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  1. This is by far the worst customer service out there. I ordered shoes a week ago and called in yesterday to be informed they didn't know if My package shipped or not. I received an email this morning (12/9) that my package was delivered on 11/28 to the front door of somewhere in NJ and I live in PA. And the worst part i paid almost $9 in shipping. I called in today and was told a new pair of shoes would be shipped to me after the person didn't want to admit my shoes were gone. I have yet to receive conformation of a new order number of that a new pair has been shipped. Never ever again!!! I will be sure to tell everyone the terrible experience I had!!!

  2. I ordered a pair of boots for my fiancée for christmas on Dec 5th. When I placed the order, I received an email in which confirmed I placed the order. I waited for my package to be shipped then I decided to call on Dec 12th. I had not received any shipment confirmation and I was beginning to worry. I then called the number that was on my email, an automated message said my order was canceled on the 6th, I waited to speak to an representative. The representative confirmed my order was csnceled. I asked her the reason and she said not enough inventory, I asked why was I not informed? I had provided my phone number and email address, I also told her that is bad business. I understand they are busy but just like they had canceled my order in the computer, an email could of been sent. I have bought numerous items at the store but I will never buy online again. I am extremely disappointed. If I wouldn't have called I would be still waiting for the boots. Def need a better system around Christmas time. I was able to order another gift from another store and shipped in 3 days as promise.

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