Jamba Juice Corporate Office Headquarters

Jamba Juice Corporate Office Headquarters
Jamba, Inc. Address:
6475 Christie Avenue Suite 150
Emeryville, CA 94608 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-596-0100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-473-7848
Email: n/a

  • I am not sure I understand why the paper/hard quality of a reward card code or gift card from JJ is so poor- when one scratches it, the numbers come off ( how does one know to 'scratch gently' as the instructions are written on these extremely low quality cards? If plastic is not an option when producing an actual gift card made by Jamba Juice – why not use some other way to imprint it so numbers do not 'disappear' when trying to reveal the code?

  • Does anyone have the number to corporate? Every number online has been disconnected or no longer in service. There has to be a way to get a hold of them. The two numbers I have are 510-596-0100 and 866-473-7848

  • Just trying to find out why they require their employees to find coverage when they are sick? I know someone that was ill and they said you get a no show write up for not getting coverage for being sick. The labor board said if it came to a write up the employee could grieve it and Jamba Corp could be sued. It is not the employees responsibility to cover a shift. They have paid sick time for a reason. I have been in Jamba hearing the managers saying they will write up someone if they don't find a replacement when they are sick. I am a frequent customer and this disturbs me. Also, the law prevents them from asking why you are sick and they also asked her that. So perhaps Jamba stores in the Manteca Area should check the laws before they get sued…. You never know whose family actually is an attorney or works for the Labor Board….If I hear of this being done again I will contact the Labor board for an investigation of that Jamba.

    • I totally understand I work at one as a shift lead and it's just me and my GM in the morning and if one of us don't feel good we have to go in no matter what because we only have us and we are also feeling over worked so we can't call off or find our replacement when were sick because we can't cause only people we have is high schoolers that can't come in until after 4 pm so we have to go into work no feeling good because our boss don't care about the GM or me she acts like she does but she don't and because the way were being treated me and my GM are looking for a new job elsewhere because she seems to pick on us every time she comes in but her other stores look like crap so if you ever hear about Amanda don't believe anything she says.

  • Hello,
    My name is Nichole . I recently stopped working at store 0111 in Northridge. I wanted to email you because i am appaled at the unprofessionalism in that store. I had been working there for 3 years and the AGM (now GM) Tatyana Saldana has made for a bad experience.I left this establishment thinking i would come back at the end of the summer, which Tatyana assured me i would be able to come back after my summer internship was over. But i will not be returning. I would rather be jobless than work for her . Tgrought my time there she repeatedly talked about how she "hated" employees infont of not only guests but other employees. She instructs team members to give the regulars free drinks.but that is not why i am upset. I am upset because she went to other employees and began to talk about my personal life and my business. That is very unprofessional of a boss to do. I have seen her do this with other employees and now with me and Now that i have left she still gosspis about how team members lives along with graphic details about her own love life. I am tired of the unprofessionalism at this establishment. Now that i am gone I am able to inform you without fear of repercussion. She has said on multiple occasions " not to cross her because she makes the schedual" and if you do you wont get hours. This establishment is not a work place. It is a highschool. With Taty being the mean girl. I would rather be jobless then be in highschool again.

  • At the jambajuice in norco, ca has been happening many intended of robbery and credit card fraud and the DM don't even care about it so the day that something even BIGGER that an intent of a robbery or credit card fraud happen I would like to see his face and the owner one they have a dead employee please take an action to this matter don't let this like a another comments.

  • I went into a jamba juice in Highlands Ranch,Co where I seen one of the supervisors take a picture og a younger employees butt with his phone and proceed to text. A few minutes later his phone went off and he started laughing. I asked the young lady who that gentleman was, she stared thats the gm Nate Sander. I couldnt believe my eyes that a GM would behave this way. Being in HR myself I ran his name only to find out he is on parole. What kind of company puts parolees in charge of young kids. I will never go to another Jamba Juice again. I only hope that this place has camera's in place and will catch this pervert disrespecting young ladies. Local law enforcement stated that the girl needed to file a complaint not me. What is with this world. I will share this story with everone so rhat they will not support a company that hires felons like this.

  • I ordered a Citrus Squeeze at the Paso Robles CA Jamba Juice this morning (7/8/15). Everyone was pleasant and I received good service. I drove off with my favorite drink in hand but upon tasting it, found that it tasted rancid. I turned around and returned to the store and was given my money back. The problem with the drink was that either the orange juice, or the pineapple juice was rancid. I explained this to the 3 workers present, but felt from their reaction that they either did not believe me, or thought I was wrong. Later, I thought what I should have done was to immediately call corporate headquarters to report this. I do not think any of the workers took the time to check out the possibility that one of the juices might be bad. My biggest concern is that someone (possibly a small child) may drink the rancid juice and not know it was spoiled……they could get very sick. I hope someone will check on this immediately!

  • I will not return to the Jamba Juice in Orange California at the village mall, as I walked into the door I saw a middle employee throwing in peeled orange and a female employee which missed that employee and smashed on the back wall the three people in the store laughed. I ordered my usual drink a citrus blast with protein powder, when I received the drink it had lumps of protein powder unblended as well as large chunks of pulp from the fruit. I asked the person that made the drink is it supposed to be this way and I ordered my usual drink a citrus blast with protein powder, when I received the drink it had lumps of protein powder unblended as well as large chunks of pulp from the fruit. I asked the person that made the drink is it supposed to be this way and he told me yes. I've been to many other Jamba Juice locations have the same drink every day this is the first time I've had one like that. From there I went to the gym with in the same complex as to where this Jamba Juice is located and found out that most of the people that go to the gym do not go to that particular's Jamba Juice store.

  • On April 12, 2015 my grandson and I entered your store in Murrieta, California on Clinton Ave and Mc Elwain shopping center to purchase two drinks. Upon entry the manager Carl told us that he will be with us in a minute. We waited, and waited as he was cutting and preparing containers to stock the shelves with his ingredients. While he was doing that another employee had finished two drinks for customers that had ordered prior to the two of us entering the store.
    Approximately, six minutes later I question both employees, “Are we going to get any service.” At first both employees pretended not to hear me. I repeated it again. Carl, then ask me what did I say? I told him again that are you going to take my order. He replied with an attitude, I’ll be with you in a minute.
    At this time I was upset and seven minutes had elapsed so I told my grandson that we will go to Jamba Juice instead. As I was leaving the store a customer came in. I quickly returned and stood outside the door of the store to observe the next customers treatment. Carl asks the customer what he could help the customer with. Took his order and processed with no wait at all.
    I quickly came into the store and asked Carl for his name. He game it to me and I told him that I will report his conduct and professionalism to his Regional Manager and Corporate office.
    It’s a shame that in this day and age the color of my skin has a lot to do on how I’m treated. The fact is I’m an African American man and my grandson is an African American child and it is a travesty, deplorable, and unprofessional the way we were treated. However, a Caucasian customer receives immediate service. I will never purchase anything from your store because of these actions. I will encourage my family, friends, federal service workers, and Marines to never use your products until I receive an apology for the rude, harsh treatment of a paying customer who has served his country respectfully as a Police officer, Federal Employer, and Marine.
    I firmly believe that Carl needs to look for employment elsewhere or be retrained in customer service.

  • Hi, I not happy with my order,I ordered a fresh squeezed juice this morning and I was very unhappy that I paid for a large juice and half of the cup is filled with foam because Its blended, so I paid $8 for half a cup of juice this is totally wrong , I feel so cheated

  • I had not been to a jamba juice in a while because let’s face it, the smoothies are not healthy but I was desperate today. As I’m getting to the end of the smoothie I almost choked on a piece of foil. That could have been a child choking and would not have ended well. I know things happen but having a piece of foil getting sucked up a straw is not great. I will no longer go to jamba juice and I will tell people what happen.

    • Me too!! Then I called the store to notify them and they were kinda stand-offish, I called corporate to submit a grivance, and they totally made me feel like they were going to handle it and they were willing to reimburse me.

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