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JTV Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact JTV Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 9600 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922
Email: CustomerCare@jtv.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-865-692-6000
Fax Number: 1-865-692-1346
Customer Service Number: 1-865-692-6000


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  1. I had the most unpleasant day speaking with your CET Dept today 2/14/19. They admitted that the issues that I brought to their attention were their fault. They made no effort to compensate for their era. They would not let me talk and they kept interrupting and then I tried to talk and they would not let me explain the issues to them. Called back and they'd make sounds on the phone as if huffing sounds as if to say this is getting on my nerves. They made me feel unimportant and without me there would be no JTV because the customers is what builds your company. They do lie to the customers. Would like for corporate to listen to the phone call that was made by myself today and spoke with a lady by the name of Queenie at the CET Dept. Also a lady before that call was bad also. It would take me way too long to explain what the issue was over and if you listen to the call and you hear some of the stupidest things that the representative was saying that didn't even make common sense it definitely has to be addressed Because unless something is done and they Rectify it or do something to make it right I will never shop with JTV again and all my friends that shop there will never shop there again either. Also anybody that charges $6.99 shipping when it cost just about $3 to mail a sm package back is stealing from the customers. That is called stealing and that's what you're doing to your customers, you are stealing from them. So listen to the phone call and I expect a return email and I expect her to be reprimanded.
    If you think I was the one in the wrong, I don't care because I was not. Happy Valentine's Day and I certainly hope you get your business straightened out with people that know more what they're doing because I love your quality of jewelry and it's a shame that the people that work for you are the way they are and they're not all that way. I have talked to some wonderful people but I would have to say the majority is not. Thank you have a blessed day! Victoria

  2. Problems with logging into account. Correct password but system wants me to reset the password. Why? I know the password because I created it, also when ordering with JTV preferred card,site wants me to supply the info all over again and when I do, it tells me the birth date is wrong and you have MTO be 18 or older. Well I was born in 1950, I think that qualifies for being over 18. Keep these problems going and you will lose customers, although I don't think you care. All you want to do is sell sell sell. Who do you think keeps your company in business? You are a commercial free station so the means all in to you comes from CUSTOMERS.

  3. Good morning,
    I am writing regarding a problem I am having with your promotional discount coupons. On several occasions JTV has emailed me coupons. The problem is they never work. I received a email on Sunday, December 3rd for a $10 off of a purchase of $49 or more coupon (LOVEITALL). I tried using the discount and it did not work. I posted my concerns on your Facebook page and no one has contacted me to resolve the issue. I have posted this problem twice before and customer care did reach out to me. (Please see Facebook posting). I love shopping on your channel and website. However, customer care and live chat seems to never be aware of the your promotions and it becomes very frustrating.

    Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

  4. I was a satisfied customer until my experience this morning… I am writing this to Customer Care because this is one customer that is ticked off…. I got on this morning because I was watching JTV and offer DMCZ411 a sapphire ring came on and it was on sale for $29.99, I thought my fiancee' would like that so I started talking to KAYLA as you can see in the picture I sent you… AS she was trying to tell me that the ring was $50.99 had I not caught it, your company would have charged my card more than what you advertised…. I definitely will not use your site and representatives like kayla to order anything if I ever do again. I have been a good customer for you that you are on the edge of loosing. I write reviews for Trip Advisor and I am in the top reviewers for Reno Nevada and have started reviewing for YELP and you have a review for your company and this experience on there today. Ron C in Reno Nevada… I write honest and fair reviews about experiences both good and bad… your company today wound up in the bad… I think I would look at the picture I sent you because I was so shocked that your company was going to try this… I would look at this employee… you definitely blew it with me and you probably don't care, but I will not longer tell people about your company and deals… TRY being honest okay guys… And for me to take my time to write you has to tell you I felt very deceived and that you do not care about your customers.


    Ronald W. Crandall

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