K&G Corporate Office Headquarters

K&G Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 180 Orland Park Place
Orland Park, IL 60462
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-708-349-2176
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-708-349-2176

  • The managers at the K&G in rosedale store #261 suck the whole team except a few people who was at the front a few cashiers and a supervisor helped me she was super kind and so was the cashiers. this is the second time a manager told me they couldn’t help… also to find somebody on the floor.. he was the bald head manager at the store

  • I love shopping at K&G and have been visiting your Overland Park(Oak Park Mall) store for years. I was disturbed to hear there's no discounts for veterans at all. I'm a veteran. I hope you implement some sort of discounts to show appreciation for veterans in future.
    Greg Parr

  • Made several purchases at the Ellsworth Ind. Blvd location last Saturday (29 Feb). However, I need to return one item but will not be able to return to K AND G by 29 March. I asked the store if they could make provisions since I live three and a half hours away from the nearest K AND G since I cannot make the trip again this month. Their response is they cannot do that. I am quite disappointed with K AND G because I am a regular customer of theirs and make the sacrifice to travel the three and a half hours to the store whenever possible. I do not feel this is good customer service because they did not try and help in anyway. This is no way to treat a customer.

  • This is the second part to the story from the diasabled! The only person to apologize for the way I was treated was the young girl at the register go figure! The pain I'm in now will keep me in the bed for a couple of days!

  • This is more of the comment before of the disabled person! I just wanted to say the only person who apologized for how I was treated was the young girl at the register go figure! After I got home the pain is keeping me in the bed for a couple of days!

  • I went to the K&G Store in Irvington N.J I purchased 2 pants 2 sweater vest and 2 shirts because I'm disabled I went home to try the stuff on and had to exchange the pants and sweater vest! They gave me the ticket and told me to go to the when I was done I said OK! When I saw the line for the register I asked the lady if she could please help me because I was in a lot of pain and she said to me oh the lines not that long mind you she was doing nothing! I went and stood in line and I let her know how far back I was and she did nothing! When I got to the second person in line for the register the people in front of me let me go I was bent over and the pain was off the charts! So I asked the man on the other side of me was he the manager he said yes I told him I would like to talk with him he acted like he was gonna listen to me so after they finished with me I waited to talk to him but he disappeared so that never happened! This is the second bad experience I had with them but they have reasonable prices but the need to do better with custmer care and find a better way to deal with the disabled!

  • Went to the location in Garden City New York and was told that there was no public bathroom for the customers. I was told to go to the restaurant which is next door. I did so and kindly took my money with me. Poor business model.

  • Myself and two of my friends went into K&G in Ceder brook on Sat.Looking for usher shirts, throughout our stay in the store,we noticed the sensor was going off when people were coming in and going out, from the time we came into the store.Well at the time we paid it no attention, until we went to the dressing room and i made a comment that the beeping noise was annoying. we came up to the front of the store to purchase jewellery and went to pay for our items.We stood in line maybe 10-15mins or longer and noticed the sensor was still going off.My friend finished her purchase then me(we struck up a conversation with a women at front door) my other friend for some reason her transaction took longer,the women we were talking to were still at the front of the store as we walked out.We just stepped out the front door,no more than 3-4 steps, when the teller came outside and said i need to see your bags. She took our bags out of our hands didn't ask us to please come in so she could check our bags for sensors.Me and my friend were left looking at each other which i made the comment (what just happened). We went back into the store by this time she had our items out the bag and looking at our receipt. I asked her why did she stop us – she said nothing in the beginning just kept looking through the clothing and finally said oh you might have a sensor somewhere. I than said to the teller why didn't you stop any one else. She said we were stopping people all morning, I than said to the teller that's not true ( I was standing in line for about 10-15mins maybe longer and at no time did i see you or the other teller get out from behind the register an stop anyone. I said i watched everyone in front of me get waited on an no one stopped them, i asked her what made me and my friend so different. She said you can argue all you want this is store policy. She never gave a reason for her actions. I have never been insulted embarrassed humiliated and treated like a non-paying customer ever. To add fuel to the fire the women i was talking to in the front of the store she came out with another women neither one was stopped. If that was store policy ever one that made a purchase should have been stopped…… Not just two. I'm deeply hurt by this matter, To make matters worse i went into the store today to talk to the manager because i still want to know why i was stopped…..instead i was humiliated even more.

  • My husband and I visit the Tyvola Mall store on Monday, December 26. We shop at this location frequently. We were very shock that the store wasn't very busy and began shopping. After being there about 20 min. I asked one of the employees for the key to use the restroom; the employee told me that he was busy for me to ask someone else for the key. After walking to the front of the store to find another employee for the key we met an employee walking to the front and my husband asked her for the key, she responded, I am busy ask the guy in the back. I responded, we have asked him and he said he was busy and to ask someone else as well. At this point I am very frustrated so I put my items back on the rack and left the store. My advices is that if the restrooms are for paying customers then make it convenient for the customers to use. This was very poor customer service and K & G has lost my business.

  • I recently purchase a suit at the Stony Island store, left very happy, treated very professionally. Toay, i returned to purchase a dress shirt and cuff links I gave my telephone number and asked what the discount would, be before it was rung up, wanting to make sure I had brought enough money. The clerk aske if I was making a change and when I explained not, she stated she was only trying to help me an offered to get a manager, I asked for my previous receipt to be returned an left without a purchase. This young woman was rude and angry an should not be working in public.

  • The location on at 7540 Stony Island in Chicago, Illinois needs to do much better with customer service. I have shopped at this store many times before. I have recently relocated to Chicago and have had wonderful experiences with K & G in Michigan. Never before have a visited a location where 3 of the 4 doors is locked. Never before have a visited a location where bags are checked routinely.
    I visited the store today hoping to find some deals. I didn't drive my car but had my purse that looked like a backpack with me for my personal items. Immediately, I was singled out as I walked through the door with, "Ma'am, I must check your backpack." I promptly informed the cashier that it was in fact a purse with personal items and that because it needed to be checked, I wouldn't be shopping and I left.
    My advice is that if the store is that deficient in loss prevention, WORK ON IT!!! But don't put customers on front street just because the store is in a predominantly Black community.

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