Jersey Mikes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jersey Mikes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2251 Landmark Place
Manasquan, NJ  08736
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-223-4044
Corporate Fax Number: 1-732-223-0777
Customer Service Number: 1-800-321-7676

  • There are Labor Violations going on at the Okeechobee, FL store. This owner also owns a store in Sebring, FL so I'm sure it is happening there as well. First, the employees 1st checks are shorted hours. When it was pointed out to the owner, her response was "Well all you do is watch when you are training, you aren't really working." Then she has Mandatory Meetings every month and tells staff that they will be fired if they do not attend. However, she does not allow them to clock in. These meeting last 90 miniutes plus! If it is mandatory to be there, then it is mandatory to pay them! She also docks ALL the employees tips if a customer fails to pick up their phone order. This has nothing to do with not taking the order properly or not getting a phone number. In Florida it is a violation of labor laws to dock pay for walkouts…which is essentially the same as not picking up the order! And when tomatoes went bad because they weren't rotated properly, she sent a message to all staff that she was taking all the tips and would stop all tips if anything like this happened again. Okeechobee is a small country town. If the residents knew hat the tips they were giving to the staff were not being given to the employees, they would be furious. Not to mention that the majority of her staff are high school students that she is fully taking advantage of because they do not know any better. She also does not provide the employees with handbooks and does not complete the I-9 within the mandatory 3 days of starting work. Sometimes its more then a month later. Please contact this store to correct this. My next step will be to contact the department of labor which will result in an audit and huge fines. Thank you.

  • I am extremely disappointed in the way the Jersey Mike's in Raynham, MA handled my 17 year old son who wanted to work for the company. My son applied and was interviewed by 2 managers and was then offered a position. We went in together to fill out tax forms and additional paperwork. He was told he would be contacted in the next week for his hours. After a few days no one contacted him so he went to the location to follow up. The manager was there and still did not have hours for him, but did provide him with a code to use for the employee discount. My son continued to follow up for 3 weeks with no one giving him a schedule and saying that they were waiting for his paperwork to be entered. Finally after 3 full weeks he went to the location again. This time there was a new manager who told him that there had been some management changes and she would be looking over his paperwork and getting back to him. Still no response from the manager…. Finally he called AGAIN and spoke to a DIFFERENT manager who basically told him to apply other places and he no longer had a positon.
    This was to be my son's first job and to have an experience like this is one of the most unprofessional experiences I have seen from a company in a long time. Being a hiring manager myself I am appalled! I would NEVER treat a potential employee this way and what lesson is this teaching my son or other employees that work there. I will not be returning to this establishment. I work closely in the community at a non profit organization and plan on letting everyone know of my experience at this place. There is a huge sign that can be seen from the street that says "Join our winning team" all I see are a bunch of unprofessional people who don't care about their employees or customers.

  • The sandwich was not edible. The bread was saturated…soaked all the way through…both top & bottom. Couldn't even pick the sandwich up…it fell apart! Enough mayo on it to fill a pint jar. One soggy mess! I would never serve anyone food like that…ever! If this is your idea of food & service…you won't last long! I threw the sandwich in the garbage!
    Served by Jersey Mike's recently opened on Benfield Rd, Charlotte, NC.

  • We too have noticed a trend at our local Wakefield North Carolina location. The management must not have respect for their employees or blatantly doesn't care about his customers. We have gone in many a times and what appeared to be an understaffed yet time for a rush moment. After looking around we would observe the management sitting at tables playing on their phones or sitting outside and talking to one another. While their store, staff and customers suffered with poor service due to what is a desperate attempt for the employee is to keep up. If a store require staffing of 6 people and clearly a manager is 1 of them. Thisx makes us, the customer not want to go there. I can't imagine the staff that is struggling to keep up and treat each customer with respect appreciate management doing such things. We have even been there when wood looks like a corporate manager was with the manager and yet no time during that did you see them offer to help customers. I would not recommend anyone's kids working for a company like this, we are grateful our Son doesn't work there.

  • You may want to send a notice to all your California store managers regarding the strict California break labor laws. One store is under the impression that a 4 hour shift does not require a break. California labor law if very clear on this matter. Employers MUST give the employee a 10 minute rest period during a 4 hour shift. An employee at one of your California locations have been told that NO break is given on a 4 hour shift. •If an employer does not provide a rest break, California labor law states that the employer shall pay the employee one hour of pay at the employee's regular rate of pay for each workday that the rest period is not provided.

  • OH Jersey Management.
    You have a store located on Old Oakland Road in San Jose California. It has a staff and the atmosphere of a STABLE. In fact I would eat off the floor of A STABLE than this store. The counter top used to prepare your sandwich is a catch all for all the condiments they spread and pour. They then slide your sandwich across all of this mess of fluids and then when the meat as WE watched being cooked, had a few pieces fell into the GREASE tray of the cook-top, were picked out and PLACED ON THE SANDWICH. Now you can see why we labeled this store a STABLE, additionally, the Staff has the knowledge No!!! has NO knowledge of how a eating establishment should be. This store is a reflection of your corporate training and standards for operating and selling goods to the public. So…., Jersey Mike, YOU EAT EAT AT THIS STORE, p.s the San Jose Department of Health and Inspection have been called about this place and staff with regards to their cooking practices and the condition of this store. Both Departments assured us a visit is being scheduled……..

  • Ken Franks
    Home Phone: (248) 477-3339

    Dated: 1/16/2017

    Dear Jersey Mike's Management:

    Hello. Today my wife and I ate at your Jersey Mike's 33220 West 12 Mile RoadFarmington Hills, MI (248) 489-1111 store.
    Jan ordered a small meat Mini Sandwich for our first time there; the meal tasted fine she told me and the service was efficient.
    I came along to site see. As Jan was eating I observed the main dining floor was filthy like twenty (20) miners had camped
    there for a day or two (2). Actual dirt, some napkins littered the floor, three empty tabletops were unwiped a mess in
    general. I refused to complain and decided not to come back. When we got home I Googled JM's and thought "why not".

    So, if there was a lunch rush that caused the mess and unappetizing conditions, I get it.
    Here are the facts: Only two (2) other tables were busy with diners and the help behind the counter were loitering, yep.

    Just thought I'd let you know. A discontented consumer not to return.


    Ken Franks & wifeKen Franks

  • This Jersey Mikes is the ONLY one that has someone who speaks to people EVERYTIME someone walks in and goes out of his way to help them..I live in Cornelius North Carolina and work in HArrisburg. Whenever I go past UNC Charlotte I stop in the Mallard Point plaza and talk to Curtis the manager. This is what a manager looks like. Not leaving my name but he needs to train the rest of these lazy managers and employees on people skills. That's how you fix a company. PEACE!

  • I am an employee at the 403 Fury's Ferry Rd location in Martinez, Ga. I have suspected my store manager of stealing for quite some time now. Our register is continuously coming up short for over the past couple of months now. To my knowledge no one at our local office is aware. Our schedules are not consistent nor complete when she sends them out. The schedules are sent out generally on Sunday evening without a 24hr. notice in advance. We receive them mostly after 10:00pm. She consistently calls in and takes the tips out of the store every night!!! Fed up!! Other employees has stated that they have witness her taking money as well.

  • Tonight around 7:30 Myself,my Wife. Daughter and granddaughter went to Jersey Mikes. We entered and a couple came in after us and when we were waiting for our order to be taken. The employee moved to our left (backwards in the line) And took the other couples order and ignored us. I tried to get the attention of the employee and was completely ignored. We left and went somewhere else to eat. I have been a loyal customer and the only reason I will return is to redeem about a half dozen free sandwiches,

  • I am an employee at the jersey mikes in Indian Land, South Carolina. I was hired in early august 2016. This jersey mikes is in a small strip of stores, it is also next to TCBY. The owners of this jersey mikes are: Bill and Nicole Ross.
    ~The general manager of this store put in her two weeks shortly after I was hired. Also few others quit shortly after as well.
    ~When hired, I told the general manager and assistant manager that I need at least 15 hours every week. Because I am a full time college student along with a car payment. With this said I was hired. I also gave management and the owner a paper including my class schedule and my availability hours, I was able to work at most 28 hours a week. Before my first day I had a choice between a medium women's fitted shirt and a XL men's shirt. I had to choose the men's XL shirt, as for a am a male that fits a small shirt. For almost a week I went into work wearing a XL shirt, when my size is a small.
    ~Management and the owners did very little to get me the proper size shirt. Shortly after my first check (bi-weekly) I was given a medium men's shirt when I requested a small men's shirt. I continuously asked for the proper size shirt, but I received no response. I was told by a fellow co-worker that I have to give the owner (Nicole Ross) a reason to give me the proper size uniform shirt. I still continuously ask for a small shirt, at least for another one. I was given ONE uniform shirt; therefore, I have to wash the shirt practically every day.
    ~I talked to another fellow co-worker that was recently hired. He told me that he wore a plain white shirt his first day, and that he was not in the system for more than two weeks. This co-worker was also given very little hours each week.
    ~Aside from not giving the proper uniform for the job. I have yet to be given the hours I was asked for and told I would be able to get. The first day I requested at least 15 hours, the most I have seen of the was 12 hours. yes, that is close, but that is just once I was given the proper amount in almost 5 weeks. I would believe that the owner and management of this company would live up to their word, and give the employees the proper uniform and hours.
    ~For example, I was scheduled for only a few hours for a given week. Making the total hours for two weeks- 16 hours. that is 8 hours a week. I cannot make my payments and live with those hours. This week the owner Nicole did not schedule me at all, her reason was that she has to train other employees and that I should be on the schedule for the following week. I believe this is outrageous, that an owner would hire people to work for them, but have no regards to take in consideration for their availability hours, reason for which they need a job, time off- for vacation/emergencies/and for religious reasons.
    ~I was told by the general manager that used to work at this jersey mikes that Nicole was not going to hire me because I requested Sundays off for religious reasons. Is that not discrimination based on religion? I am therefore seeking someone from corporate to assist me with this conflict.

    • ~The owner Nicole has her own telephone use policy, which hers is not following the jersey mikes handbook rules. Her rules are that there is no cell phone use under any circumstances; while in the handbook- emergency brief calls are allowed. The owner also wants all personal items-such as the phones. To be places in a cabinet below a sink, where the personal items are completely unsafe.
      ~Another thing I want to point out is the work schedule postings. In the handbook it states that the schedule will be posted Thursday for the following week. Although at this jersey mikes, the Owner-Nicole posts the schedule the Sunday before the week. Allowing little to no advance for the employee to know when he/she works.
      ~For paydays, at this location, the paydays are every other Friday. Just like in the handbook. But what happens in this store that is not in the handbook is, the safe that the employee’s checks are in, is always open (even at peak business hours). The handbook states that paychecks will not be given out between 11am & 2pm, or between 4:45pm & 7pm, our peak business hours. I have never seen or heard of the jersey mikes I work at do this. The safe is always open. Also it states in the handbook that when you pick up your check, you must sign for your check. I have also never seen or heard of this being done at this location.
      ~The owner is very rude to the employees. Sometimes in front of the customers.
      ~Nicole also does not respond to the texts employees (including myself) send her promptly like an employer should. It might take 48 hours for a response.
      ~I believe that this owner of one of the franchises of jersey mikes should be spoken to by someone at the corporate office. Which I am trying to get in contact with someone at the corporate office, if anyone knows how, please share with me.

    • ~The owner Nicole has her own telephone use policy, which hers is not following the jersey mikes handbook rules. Her rules are that there is no cell phone use under any circumstances; while in the handbook- emergency brief calls are allowed. The owner also wants all personal items-such as the phones. To be places in a cabinet below a sink, where the personal items are completely unsafe.
      ~Another thing I want to point out is the work schedule postings. In the handbook it states that the schedule will be posted Thursday for the following week. Although at this jersey mikes, the Owner-Nicole posts the schedule the Sunday before the week. Allowing little to no advance for the employee to know when he/she works.
      ~For paydays, at this location, the paydays are every other Friday. Just like in the handbook. But what happens in this store that is not in the handbook is, the safe that the employee’s checks are in, is always open (even at peak business hours). The handbook states that paychecks will not be given out between 11am & 2pm, or between 4:45pm & 7pm, our peak business hours. I have never seen or heard of the jersey mikes I work at do this. The safe is always open. Also it states in the handbook that when you pick up your check, you must sign for your check. I have also never seen or heard of this being done at this location.
      ~The owner is very rude to the employees. Sometimes in front of the customers.
      ~Nicole also does not respond to the texts employees (including myself) send her promptly like an employer should. It might take 48 hours for a response.
      ~I believe that this owner of one of the franchises of jersey mikes should be spoken to by someone at the corporate office. Which I am trying to get in contact with someone at the corporate office, if anyone knows how, please share with me.

  • I went in for an interview at the 3rd Avenue between 56 and 57 streets in New York and wasn't hired because I am still a minor attending school. I decided to give this company a go again since my options for employment are limited until I an 18 and went in for another interview at the same location on August 30, but knew something was a bit off when the interviewer only had one question to ask me, "tell me about yourself?". Both my interviews were done within 5 minutes. I was hired the next day because I decided to put that my availability is open and thought they would be open to compromise. I was wrong. These people allowed me to purchase Navy Blue Dickie's as instructed just to discriminate against my availability once again. I told them my schedule and wasnt replied to for 4 days and when i got a response I was told "we only train 1-2 people per week". On September 7th I called the store to try and find out how long my wait will be just for a worker to tell me night postions are filled and weekend positions, which was what i applied for on SnagAJob, was unknown. My SnagAJob profile still says I am hired for the weekend position and I have been emailing since then to get clarity, but haven't been responded to. DO NOT apply for this company if you aren't willing to put your life on hold just to make subs

  • Do you people drug test? I know for a fact that your GM on Hull St in Midlothian VA is always high (seen her smoking dope) and she drinks a lot. She is only 20 years, disrespectful and always has her hair dyed some God awful color and comes to work with nasty clothes on. UGH I will never eat there again. Seems you guys need to get it together!!

  • Went for lunch at Jersey Mike store #5027 at 1820 North Brown Rd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043. I ordered a Chicken Salad in a TUB and while waiting for the additions to be added to the order the young guy was at the cash register wearing the plastic glover touching the computer screen touching HIS EAR and constantly rolling down the gloves half way off his hands. When he finished at the register I asked him to change his gloves before he touched my food. The so called manager young woman got bent out of shape AND BECAME VERY NASTY SHE PUSHED HIM OUT OF THE WAY and said you want anything else and proceeded to the register and was putting the tub in a bag when I told her it was for here then she got really nasty and rang up the sale for my son's lunch & mine. The tomato's and onions on the salad were not sliced they did not have a plastic knife for me & i had to use my pocket knife to cut the salad. These people are disgraceful.I am going to file a complaint with the county health Dept I noticed their score at the last inspection was 90 I am sure it will NOT be that high next time. I would appreciate getting a call back from customer service where I left a message.

  • Store #5054 lets start off with wages being put on the schedule since when was it legal to put our hourly wages on schedule or let another manager from other stores to make our schedule with our wages. 2Nd lets talk about loyalty i was a loyal employee to #5054 never a write up warning or complaint from employee or customer from the day i started there. I was employed almost a full year before i was terminated for being ill with an excuse. And lets not forget to mention i never missed a shift nor called out unless it was a sickness sickness which i hardly got or ran off my shift. Cant say the for the GM Ashley Sanders who took a entire week off cause she was quote unquote "sick". The day she came back i was very ill could not stand and was vomiting in the trash cans almost in front of customers back and forth in the bathroom ask GM can i go home 3x and was ignored each time because she was ready to go and did not do the schedule while she was out hanging with other employees outside of work and since when was it legal to be snorting cocain in the back of the store YES I said "COCAIN" and leave the store on your shift your suspose to managing to get a acholic beverage. I was suspended for two weeks no pay two weeks turned to three weeks then four then five now Note yes i did speak with her about suspending me the way she did in a email yes a email the day she made the schedule. No papers was wrote up nor have i received a seperation letter nor have i signed or seen any legal documentation stating a legal and most of all valuable reason of why she suspended me in the first place and yes i did go throught the chain of command note i was a shift leader at this store ask employees and customers how well i was liked the store manager Steven doesnt listen to his employees states he stands by his GM no matter what it is and the store owner was no help says its out of his control what she say goes. Even the home office for Grovetown stated they know nothing of the matter will get back to me never did. Before i was suspended my hours was being cut from 40 t0 30 35 at the most when a new employee who hasnt been on the job a full 2 months yet and doesnt have the company insurance started making 40hrs overtime hired his pregnant girlfriend demoted your(GM) other shift leader cut his pay afterwards moved the new guy to shift leader the day you(GM) suspended me loed and wrongly fired your(GM) main opening shift leader on your (GM) day off with the new guy your boyfriend and the pregnant girlfriend. So i am persuing my legal actions and will be suing that particular franchise. I wont recommend anyone ANYONE TO WORK FOR JERSEY MIKES SUBS IN AUGUSTA GA 2823 WASHINGTON RD #5054 store manager Ashley

  • Worked for a Jersey Mikes in Chicago. Specifically the lake view one. Franchise owner for one is a huge penny pincher David Do is his name. He scams customers and jersey mikes as a whole. He slices his meats extremely thin telling his employees the customers would think there getting more with their money when really there getting less. Ive been told my co workers he only purchases the high quality tomatoes and such only when he knows corporate is coming around but normally he just purchases the cheapest he can find. He has unpaid staff meetings that go on beyond midnight. Ive gotten written up and suspended for a week for coming 10 minites late to a meeting that was unpaid for. Also if its not busy he makes his employees not clock in at their schedualed time until the place actually gets busy. Ive also heard co workers tell me that he has dropped meats on the floor before and still serves it to customers. He watches the security cameras in the store all day long and calls every second about something very dumb. Yes he is allowed to do that because hes an owner but it makes employees feel very uncomfortable. He horribly represents jersey mikes. I would love to see his store close because hes not fit for a business as such.

  • I took a BIRTHDAY COUPON in for my FREE birthday sandwich and drink. I didn't have my ID with me so he made me go back to my car and get it! Then he wouldn't let me use the coupon because my birthday is Valentine's Day Feb. 14th and he said it had to be used ON my birthday! That day ONLY! I'm going to be in Palm Springs with friends on my birthday…… so i guess you can SHOVE your COUPON!!!!!

  • I would like to file a complain in regards to the Jersey Mike's in Altos Oklahoma, I have visited this store on several occasions thinking that the employees were having a bad day. But I have noticed that it never changes, And think that all of the employees at this store need to be drug tested and coached on customer service. I hope that you look into this problem very soon before someone gets hurt. The restrooms has a very strange oder in them and I am afraid to let my kids use them because of the smell.

    • It might be wise to stop taking your kids there if you seriously think the employees are drug users. I mean how good can a sub really be? But maybe the employees are just young kids who need jobs and they work for a company that doesn't give a crap about hiring decent managers to direct, train, and supervise them. This is the case where I live in Temecula, California. I have a teen that works there, and the "manager" is unqualified to handle his job. Professional managers follow child labor laws, don't whine about their marital problems, and don't expect their employees to clean the inside of toilets by hand with a cloth! Not sure about you, but I have no appetite for Jersey Mike's anymore. I guess Mike doesn't worry much about word of mouth because I haven't seen one single reply from the Company on here.

  • My fiance works at this location for over four months now and there has been multiple issues with the management. Were expecting a baby at the end of January and at first everything was okay but now things are not. I know for sure of one employee that left because she had to wait outside for two hours because of the manegment and it seems that for some reason my fiance can't even get the days that we need off for doctors appointments but an another employee gets away with no calls no shows. I know you are probably super busy but I'm really asking for some help more than sending in the GM because Cody will come and get some proper management but only those couple days and Frankly Kevin can't help us. My fiance is a hard worker and loves his job but I can't let this go anymore, I mean 6hours a week can't help us by any means with our soon to be child. So please please help this store you food is wonderful and other Jersey mikes seem to be in wonderful management but I can guarantee that the reason that the store still running is not because the management but because of the wonderful employees it'd be a shame for us to leave Jersey Mike's because of it and like I said before he loves his job and he's such a hard worker who comes in when other people can't make it or can't don't come and this is why I am asking just to help

  • I was a long time fan of your stores: the subs were almost always very good. So I winked and looked the other way when your prices increased 16% over a two year period, while the government tells us we have no inflation. However, your greed has caused you to shoot yourselves in the foot. The introduction in Sarasota, FL of the credit card terminals with the tip feature is too distasteful to be tolerable. Your attempt to embarrass, pressure (extort?) a customer into paying an additional 20, 18 or 15% while the clerk is looking at it is just plain disgusting! You are selling an over-the-counter product, what is the "tip" FOR???

  • I was verbally abused as a customer in your San Marco store located on Hendricks Avenue in Jacksonville by the store manager named Sean on November 11, 2015 at 1:00pm. It began when I called in to let the store know they had our office lunch order incorrect. What a nightmare this was… we will definitely spread the word throughout our small community!

  • the first mikes experiance was positive with good food and service. my second visit the tip line one the ticket was pointed out to me. I chalked it up to a Prick owner and crossed it off of my list of possible lunch destinations. So we finally got a Mikes in Covington GA and can you believe it, the clerk says to watch the screen so I can answer a couple of questions and the Question is what percentage I want to tip. Amazing they Obviously fell that they can slap their (us) customers and that we will take it. I'm now crossing them off of my list of options altogether.

  • I went to the Jersey Mikes in Burlington, NC and there was a tall white guy and he was very rude he never smiled didn't seem like he wanted to even help me. Everytime I go to this store in the day time service it great and fast, but at night people are rude and the place is a mess. I called the manager and complained and so far nothing has changed.
    I use to eat there weekly and now I will not be back.

  • Jersey Mikes started out as a great place with a quality product for a quality price. Then, incrementally, quantity dropped to less than 50% of original. Bread dropped to 1/2 of original quantity. Prices went up. Trained employees went to OJT winging it. Had an employee tell me that corporate hqs told them to cut meat quantity in half, slice it thinner and just tell the customer that it's more flavorful that way. That's like giving the customer a cloths pin for their nose and saying New Jersey doesn't stink! Time to quit all the corporate give away programs using customer money, and get back to professional business 101. Give the customer a quality product for a quality price and everybody wins.

  • What a joke do you guys think that anyone reads your posts? I know a little lady that has worked for this company for 9 years and they still pay her nothing and treat her like a door matt . She is so afraid of losing her job that she puts up with it. She has a 5year old that depends on her .

  • I would rate Jersey Mike's a zero if I could. I went into Jersey Mikes for only the second time ever and had the worst experience and the food was disgusting. I explained to the employee that I was pregnant and asked for the meat to be heated up. She said no. I asked if they had a microwave and she said no. After asking the second time she finally admitted that they have a microwave but it is against corporate policy to use it. Ok fine whatever. I get that she has to follow the guidelines no big deal. I was my choice to continue my order. After spending almost $18 dollars on subs for my family I got them home and they were so disgusting we threw them out and ordered pizza. The bread was hard and dry. We asked for Jersey Mikes style with the oil, vinegar mayo etc and it hardly had any of the condiments on it. I order the BLT because I figured being pregnant they had to cook the bacon. It was so rubbery and all fatty I almost got sick. I called the store Manger of the location at 10020 Lima Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 and spoke with Ola. I tried to get resolution and get my money back but because I didn't not return the nasty subs (by driving 30 mins back to the store) she would do anything and said I can post reviews and call the corporate offices. I don't understand how business's can be run like this.

  • Last night, May 28, 2015, I wanted a sub from Jersey Mikes. I went online to view their hours of operation and the menu. My son and I went to the Schererville, Indiana location and they had the door locked with the closed sign on the door. This was at 8:42 p.m. as I checked on my cell phone. There were employees visible in the store. What kind of business advertises hours and does not stay opened until that time which was 9:00 p.m.?

  • The manager at Metro Center Nashville TN is not only disrespectful to customers but employees as well. She is always cussing and belittling her employees I have never seen such ignorance In my life. That location is a good one and is always busy but I say it would be more income generated if she was not so rude. It's unbelievable and when she slices the subs she cheats customers. Very rude very disrespect ful . That store needs to be watched closely. I think corporate should hire managers personally. She seems as the type to choose favorites. Never smiles or greets customers in a friendly matter. This is wrong and she needs to go.

  • Jersey Mike's Nashville Tn Metro center . Does not give their employees credit card tips. So why does the credit card machine ask customers to leave a tip.??? This should be illigal. Investigate the Manager. Investigate the checks. Investigate and get to the bottom of why they possibly keep $500 dollars or more in credit card tips a month from the employees. And don't tell me cause it goes to their uniforms cause all of their hats and shirts are old or too big. Unless its just how Jersey Mike's rolls and slick just wants more money on your already expensive menu. This should be illegal. It's wrong and straight disrespect. So again why don't your hard workers receive credit card tips that we give them for there fast And friendly service???? Just raise the prices again if you guys. Need more money that bad. Supposedly they do not recievd them because they the employees would have to split them and they would be taxed ?? Really.?? Who gets the tips???I'm asking you as a strong wealthy business that you are investigate this asap!!!!!!

    • Funny I found this on tips. my husband got two subs totaling just shy of $20. When the tip thing came up, he hit zero or whatever you have to do. We then had a pending charge for 83 on our bank account. The receipt read 63 something in tips for a $20 subs. Who does that. Store manager said they don't see the tip part and it goes right to corporate to go into the paycheck of the employees. Since the manager won't help me get 63.00 returned and corporate doesn't respond, we are out of that money. Won't be going there again.

  • I always go to the Jersey Mikes in Parkland, Fl and it is a great store. But yesterday March24, 2015 there was a lady behind the counter right where the food is and she kept scratching and rubbing her nose and wiping it right over the food. A short blonde lady. I skipped getting my sandwich and when I was leaving I asked one of the workers who she was and he said that lady is the marketing rep for their store and 4 others in the my area. She was disgusting and should not be behind the counter.

  • New store in eustis Florida is run by a bunch of kids who are rude and disrespectful. The owner looks grown up but acts like he,s 13 and the girl who calls herself the manager appears high each time I have gone there and is rude on top of it. She appears to be a child in her behavior playing dress up in mommys clothes. Corporate needs to make sure their owners and managers are instructed on REAL management and people skills instead of just playing. Real managers are honest, ethical and maintain high standards in their own behaviors, they don't continue to play "high school drama and clique" games like they are here in eustis. Hoping they close up shop soon we don't need them or want them here!

  • The person cutting the meat was doing a fine job, once the sub was placed for the toppings to be added I noticed the cashier was doing both positions simultaneously and DID NOT wash his hands prior to touching my sandwhich, I asked him if he could wash his hands because he was handling money and then proceeded to touch my sub with a pair of gloves that he touched the outside to. He agreed I WAS CORRECT and washed his hands and then put on a new pair of gloves. This is unacceptable because he would have continued preparing mine and other customers' subs with contamined gloves. I feel it would be in the best interest of Jersey Mike's to re-train employees as often as needed to ensure proper techniques are being followed when handling money and then food. I am going to call corporate and soon the health department as this is not only disgusting but as a paying customer I feel others and myself should not have to tell your employees to wash their hands. So that you know this is a legitimate complaint I retained the receipt: ticket: 01-000829-01-054865 12/27/14 @1:41pm the receipt states that desiree was the server but that is incorrect as it was a male who was serving and working the cashier simultaneously. Please feel free to contact me as I will be contacting corporate after they are back from the holidays.

  • I was hired for Jersey Mike's Subs in West Orange New Jersey. I was sent an email with a training schedule. I was only available for the morning hours which they cancelled because most of the new hires were kids that attended school and could not make it in the morning. I then was insulted by a manager because I smoke cigarettes and my jacket was disgusting smelling and I was asked to leave the store. After that I was sent a text message that they would not be offering me a position after I was already hired and attended orientation and was given uniform shirt and hat and was told to by khaki pants which I spent almost $40 on

    • I can understand not having a smoke smell as an employee however I told the manager I would take care of the issue and would never come in again with smoke smell on me. I also attended the same day a training session that was scheduled originally on a Saturday afternoon and once I arrived I was told the training was cancelled. And that is when the manager continued to insult me and asked me to leave the store. I was treated very unfairly and not even given the chance to return to work without a smoke smell on me.

  • don't really know if your company even reads these I hope so.I've been going to the Killeen Texas Jersey Mike's for about a year and a half now and as of December 15th I will never go back. I own a business in Killeen and what order several platters a month and the food was great and the service was awesome. until today I go in and her second arrogant guy telling everyone he's the new manager and acting like he's better than all the other employees and treating customers like we owed him something are we should be so grateful to be in his presence..don't know what went wrong who in their right mind would put a person like that in charge of their store..will never go back

  • I love Jersey Mikes. I brings me back to the days when folks put meat on their sandwiches; meat you could see when the sub was folded. Today however I was very disappointed.I went to order a #6 Roast Beef. "I am sorry we are out of Roast Beef." It was noon on a Sunday and they were OUT?? So I ordered a #17 and the guy did not even ask me if I wanted anything on it. He just wrapped it up and tossed it to me. The store I refer to is on Air Depot in Mid West City Oklahoma. You have some lazy folks working for you and they are poorly representing your product. P.S. #17 was slimy and I did not enjoy it on bit. Oh that I could have received what I wanted. I hope you folks actually read these comments.

  • i work at a jersey Mikes and i got suspended without any warnings on false information and now they wont even tell me how long im suspended for are they allowed to do this ?

  • PREGNANT WOMEN BEWARE: I'm a religious Jersey Mike's customer who swears by the food – the subs are top notch and the best around. However, today I found that customer service needs a serious look in the mirror. Let me paint a picture for you of today's events. I'm just into my 2nd trimester and very much showing a pregnant bump. I walked in for my usual #7 at the Jersey Mikes Sub shop #13056 on 10304 Roosevelt Blvd N. in St. Petersburg, FL (a different location that I normally flock). I requested that my meat and cheese be heated in the mircrowave due to the high listeria risks for pregnant women like myself. I was given a NO – flat out. I asked, well I'm pregnant and I need my meat heated before I can eat my sandwich. Again, ANOTHER NO we can't it's against policy. Let me tell you something, I bought my sub and walked out so LIVID that I had to go all the way back to work on my lunch hour that could have been spent at the restaurant sitting and relaxing. I had to come all the way back to work with two containers – one for my meat and cheese and the other for my sandwich toppings. Heating my sandwich back at work all because of some ridiculous policy with no regards to pregnant woman and the care they need to protect their unborn children. I'm so maddened by the treatment I received today and would like to warn future PREGNANT woman looking to go to Jersey Mikes for a cold sub period with heated meat. Just don't because you'll be treated like an outcast unable to eat in the dining area like every other human being. Needless to say I called your corporate office to understand this mindless mindset. Your two customer service control reps (Peggy and Melissa your Director of Marketing) feel I should order a hot sub instead with the explanation of heating the cold sub ruins the integrity of the sub (never mind you gave me two containers to come back to my office and heat myself and remake it all together). I'm sorry is the sub for the customer who's paying your salary? I'm not sure I'm following. You have got to be kidding me, this is ridiculous – I'm done with Jersey Mikes and will be telling everyone I know about this experience. They believe the customer is NOT right in this respect and in this case it's appalling and pregnant discrimination.


    • What makes you feel you are entitled to anything? I'm just curious of your mindset. Now, while they could have probably heated your meat easily – what is the store's policy? It's not pregnant discrimination – that's not real, it would only be real if they wouldn't serve you based on you being obviously pregnant. What it was is simply inconvenient and should be a wake-up call for you to manage your expectations. They actually placed your food in two different containers for you as an attempt to compromise and you're considering yourself an outcast? My oh my the first world problems you have, are you sure they are the mindless ones? As a woman and a mother I find your reaction irrational and your generalizations absurd.

  • I went to Jersey Mike's in Rock Hill, SC located on Cherry Road. I am no longer going to buy my subs there due to corporate office does not allow substitutions on the subs at least that is what the employee told me today. I even offered to pay extra for the substitution. VERY DISSAPOINTED!!

  • Okay we have ladies bathroom and a mens…… So why in the hell do I see employees men coming out of the ladies room. I'm gonna go off the next time..

  • I would like to say I worked at your store. In altus Oklahoma and never been more humiliated in my life. The owner made comments of me being a yankee cut hours made me leave early. when discharged. instead of straight up telling me I was discharged. played games telling to me to talk to the manger then he tells me to look at my name on schedual. knowing that it is crossed out like its a joke that I am being discharged.the 2 managers he has working for him are both working doubles working super hard with a short handed crew. He also treating them like crap. when your trainers where in there I got nothing but complaments from them about how well I can multi task they said that's what the company needed when they left my hours was cut and started getting treated like crap till I was basically pushed out the job for reason I don't know I think its because am from jersey wow that's crazy in itself but like I told them I will continue to tell people that jersey mikes is a company with fresh products and top of the line meats best food in Oklahoma in my book never want to hurt a jersey franchise am from jersey and I love where am from and the products we put out godbless and have a great day p.s. even your top guys that where in there traing told me the owners a ass don't listen to him he wont be around all the time your doing great that's what we need well guess not rep jerz am out

    • Sounds like a trend. The owner of the franchise stores in Nashville TN treats his people the same way. Sucks up for corporate, but when they leave it's back to business as usual. And, when did firing people go from "we're going to have to let you go" so they know to go look for another job to just removing them from the schedule & hoping they'd get the idea? Sounds like a wimpy bunch of franchise owners if you ask me. HEADQUARTERS, you need to seriously do some hard-core surprise checking in on how employees are being treated. I know they are franchises; but your name is on the door, so you're the one getting the bad rep for it & believe me, it is NOT good. I only post anonymous for fear of retribution to certain individuals; I normally sign my name to anything I write. Please look into this.

      I would agree that the product IS TOP NOTCH! You might find a cheaper sandwich, but the quality of product & flavors won't be there.

    • Jerkey Mikes…Hermitage ..Stop letting asociates who have a table , eat in, get up ,order their next order to go food for their family,to go behind the register..punch a few keys….And have their orders made immediately… while you are standing in line and have not placed your order.Either it was the managers family or the franchise owners family no doubt….When they finally got to me. …nearly ten minutes later…the sandwich maker took my order and while in the middle of working on my one sandwhich, asked the next person what she wanted and started working on hers.I have worked for 25 years in food service….Yea it helps the next person but makes the person who has been waiting for 10 minutes fume! In my years I have had administrations at Bank of America Expect me to work that way I refused.I'm sure the minimum wage employee was just kissing ass because it was expected of the Boss Family…. at the loss of me as a customers!

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