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Kerby Lane Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Hi Kerby Lane Corporate Office: Below is a review I submitted for the SW Store on Wm Cannon Dr. I wanted to be sure I understood what Chanti told us? Please review below and can someone please reply back to me? Thank you, Rose & Larry Rogers VISITED:July 27, 2021, 9:01AM, Check #31.Table 5. "My husband Larry and I ordered breakfast. Melody L was wonderful, nice, friendly and answered our questions about breakfast items. BUT the food was nasty. My husband's pancakes were undercooked. Bacon was burnt. I had 2 taco's, ordered egg, potato & bacon. I was served egg & cheese. I cannot eat cheese, makes me sick. I told Melody, she sent back and I had to wait almost 15 minutes for 2 taco's. They arrived and had 2 little pieces (dime size) of bacon. I took 2 bites and felt sick. I couldn't eat. I talked with Chanti, Manager. She apologized for the food and issue we had. She told me when we return to tell the server that our name is on a list and we will get the VIP treatment & a free meal (lunch or dinner. IF I understood correctly? Can someone please confirm this? Write back to me.) and she Comp'd our breakfast, except for the coffee & cappuccino we drank. We will return sometime & try lunch or dinner. I will wait to hear back from someone about this matter. Thank you."

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Corporate Office Headquarters