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Karl Lagerfeld Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How to Contact Karl Lagerfeld Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 551 5th Avenue #1500
New York, NY 10017
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-983-2640
Fax Number: 1-212-983-4197
Customer Service Number: 1-212-983-2640

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Karl Lagerfeld Poor Customer service and return refused

Rated 1 out of 5
August 8, 2023

Bought a few dresses for my 11-year-old daughter 2 days ago on August 6th, 2023 at Karl Lagerfeld Wrentham Mall MA. Liam was the sales rep who did the transaction for us. On August 8th I went to the same store to return 2 of the dresses I bought because they were not a good fit for my daughter. Liam was there that day as well and refused to take a return on one dress because as per Liam it had a makeup mark. I tried to explain to him that she did try it on once and it’s impossible to have a makeup mark as she is 11 and does not use makeup at all. The mark was already there when we bought the dress as someone must have tried it on at the store and left a mark. But he refused to listen to me and refused to take return the other dress as well. When I said this is bad customer service, he started abusing me and said “You are a terrible customer”. Even the day we bought the dresses he was giving rude answers and was not helpful at all. I don’t expect this kind of behavior from any store person and especially from a reputed store like Karl. This is really disturbing and insulting and I am in great shock since then.

I request you to take action against the salesperson Liam, he is not fit for a sales job and facing customers, and accept my return and issue a refund as early as possible.

Sandeep Tyagi

Karl Lagerfeld Jeslyn Embellished Slide heel is wearing down

Rated 3 out of 5
August 2, 2023

I purchased a pair of Karl Lagerfeld Jeslyn Embellished Slide from Macys in July. I find that one of the slippers, the heel is wearing down. I returned them to Macy’s for a new pair and was told that their return policy is now 30 days. I was disappointed to learn this, as I purchased the slipper on sale for $78.00 marked down from $129.00. Is there any way that my slipper can be returned for a new pair? I also purchased a second pair in silver.

Debbie Gray
Corporate Office Headquarters