JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters

JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 4276 Lakeland Drive
Post Office Box 321001
Flowood, MS 39232
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-601-664-7177
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-601-664-7177

  • I want tell yall something I went and bought some stuff with my card and it double charge me I need to know how I can get this fixed this makes the second time and I'm not happy about because it caused me to go over on my card it need to be fixed

  • Abita Springs store has a guy by the name of Dave, working there that never smiles, never greets you and is rude and judgmental about your purchases.
    What I buy is my business.
    I've been a customer for over 10 yrs coming in 2-3 times a week.
    Never been treated this rudely.

  • @ Jr. Food Mart # 366 Liberty Ms. Sunday 7-Apr-19 3 each 3 pc. liver ,
    2 each 3 pc. gizzard , 6 tenders, bought sprite, coke, 2 each Dr.Pepper
    Rude Attitude . I have been going to this store for 15 years as a special stop while traveling to Natchez to visit Family . the last three times was not pleasant. was told this time no Buns with 3 pc order ?
    We have always got a bun with 3 pc order . we will not be stopping again after this treatment.

  • On November 22, 2018, I went in to Jr. food Mart in Carthage Ms. There were to young ladies there on there phones. And the one in the deli had her back turned and act like she did not want to wait on me. They both was so rude and did not greet.

  • Store 329 Carthage Ms. Needs better management.. Its poor management. Very poor.. Somebody needs to check this store out. She keeps losing people left and right. POOR MANAGEMENT. Talk to the workers that's still there. She what's going on.

  • The health Dept and Food Safety needs to be called in the Carthage Ms Store 329. And the Corp.Office needs to come down and check on the store.. Need better management. Its a lot of favorite going on. The manager has her pick. When your hired your told you have to be able to work Any shift. That don't apply to all. And you can not get every week end off that don't apply to all. She has her picks on who works 1st shift and who does not have to work any other shift. And tell me if I'm wrong but if your in any kind of management you have to work any shift. Asst have to step in and work. But this one person is only 6 to 2 and always late.. And nothing is said. But if somebody else is late, calls in, or wants a day off it like war war 3 she is ready to fire somebody… Somebody really needs to look in to this store bad. She has had a bad turn over with workers because of it. And not going to keep anybody as long as it keeps going on.. She has this saying its her store and she is going to run it like she wants because nobody can run it like her. Not even her boss Julie and Drew..

  • Store 329 really need better Management. Some of the employees are so rude and don't greet or smile at all. One of the Morning deli worker always has her back turned on her cell phone. Never opens her mouth. And the Manager Kim Lenard is most of the time seeing this. They also have a new girl there maybe been there for few weeks. Her name start with A Dan something. She is really rude. Very poor management and workers on Morning shift.. All they want to do is stand around on phones and talk about people.

  • Jr.Food Mart in Carthage Ms. Site 329. It ran by poor management. The manager has her picks and let them do what ever. When your hired you are supposed to be able to work any shift. Not these to she calls her sick kicks. They get what they want when they want and tell her when they going to work. Never have to do anything. Always late both. But another co-worker was late 10mins and she fussed at her. She had had a bad turn over with workers because of it. Somebody needs to look in to it. They stand around on 6 to 2 talking about the other countries worker. And if you go and that with her she is telling every body. Jr food Mart is never going to have a full crew because of her

  • The jr food Mart in leakesville, ms has the most customers to pull off without service because the employees are outside smoking and talking with their friends. I have pulled onto the lot and witnessed 4 people at the counter while the cashier is outside. I've also witnessed people drive off from gas pumps because no one was inside to take their cash. One cashier sits in her car, in the handicapped parking space, when she doesn't have customers, her entire shift and not just for 5 minutes or once or twice. How can a business make money when their employees are allowed to do this! 4 gas stations in this town and the employees act like they are the only ones open and customers don't have options.

  • Store in Folsom, Louisiana is a joke…no management to control employees or customers..store is very unsanitory….from store to kitchen. ..night time is a joke a hang out for people. ..

  • the girl working in petal ms foodmart is not friendy at all never smiles and gets right out rude if you ask for the dollar she has on the one working at 706 on the 1-26-16 benn there 4 times and for times she been the same anyone can have a bad day but every day bad there is a girl working there she all smiles and sweet the othere one just send some one to see they will not go back

  • Let's just say that the store in scottsville ky store location is 1840 old galaton rd store #812 isn't going by state law the employees do not get there breaks or lunch which isn't right by any means they shouldn't be able to run the store this way. The employees shouldn't have to work 8.5 hours without a lunch break at all or even able to sit down that day. It truly isn't right how its being ran.

  • Someone form the Abita Spring Jr’s Food Mart contact me today and assure me they valued my business. I am satisfied with some form of sensible acknowledgment; as the location is on my route to and from work. There are plenty other stop I could make but that location is closest to my house when on that route.

  • Jr Food Mart at 22079 Highway 59, Abita Springs, LA 70420.
    Anna the cashier was having an off night. Anna emerge for a door behind the counter and stood there looking at us, the costumers, as if she was shocked we were there and that we had stopped her from doing whatever she had been doing. The cashier refuses to wait on anyone until she found out what, '' You look like the cat that ate the mouse.'', meant. There was no manager on duty or any visible contact information in or around the store’s location for customers to communicate with management. There was an emergency eight hundred number for JR Food Mart Corp.

  • JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters:
    4276 Lakeland Drive
    Post Office Box 321001
    Flowood, MS 39232

    I enter this location about 7:30pm on a Saturday night, No cashier or clerk was visible. There was one customer standing at the counter. I proceed to the beer cooler, selected a beer as I turn to approach the counter a young lady pass me in the isle on her was to the same cooler. I took my place, second, in line behind the man still standing there. Another man enter the store; as the young lady took third place in line behind me, the fourth person made himself a coffee and took fourth place in line behind the young lady with two beers and whatever else she had. The store clerk/cashier emerge for a door behind the counter and stood there looking at us, the costumers, as if she was shocked we were there and that we had stopped her from doing whatever she had been doing. (Costumers continued to enter the store and the line was growing.) I commented that she looked as if we caught her off guard. My exact words were'' You look like the cat that ate the mouse.'' The cashier approached the register then stop and asked me what did I say? I repeated my statement. (Two more customers enter the store.) She asked what my statement meant. The man first in line reached her his money to pay for his items. She asked him what did my statement mean, he replied he did not know. The cashier refuses to wait on anyone until she found out what the statement meant. Everyone in line responded it is not a bad comment. She told everyone in line she was not going to wait on anyone until somebody told her what I meant by my statement. I respond ''Really are you going to hold up all these people for nothing.'' The first man asked to be serviced. Finally she checked out that gentleman bagged my beer but put my money back on the counter and waited on the woman behind me and so on she refused me service. I asked for her manager’s contact she refused to give it to me. At no time was my commutation inappropriate, offence in neither tone nor mannerism. The only reason I spoke to the clerk was because she was standing there in some sort of daze. I do not presume to tell the owner how to run their business and I hope Anna the cashier was having an off night and that being away from the counter for so long was no indicative of store operation. Hopefully none of my experience on 8/2/14 was indicative of store operation. I left a message with JR Food Mart Corp. for someone in management to contact me, I guess I will see how far up management the insolence has eroded or maybe it is top down.

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