Jiffy Lube Corporate Office Headquarters

Jiffy Lube Corporate Office Headquarters
Jiffy Lube International, Inc. Address:
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX 77002 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-546-4100
Customer Service Number: 1-800-344-6933
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a

  • I have been using Jiffy Lube for my oil changings, my husband travels for work so in some cases I never use the same Jiffy Lube location. In one of the oil changes I used the Mooresville NC location on 4-21-21, I requested Synthetic Oil (as always) they proceeded with oil change and everything checked out ok, they found nothing wrong, everything was good to go and sent on my way and wouldn't have to do another oil change until 5000 miles.
    On 7-06-21 I was due another oil change according to the records of a last visit. I took my car to the Orangeburg SC location. When I arrived I stated that I might be a few miles over since last change, due to traveling and I requested Synthetic Oil again. Once they started my oil change they noticed my vehicle had way to much oil in it and that I had oil on the manifold, splattered oil all over my air compressor, a oil leak and that the cap was not put back on correctly (I could always smell oil but never thought anything of it, I know at times if the do spill oil at the time of change it can burn off, so it will give a smell). I was told that I may have a oil leak now and that I should get my car checked out and that I needed to contact the Jiffy Lube location that had did the prior oil change. The gentleman that did the oil change at the Orangeburg location and stated that since there was way to much oil in the vehicle that it could cause a leak from now on because the oil had no where to go and it had to find a leak which would be the cause of the oil leak now.
    So I tried to contact the Corporate Office for Jiffy Lube and when you call in it states that you should go to the location that you have the problem with, which I was told that also from the Orangeburg location as well. So I have contacted the Mooresville location on 07-07-21, spoke with a Mark and I asked to speak with the manager of that location and was told that it was a Johnny person and he would give him a message to call me back as I had told him what has happened and needed to find out what process needed to be done to get my car checked out as I should not have to pay to have it checked out now to make sure there isn't any major damage since the overfill of oil. So Mark told me that Johnny would call me back the next day which would be 07-08-21. I called back on 07-09-21 and did get to speak with Johnny and he stated that he had to get with his district Account Manager and let him know and he would call me back in 30 minutes give or take, I waited and of course no call back. So again I called back on 07-12-21 and asked to speak with Johnny he wasn't in and then I asked to speak with Mark and he wasn't in either, I explained to the person on the phone my problem and let him know what was going on and asked who I could speak with since the manger wasn't in and I would like to get this matter taken care of, he proceeded to let me know that he was the Manager of the location and he was Nick and that Johnny is the Assistant Manager of location. I then proceeded to ask Nick what was he going to do and he informed me that there was nothing he could do that since Johnny and Mark has reached out to the District Manager that it is in the Corporates hands and that they would be contacting me. I have never been called back or even a message left letting me know anything at all as of 07-13-21.
    This is not good customer relations at all for such a big company. Why should a consumer that promotes this big corporates be treated this way? If you tell someone that you are going to do something, then as a curtesy you should follow through with your words. I have given plenty of time and it should not take that long to get back with a customer to resolve a issue caused by them. I understand that I am not the only complain here but you could at least give a curtesy call and I haven't received a call at all I have had to be the one to call.

  • store no. #755 here in southern calif. are garbage humans – I went there to get an oil change and within 30 minutes those rotten humans broke my transmission shifter and they said that it is too bad for me

  • Do not frequent Jiffy Lube. Paid $20 for a group and ended up spending $94 on two filters which should have cost $30 at best for both. I'm from the Clearwater Florida area.

  • I had an issue with the jiffy lube on 5518 st. barnabas rd, Oxon Hill, Md 20745, took my car in for an oil change, and they forgot to tigten up my engine under carriage cover, and while I was driving heard a funny nose, like scrapping come to find out the didn't tighten my cover, and its now all over 495 highway, went back and told them, all the could say was I didn't need it, its just extra part they put on the car, if I payed for it I want it back on my car, they haven't contacted me back about reimbursing me my part yet…GHETTO SERVICE…So im asking for my part to be oreder and put back on my car… sleepysrr@gmail.com invoice #487417 work order # 7532….Jiffy lube manager JUSTIN C. JOHNSON

  • I've been a user of Jiffy Lube since the 80's and haven't had a problem until I bought my new CRV and took it to the Davie Fl location 3720. Got a regular oil change and shortly after I heard a grinding sound as I ran car. I brought it into local mechanic who did not find anything but sound continued. Then I brought it to a Honda Dealer and they discovered that all but less tax a quart of oil drained out of my car. They took picture of oil filter which was not screwed on correctly and dripping of oil were on filter. Honda suggested I have a compression test which I did at approximately $300. I an hoping Jiffy will make me whole for the cost of this. jnarfanis@aol.com invoice 784680

  • took my 2004 maxima in for a quote on valve cover gaskets….was quoted a price…they are charging more for aftermarket parts than genuine….I know this because I sell parts….big rip off on parts …..plus the labor charge of 99 dollars an hour is rediculous

    • If you know parts, you know what OE parts are. That's what Jiffy uses. If you knew service, you would know 90-100/hr for labor is typical.

  • Hello!
    To whom it may concern, I'm writing again to get info on fixing my truck. I put my truck out of service due to this matter hoping I would get a better or faster respond. Do to this I have now started back using this truck on which was broken in your shop after a oil change! Due to this is now causing my arm and back pains because I can't use my step so I'm using my body weight and strength to get in and out my truck. I have been very sore due to this issues. I have sent out email have not had a response on next step. After today I will put my truck in the shop to get fix, I'll send you guys the bill hoping you Will do the right thing and fix. I can't afford to lose anymore money or anymore pain did to your lack of speed on getting my truck fixed.

  • Hello!
    To whom it may concern, I'm writing again to get info on fixing my truck. I put my truck out of service due to this matter hoping I would get a better or faster respond. Do to this I have now started back using this truck on which was broken in your shop after a oil change! Due to this is now causing my arm and back pains because I can't use my step so I'm using my body weight and strength to get in and out my truck. I have been very sore due to this issues. I have sent out email have not had a response on next step. After today I will put my truck in the shop to get fix, I'll send you guys the bill hoping you Will do the right thing and fix. I can't afford to lose anymore money or anymore pain did to your lack of speed on getting my truck fixed.

  • Monday, 14 December 2015

    Jiffy Lube Headquarters
    700 Milam Street
    Houston, Texas 77002

    I have had my oil changed on my cars at Jiffy Lube in Florida and since moving to California with the U.S Army. I have had it done several times in the city of Victorville on Bear Valley road. Service was okay there over the last year and half. My only complaint was that one time I paid for the additional service to clean my carpets and at first they did not. That was a minor complaint.

    However, on Saturday, 12 December, I was in the town of Apple Valley, California and I decided to take my Dodge in for a basic oil change. This was my first time at this J.L at 18737 US Highway #18.

    I pulled in, spoke to a man named Vaughn, the manager. Another employee pulled it inside. I was told to wait inside. Less than five minutes, I was told that they could not do the oil change because the oil pan bolt was stripped and stuck up so far inside that they would have to use a special tool to get it out and replace the bolt.

    I asked how much it would cost. Vaughn and his assistant, Glenn told me that it would cost me $15.00 plus tax to use a special tool to get it out and $5.00 to put in a new plug. I told them that I could buy a bolt plug at Auto Zone, he said “no only ours can be used.” I said okay, I will take it to my mechanic and ask him to take it out and return later. I left the location. As I drove down the highway #18, I realized that I had to go to Walmart store to buy some other items.

    While at the Walmart in Victorville, I decided to ask the service department about taking a look at the bolt plug in the oil pan. I told a nice man at Walmart named Todd that I was told that the bolt plug was stripped and stuck and had to be replaced.

    Todd told me that "if that is the case, nothing he could do." I would have to take it to a mechanic shop. However Todd offered to look at it for free to tell me how bad it was. I was reluctant since I assumed it was a dead issue with what Vaughn, Glenn and Matthew told me at Jiffy Lube.

    Todd told me, I had a two cars ahead of me and it would take a little over an hour, but it would not cost me anything. I decided to give them a shot at it. I went inside Walmart, browsed around the electronics and magazine areas.

    Time went by, I returned to the service center expecting the worse, but to my shocking surprise I was told my car was done, the oil had been changed, new filter was installed and to top it off, Todd even gave me my old oil pan bolt plug back to show me that it was Not stripped at all, just old.

    I asked Todd did he have any problem getting the old bolt off, he told me "not at all, it came right off."
    Now guess what I am thinking about Vaughn, Glenn and Matt at Jiffy Lube. What a rip off, a bunch of scammers. They lack integrity.

    It makes me leery of Jiffy Lube and I think now if or when I go to Jiffy Lubes other locations, I will asked to see my old filter and check my oil dip stick to make sure the oil is clean and light brown and not dirty black.

    I will be calling the Jiffy Lube main office in Houston, Texas about the rip off scamming I got from the Jiffy Lube in Apple Valley.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being top and 1 being the lowest, I give this location a minus 5 and two thumbs down low, very low.


    • Hey, you in Yuma, I just read your valid complaint on Jiffy Lube. They need to be run out of business. Read my complaint at the bottom, signed by me, Kato.

  • Used service for 2 yrs now, was satisfied with the oil changes, but on my last service,your "award wining service team" called my ASI certified mechanic a "LIAR", claiming my breaks where bad. Strange because I just had complete brake job done changing pads,calipers and replacement of fluid.That kind of service I do not need and you have lost a customer and gained lots of bad publiciity

  • 08/04/2015
    To whom it may concern,

    I visited one of your locations on Saturday August 1st 2015. The location I visited is an “ALLIED” 5710 Forest Bend Drive, Arlington Texas 76017. I went for a simple oil change. This is not what I received. I was told that I had zero coolant in my car. Note this is part of the check list. I asked them how can my car run if I do not have coolant, my car would overheat. I received a shoulder shrug. I became scared so I said fill it. Needed my air filter changed. It became 17.99 instead of 12.99, I told them I was going next door so they gave it to me at 12.99. Then they tell me they are not going to check my cabin air filter because it is a pain in the ass. (Exact words) so I paid for a service I didn’t receive. This was told by the person who could run the register, If I have any problems to call corporate because they are Allied, not the crapy Heartland , I would be taken care of.
    The next morning I have an oil leak, I have never had an oil leak before. I brought my car back within 24hrs and they bring my car up to see why I am having a leak and tell me that my oil pan is stripped. I also have what is called a last chance plug, never knew I had one. AGAIN, I NEVER HAD A LEAK! Now I have to get new oil pan because of their mistake. The manager tells me that he works 12 hrs a day and no knowledge of changing oil process? I asked him after they looked at my car, isn’t that something if it was stripped prior to changing the oil they would tell me, I said they had no problems asking me if I was happy with my windshield wipers(this was part of the check points they look for). THE MANAGER SAID THEY DON’T GET INTO TO THAT! REALLY? THE PROFESSION THEY ARE IN THEY DON’T GET INTO THAT, WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF A SMALL OIL CHANGE BUSINESS! They gave me a price to get a new pan, plug, gasket of $350.00. I still leaking oil. I had my mechanic look at my car, they didn’t even tighten the plug AFTER THEY LOOKED AT IT 24 HRS LATER!!
    I want my money back that I paid on 08/01/2015 and the $350.00 they say it will cost me for a new pan. I have been put out of time and money!

    Faith Watson

    • Hey, you in Arlington, I just read your valid complaint on Jiffy Lube. They need to be run out of business. Read my complaint at the bottom, signed by me, Kato.

  • WHY are people so stupid??? STOP going to jiffy lube, they steal from us. they don't replace filters, they don't do the services and they charge us for them.

  • Took my Porsche Cayenne S to Aiea,Hawaii Jiffy Lube to have my oil changed. Simple right? That is what you offer? I go on vacation for three weeks, return and drive my car to the store no issues. I drive it on the 3rd of July and all the warning lights show up on my vehicle, and requires that I pull over to the side of the road. I had the car towed into our mechanic and was advised that the drain plug was overtorqued and the oil was completely drained. Contacted the Asst manager in Aiea and was advised since I didnt return the car to them to see if it was something that they caused, that I have voided their warranty and they will not pay the $87.00 shop cost to remove and reinstall new plug and washer. She stated that I should of checked under my car to be sure there was no leak after they did the oil change. I asked how you can effectively run a business in which your trained employees are unable to perform their jobs and that you expect the consumer to follow up with your performance to ensure it was done correctly. In the event I knew (which I had no idea) that it was an oil leak, why would I return the car to the location that caused the issue to begin with. The manager was suppose to call me yesterday, when I followed up I was told she just walked out the door. When I called today I was told she was with a customer and I would have to call back at another time. I am not going away!! You will pay for the repair and I want a refund of the service you failed to perform correctly. This could of been way worse.
    On hold now for 25 minutes waiting for customer service at Jiffy Lube Corporate number. Must not be the only one with issues.

  • Jiffy lube store on meadow ave Scranton pa has issues I arrived to get an oil change and witnessed an owner or manager screaming at employees I'm not sure what pay rate is but its probably not worth being treated like that I later went to valvoline for service

  • The Jiffy Lube #88 at 1980 West Street Annapolis, MD 21401 and they broke the stem on my tire and tried to tell me it had to much air in the tire when they took the cap off the the stem came off REALLY. I was sitting there watching and I taped the whole thing. They put the little spare tire on because they could not fix it and told me me to get it fixed. I told them no you broke it you fix it at 6:55 pm they said it was to late and no stores were openso there was nothing they could do. The store manager Frank Barreca was very rude and unprofessional no help what so ever why did I have to still have to pay. I contacted HQ and I would love to see if they get back to me. I know one thing I will never be going back there.

    • Hey, you in Maryland, I just read your valid complaint on Jiffy Lube. Read my complaint at the bottom, signed by me, Kato.
      By the way, my former co-worker is in the army at Fort Meade, Maryland.

  • I called customer service number listed on this site. I talked to Dana about a problem I had at a Jiffylube in Yuba City, California. She said it was owned by a corporation in California and Jiffylube didn't handle complains on franchise independently owned and were not concerned. She told me it wasn't their job and told me to have a great day as she hung up on me. They are owned by Shell Oil. I wonder if Shell cares ? At this point I think I wouldn't do business with either or ?? Everybody gets on board maybe they will start to care ? Oil company ? probably not !!

  • I've used your Valparaiso Indiana location the past 3 times. I brought my car into my dealer because I was leaking fluid. Come to find out my oil filter and drain plug are leaking. Looks like I will be going else where for my services.

  • Worst service since I've been going there.Paid NO thank you,No new sticker on windshiels DIDN'T check the tires.OR vacuumed .I should have watched to make sure they changed the freaking oil.and didn't know how to reset the main.light.and ALWAYS try to sell me an air filter.Screw this place. Slidell La.

  • Today I went to Jiffy Lube at 333 So. Decatur Blvd in Las Vegas for a simple smog check. What I saw was a great act of kindness. There was a lady 88 years young watching intently as Travis was checking her brakes on her car. He came in and informed her that her brakes were in great shape and did not need to be replaced. The delighted the lady as she had been advised that her car was a safety hazard to drive and needed an expensive repair. After Travis walked back to the garage the woman told me her late husband had been a mechanic and she was sure the other place was just trying to take advantage of her. Travis is the type of employee we all want to have, the type of person we all want to do business with. I was just there for a smog check today, but after seeing how upstanding he is I will be back to get my brakes repaired, which I know I need. You have a very special person in your company, one that makes me want to do business with you. Travis keep up the good job, you made my day.

  • The Jiffy Store #2248 @ 1601 West 75th Street in Kansas city, MO, damaged my transmission. I took my car to my mechanic to be fix and they do want to pay for the damages. They want my paid off car to receive a junkyard part from their warranty insurance company. So when the that part goes out I will be responsible. They need to go out of business!!!!!

  • I was going to tell a long story about the thieves at Jiffy Lube but judging from the comments on this page my story would just be a repetition. So I will just say that Jiffy Lube BLOWS!

  • On Saturday, 9/13/2014, i took our car to the "Jiffy Lube" 901 E Cypress Creek Rd, Ft Lauderdale, Fl. for a simple oil change. After telling the tech that all i wanted was their cheapest oil change, they took the car into the bay to get serviced. A few minutes later, the tech came into the waiting area and told me that i desperately needed more than just an oil change. Was told i needed the radiator flushed,air filter replaced,fuel filter,tire rotation and a transmission tune-up. Explained to the manager that i was on a very tight budget (had just been layed-off) and was unable to afford to have all of these issues fixed at this time.The manager than proceeded to tell me that if i didn:t have these issues fixed right now, that i was in danger of the car not making it home or worse..possibly being in an accident. Again, i explained my situation to him and his reaction was that of, making me feel like a" bad person" for not having fixed all of the issues explained to me. Needless to say….. I WILL NEVER USE "JIFFY LUBE" FOR ANY OF MY AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS AGAIN!!!!

  • Jiffy lube boss trisha null sleeps with her employees so she doesn't have to work, she has sex with them while on the clock, and to keep her job she sleeps with her bosses, not a professional business in my opinion.

  • I had an emissions test done at the Jiffy Lube at 5519 North Henry Blvd in Stockbridge, GA. The technician "Devon Owens" put the wrong VIN number in the system and now I cannot get my car registered. I have been calling for 4 days now and all of a sudden the emissions machine is broken and they cant fix the administrative error. I am military and took my time off to drive to GA to get the emissions test done and now getting ready to deploy in the next 30 days from North Carolina. I got a ticket this morning for a out of date registration.Thanks Juffy Lube, you are horrible!

  • San Jose CA, Almaden Road Jiffy Lube:
    DO NOT GET YOUR OIL CHANGED AT THIS JIFFY LUBE…it will cost you a lot more time and money in the end. They are not consistent in the quality of their work, nor is their management true to their word.

    My story….I got my oil changed at this place 2 x, first time, no issues.
    2nd time, They forgot to put the washer in before closing up my oil pan, the car was doing fine at first, until I noticed oil leaking on my new pavers in my driveway!
    I took my car back to them and they said they checked everything and even tightened it up. Still I continued to leak oil.
    I finally took my car (2010 VW CC) to the dealership to have them check out why my car was leaking oil.

    They said : " found oil pan drain bolt to be cross threaded, causing oil to leak"
    basically they did not put the washer in before the bolt, and when I took it back to Jiffy Lube to have them check it, the technician tightened the oil bolt which pushed it further into the oil pan, stripping the threads.

    This cost me $712.05 to fix!!!!

    To top it off, both times I paid $99 at Jiffy lube for an oil change, my dealer charged me $62.

    When I called the manager, I was clearly upset at the amount of money I needed to spend to fix the faulty oil change, I asked him to let me know how and why this could happen at an oil change specialty shop. He had no answers, he said his computer was not pulling up my invoices because it was after 5 pm EST, where the Master computers were on the East Coast. He offered to call me back the next day when he could access the invoices. I still have not heard back from them.

    I will be contacting their corporate offices and have resorted to airing my grievances on YELP!

    At the very least I would like them to offer me a refund on my last oil change…but got nothing!

  • My husband brought his truck to Jiffy Lube in Canton, MA for an oil change; they did not secure the hood, and after he had left and driven 2 miles down the road, the hood flew up, destroyed the windshield, bent the hinges so the hood couldn't be pushed back down, dented the cab, cracked the windshield wiper housing, and caused over $3000 worth of damage. The truck had to be towed to an auto body shop and has sat there for almost 2 weeks. The people at Jiffy Lube that we've had to deal with are liars and idiots, dragging out the entire process and then refusing to even consider paying for storage for the vehicle and for my husband to rent a car until the truck is repaired. They've even insinuated that we are padding the estimate when the estimate is coming from the body shop, not from us. And they keep telling US to fax the estimate when I have emailed and told them over the phone that WE don't have the estimate – the auto body shop does! Then they flat out lie and say that the latest estimate from the auto body shop is the preliminary one from over a week ago, before their stalling tactics required adding on the storage and rental fees! I will consult a lawyer and see what can be done to remedy this situation. We have been extremely patient with Jiffy Lube and they are being totally and unacceptably difficult and dishonest. I would urge extreme caution to anyone thinking about dealing with Jiffy Lube for any automotive services since they obviously have complete and utter contempt for their customers and will not make good on any damages their negligence might cause.

  • I took my vehicle in for an oil change at the Menaul and Wyoming store (Store #1177) in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, 5/17 before leaving on a road trip to Phoenix, AZ on Thursday, 5/22.

    The FIRST issue caused was after they performed the oil change and went to start my vehicle. It would turn over, but not fully start. The manager got on the phone with someone and they were able to determine that no fuel was getting to the engine for it to fully start. He then told me that it was caused by a bad fuel pump, so I had to have my vehicle towed from that location to Ford Dealership (6 miles away – $95) since there is a warranty.

    My vehicle was with the mechanic at Ford not even 5 minutes when he finds that the fuel inertia switch had been tripped and that's why the vehicle wouldn't start. I immediately called the Jiffy Lube location back to request a reimbursement for the unnecessary expense of the tow ($95), due to Jiffy Lube causing the fuel inertia switch to be tripped. I was told by the assistant manager that the manager had left for the day and would be back Monday, 5/19. I left a message for the manager to call me back when he got in Monday. I never received a call from him, but I did stop in on Monday mid-morning and spoke with him. I requested reimbursement of the $95 tow in person and provided the receipt for his verification. He told me that he would have to contact his manager that afternoon (his manager was in an all day meeting until 2pm according to him) since he wasn't authorized to make the decision. The manager said he would call me later Monday or Tuesday, 5/20. It is now Tuesday, 5/27 and I have received no such call.

    The SECOND issue occurred after I arrived in Phoenix, AZ. On Friday, 5/23 my Dad let me know that it looked like I had a leak underneath my car. I immediately drove it to a mechanic my Dad uses. The mechanic found that the leak was caused by the transmission fluid level being a QUART and a HALF overfilled. They charged me $68.13 to remove the overfill and degrease the engine from the transmission fluid sputtering out everywhere. Jiffy Lube had reported that my Transmission fluid levels were within normal range and also that I had a slight transmission fluid leak (I wonder why?!!!). The mechanic said the leak Jiffy Lube reported was from the transmission being overfilled. Obviously Jiffy Lube was incorrect in reporting the fluid was within normal range if a LICENSED mechanic reports it being overfilled by such an extreme amount.

    So, I've requested that someone from Jiffy Lube be in touch with me via email or phone call to let me know when to expect a reimbursement be available for both the tow $95 and the trip to the mechanic $68.13, TOTALING $163.13. I also found out from the mechanic I went to in Phoenix, that they may not be using the correct transmission fluid for my vehicle, which WILL caused catastrophic damage to the transmission in the long-term. Now I'm finding out from Ford what it will cost to have them flush the transmission and replace the fluid with the CORRECT transmission fluid. At this point it would have been SOOO much cheaper to pay the high prices at the dealership and have it done right.

  • I am registering a complaint regarding an advertisement and the actual price that I paid for an oil change at one of your facilities located at 1620 S. Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach, Florida.
    Nowhere on the advertisement did it state the oil used was 5w-20 weight oil. The price difference was never identified to me and when the time came to pay I was flabbergasted that the price was $99.99!! I was charged $99.99, minus the advertisement $22.00, plus tax. My vehicle uses synthetic 0-20 oil; it is a 2012, 4 cylinder Honda CR-V. A copy of the receipt is enclosed. I suggest that you amend your add to reflect the varying prices for special oil vehicles.

  • Took our 2012 Dodge Caravan for a oil change at the Aberdeen Md location. The very next day the cars engine was making a sound. Turns out the engine was shot due to them starting the car before they added the new oil. had this confirmed by two different business that do work on cars. The owner of this location was very rude and refused responsibility. Now having to sue them for the damage that they did. This car is serviced every month and a half, and has only 82,000. miles. Very upset with Jiffy Lube and there practices and at this point would never recommend them to anyone.

  • WARNING! If you are going to do business with jiffy lube in tehachapi, ca., be very careful how you pay them. On December 31, 2013, I paid them $69.01 with a check. They not only cashed the check, they also ran an ACH (electronic transfer) of my check, In other words, they double billed me, I called them and they assured me they would send a refund check. Long story short, they never did. I had to go to my bank to get the ACH debit reversed. Adding insult to injury, today I found out that Jiffy lube filed a claim with TeleCheck for supposedly my having put a stop payment on the check, which they cashed! They not only charged me twice, now they want to charge me a 3rd time. I'm 73 and angry at the thought that such people are operating in our community.

  • On December 22nd I took my daughter's car to your location on Walnut Street in Pasadena,Ca for a routine oil change. The manager told me that the car was due for several other services and began a hard pitch sale of packages. I decided to add a transmission flush to the oil change. After about a week my daughter was driving the car just stopped moving and would not go move. We had the car towed home. We had two mechanics check the car out and confirm that the problem was a transmission problem. It had twice as much fluid in it than it should have had. I have had the run around from Jiffy Lube management. They
    finally had the car towed to their own mechanic at the end of February. Their mechanic confirmed that it had too much fluid in it and said that it would not cause the car to stop going in gear. Today is March 12th and this issue has Not been resolved to this date.

  • I brought my 2008 lexus into your clinton, Md location on February 16, 2013 for an oil change. Within minutes of arriving home, my husband and i noticed oil leaking from our car. We immediately took the car back to Jiffy lube and after about 30 minutes or so we were told the car shouldn't leak anymore. That was the end so we thought. February 27th we took the car to the dealership to get a 50,000 mile routine check up and get new tires. It was brought to our attention that we still had an oil leak and after closer viewing we noticed that it looked as if there was some substance caked around the oil plug where i was told whomever did my oil change tried to cover up the fact that it looked like the plug was stripped. Not only that but they told us that because of this now i need a new oil pan. I told them not to fix that, i would talk to jiffy lube since it hadn't been a whole 2 weeks since we last saw them for the oil change. I went and spoke with the manager and he gave me his cell phone in which i sent him all the pictures and he still hasn't called back to rectify the situation. You all fraudulently misled my husband and i and tried to cover up the fact that you damaged my vehicle and this will not be tolerated!

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