Just Brakes Corporate Office Headquarters

Just Brakes Corporate Office Headquarters
8150 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX  75206
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-276-5504

  • This company took advantage of a 16 year old kid. My son works hard to earn money to fix up his car. the store manager of just breaks offered to help him and requested cash to purchase parts faster, when we received the parts they were the same parts that we originally gave him, just cleaned up and was charged $3500.00 for what we thought was new parts. Store manager Jon Elgin took my sons money and my son received nothing. This guy needs to be banned from working at any mechanical shop.

  • Just Breaks is a horrible place. Don't take your car to the Just Breaks in Castle Rock Colorado store #200, they will take advantage of you, and it will cost you lots of money. The store manager is useless and needs to be fired.

  • Please do not use this company or at least the shop located at 31217 Harwood Road, Bedford, TX 76021. I took my car (Volkswagen Passat) to replace the rear brake pads in December 08, 2016. A simple replacing become a nightmare.
    I left my car in the morning and they did not release my car until following day. Some days later, the emergency brake block my car. I decide to take the car to respected auto care they found that Just Brakes Mechanic forced back manually the piston on calipers without scanning, broking the Brake Servo Module on both rear wheels. This module is very expensive ($680 each).
    I went back to the Just Brakes today. I spoke with the new Manager (Tommy) who recognized that previous technician should not receive my car because the scanner in this Just Brakes location does not work for my Volkswagen. He tried to contacted technician manager and his reply was that they will not recognize any of my damages caused to my car and did not offer to repair unless I paid to them.
    In other words, the inexperienced technician broke important part of my car and I have to pay them in addition to repair the damages caused by them.

  • I took my car for breaks job. I was told that the car would need rotors resurfaced and pads replaced. They performed this. A week later the car would start shaking when applying the breaks. We took the car back. The resurfaced the rotor again. A couple of day later – same story – shaking. When I called the shop they said that now I need new rotors. There was no more trusting them, so I took the car to a dealer… Trying to get a refund. Is it possible?

  • We took our 2013 Toyota Corolla to Just Brakes on Grissom Rd/San Antonio, TX on December 2015 to change the brake pad. On their recommendation we also paid to replace the calibers and turn the rotors. 2 months later we hear grinding sound coming from the front brakes so we took the car back. They claim that because of the weather the brakes just needed to be adjusted and lubed. A couple of months later the noise was back but worst so we went back but this time they said we needed to replace the wheel bearings and quoted a price of around $460. Drove one more month trying to figure out how to get that amount of money together. A mechanic friend volunteered to take a look. Come to find out they never replaced the brake pads, didn't even turn the rotor. Our friend replaced the brake pads for us and the awful noise is gone. We will never do business with this company again. We thought about confronting them or complaining to the Corporate office but after reading all other complaints it's not even worth the stress and aggravation.

  • Fort Collins Store #0058 needs to be looked into. They way overcharged us for parts, claimed they could do the work but our car is still running the exact same as it did when we brought it in, but our wallet is almost $800 lighter! When confronted about the issue the mechanic said it would "work itself out" and not to worry about it. The parts were extremely overpriced and he wouldn't budge on that either even though I had done additional research showing the exact same parts at a fraction of the price. We feel as though he did not complete the job to our satisfaction and refused to continue to look into and fix the issue. I will never use Just Brakes again and I recommend that no one else does either. What a terrible way to run a company!

  • I had the front and rear brakes put on and the employees didn't tighten up the screws on the left front brake. When I realized there was a problem the next day I took it to the closest store to me. They informed me that there was only one screw on the caliper and the other one was barely on the brake. They also told me that it was a very serious and dangerous situation.

    I spoke to the manager today and was told they did every they could for my truck and they weren't at fault. I am upset they didn't even take any responsibility for the problem. The store that didn't tighten up the brakes was in Denton, TX and the store that fixed my problem and probably life was in Lewisville, TX.


  • I had the front and rear brakes put on and the employees didn't tighten up the screws on the left front brake. When I realized there was a problem the next day I took it to the closest store to me. They informed me that there was only one screw on the caliper and the other one was barely on the brake. They also told me that it was a very serious and dangerous situation.

    I spoke to the manager today and was told they did every they could for my truck and they weren't at fault. I am upset they didn't even take any responsibility for the problem. The store that didn't tighten up the brakes was in Denton, TX and the store that fixed my problem and probably life was in Lewisville, TX.


  • I received a insurance ck from state farm. the check was made out to just brakes to do the repair, the check was for $1000. dollars. upon looking over my vehicle the mechanic told me< the repairs to my car was only $225.00 therefore he would have to take the rest of the check of $725.00 because he don't give refund and he couldn't cash the check for me. I told him,there s no way in hell I was going to give him 1000.00 for 225.00 job. San Antonio,texas

  • Tomball tx location 0009 purposely damaged my vehicle. I have spoken with several managers and gm of the area. my issue has not been corrected at this point legal actions will be taken. I have notified your office there in corporate of the incident and also have proof. which was provided to your office. I will not be going through a third party to have my repairs done as then I would have to deal with them if any further damage occurs. so contact me back as you already have my contact info. in your system. very disappointed customer
    Franklin Brooks

  • Before I go off and state what had occured, I am going to give Just Brakes Corporate Office a Chance to speak to me directly before I possible take legal action. So here is your chance JUST BRAKES. jmtklt2000@gmail.com. Time starts now 11/30/2015 @ 11:13 AM

  • After i had sloppy work done at JUST BRAKES which ended with my brakes burning up on the vehicle,i took it back,and showed the manager,what happened,to the brakes,he just said i am not going to argue with you.I sent a complaint to corporate hdqt,but no response from them yet.They called,and left a number to call.I keep calling this no,but all i get is,he will call you tomorrow.The store address is7238 highway 85 Riverdale,Ga 30274. #0305.do not use this store for any repairs.

  • I brought my 1997 Toyota 4Runner to just brakes on Rancho in Las Vegas store #703 last month. Ramone told me I needed new bushings for my suspension, new shocks and struts, new brakes and turn the rotors and an alignment. So first they ordered the wrong struts and shocks because my truck is lifted. Now I lost 2 inches in the front end because I have the wrong struts on my truck. My truck pulls to the left and I had to take off my larger tires because they were rubbing in the front which they never did before I took it to you guys. I took it back to Ramone and he said there was nothing they can do which I find insulting since they are the ones that created this problem to begin with. I just want my truck fixed. I spent $2400 at your location and I am not happy with the results. I would really like to hear from someone with a solution to this problem.
    Thank you

  • I went to the store in Universal City in October with brake sounds coming from the front brakes Harold said they just need adjusting and lube I was charged $140.00 Took it back with the same sound they again charged $140.00. This still did not fix my problem I took it to the FM 78 where I spoke to Frank
    he talked about doing the work under thee table I told him I do not feel I owe any more the district manager came in he told me I would need new brakes turn the rotors and that it would cost $205.00
    I said what about the money I have already spent to fit the problem he said there was no part just labor done which did not fix my problem. NEVER, NEVEZR USE this company.

  • Monday, June 15, 2015: I went to "Just Brakes" on June 9, 2015 and paid $400.00 for new brake lines. I have not driven it until today. Guess what???? NO BRAKES!!!!! I cannot drive my car!!! I've been waiting hours for approval for a tow company to pickup my car but apparently ALL EXECUTIVES ARE IN A MEETING!!!!!!!! A company called 'JUST BRAKES" you would think they would be able TO FIX MY BRAKES!!!!!

  • Went to the just brakes on Main St in Mesa Arizona on Sat may 30th. I had called first to see if I needed an appointment and the person who answered the phone, Larry I thought he said, but could hardly understand him, said they were slow and to come in. I arrived around 5pm in the afternoon and walked in the office and no one was there. I waited a few minuets and a man came from the shop in jeans and looked like he just woke up. after asking a couple questions of him he seemed incoherent and unable to carry on a conversation with me. I told him I had to get something from my car and I left. to be honest it was a scary experience. Sorry, I wont be back.

  • I was charged $826 just to get my brakes changed!! 3 labor charges on my bill for less than a hr of work!

  • I went in to have my car serviced…twice and both times I was told it was going to be a few hours. So okay fine…I decide to call and schedule an appt. before noon. JAMES at 95th ave and Northern answered, said they werent too busy. "Average for a Saturday" was his exact reply. He scheduled an appt to come in between 3 & 4pm. I was there 30 minutes early for my appt… he says "it's going to be a few hours"…I explained I had an appt…"I'm James…yes but it's going to be a few hours but your welcome to come back and I'll schedule you an appt for later"

    HA! Are you kidding me!?! That's just ridiculous!! I can't believe how terrible their service is at Just brakes…

  • US 92, Sanford, FL. Worst experience ever. Went in for brakes, ended up with a $7,100 quote. "This was broke, that was broke, etc…" Had to call corporate to figure out something and quote went down to $4,300 after a lot, I mean a lot of BSing around. After everything was all said and done, they put multiple scratches on the inside tint on my drivers side window. To make things worse, I had a pair of Oakley sunglasses that were in there when I dropped my truck off. Well, guess what happened…They aren't there anymore. Figures…These people are crooked as hell and I have a feeling what they "fixed" that I "needed" is gonna fail soon. I am going to do a good inspection to see if certain parts even got replaced. What a joke of a company. Well, at least the Sanford, FL store. Kind of funny as well, I saw multiple complaints about this location after the fact too. To conclude this messed up scenario, I dropped my truck off on a Saturday afternoon and there was not 1 vehicle in the parking lot, I thought they were closed. Seemed weird since any other mechanic store is packed on the weekends. When I went to pick it up, also, not a soul there. Now it makes sense. This place needs to be shut down for all the BS they do.

  • Don't ever go here. They are cheaters. Samir Omar their corporate mgr is the biggest fraud. They installed my brake pads incorrectly and now instead of fixing it, want another $700 job to replace additional parts that my car dealer confirmed aren't bad. 100 percent cheats and its top down policy as this is how Samir Omar trains his people.

  • I had a complete brake job done on my 2005 Ford F350 on Jul 22, 2014, at the Just Brakes location on Spring Creek in Plano Texas – store #033. Everything replaced – front and rear rotors, pads, + emergency brakes shoes & pads, seals etc. to the tune of $1700. When I took the truck in for an annual inspection shortly thereafter, it failed as the parking brake wasn't working. Returned to Just Brakes to fix under warranty. I asked the store if there wasn't an adjustment. They emphatically replied "no". They claimed that a seal was leaking and they replaced the seal and parking brake shoes under warranty. They showed me the shoes. I couldn't see any trace of oil, but since there was no charge to me, I didn't worry about it. Took the truck back to the inspection station and the truck passed. A few months later I was in Destin Florida. I had a need to use the parking brake. They didn't work! Just Brakes has no locations within at least 500 miles of Destin. Emailed and called Just Brakes – both the Plano store and the corporate offices. No response to the emails, and no responses to the voice mails I left. I took it to a local brake shop in Destin. Turns out there is a simple ratchet adjustment for the parking brakes on the F350s. The local shop adjusted the left brake. They also discovered that the right side parking brake ratchet screw was not attached to anything! Called corporate again, had to leave voice mails. No response again!

    The local store in Plano are incompetent and have no idea what they are doing. The corporate offices obviously couldn't care less. I would strongly recommend not to go to Just Brakes.

  • Store on Montaño in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Serious issue with potential customer relations. Big, beefy, loud, obnoxious guy named David. Refused (practically yelling) to do oil change because I did not want my personal information in their computer system. I gave back with verbal intensity and said that the guy who made my appointment over the phone should have said that they would not perform the service when I told him that I did not my personal information in their computer system. He took my name and auto make and made the appointment for me. Probably should look into drug testing, including steroids–seriously how the guy at the store came across.

  • I took my car to replace brakepads. I walked out paying thousands for non brake related repairs. Worst thing is the thing they tried to fix, (oil leak) is still there. Now they won't fix it. When I called their corporate office they said I should speak to someone called Paul who handles the region (Texas). They said he would call me back in 24 hours. It has been more than three weeks and no one has called. Today I called again and was directed to this person's voice mail where I have left a message.
    All of the things that other people are mentioning on this site have also happened with me like so many different persons working on the car and then one says I don't know what the other did, long wait times, no timely response, being called multiple times at inconvenient times for repairs etc.

  • I received AWFUL service and a botched brake job! Here are the details:
    1. The left rotor that was shaved was done improperly. It appeared that when it was placed on the machine, it was not loaded tight enough which caused a warp of sorts on the rotor. The brake pads were not fully touching the rotor. Over 50% of the pad was not making contact!
    2.The brake pad retaining clips were old and rusty. These come with the new brake pads I purchased but old hardware was used instead.
    3. Just Brakes installed two of the same side/style brake pads on each side thus eliminating the squeak-bar. (Picture this: each brake pad has a "side A" and a "side B". They had the two A's on the left front brake and two B's on the right side.)
    4. On the left front rotor, one rotor set screw was missing and three others were loose. So loose in fact that he used his finger to remove them! Not even needing a screwdriver!
    5. My lug nuts were over-torqued. So much so that he needed to use 150 pounds of torque to remove them.
    Bob the store manager acted as if nothing was wrong and refused to give me a refund! I've filed complaints with the BBB, The Department of Consumer Affairs, and have taken to social media!

  • I took my niece's car in last January because the back brakes were squeaking. I was told both back brakes would have to be totally rebuilt. we arrived at 1pm on Friday. after waiting for a call I called them and they told us Friday evening they had to order the parts and wouldn't receive them until Monday. on Monday I never got a call. I called from work and was told they were backed up – the car would be finished before they closed. we went back at 6pm and were told they were finishing up. waited until after 7pm and when we left the brakes seemed no different. called Tuesday and complained and was told to bring it back up. when we arrived we supposedly got the best mechanic there who said the work suggested was never done and he would certainly get it right because he knew what he was doing. waited 4 hours as he ran from car to car. now, one year later the back brakes and squealing and grabbing. another mechanic recommended by a friend told me he has had to repair/redo tons of cars after they visited Just Brakes – DaleMabry Highway in Tampa. so now I have asked this other mechanic to fix the brakes – cost 200.00. just brakes 400.00 you do the math. 600.00 for a brake job – too pissed!

  • The just brakes on lemmon ave. Is a joke. Employees are very unprofessional. I took my car here for brake pads and they tally up a list of all the work I supposedly need to get done on my car. After putting on brake pads my car began to whistle all the more. It wasn't doing that at first so I took it back and they said they had to resurface the drums….what! After this was finished the employee never put all the parts back on my tire. I'm never going back to just brakes and I don't recommend anyone else does either.

  • Store #77 in Chandler AZ.

    They are the best! They are honest and do their best with the parade of anal customers. I do not know about the other locations, but if you can, go to #77.
    It's never fun to have auto repairs done. Just drop your car/truck off and let them do what's needed.

  • I think someone should know that my husband took our Chrysler 300 to a Just Brakes here in Las Vegas because a friend of mine referred us, said she had a great experience and being a woman she is always afraid she will be take advantage of. She was pleasantly surprised when all four brake pads were done at a very reasonable price. I wasn't too concerned as my husband was taking the car and he is a car guy so I figured he would be ok. Well, after going there and telling Just Brakes we wanted to have the brakes looked at and there might be some wear on the back, not so much the front, we were stunned when the service man gave my husband a quote of 1800.00…My husband told him to put it back together and he left….A few days later he took it to another business and didn't say anything about the quote which he had in his pocket, the brakes were looked at, he was told he still had 60% of the pads on the front, and he may want to do the back, as there was only 30%. My husband then told them what Just Brakes quoted him and they looked at the quote, they checked what Just Brakes said needed to be done and they just shook their head…..We didn't even spend 200 for the work we had done and we will never recommend Just Brakes to anyone….Shame on them…..in this economy the last thing you need is to be ripped off….Unfortunately I am not stopping here at this blog….I'm going to our local news channel who shares these kinds of things with our community so other people will know this particular Just Brakes bad business practices.

  • Two years ago I went into Just Brakes to get a wheel alignment and was told that my car needed $1200.00 worth of work/parts to be able to have my wheels aligned. As that price was impossible I paid them for the price of a wheel alignment only which they did not do. Location: Las Vegas on Charleston off of Decatur. Last week I went to a reputable business which alignment my wheels without all the parts that your location advised. Because of your company I wasted approximately $200.00 on tires in the last 2 years. People distrust mechanics because of business like yours that tries to screw people like me. Guess they thought I was just a stupid woman. Wish I would have went somewhere else earlier and I would not have wasted my money on tires and what your company charged me for nothing. I will tell EVERYONE I KNOW about your company!

  • Took my car here for a brake inspection and was given bad information. Took my car here cause my brakes were squeaking so i wanted to get my pads changed the guy who inspected my car says that the brakes were fine and that i did not need new brakes and that all he seen was wrong was i needed new air shocks.so i continue driving the car thinking nothing was wrong but the problem keep going. so i take it in to get it looked at somewhere else and they say my brakes are no good and they were metal to metal now instead of a 79 dollar brake job i have a 600 dollar job all because i respected a business recommendation.

  • I am dissatisfied with the work done on my vehicle in Henderson, NV. They were supposed to adjust the parking brake. After looking it over, they conned me into getting new shocks at high-dollar and claimed to have adjusted the brakes. It took much too long, cost much too much and the parking brake still doesn't work. But the thing that makes me especially angry is they asked for a contact phone number. I gave them my cell number and they started texting ads to me. Within a few hours other companies started texting ads, costing me money for the texts. AVOID JUST FOR BRAKES.

  • Just Brakes in Houston on 290 is a joke. Manager lied on several occasions and the car came out making a horrible noise it never made before. The manager would not work with us to fix the problem. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THERE SERVICE TO ANYONE!

  • The service at Just Brakes store #115 Louetta – – Spring, Texas is well below average. They lie. They are terribly inefficient. They do not consider a customer's time. Professionalism is entirely lacking. Inflated prices!!! I will never recommend this place, nor will I ever come back. It's terrible that in today's economy, standards of service are so poor!!!!! Awful experience!!!! They suck… From the store manager on down the chain of command.

  • I am entirely disgusted with the service at Just Brakes store on Louetta in Spring, Texas. They are slow, sloppy and have absolutely no professionalism… Don't just lie to my face. I will NEVER come back, nor will I ever recommend this below average service provider. I am in a service industry… So I know the standards of good service… This place is NOT it. Absolutely awful…

    • I got work done at this same store 8/30/2013 and I totally agree they were suppose to do a cooling system flush charged me but didn't do the job. I am very upset. Yes they are very slow.

  • I had my brakes changed at the Palm Harbor, Florida store. I explained to them not to find anything else wrong because I only have a certain amount of money and all I want is the brakes replaced along with turning the rotars and drums for there special. I know the car and know exactly what it needed. I used to be a mgr in a tire lube store and couldn't believe how much business they loose out on because of mis-management. One person should be working on one car until it is completed and out the door. Instead They get behind and techs are jumping from car to car. I had all the techs(3)worked on my car. That is a perfect way to not know what the other guy has done. Now the Mgr. He should be jumping in working on these vehicles instead of walking in and out, sitting at his desk looking on the computer or texting. Changing my brakes because of the managment system took them 3.5 hours. People constanly were coming in the door complaining about the time it was taking to do the work. Not good customer service. I hope that you read this and make some changes. I don't think any of the people I saw will be repeat customers. The manager could have even been cleaning the waiting room and restroom. Both were dirty and the waiting room had very little air-conditioning.

    • Yeah we got so screwed. We went in for a brake change and they ended up finding all these other things wrong and ended up saying we need to finance it…so we just got conned out of 700 dollars when all we wanted was a brake change and THEN a three time charge for labor for an hour??

  • Mesa, AZ – Ellsworth store – BEWARE!!! They tell you you need all these expensive parts. When you refuse and take your car to dealer …. you don't need those parts. You just need better quality brake pads. Just brakes has the reputation of using the CHEAPEST brake pads in the industry. I was told this by 4 different companies. BEWARE!!! Now, I'm paying for a new brake job again somewhere else!!

  • You need to look at #009 station. Saturday they sure srewed me around. They said they could do the work. Then and when I returned after 4 hours the work still wasnt completed. Wasted day……

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