Justice For Girls Corporate Office Headquarters

Justice For Girls Corporate Office Headquarters
Ascena Retail Group Inc. (Tween Brands)
8323 Walton Pkwy.
New Albany, OH 43054-9522 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-775-3500
Fax Number: 1-614-775-3938
Email: info@tweenbrands.com
Customer Service Number: 1-866-246-5822

  • My name is Pamela..Midland texas store cancelled a giftcard in store and kept my money.. when we

    . the store has been nothing but rude… promises to call back… nothing.. their customer service has done nothing… they still have my 60.00 and i have a giftcard I paid for with nothing on it.. I will continue to write bad reviews on this company until they do what's right.. their manager cant even show their face..I will be posting on social media about these thieves
    Pcttrllpd@aol.com.. horrible company.

  • My name is Pamela and I recently purchased some merchandise and a Gift card from your midland Texas store for my granddaughters birthday… the girl that checked me out was new and had obviously not been trained on the register.. she did have to ask for assistance with the gift card..
    a couple days after the purchase my daughter took my granddaughter to shop so she could use her birthday gift card money.. after over an hour of shopping with a 7 yr old my granddaughter went to slide her card to pay for her things and the card came up as zero balance..she didnt understand why her birthday card didnt work..the girl informed my daughter there was no money on the card..and handed the card back to my daughter and told her to call customer service..my daughter explained it was a new card and that I had just bought the card 2 days earlier..she did not even try to help out with the card.. said there was nothing she could do and told her to call..my daughter went ahead and paid for the stuff because my granddaughter was upset over her money not being on her money card… I called customer service myself.. customer service pulled up the transaction over the phone and said that the card had been cancelled at store level and we needed to take the card yet again back to the store .. that they could put the $60.00 on the card..that if they had a problem to tell the store to call customer service…
    So they returned back to your store again today to get a rude associate.. and after waiting (with 3 kids ) for over 30 minutes was told ..well they need to investigate it.. and accused us of already receiving the money back because it was cancelled in the same transaction.. INVESTIGATE IT ?!?!..Your associate did not know how to ring it up in the first place !!! .. and she took my money..they said they did not know what to do so they took her name and number and said we will call you…which I'm sure that has already been thrown away… horrible customer service.. I can tell you that my daughter will be returning all she bought..and now I get to make another trip to your store..and I will be goin up there to return everything I bought… and they will have a choice to give me the 60.00 or put it on the giftcard…and if not I will be reporting this store.. and one way or another I will get the $60.00..my 4 granddaughters love Justice but I will not buy anything else from a store that treats their customers like this one treated my family..horrible customer service..

  • For a company that is all about empowering girls, this company is sadly not the company that stands behind that motto. I am severely disappointed in the Ladera Ranch Justice Store in California. My daughter was hired to work there, and was looking forward to working for a company that she herself grew up wearing the clothes, and being an advocate for girl power and helping other girls feel great about themselves. Apparently the manager Annalisa is not about promoting this at the store in Ladera Ranch. She promotes humiliation of new hires in front of customers, and ridiculing them on things she herself does not properly train them on. She treats them with disrespect, and disregard in front of other employees, and customers, who mind you are other women/girls who aren't they trying to empower? She also promotes illegal labor law practices by telling all the staff they cannot take breaks if they are working 4 hour shifts. Annalisa had a perfect opportunity to promote the Justice empowerment of girls motto at every turn, yet she choose to be petty, mean, unbelievably unprofessional, to a young eager girl who was excited to work at her first job for a company who she thought had great values. Good luck to this store because, if this is the management style they promote within, you are doing a great disservice to all who work there.

  • I recently has an awful experience at your Great Northern Mall ( OHIO) store. The manager there was awful to deal with after failing to inform her employees about a sale that was ending and a new one that was beginning the following day. I will never shop there again. It was clearly a mistake on her part yet Stevie did nothing to make it right, except lame excuses.

  • I am not complaining about a store only about the quality and style of clothing. Justice ha really hit rock bottom since your clothes look cheaper and less stylish than Wal-Mart's. What happened to the glitter and glam. Our store is always empty when I go in because of the lack of fashion and quality of clothing. In addition, everyone is not into Aztec. Secondly, the new arrivals, July 2016, are drab and ugly. What is wrong Justice. It's been several years now since things have changed and it used to be a time when you waited in lines and the stores were packed with girls oohing and awing. I would go from one store to the other trying to find something I really wanted to purchase, but not anymore. I think I have made my last purchase after seeing the new arrivals.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • I have a comment, not on the actual Justice stores, but on the online ordering site. My daughter wanted to order a swim suit to match a very good friend of hers that she was going to meet in person. We placed the order on June 22, hoping that it would arrive in time for her July 2 fun. I finally got a confirmation email on June 28, yes, it took 6 days to ship out the suit, with a link to check on delivery status. However, whenever I click on this link, there is never a connection made. I finally found a way around it, and found that the anticipated delivery date was July 5. This means that it would miss my daughter's day. But, also on the same page the suit was listed as sold out. Which to believe? I have tried calling the customer service line 3 times. The first time was a wait of over 30 minutes. The second time was over 70 minutes. The third time was only 28 minutes, but I really have more to do than sit on hold. They mentioned trying their online chat, which has been closed (right above a notice that they are open 24/7) every time that I have tried. Further, I have posted 2 different complaints, and an email. For the last complaint and email, I received a reply email that I could expect a reply within 24 hours. It has now been over 92 hours (that's almost 4 days) and no reply, yet. I have looked and looked to find how to contact corporate management, with no success, yet. Anyone have any contact information that I can use? Anyhow, my daughter needed a new swimsuit, so we bought one, but that other one has been paid for, and I can't find how to put in a complaint.

  • The Justice Store on International Drive in Orlando, Fl is the most unprofessional store I've ever been to. The managers are always huddled up together, talking about their employees. Don't even get me started about the cash register. There is always only one employee working and seems like the employees do more work than the managers, while the managers are loafing around, joking around. I've been a manager in retail before and this store seriously left a sour taste in my mouth. I feel bad for all the employees that work there. This is not how you build a healthy work environment.

    • Usually on any given day there are two managers (9:30-5-30 and 1:30-9:30) we have one of those two managers clocked in under "floor supervisor" and the other under Justice Sales. Regular employees work 11am-2pm or 5:30-9:30 on any given day. There is a rule that if you're clocked in under floor sup, you can't be on register, you are supposed to be watching the floor. The other manager, whose clocked under sales, is supposed to be on the floor as well unless there are three or more people in line at the cashwrap. I apologize for your inconvenience but I assure you our Style Advisors and Sales lead team share all work equally.

  • Very disappointed in this corporation not only a class action settlement against them where they were over charging for years but then I call the corporate office to get copies of transaction which I know they have because they take your phone # and email when checking out funny they wont send them out why because they know they will owe more money I spent Thousands there in those years absolutely not another cent I will spend my money somewhere else I am so disappointed and when I asked for help nope so even after settlement they will owe me a lot of money

  • I read trough all of these comments and see that there is a consistent, considerable amount of customers who are treated the same way that we have experienced.
    This company should not be serving children.
    They are unethical, immoral, inconsistent, and dishonest.
    To anyone reading; Please do complete a detailed review of any unjust transactions or their unexplained order cancellation when the product is readily available on the website with the Better Business Bureau website. It is quick, all you do is summarize their false advertising practices or unethical treatment and the BBB conducts investigations then file the report to reach other people and rates them based on all the negativity found to be substantiated.
    This happened twice with the same exact order for my little girl;
    her Christmas gift was outright cancelled for no other reason than because their own sale was simply too good of a price!!
    I was lied to by customer service who said the item was "unavailable" yet she didn't realize I had the item again in my cart. Then i received the shipment cancellation once again for no reason & I am filing a report with my credit card company as well because they charged me for both items but lied and said they didnt since the item never shipped. They are thieves. The birthday promotions they advertise are also seemingly lies. I never once recieved a single correspondence as promoted, not once IN 3 YEARS, not one!!
    All they do is promote spam and phishing for information in exchange for your email address and an empty promise for discount quality clothing, in which they are neither. I have never complained and hoped so much for any one company to actually be shut down, but this is really an exception.
    They are disgusting.
    I will pass on the message about this bogus site and store.
    I will be filing formal complaints in every way shape and form for the simple fact that I don't want this kind of company to continue to run in my neighborhood with these kind of pathetic practices.

  • This website disables your ability to comment on other posts once you post a seperate comment that reflects their company in a negative light.

  • Anyone else that has been wronged or has issues with this company needs to file a complaint with the better business Bureau. It's an online form, it does not take long, and it would probably help this bad company promote GOOD BUSINESS and customer service rather than the unethical type in which they currently do.

  • Bait and switch!!! Ordered a hard sided luggage at a 50% discount on cyber monday, they continued to advertise the product at the less discounted price for the weeks following. 2 weeks after my order was placed the said it was sold out. I had ordered on the following week and that one arrived. They are just not honoring cyber monday prices and not processing orders as they were recieved bit to the people who paid the highest prices!! Dishonest!! And they can't even respond to an email. This has been sent twice.This is unacceptable. This order was purchase on cyber monday nov. 30th. It has been 2 weeks since the order was placed and it wasn't  until today that you marked this product as sold out. I actually made an order for a 2nd hard sided tribal luggage on Monday Dec. 7th when the cyber Monday sale was repeated. I received confirmation that that item shipped but the one I ordered 1 week prior is Sold Out? I expect to receive the item I ordered or  you to find the same item that I can buy for the same sale price in a store near me. You obviously did not process orders in the order in which they were recieved and I expect priority to be put on my order that was made on Nov. 30th.

  • Yesterday I went to Oakbrook mall. I entered through Nordstrom's where customer service is top notch. Only to arrive at Justice where the sales associate Annika was very snobby and impersonal. She would never say thank you or your welcome, no matter how many times I said it. She drops the bag in my had as if I had a disease. I never felt so odd in justice before. I couldn't understand what I missed, and why was I being treated like this. The other associates were normal associates, pleasant, friendly,offering help and all of that normal stuff. I really wanted to just give her a hard time, but I just decided I would write a complaint instead. I have never done such a thing before, but I spend money often in justice for my baby, and I don't like to be treated rude where I spend my money.

  • So I get an email about free shipping today and clearance sale…trying to place an order and your server is down for scheduled maint…Really???? You are lucky I am even looking on your sight with all the changes you've made this year for the worse. I will be shopping elsewhere for my daughter this Christmas.

  • The justice workers in west shore mall in Tampa are very rude. Some of the managers themselves makes their workers watch anyone of African/american ethnicity that walks into the store . personally I've had a worker tell me they do this and later on will find out that while to busy watching those people other ethnicities of people have stolen. That is horrendous and myself has personally let these workers know that they are wrong. Many of the employees don't approve of it but have no choice but to do as told or be fired. This is wrong and something needs to be done soon.

  • Your clothing is not worth the ridiculous price you put on the tag….even on the 40% off weekends. And J-bucks, why bother??

    Your clothes fall apart, shirts get the little balls on them. And I NEVER dry my kids clothes. And I barely wash them unless obviously dirty. So disappointed that after all of the $$ I spent at Christmas to make my 7year old happy, your clothes are already like they've been worn for an entire season. I can't bring myself to shop in your store ever again.

  • My mother just took her 10yr old granddaughter to the mall to get a croched vest she needed for a costume. She uses checks still and wrote one for the purchase. The girl checking her out told her she couldn't get the check approved and thought she may be doing something wrong. The manager came up to assist abd after running the check through again, loudly informed her her check was declined. When she asked her to try it again bc she had the money and it shouldn't have declined. The mgr told her and everyone else in the store "people tell me they have money all the time and don't" refusing to run it aagain my mother, not wanting to make her granddaughter pay for this gils incompetance walked all the way back to her car, retrieved her visa, and called the bank. The check was never declined nor even sent to the bank for authorization and the bank asked why in this case the mgr didn't call for approval. Hmmm….. good question. Upon return, the purchase was made using the visa without any issue. When she asked the mgr why she was treated this way she said nothing….when she asked to see where the decline notification was she said nothing….when asked why she didnt call the bank she said I dont know. I have her name and will be contacting coorporate direct. Little girls love this store and we love doing things spe ial for our little girls however if nothing is done to adress this I can assure you I will never shop at justice again. I work for a coorporate company and know how this all works so I put this on here with high hopes it will not be brushed under the rug. No one has the right to tell you you are lying when it is obvious they are un familiar with the machine they are using. How dare her…. at least the little girl cashiering to begin with was apologetic bc the entire time she was back in there to complete her purchase the mgr NEVER once offered an apology. Rude and sickening I will contact coorporate directly monday morning.

  • I ordered two shirts and one pair of pants for my grandaughter online. the two shirts arrived but not the pants. The invoice was marked backorder on the pants. My wife called the company and was told they cancelled the order for the pants because they no longer have the size we ordered. We checked the website when we ordered he pants to be sure the size was available. My wife asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "No". Your shirts and pants are sold in pairs that match since they come in unique designs. Now we have to shiirts and nothing to match in pants.

  • I'm a very very frequent shopper at the Johnstown Pennsylvania location and everytime im in there the one Manger lisa is always working but she's always standing around doing nothing and always being very bossy. I think that's very unprofessional and it makes me not want to shop there. I shop in that store at least 20 times a month and always spending 200 every time. Sincerely pissed off customer!

  • J-bucks are not a reward when you take off the 40%discount. I have always gotten all the justice clothes i needed for all 4 of my girls at my local thrift store for 3-5$ an item. they wanted new backpacks for school so i thought i would splurge and get them justice stuff for school. when i saw the j-bucks i thought awesome rewards….. until i went to use them to get them each a brand new outfit for school. the 40% came off and i could not believe it! this is not a reward ! i see several other people are pissed about it as well . i suggest to keep customers happy since the prices are marked up 80% anyway that you make the j-bucks compatible with the 40% sale. i am glad that i never have to set foot in a justice store. i guess what made me the most angry was when i called customer service to ask why the 40% was taken off she said nothing and just hung up on me. bad customer service all the way around!!

    • so this morning i get a "follow up call" from some lady saying she is sorry for my bad experience but all she can do is forward this feedback to corporate. really ?!?!? then why did you even waste my time trying to call me? j-bucks are a complete rip off! why would i use them when i can get the 40 & additional 20% off?? it is so not worth using them if you jack up the prices. like i said earlier, i will continue to purchase my justice clothing at the local thrift store! i will never pay retail for them again…. anyone want some j-bucks or justice what ever they are ? i got three of each!

  • Recently, while shopping at the Grand Rapids (Alpine) Justice store, for my granddaughter's 9th birthday, I heard music playing ("I Know What Boys Like"). When I paid for my purchases, I mentioned how displeased I was with the music. The salesgirl told me "corporate headquarters" decided what was to be played and understood how customers felt, but could do nothing about it.
    Please change the music to be more appropriate for our "tweens". We can NOT shop in a store catering to young girls with such music.


  • Hi, Justice Headquarters! I need clarification on your policy on returns. Today I had to return an over-priced nail salon kit for my daughter. She spent her bday money at Justice and I saved her the J-Buck so she could use it. The polish ended up being old and gloppy and the nail dryer did not operate after two sets of new batteries. When I brought it into the Tulsa Hills, Tulsa store, the associates were understanding and were going to refund her money. I asked if I could have the J-buck back so that my daughter could come in this weekend and spend the money, and the manager said that wasn't possible. Why should we lose the opportunity for a discount you offer when a valid return is made? Will you make a policy change to make it fair?

  • Can someone tell me who the DISTRICT MANAGER is at the store in Orange City, Florida? Also, is there a policy in writing about social media for the employees?

  • Using a debit card is the same as paying cash. So why won't you refund cash when using a debit card? Ridiculous! I hardly ever shop at Justice and probably never will again. Your clothes and jewelry are a rip off anyway. The jewelry breaks within a few weeks and the clothes shrink like nobody's business.

  • Where do I begin…I placed an order on line. Justice charged my bank card twice totally over $500.00. I went in to review my order and there was no order. So not only have they received 500.00 from me I have no clothes for my daughters. I have spoken to about 6 representatives at Justice after waiting literally for over an hour just about each time I called the Customer Service phone number and nothing has been done. I have heard ever lie possible, we dont have any supervisors, there is no supervisors on the floor and the one that really took me over the edge on Saturday at 1130 I was on the line with Mark at 12 midnight the phone line went dead. I called back and they were closed. Do you think his tail even called me back…absolutely not. Justice needs to do something before they go out of business for poor customer service. They are to darn high to be treating people nasty. Not to mention when I began this ordeal I kept getting a message that they were having trouble with the phone system. Basically I have had a horrible experience with the Call center. I do not recommend anyone placing orders on line with Justice ever again. It has been 4 days and I am still waiting on someone to call me back. I am currently sitting on the line waiting for someone to pick up based on my timer… 54minutes… Ridiculous!!! I have spent thousands of dollars at Justice and to receive this kind of poor customer service I dont think I will ever go back. My girls will just have to find another store to fall in love with because mommy is done.


  • This company charges extremely high shipping and the more you spend the higher the shipping costs. The orders take longer than anywhere else to receive and forget trying to get a hold of customer service. Would not recommend Justice for girls at all.

  • I would say that some stores have better customer service than others. Anyone from Michigan I would recommend the Great Lakes store. I worked there for about 7 months and it was amazing. All of the employees there were super friendly and fun. The managers were fun but also always helpful. It is at the Great Lakes Mall in Auburn Hills MI. I am not biased because I have also gone to the Somerset location in Troy, MI and the staff there did not greet me at all. Did not even ask if I was finding anything and then only spoke to me at the check out. That was so not like the great lakes store at all. At my store we were instructed to always greet the customer right away. I think it depends on the manager at that store. But if you are from Michigan go to the great lakes store in auburn hills, worth the trip for great customer service and nice people.

  • I received a card in my mail several days ago promoting a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale at Justice. The card stated that the sale was going on for 4 days only, so on the first day of the sale, I took my daughter. Needless to say she was very disappointed when we learned from the sales associate that Justice corporate office had decided to not go through with the sale. Considering that I spend thousands of dollars on these clothes every year, the least that Justice could do would be to honor a sale that they promoted!

  • I first started working for justice 5 years ago. I worked for Limited Too in 2008 and continued to work for the company when it turned into Justice. I have worked my way up the chain from being a sales associate to an assistant store manager. I got pregnant in June of 2012, was denied a raise in Nobember of 2012. This led me to believe to that my district manager was discriminating against me. Then when I cam back from maternity leave the district manager demoted me and cut my pay without my acknowledgement. I was working as an Assistant store manager at a sales associate pay. I tried to get my pay fixed as having a baby is not cheap especially being a single mom. Instead the company fired me.

  • My daughter loves Justice but I'm running out of time! I purchased a sleeping bag for my daughter as a present got it home to wrap it and it had a huge snag. Took it back and got a new one. The 1st time my daughter goes to use the sleeping bag the zipper falls off the track on the bag that the sleeping bag goes into to store or carry it. Now of course the bag doesn't close. My daughter loves the sleeping so much I decided not to return it. Now my daughter goes to use the sleeping bag this past weekend for the 3rd time and the zippers on the sleeping bag fall off! This is CRAZY! I call the corporate office and the women tells me I can't talk to a live body that I need to leave my information on a message and someone will call you back in 24 to 48 hours.

    I shop at 3 Justice stores and they don't have customer service! I'm tired of going into the dressing rooms and them having stacks of cloths on the floor on the hangers and draped over the sides. If you need to get an item up high that you can't reach you have to go and track someone down. Then they only have two employees working at the entire store and the line is out the door to pay. You have a great store but you need to get your act together! Again, this is CRAZY!

  • terrible customer service and ridiculous return policies if you ever try to return anything you've purchased online.

  • I recently was in the Justice store in Merrillville,IN The Westfield Shoppong Mall. Tuesday March 5th during a snow storm and two of your managers were standing around talking about the other employees and on their cell phones. I felt like I was intruding they never pay attention or asked if I needed anything. I will not shop there again and i will make sure i let us know how rude your employees are.

  • This store in Town East mall Dallas tax has the rudest young ladies! I was visiting from E. Texas and the ladies in Tyler and Longview are nice and helpful! First of all I took 5 pair of pants to the counter to lady just to get a price!! Nit my fault! She had an attitude the whole time! Then I don't care why but I was talking to my daughter about an issue and age decided to bust in! Rude!! Then she ran my card as credit never asking to, abs said that was automatic? SCAM!! Overall that store is ridiculouse! The only person working that day was the manager and she was non caring about her RUDE EMPLOYEE!!

  • I gave a gift certificate to someone. She went to the Justice store to use it and nothing was on the card. Plus the staff at the store was rude. Justice was certainly quick to bill my credit card for the empty gift card. I was totally embarrassed, and will never do business with this company again.

  • I have to say that I, too, am very disappointed with the way Justice promotes rewards and discounts that cannot be combined. Unless you are purchasing exactly around the $50 range, then the J-Bucks/Fun Cards are absolutely useless as they cannot be combined with the concurrent 40% storewide sale. Also, when recently purchasing Justice clothing online, several items that were shown to be available and added to my cart were, in fact, sold out. I only find this out by email notification which arrives in the next day or two AFTER the incomplete order has already been shipped and is making its way to me. The frustration is only receiving a skirt with no matching top or sweats with no matching shirt. The website should be exact on the quantity of items available so customers don't end up ordering 2 or 3-piece outfits and receiving only 1 piece of it which will end up causing the customer the hassle of returning the item(s). Finally, the latest promotion of "buy one, get 1 free" ended up cheating me out of the discount when a $44.99 item became unavailable AFTER completing an order, taking my cart total down from 6 items to 5 items, thus leaving me without an opportunity to purchase another item for "free" in its place. Really, how hard is it to keep track of the quantity available on a computerized website? If an item is not available, the program should immediately recognize it as sold out and prevent the customer from placing it in the cart for purchase. Very frustrating and leaves me with the sense of some underhandedness taking place with the way JUSTICE stores are handling their marketing. Not certain I will feel comfortable making future purchases with this company.

  • I purchased a pair of justice headphones for my daughter. price was blacked out on tag. took to register with about 8 other items. asked sales girl how much, and she said 65.00, and she told me I could use my J bucks on item to reduce to 40. brought home, they were defective. Had husband return, but at a different location. He got new ones, which were the same, however price was NOT blacked out and were only 40.00.so not only did I loose my 25.00 jbuck on the return, I feel like I was ripped off. Amazing how the 40% and j bucks cant be used together. So u raise your prices during the jbuck promotion and take advantage of your customers. Very unhappy customer.!!

  • trying to get through to the corporate office to get clarification on why they promote the store at 40 percent off and they don't let you use it when you have your J bucks. nowhere on the signs or on back of the J but cards does it state that you cannot combine the two. trying to get through to corporate they have their 1866 number but doesn't even register then when you call the headquarters they put you on hold which transfers you to someone who will call you back in 24 to 48 hours. sorry to say but I think they have it set up where the customer have to do all the leg work in order to get a deal I think justice for girls will be losing another customer today because I will not be shopping at a store that is very unclear for the . if the customer does not call in or complaining that they have these policies it will never get changed it another customers will get screwed out of the deal just like I didcustomer

  • My daugther had bought some thing for Justice for girls and then decided to return them cause I her mother thought it was to much because she had a j-buck card but was told she could not use it on sale items will everything was on sale so how do you even use j-bucks nothing but a rip off,anyway when she went to return with the receipt,andtags all still on the clothes she was giving a gift certificate witch is crap cause she paid with her bank card but was not any asked if she wanted a refund back on her card,just because she look young don't mean you can asume she didn't buy it.Now she has a certificate that she can't use.crap.

  • After speaking with 2 customer service representatives and the store manager, all problems have been resolved to my complete satisfaction.

    My granddaughter and I will be shopping at the Justice store in Woodbury.

    Thank you!

  • After an unfortunate experience in the Woodbury MN store, I'd advise everyone to double check your refund price.

    Yesterday (11/27/12) I was cheated out of over $4 when returning jeans with the tags still on them, and the receipt showing the price I paid.

    Also, denied a refund on 2 tops with the tags still on them, because I'd mistakenly brought the "gift receipt" instead of the original receipt. The reason stated "we don't know how much you paid for them".

    I will be calling customer service today to attempt a resolution.

  • My granddaughter was hired to work a Justice stop in Michigan City Indiana at the Light House mall. The first day she worked she had a very good experience and her manager was very nice to her even when her shift was over the manager told her to call her when she got to her car so she knew she was safe. The second day she worked was Black Friday and the head girl she worked with was horrible. She kept yelling at my granddaughter and when a mom gave into the store with her son, the mom asked she they had a restroom she could take her son to because he had to go to the bathroom very bad, my granddaughter asked her boss if they could use the restroom and her boss told her NO. The mom was in tears and told them she would give them her bags to hold onto while her son went to the bathroom and the boss once again said NO, my granddaughter then told the mom as the mom was pleading for her son that she would ask her other boss and that boss got snotty but let the child use the bathroom, then both bosses yelled at my granddaughter for trying to show kindness to the mom and child. My granddaughter got very upset and told them that she quit because they were not nice people. Then when she went to the back to get her purse and coat she could not find her keys but noticed that her purse had been rumaged through and her coat moved slightly. She called her mom to come help her. She went out to the car to make sure she did not lock them in there. He mother and I arrived and walked back to the store for her to once again take a look in the back for her keys. The boss who had been so mean to her came out of the back shoving food in her mouth very unappropriate in front of customers with a very rude tone of voice and very unprofessional.My granddaughter went into the back and suprisingly there set her keys on top of a TV they have in the back. The rude boss told her that they is why they put things in lockers with a key, however the employees were told they don't get a locker because they are new and don't get one. We left the store, made a complaint with the mall security because someone had taken her keys. I am calling the Better Business Bureau and reporting them and placing a report with the police. My daughter asked for the manager's phone number because she wanted to talk to her the boss on duty gave her a false number. What a horrible way to treat an employee. It was also told to us that these bosses were talking about how they would make it hard on the new employees so they would quit. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. This store owes my granddaughter an apology and THEY SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!! I can not believe what mean people you hire. This young lady was very excited about her first job and came home after her first day very excited and couldn't wait for the second day and then you have these wicked people who destroy everything for her. What a horrible place you have. I will call who ever I have to call to make it known what a horrible place the Justice for Girls store in Michigan City, Indiana is and how rude and disgusting the people of Justice are. Hope you are proud of your bosses in that store because they have done a horrible thing.

    • I too have had similar experiences at the Justice in Michigan City-Lighthouse Mall. I have spent thousands of dollars at that store. The first several times, I just assumed the manager was having a bad day. Today, I was in the store returning an obviously defective item. I asked if there had been others that have had the same problem with that particular item. She gave me absolutely no eye contact and was rude and unprofessional. I am sure this is the same "manager." I too am a manager, and if I ever treated my employees or the public as she has (multiple times), I would be fired instantly. I am calling corporate first thing in the morning and I will continue to call until something is done with the unprofessional demeanor.

      I have heard her talk to the employees like they are dirt. This behavior is totally unacceptable!

    • My daughter is having a similar experience with the head manager she works with in OH. All the other managers at her store are sweethearts but the head manager is rude and nasty. My daughter has worked with Justice since Nov 2012 and has never missed a day of work, called off, or been late. Last night she came home in tears. She was scheduled to work 5:30 – 9:30 but the manager wanted to do some additional cleaning. She never asked her if she could or would stay just told her to. My daughter complied and began doing what she was asked. When 10:45 came around and I hadn't heard from my daughter I called. The manager (who knew she was talking to her mom) promptly told her that she was on HER time. Excuse me, but after 9:30 my daughter is on MY time. When my daughter went to talk to the manager about her availability for July and August due to her upcoming sport season, the manager was rude and threatening. My daugter offered to work everyday prior to 4pm as needed and anytime on Saturday and Sunday until school started. My daughter, in the spirit of being flexible even offered that if the manager needed a night closer for one or two nights a week that she would work something out with her coach. The practices are 6 – 8pm Mon – Fri. The manager told her angrily that those hours "do not work for her" and they are going to have to "discuss" the issue with her sports the next time she works. Im sorry but my daughter has done this sport since 7th grade, she is not giving it up her senior year. Also, Im having a hard time understanding why, since my daughter offered her 50 hours of availability per week that the hours would not work for her. After a few more snyde and rude comments they left the store at 10pm. Its understood that its policy that the manager walks out with her girls to the parking lot (they all park in the same place) and in the spirit of safety make sure they are in their cars and drive off before the manager drives off. Well apparently last night the manager could have cared less since she walked 20 feet ahead of my daughter, got in her car and drove off before my daughter was even in her car. I can tell you it would have been and insurance and HR nightmare if anything had happened to her. Since Justice typically employs students as their part time workers they need to learn to be flexible with scheduling hours. My daughter showed a willingness to be flexible and work with her manager but the "adult" in this situation was anything but flexible.

    • I hate the costumer service from Justice at the La Plaza Mall at McAllen,Texas.
      The store stink chemical. Prices are always expensive and coupons never works.
      Manager and guest service are always in a bad mood,never willing to help.
      I didn't like that my daughter bought a shimmer hair spray ,but it didn't work(was broke),we want back to the store WITH RECITE and I was asked for my driver's license,and my cell number. I asked the manager why she requested my ID and phone number if I handled her the receipt she very strange said that because some employees still money,and because lost prevention control. What unprofessional behavior.
      Unfortunately like almost all girls,my kid like Justice. I hate the only one in my town. The worst ever.

  • Hi, my name is Beth and I have recently had an awful experience at the Justice store in Valdosta,GA. two young girls were working over the weekend while I was shopping for my niece. while I was in the store, these two girls were extremely loud and were saying crude things about other people. when I tried to get assistance, I couldn't get either of them to get off their cell phones,in order to help. I hope something is done about this, I have spoken to many of the teachers,and parents I work with at a local private school, and they have decided not to shop there also.

  • I am Extremely sorry for the service you received. I am assuming you were trying to use both the Fun card/J Buck and the 40% coupon at the same time. You cannot use to coupons at the same time. What the associate should've done was break up your transaction. For example, If you was using one Fun card they would ring up your merchandise and stop when you got to $50 before tax or close as possible then use the fun card. Any additional items would be rung up in a second transaction using the 40% off coupon. This will all you to use both coupons, save money, and earn more fun card/J bucks! 🙂

    – A Justice Brand Rep!!!! 🙂

  • I attmepted to buy my granddaughter an outfit at the Justice store in Winchester VA and your store has a 40% off sale, however when you attempt to use your other coupon you earned for the fun bucks, your associates decide to charge the the most. What a rip out, you can't use the fun bucks, or the clothes cost more or you can do the math at check out and be denied the sale price. Your assoiates are very rude and untrained. I have shopped at your store for 15 years when it was limited too. but never again. You failed to meet anyone's expectations.

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