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Sterling Jewelers, Inc.
375 Ghent Road,
Fairlawn, OH 44333-4600 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-877-8169
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-527-8029
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  1. So, I waiting for an E-commerce person to call me. My Grandson's vision for his Mom's Christmas gift was a small trinket, but it was what he wanted to give her. Total cost $45.03. An elephant with trunk up and garnet stone on a chain. online order. We made plans and went to Kay Jewelers in Crabtree Mall, NC and was told that the item was an online order. Grandson had to purchase a gift card for other reasons which was fine. We did not get the gift card back or did not think to ask for it. Simple transaction of $45.03. My Grandson was excited. He had just purchased the item he wanted for his Mom. We asked that the item be shipped to another store that was closer and it was to be delivered on 12/22. I did receive order confirmation via email, but in my calls to the store, I was reminded that I would get another email when the item had been received. No reminder and on 12/23, we went into the store and upon further investigation, was told that the item had been cancelled the next day after placing the order. "NO STOCK". I was floored. Not for myself, but for my Grandson who had his heart set on this small, but precious (in his eyes) gift. He is hurt and so am I. How dare you not
    even notify me the same time that you cancelled the order. I see now that over the past few years, your track record is not looking very
    good. I do not see any positive reviews posted and this is not how you should run your business. "Get it together". My Grandson paid for the gift card with cash and we will not accept anything less. There is nothing in the store that we need to purchase. No. I will not be anonymous. A. Chloe Conyers

  2. I have been sitting here reading all these reviews about how people have been disappointed and misled with their rings ,diamonds etc from doing business with KAYS ..and.extremley damaged beyond repair on some, and I have to say these are not isolated incidents…I am now going through basically the same thing with Kays…We purchased wedding bands which were beautiful and of course as any couple would be we were both excited with our rings and our upcoming wedding…When we purchased our rings they had to be sized so they were sent out and at the same time we wanted a inscription inside both rings a secret phrase which the other would read the day of our wedding…when the rings came back the size was perfect but I couldn't help but wonder if the inscription was correct…So even though I was to wait or we to wait we looked and its a good thing we did…Not only was the inscription incorrect it had a inscription we didn't authorize…When we questioned it we were told our original inscription was too long so the lab put one in there they felt would fit…are you kidding me? who does that? no phone call to ask us what we wanted in there because what we we wanted first wouldn't fit…Ok so then rings go back get buffed out and a new inscription goes in….Im baffled at how they go and take it upon themselves to go ahead and do something like that…its not your ring you didn't pay for it and that is extremely personal…ok so the rings come back and our wedding comes its a beautiful day…rings look ok ..however not as shiny as the day I picked it out of the case…so 3 weeks after the wedding I'm driving and I look down and one of my diamonds is missing…im horrified ..I go right to my local Kays and they take the ring in and say ok 10 days ring will be back with a new diamond and we will dip it for you…so 2 weeks go by I don't hear anything call and I'm told it will be 6 weeks until my ring is back the repair center didn't have a diamond to fit my ring…so they are sending it to corporate repair? So now I am beyond mad…sickened to my stomach actually..I go into the store flipping a script…I never even got a call saying that my ring would be 6 more weeks due to a diamond wasn't available for my ring…I had to call myself to see where it was to be told this…so here I am married a month and no wedding band…I am so disappointed by Kays and when my ring is back and everything is resolved…I will no longer be buying from them…They did however wanted to give me a gift card which I declined…I feel so bad for the people who have been betrayed by Kays…They not only are bad business people but they have somewhat ruined peoples moments and what should of been nice moments of their wedding ring purchases but now only leavest bad tastes in peoples mouths…I guess we all should remember though that our weddings were beautiful thats whats important ..as sad as this is, this jewelers took something away from each and everyone of us…we can rise above and find a fix in this somewhere..But Says keeps doing this and eventually we can only hope they will close its doors….People please speak up if Kays has done you wrong….

  3. Later that day my fiancé received a call from the store stating that my ring was ready and that we could pick it up. We immediately went to the store and picked up the ring. I signed a document given to me by Sales Rep confirming that I had picked up the ring and left. I was extremely happy to have this all behind me and to be able to move forward with my wedding and never have to deal with the Store Mgr again. On August 2nd, I received a call from Sales Rep advising me that there was some additional paperwork that she needed me to sign. I informed Sales Rep that I am happy to sign the paperwork as long as I did not have to deal with the Store Mgr again. I asked if the paperwork could be faxed, emailed, or mailed to me and that I would sign it and return it to the store. I informed Sales Rep that based on the treatment that I received from the Store Mgr that I did not want to continue to deal with her as I found her behavior extremely offensive and abusive. While I was speaking to Sales Rep, the Store Mgr took the phone and begin stating that she will not allow Sales Rep to speak with me if I am going to state that I found her behavior offensive. She then stated that she was going to take back my service or something to that effect. I told the Store Mgr that I was not speaking to her but rather Sales Rep and that I had no interest in any future dealings with her. I then hung up from the Store Mgr and called your corporate customer service again. I was then transferred to the voice mail of the Dist Mgr where I left a detailed message about my experience with Store Mgr. I am happy to review and sign the paperwork needed; however, I feel that the Store Mgr has some kind of issue with me and my fiancé and it comes out in her communication towards us. As a side note: I must say that while I did not know where my fiancé was getting my engagement ring from or what would follow with this situation. I truly regret that she chose Kay’s store to purchase my ring from.
    As stated, I’m happy to review and sign the paperwork, but would appreciate not being subject to being disrespected and verbally abused by the Store Mgr in order to do so.

  4. This is in regards to a complaint submitted on 8/1/17 regarding Miranda Pepenella the store mgr. for shop # 8428. On July 9th I took my ring in for service due to a stone falling out. I addressed the situation with the Store Mgr who informed me that since the inspection was not properly completed that I needed to pay for the repair and reset my warranty. I agreed to pay for the repair and was charged $24 + tax. I asked the Store Mgr at the time if the amount being charged was correct and twice she insisted that it was correct. I left the store with assurance from the Store Mgr that I would receive my ring on July 22 in time for my August 18th wedding date. On or about July 20th I received a call from the Store Mgr demanding I pay an additional $200 if I'm to get my ring back. I reminded the Store Mgr that she had already charged me and confirmed that the amount previously charged was correct. The Store Mgr became indignant and stated that if I wanted my ring I had to pay $200. I told her I would call the cooperate office and then she stated that her district mgr. approved for me to not have to pay the $200 since it was an error on their part. I asked the Store Mgr when I could expect my ring as my wedding was fast approaching. The Store Mgr told me that they had not approved the repair due to the cost discrepancy and that she was going to call the repair shop on that day to approve the repair. I asked again to make sure that I would have my ring in time for my wedding and the Store Mgr very rudely stated "you are getting the service for free, so you will have to wait". I told her that was not acceptable and again express discontent with her level of service and professionalism. She then stated that she would call us when it was ready and hung up the phone. On July 30th I called the store to inquire about my ring since I had not heard anything from the Store Mgr. The Store Mgr again rudely instructed me that I was getting a free service and therefore had no right to expect me ring at any specific time. She went on to berate me about how it was my fault that the ring was taking so long because I did not pay the $200. I reminded the Store Mgr that the error was on the part of the store and that due to that fact her district mgr had waived that cost. I reminded the Store Mgr that my wedding was in 2 weeks and that I need to have my ring in time. The Store Mgr rudely stated that I would just have to wait and that she had another customer and hung up the phone on me while I was still speaking to her. After weeks of this deplorable treatment from the Store Mgr, I contacted the store on July 31st and asked for the name of the district mgr. I spoke to a rep by the name of Sales Rep, who stated that because of her job she was not sure if she could give me the name of the district mgr. I explained to Sales Rep all that I had endured with the Store Mgr and she apologized and offered me the main corporate customer service number. I explained to Sales Rep that with the days nearing my wedding date, I was extremely worried that I would not have my ring in time. Sales Rep offered to contact the repair shop and get back to me. I then called the corporate customer service number and filed a complaint with the Cust Serv Rep- ref# 33058433.

  5. I want Kay's to Know who I am because I am that disgusted with them I live in Deer Park NY and always buy Jewelry from that location, the Manager Gloria is phenomenal and they should really promote her to train their other managers and staff members! My boyfriend saw a bracelet there that matched his Michael Kors watch and he wanted it, well his 41 birthday is tomorrow and I went in spoke with Gloria on 6/3/17 she put in a request for the bracelet by 6/13/17 still no bracelet she put in a second request still no bracelet another week later, now its the end of June and Gloria calls the main office in front of me they tell there are over 600 available and that they are having another store transfer it in and she gets a transfer number well today is 7/18/17 and still no bracelet Gloria has contacted the transfer store and they keep telling her it was sent but won't give her tracking information, corporate office says its being held because of inventory and then I call corporate and the customer service rep tells me she needs to call Gloria to discuss this matter get this she's in Oklahoma and can't locate a "Kays" location within her directory I had to give her the stores address and telephone number ARE YOU SERIOUS……then she proceeds to tell me that 'KAYS CANNOT FORCE A STORE TO TRANSFER OUT MERCHANDISE" okay well if thats the case why tell someone its being transferred then she tell me the location with the merchandise can give corporate the "RUN-A-ROUND" and there's nothing they can do about it, really this is what your customer service tells your clients….. I now have NO GIFT for my boyfriend's birthday and will spend my lunch hour today and tomorrow trying to get just anything to give him instead of having something he truly wanted Thanks KAY's …FYI my boyfriend has had a rough year and this is the one thing I wanted to do for him so thank you so much! BUT FYI GLORIA YOU ARE THE BEST AND KAY'S IS NOT USING YOU TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL OR THEIR ADVANTAGE … Additionally whoever the new long haired blonde sales person they have there has a real attitude and is quite rude ! #kays #everykissbeginswithkays #kaysjewelers

  6. After a positive experience on 04/30/17 in which I purchased a ring valued at $4,249.00 for $2,549.40, I was shocked with my second visit to store #2956 in Charlotte, NC. I went to the store on 06/30/17 to have my ring "sent off" to be sized and was told that if I did not hear back from them via email by the end of the month to call back. The experience with sales associate Brandy seemed odd, but I trusted that Kay Jewelers had not lost a piece of jewelry and that my piece would be in good hands. The promise date on my sales receipt was 07/13/17. On 07/14/17, I contacted the store to inquire about my ring. I was told that they could not locate my paperwork, could not locate me in the system, and that they would have to call Brandy to "find out what she did". I was told I would receive a call back as soon as they contacted Brandy. I did not receive a call back. The following day at 11 am I called the store again and inquired about my ring. I was told that the manager was contacting the service center that does the repairs and resizing and that "sometimes when they are busy they do not answer the phone". At this point, I am very concerned with the lack of professionalism with the staff as well as the fact that someone, somewhere, has my ring and is not picking up the phone. I was told, once again, that I would receive a call back. At 5 pm, I called the store for the third time and Brandy (!!) answered the phone. Brandy was rude, short with her answers, and seemed in a hurry to get off the phone with me. I told her my main concern was to make sure that the ring had been found, I did not mind a delay, I just wanted to make sure the ring had been found because as of last night they could not find my name or my ticket number. Brandy cut me off and said "yes, yes, all of the above, yes..". In addition, Brandy stated that the reason I had not been called is that I had not put a phone number on the ticket. However, to me, it is the salesperson's job to ensure that the ticket is completed accurately and I had also left my number with the salesperson, Alexis, the previous day. Also on the ticket was my email address which is the means by which I would be contacted according to Brandy. Having worked in customer service when I was younger, and in multiple instances of retail management, I can understand how uncomfortable it can be when you have a customer who is upset on the other end of the line. However, I maintained absolute control and was polite with all my communication as I have been the victim of abusive customers in the past and understand that it is not fun to have a customer become upset over the phone or in the store. I stayed positive as I was hoping that the ring would be found and this was just a case of misplaced paperwork. As of right now, 07/16/17 at 10:30 am, I do not have any definitive answers as to "where" my ring is, "when" it will be returned to me or any other status updates on my order. Leaving a customer in the dark for over 2 days, in my opinion, is unacceptable when dealing with something of such value as an engagement ring. As I continue to try to remain optimistic, and will call the store for the 4th time, it is my hope that this review will be used as a means to remedy the situation at store # 2956 with their poor customer communication. Future customers may not be as understanding or patient as I have been. I had praised the store previously, but as my opinion has changed, I will not endorse store #2956 as a great place to make a large purchase such as an engagement ring.

  7. I bought a ring (wedding band) in February, had to wait 4 weeks for it to be sized, wore it for about a month or so and took it in for a check up/cleaning. All the diamonds were loose had to have ring sent out to be fixed, waited another 3 weeks for it to be fixed. I wore it for about a week after it was fixed and a diamond fell out. It was brought back to the store and I was told that it needed to be sent to corporate to be fixed due to size of the diamond that was lost. Called several weeks later and was told that it would be another 12 weeks before the ring would be done. Very bad experience will never buy anything else.


    So, I find out that Kay's closed my account due to activity via my credit monitoring service. I call Kay's to ask why. Their response was that it was closed due to inactivity. I did not receive any notice of any kind – letter, email, phone call, nothing! When I called customer service all they can say is sorry and to reapply. I will never reapply for a Kay's credit card ever again. Al they had to do is send a friendly reminder that my account was about to be closed and maybe I would have charged something on the card. But oh no! They want to call and send me junk mail on the reg about sales and promotions but can't let me know that my account is about to be closed due to inactivity? I'll gladly spend my money somewhere other than Kay's. They need to change their slogan to "Every f**k begins with Kay." Because that;s what they do, they f**k you!!!


  9. i would like to know how long do you have to be working at Kays to be a key holder and also how long to be come and assistant manager

  10. My husband bought my engagement ring and wedding band from Kay in March of 2012. He proposed in May, no even 24 hours after wearing my engagement ring the center stone was gone. I took it back to Kay and told them instead of sizing it down to a 5.5 to please order it in my size (I thought making it in my size instead of sizing would fix the problem of diamonds falling out). Three months later I got my ring back and I get it inspected every six months, just about every time it has to be sent off because the center diamond is loose. We got married in March of 2015 not even a week of wearing my band I notice a diamond is missing. I had to pay for it to be repaired because I didn’t get it inspected over that 2 year period (it stayed in the original Kay box in my jewelry box). I didn’t think about getting a ring inspected that I had not even wore. Fast forward to December 2016 I take my rings to get them inspected and once again the center stone is loose and they send it off to be fixed. They call me back 2 weeks later and tell me they have some information to tell me about my ring. He says he is not satisfied with the work that was done, it doesn’t look rite and he will be sending it back off. Come to find out the diamond was placed in the ring crooked. I have asked for another band identical to the one I already have for a few years now. This Christmas my husband was going to surprise me with it. They tell him it will be in the Tuesday before Christmas. Tuesday they call and say they sent the wrong ring and the correct one will be in Friday. Saturday my mother-in-law goes to pick it up and they tell her it didn’t come in. My husband had to tell me about it since my Christmas gift didn’t come in. I called them Christmas Eve they couldn’t tell me when it would be in but she said she would check on it and call me back, I never got a phone call back. I called back the day after Christmas three different times, no one could tell me when it would be in. They each kept telling me they would find out and call me back. Around 6:45 that night someone finally called me back and said it would be shipped out Tuesday (overnight shipping) and would be in Wednesday here it is Thursday and still no ring.

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