JoAnn Fabrics Corporate Office Headquarters

JoAnn Fabrics Corporate Office Headquarters 
5555 Darrow Rd.
Hudson, Ohio 44236 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-330-656-2600
Fax Number: 1-330-463-6675
Customer Service Number: 1-888-739-4120

  • store location 801 S University Dr. Plantation Fl. 33324
    Several days ago I had anticipated purchasing some items from the aforementioned store. There were numerous wind chime items displayed on a fifty percent rack. When I went to purchase the item I was advised that the price was a lot higher than displayed.  Pat suggested that I speak with someone named Anna, who was standing close by. Upon greeting Anna on why the item which I was going to purchase was " ringing up " more than the half price as indicated,  her reply IN A STERN TONE was "do you know me?  ( I have no idea why that was questioned, ) however I did advise her that I asked what her name was so I could properly address her, opposed to Hey You. When I showed her the display of numerous items placed in front  of a fifty percent off sticker she really got upset. In an  aggressive tone  said that they obviously should not have been displayed there. I suggested that perhaps she needs to remove them so no one else would be misled. Which escalated her negative behavior.  At that point I just wanted to get away from her before I would be less than a gentleman. I did tell her that " not to worry , I am sure after I write a letter to the Corporate office, it would be corrected. At which time she walked away without any apology. I would PREFER to write a letter of praise, HOWEVER NOT IN THIS CASE. I do not hide behind a computer or telephone, in a complete civil manner I have the ability to sit across a desk from her to listen to any explanation of her behavior from her.

  • store location 801 S University Dr. Plantation Fl. 33324
    Several days ago I had anticipated purchasing some items from the aforementioned store. There were numerous wind chime items displayed on a fifty percent rack. When I went to purchase the item I was advised that the price was a lot higher than displayed.  Pat suggested that I speak with someone named Anna, who was standing close by. Upon greeting Anna on why the item which I was going to purchase was " ringing up " more than the half price as indicated,  her reply IN A STERN TONE was "do you know me?  ( I have no idea why that was questioned, ) however I did advise her that I asked what her name was so I could properly address her, opposed to Hey You. When I showed her the display of numerous items placed in front  of a fifty percent off sticker she really got upset. In an  aggressive tone  said that they obviously should not have been displayed there. I suggested that perhaps she needs to remove them so no one else would be misled. Which escalated her negative behavior.  At that point I just wanted to get away from her before I would be less than a gentleman. I did tell her that " not to worry , I am sure after I write a letter to the Corporate office, it would be corrected. At which time she walked away without any apology. I would PREFER to write a letter of praise, HOWEVER NOT IN THIS CASE. I do not hide behind a computer or telephone, in a complete civil manner I have the ability to sit across a desk from her to listen to any explanation of her behavior from her.

  • Hello Joann Corporate Office – tried to find an email address for you but none available.
    I have shopped at Joann's for more years than I can remember. The best of all products. The florals are always beautiful and that is what I purchase the most. When the pandemic started, I began ordering online from Joann because I could not go into the store and items I wanted seemed to not be available in a local store. Before the pandemic, the few flowers I ordered online always arrived in a box, individually wrapped in plastic with no damage. Great care was taken to ship them.
    After the pandemic, flowers began arriving in thin, plastic envelopes through USPS and were all damaged. During the holidays I ordered a large bow which had LED lights embedded in the fabric. Again, the bow was placed in a thin, plastic envelope and sent by USPS. All the LED lights were smashed.
    The people at Joann Customer Service are always kind and helpful with refunds. But this is not the issue. Why are you allowing the shipping problems to continue? Do you no longer care? Are you unable to hire enough people to fill these shipping positions? It does not take any great intelligence to know that something placed in a thin, plastic envelope will be damaged as it works its way through the USPS system.
    All of my orders are less than $50 and no big loss to Joann, but if this happens to many customers and you add all the refunds, it must be obvious tat this is an area of loss for the company.
    In all honesty, many online merchants have had problems with shipping since the pandemic. It's just that Joann flowers for years have made my home more beautiful and uplifting. Visitors have always commented on how real they appear and it gives everyone a great feeling. I want to continue to order from Joann but it doesn't seem to be a sure thing anymore that I will be able to receive my orders.
    Thank you.


  • This company is trash. Not only do they not give access to w2s after legally required but the temperature of the florida stores is controlled by people in Ohio so they set it according to the temps in ohio not florida. Some days it's 90° in there and even during off hours they have to wear uniforms. It's literally a sweatshop and the people in charge are lazy idiots

  • I went to the Joanns in Federal Way, WA yesterday. I finally found a book to purchase (the book rack was a disaster!). The price on the book said $14.99. I was charged $21.99. After discovering this in my car, I got back out and went back into the store and told the clerk that she had over-charged me. She said that is what it rang up for. I had to wait several minutes for the manager to come. The manager breezed through, said something to the clerk and left again before I had a chance to speak to her. The clerk let me return the book. I told her that they needed to put a sign up that said the prices were MORE than the price listed. I walked over to find the manager and told her that it was stupid that they didn't warn people. It was like 50% more than the price shown! She said that "corporate had increased the prices" and that there was nothing she could do about it. She asked me if the clerk had offered to "override" it and I told her no. She said if I went and got the book, she could do that for me. But by then, I was angry, disappointed and told her I didn't want it NOW! Poor poor poor customer service. Whoever heard of a store not honoring the price displayed! Shame Shame Shame! I have to say I was not happy with the 14.99 price either, as the book was really just a magazine!

  • I love my local store. Yes I understand labor hours to sales. However I don't understand putting your managers in a spot where they have to schedule employees 1 or no days due to being limited in hours. Example from one that has been in administration a well staffed store should use 526 hours at least a week. But I know of stores only getting 245 hours. Why is my question.

  • Yes, in concert with these other comments it would appear that JoAnn Fabric is where hell is. The devil resides there, or at least some kind of egocentric being. Who does JoAnn cater too? Creative people, right? What do creative people need to do? Think? Think about what they want to do, how they wan to do it and with what, right? The music that is played at high volume in all JoAnn stores is absolutely the antithesis of music that supports creative thinking. What it supports is madness as far as I'm concerned, way to loud and really stupid pop crap. For cryin' out loud Walmart is a more pleasant store to shop in sound wise.

  • I bought a polaroid 3d pen yesterday from joann fabrics. It doesn't come with a power supply adapter. Polaroid and joann fabrics blame each other for not selling it. Phone adapter aren't strong enough to work. If you are going to sell something then sell the accessories parts for it. These companies are terrible.

  • It has been almost two weeks since I emailed your customer service department through your website. No answer ? I followed up with second email to customer service. No answer ? Interesting since I wanted a response prior to going to the BBB. No answer ? Must be corporate does not care. Not a problem I am well versed in dealing with BBB complaints and Attorney General complaints especially concerning bait and switch. Will give you a few more days then I will start the process. This is why people will go to Amazon and the retail box stores close.

    John Malkowski

  • Two weeks ago, I sent an email to Joanns informing them that the package that was sent to me was damaged as well as the packaging of the product. I paid $7.99 for shipping for ONE product that weighed less than .4 of an oz. The product was packaged in a flimsy gray envelope. Again, I was charged $7.99 for this cheap packaging. I have not heard a word from Joanns. I am a long time customer for Joanns. I will not be purchasing from Joanns ever again whether it be in-store or online. This is not the way to treat a customer!

  • 3/28/18 exactly what does corporate consider a swear word because the above comments have several swear words and those comments haven't been deleted. The La Mesa, California store which borders on El Cajon had coupons for today only. The check out line was very, very long and yet there was only ONE (1) woman on the cash register. Whomever the manager is doesn't know how to schedule work when there are coupons and people want to use them. A few people (3) set their purchases on a shelf and walked out. That doesn't sound like a store that cares. Rosie's Fabrics is a few miles away and prices are higher BUT they have plenty of workers who take care of the customers immediately. Joann could take a hint.

  • Joann in kelso wa has THE worst snatch for a store manager…name is tasha. Freaking hildebeast from hell. I see the way she treats her employees and it's upsetting. I don't know where she came from, but she sure as hell can go back.

  • The next time I'm in line and patiently waiting, and a effed up customer comes up to the lady behind the cut counter, and berates her and then the manager comes up and belittles her the way that it happened today, I will go off loud and proud on the entire store. That is THE WORST WAY to treat employees. I'm just a customer, but I can make huge waves….freaking tsunamis!!!

  • I was going to find the CEO's email address and send a letter explaining just about everything I read above. I am crying knowing that I am not the only employee that not is being treated worse than a slave. My manager will schedule me for six or more hours and not give me any type of breaks-15 mins, no; 30 mins, never-I was scheduled for a seven hour day and second shift clocked in, I went on break. When I returned, while I was still off the clock, she yelled at me and attacked my character about becoming a teacher-I am a fulltime student and 55 years old, I need breaks. I have nothing but scheduling problems-they have schedule me to come in at 6am and I never agreed to that, 8am not 6am; I take medication that requires me to sleep until 7am-I never agreed to work an eight hour day, I am part-time, part-time days not full-time hours. Some of the stuff is nice, but most of the stuff ignores questions and customers need answers, they do receive lots of discounts from me, the only way I can keep them happy for the poor customer service they receive from the other team members. If I am helping a customer on the floor, or doing something the manager asked of me, I am called back to the register even if there are other team members standing right in front of the counters who could run the register. Hostility is the atmosphere of the Hilltop Virginia Beach Store, not just to employees but to customers who interrupt a team members who is busy with company related task.

    I am so tried of all the hatred in this country, it has never been this bad. Virginia is part of the south, we as a state have lost our manners, at least on the coast.

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    7746 Polo Grounds
    Memphis, TN 38125-5755

    To whom it may concerned,

    This is my letter of resignation as of September 26th, 2016. Due to this store being a hostile work environment and lack of organization. I’ve been verbally attacked not once but twice by one manager just for asking a question. I asked Courtney if we had some product in stock for a reset in jewelry and she didn’t hear me so I asked her if the product was in stock again in my same low tone of voice and she gets irate and yells at me that I have an attitude while crashing the cart against store products and storming into the office to scream at the store Ervin (store manager) that I asked her where the product was. There are a lot of things going on in this store that are very inconsistent especially when it comes to resets that seem to either never get done or never get finish. I haven’t had many problems at this store but the lack of communication especially with new workers in the store that have no clue about breaks and or headsets etc. I’ve been here for well over a month no one has mention any training for the cutting counter, and I haven’t been properly trained on the registers. The first time Courtney screamed at me I left on my own, Ervin begged me to come back, and I did. But now, I see nothing will be resolved even though I was told that this isn’t the first time that Courtney has gone off on some one. I was told when I was hired that this store was going through a transition, A lot of people have either transferred or quit. Now I see why. I can no longer work in an environment with so much disorganization and underlying hostility.

  • I have to say reading these comments worries me about getting anything done but here goes. The store in Bismarck ND is fairly new by only a couple or so years and I have to say that most of the employees are great but the issue is the store itself! There is so much merchandise stuffed in the square footage it is almost impossible to get around the store but if you try to go around with a cart it's worse and in my case I am also in a wheelchair! Stores are supposed to be accessible but there are carts and boxes in the main aisle and almost every other one of merchandise that needs to be restocked but never gets done! The fabric aisles are a joke because even with the smaller carts you have they can barely fit down those aisles much less with a wheelchair! I can get halfway down an aisle then have to back up go two aisles down go around to come back to the other half of the aisle! Checking out is fairly quick and the cutting table is usually busy with at least 2 employees and others are assisting customers yet not enough people to put stuff away! I actually now avoid Joanns if I can get it at Hancock which is basically next door or hobby lobby which is a separate building on the other side of Hancock which both those stores are very accessible unlike yours! Now there is a Michael's just a couple miles north of your store and they are accessible also! I have been to Joanns in Fargo ND and it is set up perfect and easily accessible but I am not driving 200 miles to shop there! The Fargo store has been there quite a long time and when we went to Fargo I always stopped in and was so excited when you put a store in Bismarck until I wheeled in! You either should have opened in a larger space, have less merchandise available or put more employees on shifts just for restocking and quit cluttering up the main aisle because that is ridiculous! Great staff, LOUSY setup! I personally know dozens of people with wheelchairs, walkers or canes that refuse to spend their money there ever again because it's not accessible and trust me a lot of them shop at minimum once a week but usually 2-3 times a week and spend no less than 200 dollars a visit but that money is going to the other stores right next to them! They would rather spend more for fabric at the quilt shops than go into your store ever again as it us! I would hope this will be addressed but I guess after reading the others issues I will not hold my breath and I will shop for fabric elsewhere and cake supplies at a local cake supplies shop even though it costs more because they are accessible!
    Next letter will go to the local BBB and our Chamber of Commerce and our state office that deals with accessibility! It works cuz I had to do that to Kohls here when they did not have auto doors! 2 weeks later they did here and in Fargo!

  • I have worked there for many years now and I am so glad to hear others feel the same way I do. I contacted HR when I found out a fellow employee was cyber bulling me on her facebook page…. I even had screen shots of it to send them and Still NOTHING happened. Then I have a manager who treats me like dirt. If she is not ignoring me then she is yelling at me or belittling me in front of the customers. I have lost track of how many customers have apologized to me for her behavior. It's embarrassing for me and for the customer. This same "boss" actually swore at me a few black Fridays ago and when I went to the store manager she did NOTHING. Because of course She never did that you know and if the manager's say its so then it is so. That was verbal abuse and I should Never have to put up with that, no one should. My store manager is nice but she Does nothing when it comes to follow through. She would rather ignore it then confront it. She is just lazy when it comes to being a responsible boss not just a laid back boss. I am so tired of being there that I went back to school and into student loan debt just so I can GET OUT of JoAnn's. God help anyone who works there. It's all about money and sales goals and to hell with the employee's and customers all it comes down to is the bottom line. I am so tired of getting yelled at for there not being enough help and I should call for back up to help me cut fabric. I would Love to call for help but when the manager is all you got cause back up is on lunch and the manager is in the back doing paperwork they can't be bothered to stop and come help us, God forbid. It just get's old. Michigan store's are not any better then anywhere else.

  • Oh My Goodness! I cannot believe all that I have read!and to think I thought it was just me!!! Lol wow, I worked at Joann's in Manchester, CT. Quit a few weeks ago. Considering I am a fashion student I thought this would be an awesome experience. Please! No need to go into detail because you ladies have said it all,-it's horrible!!! I use to think these reviews online were fake. Not so. Corporate really needs to see all of this. Hobby Lobby is soooo much better!

  • I worked four days total, in the hell that is the Milford, CT store. The manager there, Susanne is very unprofessional and nasty—-long time employees warned me to steer clear of her. Unfortunately for me, I was in contact with her several times, and she was unrelentingly rude and insulting. I have been a manager myself for over twenty five years and would never speak to my employees in such a demeaning way. This was only a part time job for me, so I feel sorry for those who depend on their position for their livelihood. Other managers under her are cowed and it surprised me that no one has banded together and spoken out to corporate about her conduct. Then I came to this site, and see that hiring shrews and harpies seems to be the company standard. When one attempts to call HR there is an endless phone loop with no resolution, no contact with a real person. I am trying to reach them since I was never paid for the final day I worked–6 plus hours. I got paid $7.00! (Direct deposit.) I am about to file a complaint with the labor board. Jo Ann's treats employees like garbage, and does not have much regard for customers, in that it is all about get them in-out fast, get their money, but to actually offer customer service is discouraged ("Don't waste time on the floor with customers".) The whole experience with Jo Ann's soured me on ever going back into the store even as a customer. My time and money is valuable to me, and I was miserable working under the conditions there (Feeling like an idiot for not telling the manager off the first time she spoke rudely to me!) The company seems poorly run overall, with no regard for staff or customers. Piss on 'em! The deserve to lose their business to the other stores in competition with them.

  • I am a previous "team member" at Jo-Ann's. My manager at the Essexville, MI store harassed us and constantly put us down. I finally left after almost a year of being treated like that. I was expected to return four weeks after my daughter was born or I wouldn't have a job. FOUR WEEKS. I was not off before she was born and was not granted maternity leave because I wasn't there for a year. Awesome company.

  • i would like to contact HR on an issue I am having with an operations manager. She constantly criticizes me and makes me the scapegoat either over the radio or in front of others. As for policies and audit purposes, she seems to not follow certain rules but expects us to do it properly and has belittled myself and other employees on occasion. I feel bullied at times and sometimes get worked up before my shift if she is there. When she is there sometimes I feel like I'm working in a hostile environment. I wont call off because I need the income. She expects us to follow procedures but when the Store Mgr is not there, it apparently doesn't apply to her. I don't mean to go over the head of the store manager but I feel this is an issue for HR. I have been looking for another job as I am afraid of the repercussions of reporting it but its not only myself who is affected. I would appreciate a reply or be contacted by corporate.

  • I've seen all of the above problems, both as a customer and as an employee. Hobby Lobby may be better in the customer service department, but think about their discrimination against women (employees), and please don't shop there. We need to give our money to ethical companies.

  • Well I was going to try to contact corporate about my issue on here, since I can't get through to an actual person on the hotline, but after reading all the comments, I think it would be fruitless. I worked for joann's for 4 years. It's completely gone down the hole these last few years. No hours, poor management, and no corporate involvement. They don't even do secret shopper anymore.It seems like they're waiting for it to just run itself into the ground with no regard for the employees who are faithful to the company. I would say I agree with all of these people that Joann's needs to be shut down, but I have too many friends who have worked for the company for 10+ years. They're the ones who would suffer for it. As far as the comments that say if people don't like working there, they should quit…if you live in southern california, there aren't many other options. if you find a job, you stick with it, because you may not find another one. I never wanted to work there for 4 years, but I searched, and even went to school, to find a better job, and it took that long to get out. In the mean time, I dealt with all the same issues these people have written about. No hours, horrible management, lack of incentives. It makes being forced to work there an even worse experience. Something needs to be done. I hope someone reads these, but judging by the dates, and the lack of action I've seen, I doubt it.

  • The Ashland Ky store has got to be the worst store and the management are the rudest people I have ever met. They are not only rude to the customers but also to there employees. They will not pay the employees for the hours they work If you are planning on putting in your app here you may want to thank twice about it, they will lie to you

  • Wow.. totally surprised at the attitude of I believed to be the manager of the Queensbury NY location. I have shopped there for years and always have been greeted with smiling happy employees. The other day I was in need of a dress formand had a 50% off on my phone. I went to use it and the "manager" come up behind me and says I can't use it. The cashier said she would give it a scan for me to show me how it will automatically refuse it. MANAGER tell me to read fine print. Well,it scanned and I got my 50% off. SEEMS it was included on my phone coupon. " manager proceeds to tell me I better run cause corporation won't be happy. Did not like being treated like . Cashier was all too helpful as usual. I will go back because Joann's is my favorite fabric store.

  • Can't seem to get anyone in the Steubenville, Ohio office to wait on you. Everytime I go in there and need help, they send you around in circles. They need to find people to work there that want to help people, these people don"t want to help anyone. I would not recommend this store to anyone. I am looking for another fabric and craft store to do my business in. Very bad store and people that work there need to be fired!!!!

  • I recently worked at the Stratford ct store and was treated so badly that I quit. They did not train me and were horribly rude and didn't want to help me with anything. It's been about a month since I stopped working for them and I was never paid for the days I did work. I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone who can help. The people who work in the store are extremely rude and won't help. Please someone help!

  • I am a new hire I worked two days and have yet to know when I am scheduled again. My first day the store manager said she was going do things differently ok no big deal but what it turned into being was basically no training and not being given a number and password to punch in or out and so on. Called yesterday to speak with the STL was told she with a customer and she would call me back in few minutes well still no call back and I still have no idea when or if I am scheduled to work again. Never in my life have I been so in the dark about a job. Every other job I have had I my schedule for my first week of work and so on.. Baffled to say the least…

  • And your comment is exactly what is wrong with companies…don't do anything about the problem, just tell people to go somewhere else. That is pure and plain ignorance.

  • I too have been going to JoAnn's for many years. They have "reorganized" the store in Portage, Mi. and now it is a nightmare. The store is small to begin with, the material is stacked 2 high and smashed together. I am average height and cannot get the fabric down to check the price. People have to pull at the ends of bolts so they get dirty and look used. They also fall on the floor a lot. Forget using a cart, there is only room for one person to walk. When I cashed out and wrote a check, the "new" system would not read my check. I had to pay with cash, lucky I had enough. The check out person said that it happens all the time with the new system. There used to be a lady that ran the store, who did an incredible job, what happened to her?
    I am going to write a letter to Corp., let's see how far I get.
    I have visited the Hudson Ohio store, and it is the "perfect" store, what is the problem with the rest!

  • I usually overlook the snide comments and "hate my job" attitude that comes from this store.. but decided this review will help to warn people not to use your credit or debit card here! On Sept. 13th, during the afternoon, my boyfriend and I decided to peruse the aisles of this store to get material..I come up with some simple, bad butt dresses, and he modifies jeans, so we picked out material accordingly. We usually run into the snarky one-liners and crass bluntness while they cut, but they have the freedom to choose to have a bad day, I'm not going to. The receipt for the cut material was totaled and we proceeded to the register to pay. Upon checkout they were obviously having problems with their "New system", which looked to be a touch screen/computer based model, which was evident in remarks from customers on other registers beside me. My boyfriend decided to pay this round, but after two swipes timing out and a "contact cardholder provider" message (odd because he's definitely more loaded than me) we used my card, which took some time, but finally went through. After leaving we decided to call the bank to make sure his card had not been charged, which the bank's customer service rep said hadn't, and we were good and continued to skip along our merry way. The next day my boyfriend went online to check again and saw a charge for the same items, a reverse, a charge again, a reverse, and then a charge. I checked my account to find a charge as well. We figured it would be a simple solution and went back to the store. The manager was very rude to start. Asked me why there wasn't two receipts? Sorry but why would there be? There was only one transaction! And included at the bottom it showed the time out transactions and my subsequent charge. Only they know what happened after that. They refused to help us, said they couldn't and that corporate had to reverse the charge, corporate said they had to do it, the store said the bank had to do it and the bank probably thinks they're nuts. But you get how this process pretty much went for the next three days. Finally, fed up with my poor boyfriend slaving over the phone (why was he left to handle it anyway?? Wasn't it their mistake??) I went into the store to handle business. I demanded to see the person that handles the batch at night's end and cash drawers (I wasn't in my ninja gear so there was no need to be afraid and it was in polite way, of course) was asked what do I want with her? Was told they couldn't do anything about it. I refused the answer. Tried to explain empathy..told her if she ate dinner with a friend at a bar I worked at and I charged both their cards I would be fired, never mind around to give the customer attitude. At this point she walked back to the drawer, refunded me the cash but did a return slip with no merchandise in hand and that action in itself conjured up some insecurity…two days later a new charge for the same amount appeared on his card…again. (This charge was made from their store after they gave me the cash) I went back to the store, with my boyfriend, asked how are they charging a card they don't even possess, that what they are doing is THEFT and of course, again, I was told we would have to call corporate, and the card would be refunded in a couple weeks. Or "we should just get it from our bank"..Someone should be fired for submitting an unauthorized charge and I'm going to make sure that every time you do a Google search for that Saugus store, you see me in shining lights. With all of the complaints regarding this store Corporate and the branches need to do a complete re-haul and move back onto this planet..Horrible, and ridiculous. Don't say I didn't warn you. ZERO STARS

  • Joann's in Plantation, FL (suburb of Ft. Lauderdale):
    The store is disorganized, employees cannot answer questions or guide customers to the correct isles. Average wait time to check out = 20 minutes my last 3 visits and that's w/ 2 employees at registers. They are slow, slower, slowest. But the WORST part is in S. Florida it is SUPER HOT 8-9 months of the year. Between June & November, it hits the 90's almost every day w/ a "heat index" of 100 or close to it. For you northerners or mid-westerners, a heat index is similar to your wind chill factor–the way the temp feels and affects your body. Joann's keeps the store a/c in the 80's in the summer…the employees are soaked and the customers walk around fanning themselves. I asked an employee why they don't fix the a/c (it's in a big strip mall and the stores on either side of Joann's have perfect a/c). The employee stated they've been contacting corporate and they cannot get "permission" to reset the a/c temperature. I researched and Corporate is located in Hudson, Ohio. How can some exec in Hudson, Ohio make a decision about the a/c setting in a tropical climate w/ soaring temps and high humidity every day?!?! Hudson, Ohio will have falling leaves in 30 days and we will still be in the 90's and getting sunburnt when it turns "fall". I am never shopping and I am never waiting forever to pay in this hot store again!! I truly hope the Hudson execs see this post.

    • That's exactly the case in southern California. We used to buy fans for the store so the employees wouldn't collapse from heat exhaustion. Corporate Ohio controls the thermostat for all the other Joanns in the country. We couldn't mess with it if we wanted to. So the heater comes on in the winter, and the AC in the summer. No matter what the actual temperature outside is.

  • Hello, I would very much like to speak with the Baking Buyer, we used to be in your stores and want back in. Please call me at 800-826-8982, Pelican Bay LTD-Barbara

  • I have worked at the new Joanns store in Tullahoma TN since they opened since the first day. But for the past two weeks I have not been given any hours. I guess that is their way of getting rid of me. After putting up with a very disrespectful, obnoxious woman named Michelle being in charge of the setup of the store, now I am dealing with an arrogant manager named Nick. I thought that this would be a great job for me since I am a crafty person and I love to scrapbook and sew. But it has been a nightmare for me since day one! I thought that this company had to be a great company to work for and it may be. But with the people that are in charge of the stores, there is no way that anyone can put up with it. They treat others like crap and cuss and swear in front of everyone. With only 2 or 3 people working on a shift at any given time at the busiest times of the day and week, it is bad for business. I do not see how they have gotten as many stores open as they have. I guess it doesn't matter what I think or say on here because it is obvious that nothing is going to be done about it after reading all of the posts above. I guess they don't care about anybody since they are just in the business of making money and that is all they care about. I am a Christian woman and I also feel like Joanns is no place for anyone who loves the Lord. I am greatly disappointed in my experience with this store and I will continue to say these things to whoever I have to say them to until I get some sort of satisfaction of why they do the things they do….this is just the first step in my endeavor to right a wrong.

    • Hello, I also worked at this store and was treated the same way.Did you ever get in contact with anyone who listened? I had such high hopes working for this company. Recently ran into another "former" employee who also experience the same treatment we did.The manager is very disrespectful. They need to at the very least hire a manager with enough integrity to call you in the office and tell you that you are no longer needed. This was also done to the other person I saw a few days ago. I also had a bad feeling from the beginning but ignored it because I was hoping to be wrong or things would just improve. The manager NEVER followed thru with one thing he told me he would do.NEVER, I actually think the stronger employees that showed dedication, integrity and drive intimidated Nick, THE MANAGER. When employees are treated in this manner they not only lose great, hard workers but customers. I would like to talk to you in person. REPLY and we can work out a way to meet. I know employees that are still working DO NOT like how we were treated but are afraid to voice their opinion for fear of retaliation. I think this was NICK's plan to make examples of us so other employees will go along with whatever goes on in the store. P.S.

  • Bad customer service at the Alhambra branch CA.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody from corporate should go check it out. I don't think this is how should be. Crafting should be enjoyable not stressful because lack of organization!!!!!

  • I currently work in the Joann Fabric store in Middletown, NY. All of the managers are great, except for one. She's absolutely horrible, and it's not just me that thinks this. She interrupts customers to tell them they're wrong about something they're making & she interrupts employees to "correct" them in front of customers. It's so bad that I've had customers ask me if she's really my manager. I've heard several complaints about her from customers, and there's still nothing done about it. She's recently started to make our schedule because the GM is on sick leave, and didn't bother to ask anyone's availability. So when she schedules someone on a day they aren't able to work, and the employee asks about it, she has us sign sheets that says that we've called out even though it's her mistake and not our fault. In fact, i've signed about 9 of these sheets due to her scheduling errors and after all of that, she had the nerve to have a talk with me about my "excessive callouts" Every time I try to bring up an issue with her, she completely shuts me down and will not let me finish what i'm saying to her. I'm completely over this, and I don't know if I can continue to work here if this doesn't stop. For all I know, she's trying to use the callout sheets she's had me sign to easily get rid of me in the near future. I'm hoping to have this issue resolved by speaking to HR, but from what i'm reading on here, it doesn't look like it will solve anything. Has anyone else had the same issue with the callout sheets??

    As a disclaimer, i'm not trying to badmouth anyone. I'm posting this in the best interest of everyone that I work with & I don't believe she's actually following company policy.

  • Some one needs to make a surprise visit to the Joanns store in Belmont,NH. They had the store redone a couple of years ago. I have never seen a more disgusting ladies room in my life. Totally filthy. I have complained before, and the girl tried to blame it on the night crew. Joke, joke !!!! That thing hasn't been cleaned in ages, day or night. Maybe a revamp of help would help.

  • I have yet to receive myW-2 tax statement from the store. I called and they said to call corporate hdq. I got the phone tree when I tried to call. Then I tried customer service to get a live person. They switched me back to HR phone tree. On the phone tree about tax form, it said to mail $5 to get a duplicate! I NEVER got an original form-period! This is illegal!

  • I also hated working for JoAnn. I am a college student and I was hired for a new store that was opening. At the time I was hired, they neglected to tell me that everyone they were hiring at the time was temp only, and they would decide who to keep permanently when the store opened. I was kept on a while after the store opened when they suddenly stopped scheduling me for hours. I went to the manager and asked what happened. She claimed that it was a mistake and that she would pencil me in. She did give me hours the first few times this happened. After that, she would tell me that she would call me to give me hours, and then never call. As it turned out, they were letting people go without notifying them. They just stopped scheduling you. Now, I have not received my W-2 form and won't be able to file taxes without it. Thanks JoAnn!!

  • I have never been as disappointed in a company as I am with Joann's! Good luck to anyone who needs to speak to anything other than an automated voice. The only "live" voice that can be reached is a voicemail greeting and you might as well save your energy leaving a message because NO ONE returns calls. I've left several messages with three different people in the corporate office, plus I've sent emails, and I haven't received a single return call. I have a very urgent and serious need to speak to someone in Human Resources/Payroll and I've explained my situation to them in my voicemail messages. It makes no difference to them … they couldn't care less!! I'm done dealing with Joann's and I'm definitely done shopping in their stores. I'm more than happy to take my business somewhere else.

    • Nobody returns phone call, that is the truth. Everybody thinks some else will return the call. The quality of customer service has gotten way down……

  • to whom it may concern at Joann fabrics in Newington ct.06111 {Berlin turnpike location] My mother in law and i go to joanns a lot to purchase material and the kind we buy is anywhere from $35. to $109. a yard well the girls on the floor or at the registers are very nice .the girls in the material dept, are so rude i walked out..i went in about 2 weeks ago to price a sewing machine not cheap about 5000. i went home to figure out which one i wanted the lady was a great help well i went in there tonight purchased expensive material and i was gonna go back over to most likely purchase the machine but the lady at the cutting counter was so mean and rude i did walk out after i got my material and i feel bad because the lady lost a large purchase of a machine because i didnt want to deal with joanns anymore whats wrong every time we go there they are like that if they dont like there jobs then quit and find another one even a lady in line said something to the material cutting lady …its like i cut your material and dont ask me questions ……they need to get people that know what they are doing and are nicer to the public ….will i return not sure most likely not just in the last year we spent at least 4500. alone on just material but i will be going else where ….

  • I have purchased lots from Joanns over the years. Recently my husband bought a fabric cutting machine from them. We went to the store in Centennial, CO – on Phillips St. to find 2 dies. Of course, the store was busy. We found one, but not the other. The only person I could ask about the 2nd die was the cashier. I simply asked her if she could call another store to see if they had it. (There were 5 cashiers – so she wasn't alone) She thought I was asking for the moon. I finally gave up and decided I would complain and talk about that particular store negatively as often as I can. It certainly can't help you.

  • I want to applaud JoAnns for giving their employees the day off on THanksgiving. I'm appalled at the recent trend to be open. Everyone deserves that day with their family!

  • Dear Mr. Haverkost,

    I was recently at your Pewaukee, WI store where there were two people on staff on MEMORIAL DAY!

    I have been to many stores in my life where the facility was obviously understaffed and the employees were running around madly, trying to satisfy all of the customer needs. But I have very rarely been to a store where the employee at the register was actually to the point of crying after being berated by so many customers for the lack of help in the store.
    The problem was obviously not the employee's fault and there was nothing she could do to solve it.
    I left the store and felt compelled to write this note.
    I find it hard to believe that a company as large as yours would turn a blind eye to such troubling conditions.
    You are doing your customers and employees a great disservice by not providing enough staff to suit customer needs.
    As a professional that deals with many customers at a team management level, I would never allow my people to be to be subjected to such conditions.
    I feel sorry for your staff and you as an employer.
    I will no longer shop at Joann's.
    If for some unlikely reason you would like to take this complaint seriously I can be reached at

    Regretfully yours,

    • I work for Joanns they don't care I have a manager that is a bully will be looking for a new job all they care about is the mighty dollar we are all replaceable they want cheap labor not experience.

  • I live in Arcadia , Calif and there os a Jo Anns accross the street ftom me. I hate these stores & they all would go out of business! Rude, stupid, brainless, every excuse to not help me. Never going back there & telling all friends not to go. Go downtown los angeles. Or The Fabric Shop, 17407 Valley blvd
    . La Puente, 91744, CA. Phone is 626-964-6300. Lets get jo ann stores to go out of business! They have no idea how to help people & don't care. Corpate office doesn't care either. Stop shopping there Please!! Force closures!!!

  • In the WA area the service sucks. There is always lines to check out. And if you don't get coupons they are not going to help you out if you ask for one. You would be better off going some where else.
    They could care less to help you. I waited 10 min for a MGR. and never got one to answer my complaint.

    • Umm i work at joanns and everytime im working i always get through the line quick and were busy and i always try to get customers coupons always.

  • Who is the IDIOT who is in charge of the Sales Goals? You need to bring the Number's back down!! The Economy is still bad it has not gotten any better. You are comparing it to last year's sales and the reason why we did better is because you lowered the number's. Two year's ago we were in this same situation that we are in now, all of the Store's here on the West Coast are struggling the number's are way to high please lower the number's so that we can get more hours and have more employee's on the floor working, we have had people walk out because of hardly no help we have had a lot of theft because of it too. We have people coming up to us at the register that have been waiting in line and getting angry at us, asking us if we can call for more back up and we say that we are sorry but this is all that we have, and when we do call for backup either we get no response or they say they will be up in a moment and the line starts to grow longer and the customers get even more angry, even the manager's are the one's that say they will be up in a moment and end up taking a long time, it is really frustrating, it needs to get better, And not to mention we are barely surviving with our hours being cut some of us can not afford to buy food and on verges of having things shut off. So Seriously let there be a little light bulb go in someone's head like it did the last time figuring out that the economy is still bad and bring down the Sales Goals Numbers!!! A Very Concerned Employee who actually does care about the company, sometimes we feel that we can go in there and do a better job than what you are doing, i have been with Jo-Ann's for a long time now. Please do us all the favor and bring down the Sales Goal Numbers you will see an improvement in sales. Anonymous Employee

    • Sounds like a southern california store if you ask me. Just think, the competition has better deals that us, and customers come in wanting a price match, no wonder they go to Michael's. At least at that store, you find employees that will help, and are willing to help. Unlike a Joann store, where you get 5 employees all day, and people running around looking stupid.

  • At the JoAnn store near me, in Centennial Colorado, there are signs posted on EVERY pattern drawer, "All patterns 40% off." Recently, the pattern I HAD to buy at full price (long story that was equally frustrating) was a Butterick pattern (4842) that was marked on the pattern envelope
    USA $10.95. The cashier rang it up at $9.99 and when I asked how $9.99 is 40% off of $10.95, I was told, "Oh, you never go off of the price on the pattern envelope."
    My question is, exactly WHAT price do you go off of?. Nowhere on the pattern do I see the words 'suggested retail price'. $10.95 is the posted price. I consider this 'bait and switch' or at the very least, false advertisting. I've contacted the corporate office, and although they helped me with other issues (Thank you Carol Sakata in customer service) they were unable to answer this question for me. My next call will be to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Hi, I hope someone from Corperate reads these posts. Jo-anne built a new store in Sherman, TX. Its a nice store except in my opinion the way the store is layed out its confusing. It takes too long to find the item you are looking for. What happened to "Notions" being on the walls around the store? They were easy to find and shop, now "notions" are on different rows and it takes too much time to find what is wanted.
    I go in the store because there is a specific item I am looking for, I am not there to shop up and down the isles like a grocery store.
    The store in Sherman, TX is short-handed, there is no one to ask if you have a question. People are lined up to get fabric cut or lined up to get checked out. I waited to get my fabric cut and then I waited to get checked out. I probable spent 30 minutes trying to get these things done. I did not see a "For Help" sign. There was 1 person checking out and 1 person cutting fabric and this was on a Sunday and Monday, when I asked if they could get help at the checkout I was told everyone was busy. Where were they? I only saw 2 people working in the store, finally another person came to the checkout and helped. You need someone or 2 persons that can be available to help people and to answer questions.
    There were other people in line griping about the service also. So to sum it up, Nice store (difficult to find things) poor customer service ( waiting times too long)
    Would I recomend——-No Would I go back—-Only if I had to. I would check Hobby Lobby first to see if they would have what I would be looking for. Thank you.

    • Why that sounds exactly like the new store in Toledo, Ohio. I too only go there now when I absolutely cannot find what I need elsewhere.

    • Same thing for Cedar Hill, Texas store. There were over 20 people in line to pay yesterday and only one employee checking – I left my purchases there and walked out. The cutting line wasn't any better. Scads of people waiting and only one employee working. I feel sorry for those employees – Hobby Lobby will be my store of choice from now on.

    • Same at Apple Valley, MN. No help, and the nice people that did work there are smart and leave. I've witnessed managers scolding the employees in front of customers too. Even hear them talk about the employees rudely to other employees in their offices. shut your doors ( aka the holes under your noses ) , Us customers don't wish to hear your complaints.

    • I agree with these folks.. I went to the store in Wellington FL yesterday picked a bolt of 44" wide cotton fabric to make 2 pieced backs. I needed 4 pcs 3 yrds ea. off the same bolt. There was no one around, just me. the girl at the cutting station REFUSED to cut me 4 pieces, 3 yds each.. ( that's 12 yds of fabric.. she said it's "policy" not to do special cuts. I told her's yardage. not a special cut.. it's 3 yds. just do it 4 x … she said it's JOANN FABRICS policy not to. .. I informed her that her job was to cut yardage …. it says so in their ads ! ANOTHER employee came and waved her off… and did it for me..( she should be made the manager as far as I'm concerned. ) I went to pay for the fabric and let the girl know what the first girl did (who was standing about 10 ft away now at the other register ) she had the odacity to inform me that they DON'T cut more than one cut per bolt because it gets out of hand if there is a line of people, and everyone wants "special" cuts. I informed HER that first of all, there was NO ONE THERE.. I WAS THE ONLY ONE AROUND … and YARDAGE is not a "special cut" .. if I had asked for a fat quarter or 3/8 OF A YD THAT is a special cut. YARDAGE is what they get paid to cut. Then I asked her " exactly how many people have bought 12 yrds of fabric today?? huh?? YOU DON'T TURN A GOOD CUSTOMER AWAY .. not these days. well … they just lost a good customer. I will go to the quilt stores to buy my fabrics or will buy on line before I go to another Joann Fabrics. THIS IS WHY BUSINESSES IN AMERICA FAIL – WHEN THE EMPLOYEES HAVE NO WORK ETHICS. perhaps they should learn history more and how hard their parents and grandparents had to work to make a living. sad .

  • I really need to speak to someone at corporate headquarters regarding a situation. Customer service representatives keep throwing me around in circles. Please help! Both of the phone numbers listed above only get me to customer service. Thank you

    • I just purchased a sewing machine there it was no good, worked for 20 min.I called the store cinnati to ask if they refund the money, she said I would have to send it back to the company that they don't give refunds, so I jumped in my car and drove to the store, they worked on machine for at least an hr. wouldn't work, I went there ready for a fight,the manager was the one I talked to she wouldn't tell me anything, bout hr. and half later she get's another machine out, I said I don't want it, I want a refund, I've found thru research that they have a defective bobbin (or something to do with bobbin, at last I got my refund, so what the manager tells me if you buy it and it's no good you have to sent it back to the co. I told them I didn't buy it from singer I bought it from Joanns, I will never walk inside their store again It was also 100.00 higher than they advertised it for on line.

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