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JB Robinson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact JB Robinson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sterling Jewelers Inc.
375 Ghent Road
Akron, OH 44333-4601
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-234-466-5000
Fax Number: 1-330-668-5052
Customer Service Number: 1-800-527-8179


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  1. Myself and husband never ate at a Chilis before,we stop in at Crystal City Florida,we were told 5 to 10 minute wait,i ask girl whats wrong with those 2 person booths? other people were setting in that area,was 6 empty booths, she looked at us manager came up said whats problem,she told him said had them in bar I said yes and we don't drink and wont on this side and plenty of room he said I don't no ,My husband said forget it we will go some where else.Be the last time in a Chilis ,Don't understand most places wont to make people happy guess not!!

  2. I went to Jimmy Johns in Portland OR and I'am a frequent customer at other locations in the Portland area; as I walked in I asked to use the restroom and was told I could not until I ordered. Well, I just wanted to use the restroom and wash my hands before I ate, when I stated I would not be eating lunch after all I got the most rude and patronizing thank you. I will not set foot in another Jimmy Johns again, besides Potbelly Sandwiches just around the corner makes a much better sandwich. Thank you very much. I know where my money is going from now on.

  3. have put a Dispute Charge Stop on our order . Need for someone to call us back. Having a Flooring material Problem .
    Thank You, Al and Sylvia Clark (334) 858-8505

  4. Could you please make the "popular searches" a mouse over so we can see more of what it is about to make a better decision for our time

  5. Hi. I WAS planning on ordering some of your small chocolate boxes, with the famous caption on it "Life is like a box of choc…" Your website makes it sound so simple "To purchase Bubba Gump merchandise, please visit your nearest Bubba Gump location or call any location to have merchandise shipped directly to you!: I called 2 locations and the kids who answered were CLUELESS! We visited the Kema location a few months ago and I only bought 2 boxes then because I was also told then that all I had to do was order them online… really? You must not be interested in selling this famous slogan of yours because your Kema and Galveston staff doesn't have any idea what I'm talking about. Too bad.

    1. NCAA can you please please please use your clout to ask the ones in authority to mandate to the refs to let the players play the game when the NCAA tournament begins. We are so sick of flopping and the refs weak non existent fouls. Let the players play. Basketball is getting to prime and proper. Thanks,

  6. It would be nice if the customers could order salads thru delivery. Salads go great with pizza or pastas.

  7. I wanted.to thank Lisa Roth a waitress at my local auburn ny Denny's. Lisa is always happy to see customers. I feel she goes over and above GREAT. Service. Sincerely T

  8. i am writing this post to address my concerns with my Store manager. I am located in store 268, in Red Lion, PA. Our Manager is Stephanie Moore. I have to admit that she was really nice when she came to our store. Then, she changed. They're have been several employees who have spoke up and voiced their concerns with her managing skills, and the way she goes about things.
    I feel that Stephanie is always belittling her employees as if she thinks that she is better than everyone just because she is our manager. Stephanie shows no respect to employees. She does not have people skills.Stephanie will talk to employees in a rude manner. I honestly feel that whoever trained Miss Moore has totally failed. I have come up with a list of traits and negative things that Stephanie Moore does or is, while they may not be good traits, its the truth.
    1. belittling
    3.Stephanie uses Profanity in front of her employees
    4.Stephanie punishes her employees by cutting hours from them.
    5.Stephanie shows favoritism…for example….if you don't go drinking with her or if she didn't train you you are not worthy enough to her.

    i am telling the truth about this. I feel that Stephanie more should be transferred to another store, so they will see as well, how Stephanie Moore acts. She is not professional at her job. I know they're has been about 3 or 4 people that have called the hotline and complained about Stephanie Moore. So i decided to voice my opinion….anonymously of course. I do not feel comfortable putting my name out there, because i know if i did she would punish me by writing me up for something small or shortening my hours. If something isn't done about Stephanie the store will loose a lot of employees.I hope that corporate office can do something. If Steve Campbell reads this, just know Stephanie doesn't like you. So don't expect her to be honest with you. She is Two faced and only cares about Stephanie. I know that past employees have called in about Stephanie and I'm almost certain that everything they said on the hotline was true. In conclusion, I feel that Stephanie Moore is not the manager that everyone outside the box thinks she is. Also, she needs to be transferred to another Sheetz. And lastly, Stephanie needs to transform her personality and warm up her ice cold heart.

    Thank you for your time,

    Anonymous Current Sheetz Employee

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