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  1. We are devastated. Kabuki has been one of our family’s all time favorite restaurants, until last night. We've been eating there since the week they opened. After working a grueling 10 hour day, I wanted to take the family out for some great food and Kabuki was the place. The host staff was very friendly and seated us much sooner than promised. I had asked for our favorite server, JP, but he wasn't on staff last night.
    While seated, a tall young man checked on the table next to us, then turned to come to our table. As he did, several napkins flew off of his tray and landed on the floor, he bent down and picked them up. Still holding them in his right hand, he stepped over to our table and put those filthy napkins on our table, right in front of me.
    I asked him WHY he put that TRASH on our table and he had a confused look on his face. With no response, I told him to walk away, that we didn't want him waiting on our table. He stood there, still dumbfounded. I then told him to get the hell away from our table and he finally got the hint (?) and away he went. My wife said "I am not eating at a table where they put trash on the table".
    I walked over toward the hostess counter and there he was, talking to a short Asian girl in a white blouse. I interrupted them and stated to her that we needed a new seat, far away from the trash server. She said that they would clear a table immediately and that we would be re-seated in a moment. OK, great! She did exactly what she should have done.
    She walked away and returned with another young lady named GINA. Gina asked what the problem was and I said, as close as I can remember, "Our piece of garbage server, picked napkins up off of the filthy floor and put them down in front of me on our table and we need a new table. He served us trash off of the floor". She immediately informed me that I was not allowed to call her server a "piece of garbage". I replied "He IS a piece of GARBAGE". She then told me that we had to leave for disrespecting her staff. I refused. She than threatened to call security to have us removed. I told her "Go right ahead". She turned away and went to the phone, turning her back on us from then on. I wanted security to show up, but my wife insisted that we leave, never to return.
    So, if you dare eat at Kabuki in Tempe Arizona, just ask for GINA FARARRO and tell her that you want the Floor Trash Special. She has Just the guy to serve it to you.
    I shudder to think what might actually be in the House Salad.
    Before I go, what should she have done???? She should have sent that server home for the night and comped our meal. I grew up in the restaurant business.

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