This is why,I suggested that u pay for a new dashboard." Which I explained to Bill that I had just spent 3500 dollars. My desire was to just have my dashboard just like it had been. My car had to go back to service to fix my dashboard. To my dismay, after coming back into the country, the dashboard still looked horrible and now my speaker that is located in the top center of the dashboard was cracked in several areas. I have made several calls but with no resolution. I have left messages. I am very frustrated and concerned about future work. It is about time for me to purchase a new vehicle but I am seriously contemplating if Jaguar and Range Rover are my best choice due to the service department. I love your vehicles but I cannot say the same for my experience with your new service department manager, Bill. Thank you in advance for your assistance in advance. Dr. Karen Cooper

  • For my Jag XJ 2013 model, I was really ripped for my 2nd service. the total amount was $951, when i checked the details, only oil change was done rest everything was either CHECK or INSPECT. Is it the same way does Jaugar charges their customers, or was i over changed by Dealership. Appreciate if you can look into this.


  • I own an older xk-8 and what an electrical nightmare, small wonder their re-sale is in the tank. I considered an XK, but for the love of God, I cannot figure where the idiots at Jag and Aston got the idea to install a useless back seat in these cars, not all people are shrimps, eliminate the back seat and give us more leg room, its a no brainer!

  • Had my 2015 XF for 90 days and it has been in service for 45 days and counting. They cant figure out what the problems are

  • I just purchased a Jag 2016 XF waited for over a year with money in hand to purchase the car. From dealing with the dealership to get the car ordered to receiving the car was absolutely terrible. You call them to ask for updates and cannot even get a call back. After finally getting the car its missing standard features that jaquar was advertising on the rollout of the new car. I tell you after this experience I would NEVER EVER buy another jag. I am so frustrated that I plan on trading this car in after a year. I don't even hardly drive the car now and had it less than a month.

  • This is the worst company i dealt with in my life. From the first day i bought my 2015 XF it has been all downhill. I had the car for 10 weeks and it has been in service about 10 times for different things. Then i called Corporate to complain, and spoke to a girl named Crystal who left the company, and a guy that took over for her named Matthew who was VERY VERY rude, didnt return calls, and told me to call the BBB.
    I will never buy another Jag, even though i love the way they look.

  • Nick W
    Spoke to Customer Service at Jaguar HQ USA, Extension #9. The woman who said she was the manager seemed completely unable to answer my questions, especially regarding overseas delivery, which seemed to her a strange idea. The disappearance on the website of the lease price on the XE shows that the price of the car ($34,900 on the website) is a fictitious price as related to the cars coming in! Of course none of the dealers know where that lease price (that no longer exists) came from, and have no info on the car.

  • I have a problem with Jaguar of Fort Myers. They didn't fix a warranty problem and blamed me for the reason. After phone and e-mail contacts, they game me the option of bringing the car back, treating me like a bad person, or taking the car to another dealership. The Jaguar NA customer relations personnel told me that since all of the Jaguar dealerships are privately owned, Jaguar NA is only concerned with warranty items and any customer to dealer relationship issues are not its concern. I'm still waiting for the survey for my last visit. Must have been lost in the e-mails.

  • >Part 2 >
    I did not expect this from a high end automobile company like Jaguar. For an expensive luxury car, our experience has been very disappointing. Given the constant issues with this car, we would never suggest leasing or purchasing a Jaguar.

  • Part 1 of comment
    I own a Jaguar XJL 2011 car which we bought a few years back from the Jaguar dealership in Great Neck, Long Island, NY. Although the sleek stylish look is an advantage, my overall experience has been absolutely horrific and death defying.
    > > Although there were only 35,000 miles on the car, earlier this year we started experiencing numerous technical issues that were affecting the overall performance of the car. For example, as we were driving on the road, the car would automatically shift gears into neutral. In some cases, we had to keep driving on neutral to get off the highway which obviously can be very dangerous. It happened several times and when we took it to Jaguar service station in Great Neck for servicing, they assured us that they fixed the problem and all was good; however, it happened again and again.

    > > In March 2015, I had the most terrifying incident occur when I was driving on the Triboro bridge from NY to NJ. I had my 12 year old son and 10 year old niece in the back seat. As we were on the bridge, the gear shifted automatically to neutral and smoke started to come out from the front engine. As the car started slowing down, and since there was no more control over the acceleration, I was very worried about getting rear ended by the vehicles coming up behind me. Since I was on the middle of the bridge, I had no choice but to keep driving until I could safely get off as there was no shoulder for me to park. The smoke had enveloped the entire outside of the car and I was so fearful of my children's lives. It felt as if the car was ready to blow up. We finally made it off the bridge and I immediately stopped the car on a shoulder lane and called the service hotline. Again, the car was taken in for servicing and the technicians supposedly fixed it and they said all was good.
    > > Not so long after, the gear started automatically shifting to neutral again as we were driving to a friend's house. As we were too far from home and did not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, we stopped and turned the car off, waited a while, and then turned it back on so it could somehow reset itself. Unfortunately, this process had to be done numerous times until we were able to reach our friend's place. All the while, feeling as if the car was going to die out on us. Once we finally reached their home, we called the service hotline which towed away the car and we had to cab it back to our place. This time around, the Jaguar service station said that they were replacing the entire transmission. This replacement took place just 4 months ago.
    > Within a month later we had another similar situation, and took it into the service station. This time they said that the software was not re-calibrated and now that they did we would no longer have this issue.
    > >Unfortunately, since then we have had a couple more incidents where the gear automatically shifts into neutral while driving. This of course, is an extremely dangerous situation while driving on a highway, bridge or tunnel. Having this constant feeling of being unsafe in your own car is very unnerving. At this point, I feel that we have given the dealership enough opportunities to resolve the situation, however, I believe that we have been sold a lemon. Knowing that we don't put much mileage annually on our vehicles, we financed this car so that after paying it off, we would still be able to enjoy it for many years after our payments were over. When we last approached the dealer recently, and wanted to know how they plan to rectify our situation, they suggested leasing or financing a new vehicle. This feels so much like a bait and switch tactic. Unfortunately, we are expected to bear the burden of additional costs of many more years of payments when I am almost finished paying off this one. This seems quite unfair when the cause of the problem seems evidently to be a defective vehicle that was sold to us from the start.
    –continued on next comment post

  • Customer at Tom Wood Indianapolis, great service but they do not fix anything yet still charge you
    my car was missing out they have put several parts on it which did not fix it but charged me for them any way, getting ready to buy a new car, love the jaguar but think I will go to a American made local
    dealership that backs up there work. Monster

  • I am sitting in one of the partner's offices listening to him have an extremely frustrating conversation (again) with yet ANOTHER person who is in no position to answer any of his questions, or anyone else's for that matter. Her instructions appear to be that she is to transfer him to voicemail only, and has told him that there is not one person in the building that has time to take his call. Not one! He's telling her not to transfer him to another voicemail, it's pointless … he's left several messages over the last two days with no response yet. His car was apparently finished being serviced when someone noticed an issue with his tires and he's attempting to respond to their last query and get his car back. I'm only hearing one side, but I can tell you that it's a rare sight to see him so angry, and it's pretty clear what she's saying since he's parroting her answers in frustration. After all of the blogs and message boards I've just read, I have to say I would NEVER buy a Jaguar nor would I encourage anyone else to. In fact, I think I'm going to make it a point to let as many people as I possilby can, know what crappy customer service Jaguar has here in San Diego and apparently accross the board. I don't care if they're the most well built piece of machinery money can buy. That only goes so far. Hint: it's the customer service that makes loyal customers. It's clear they don't care AT ALL for their customers. Unless of course you like being treated like you're horse dooky. In that case, buy all the Jag's you want, you'll be VERY happy. What snobs, Unbelievable!!

  • The Naples, FL dealership is an extremely hostile and abusive environment I have ever seen! I am informing many of this and to stay away for your own safety!!

  • My daughter just bought a used Jaguar 2001. it is her first car..
    Loving it but trying to get any parts without the outrageous expense of the dealerships is just a nightmare.. Looking for a simple key and remote fob.. Jaguar should provide another way to get simple parts without getting reamed by the dealers..

  • Orlando Jaguar is in my opjnion the last place I would do business. No medsage back and when I called back in conversation David the msnager tried adding words to my mouth. Which I corrected him twice. SNAKE!!!!!!! LOL then insulted me by offering me a used Jag when I specifically said new. Get a new manager or lose more customer and more money. Terrible service

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