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Kia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kia Corporate Office Headquarters

11 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-468-4800
Fax Number: 1-949-468-4905
Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-4542
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542

How To Contact Kia Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 180 Foster Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4J5
Email: n/a

Kia’s main competitors are Toyota, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai.

  • I was ready Friday to buy a new Kia (with trade-in and title in hand). I went to BIG RED KIA IN NORMAN, OK. It came down to a decision between a Sorento and a Sportage. The salesman told me there were rebates for the Sorento, Finders fees for the Sportage and several other "fees"…I told him I wanted a ball-park figure for both vehicles to make my decision easier – I truly liked both cars equally and it came down strictly to cost. He told me their "policy" was not to tell a price until I committed to buy just 1 and he couldn't tell me even a ball-park price for BOTH vehicles, only 1 and I couldn't change my mind. I asked to speak to his manager. His manager was RUDE and stated the same policy. He kept asking which vehicle I liked better and he would tell me the price of that ONE. After he stepped closer and raised his voice at me (I'm 5'4" – he is about 6'4") I told him his "policy" cost him a sale, that I would not buy from them now. He said that was fine he "didn't need my business!" So I bought a Sorento from MORITZ KIA IN FT. WORTH, TX with no problems…they obviously do NOT have the same policy as BIG RED KIA in Norman, Ok! I will NEVER do business with Big Red and will discourage anyone and everyone I know to not deal with them either! I have never been treated so rudely in my life…and still do not understand how that "policy" could make sense to anyone…I wasn't there wasting their time, they knew I was ready to buy THAT DAY!

  • i have 2011 kia optima with 14000 miles on it and the engine blow up on it. kia is not covering the warranty becouse spousable i put 5w20 oil in it instade of 5w30 wich is not true even when you show them the recipts and acousing me for taking the car for the oil change at the different place than kia dealer. im trying to get to corporate office but no luck. very disapointed and i would never get a kia again i rather pay litlle extra for the lease and get it from a desante car company.

    • look up the Better Business Bureau Auto-line. They helped me and my 2008 spectra. My engine also blew right after tranny blew at 17,000 miles.
      I am waiting now for them to repurchase my car. They refused to honor my warranty over a fram oil filter. Went to arbitration and had car checked by a certified master mechanic and he said the oil filter was fine and rods and bearings were defective and caused engine failure. I was just asking to have the engine repaired and gave me a hard time to replace engine. Arbitrator ruled for kia to repurchase my car. I've been without a CAR OVER 6 MONTHS NOW.

  • kia is not upholding their asdvertisment but sponsoring quite a few sporting events . the word is getting out

  • kia (as i was told after i purchased a 2009 spectra new) finds a way to NOT uphold their 10yr 1000,000 mile warranty . we now have a campaigne to let any & everyone know .

  • I left my kia sedona 2005 at the service shop on july/3/2012 at west colonial kia, 3407 W colonial drive 50, Orlando Florida,32808 terminal 0229247 – I left it in good faith to fix the Drive belt and the Timing Belt. I gave them 3 days to replace those parts; however, they replace them but they forgot to put everything back, missing screws from the engine cap, missing screews from the Air filter, and they bended the Oring where the Air flow front pipe sits on and holds in place to get fresh air. moreoever, many wires under the engine cap were loose.. I paid $1,230.00 dollars for the service and thats what i get. Who knows if they doing the same with many others custumers.. I have proof and images that i want to make public cause this is the third time this happens to me and im sure had happen to many others custumers. Today 7/7/2012 i went to let them know and take a look on what they did and they said thay they were short on peple plus even watching how things look like no one tight in place what it was loose. I came home to put everything in place for myself but i make an appoitment for next friday so they can fix everything else. I was planning going out today morning so i open the front cap to see the oil and than i noticed all my car messed up badly.. I couldn`t go out because of them and no one help me. They all looked against me when i went to ask and all i get Bad faces against me. just for corporate info… invoce is c70679 Adv: AHV Luis D Pavon. contact me by email.. cause i have many pictures that i wish to share with corporate.. Might be only one person not doing his job. just think about it… what if i trust them and make my trip without taking look to the engine? i could have cause an accident and kia would be responssible for the damage.. do they care about their custumer safety? I don`t think so.. they debit my card so quick and work so bad and no one wants to be respossible. the true is i let my car in good faith and all i got is more problems. contact me at … Oscar.paz06@mixmail.com i would love show images on what they did..

  • What a turn off . Kia definitely wants to comment from customers. I want to buy a car for someone and can not get a ball park price without giving all kinds of info so some idiot salesman will call me. I cannot even send a message to KIA without giving contact info so an idiot will call me. What a turn off. I can buy a car from alotta dealer – and KIA has just defeated so many TV ads that got me here – what a turn off. Kia is a big turn off. I will buy a car – all cash – elsewhere. KIA is al big drag!!!!!!!

  • I am interested in buying someone a car and would like to get a "ball park" idea of cost – but NO!!!! I can not at your site and it is really a turn off. I can't even send a message of feedback without registering and send my full contact info to some dealer. Why can't you give me a simple ball park price . . I can go anywhere and buy a car anywhere. You clearly are just too damned hard to deal with and you want no feed back – I cannot even send an email without my registering with my contact info to have some idiot salesman calling me. If you cannot give a ball park price – I can buy a car from another mfg. I have alotta money. Screw KIA!!!!

  • We just bought a new 2012 Kia Optima and during the final "walk thru" AFTER ALL PAYMENTS WERE MADE, we were informed that there is no spare tire, nor do they provide the "donut" either. We decided to buy a tire and rim THEN…realized there is no jack or lug nut wrench. I have been trying to contact Kia headquarterswith no luck.
    can someone tell me how you can spend so much on a new car and they could get away with something like this. I am totally beside myself. My husband is going to the dealer tomorrow, which won't be pretty!!

    • I am very upset about the Kia Optima not having a spare tire kit and, no one informed me of it during purchasing. I got a flat tire and found out that I have no spare. I complained to Kia about it and was told that the Optima does not come with a spare and I should have been informed and, I could purchase a spare tire kit for $250.00. I have never, ever purchased a car new or used that did not come with a spare. Stupid ass Kia.

    • Same thing here. We had no idea that no spare or jack to change it. Was told "salesman should have told you".

    • most of the cars now being sold are like that, they will provide you with a kit to fix the flat tire and a compressor that you can plug to 12volts outlet to pump air to the tire after you inject the tire with some sealer which is included with the kit. this should be included with the car and they should explain this when you bought the car. I know they did this when I bought my 2013 optima ex.

    • I just experienced that same problem, I ran over a nail and put a whole in my tire. I looked for the "donut" and there wasn't one. The "fix a flat" and compressor was useless in this situation. I had to be flat bedded to a garage to have the whole plugged. If there was a donut it could of been changed and I would of been on my way. I went to the dealership to complain and to order a donut and it was going to cost $250. I wouldn't pay that. I was told it has to due with cost and weight of the spare. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!

    • I sell Kia. I have run into this as well. As a sales person I DO address the spare tire issue. Many models have a temporary spare in the sx model line, ex on some. It has been researched that a great many flat tires are punctures through the tread. It is safer to seal and reinflate with the compressor than to have to change a tire on the side of a major highway. Not suprisingly, about 1/2 of my customers don't know how to change a tire. That is one reason we have a great roadside assistance program. Call 1-800-333-4KIA and they will come take care of it. One other thing about the spare tire, jack and lug wrench…Although it may seem like a small thing, you cut anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds of dead weight from the car= better milage. Not defending that you were not informed. A good sales person should have told you this during the initial walk around. Shame on him / her.

  • I have a 2007 Kia Sportage with 31000 miles on it. I took this vehicle to get it inspected & it did not pass. The test said the Catalyst: Not Ready & 02 Sens: Not Ready. I called the Service Dept at Central Kia Carrollton Texas & spoke with the Service Dept & was told that they would need to run a dignostic on the vehicle because they couldn;t tell me the drive cycle on the vehicle. The only day that I could bring it in is a Saturday but was told by the service dept that would not work because they have limited staff & couldn't pull someone away from more important work to run diagnostics. I paid cash for this vehicle & even purchased an extended warrenty & they don't have time to take care of my vehicle? Really? I finally spoke with Bill Miles & he said fine bring it in. What kind of service is this & why would I ever want to buy from Kia again? Ever since I have purchased from Kia the service has been way below expectations. This vehicle is below standards & would anyone buy a kia

    • I too have a kia sportage , eventhou it is a 2009 model.I have been lied to since the moment I purchased it 3 years ago.first I told it has bluetooth and gps built in to it.which it doesn't, they are always asking for more money when I e xplain to them that I am on a limited buget .I don't have unlimited finances at my disposal for whenever .the staff here is by far the absolute worst and unprofessional staff I have ever dealt with.first they lost or never booked my time scheduled appointment when I showed up at the dealership ten minutes early .I just can't believe that they are more concerned on when lunchtime is rather than get me and my car its oil change and tire replacement out of their establishment while I have already been here for 2 in a half hours and counting while I am seriously thinking of venting my frustration on the top member of management here before calling their coperate phone number.

    • anonymous June 11, 2013 at 1:29pm
      I agree about the deplorabel and unprofessionalism with Kia's staff whenever you take their car in for repairs and maintenance. It is unbelievable on how they proud themselves on the 10yr warrenty on their transmission when the warrenty was up in less then five years. OH and get this even though my kia optima is 8yrs, ended up having to drop a transmission in anyway. I dont know what it is about these workers at the dealership but they really need to learn how to treat their customers. No wonder I ended up looking for a personal mechaninc. I presented a coupon for work I would like done and got such a cold shoulder and also there is a recall about some switches with the airbag and brake light. My came on and I was told that my car was too old to be considered. Corporate Kia cant just send out notices on this to just newer models what is this. I will be sending in my request to them about this matter!

    • I Bought a used Soul upon checking the oil it had been over filled when i took it back for them to drain some of it out the service writer acted like I was waisting her time and treated me like a complete idiot went as far as lying to me to get out of fixing their screw up haven't been back since

  • I left a comment on 2/17/2012 pertaining to the issue I was having with Southwest Kia of Rockwall, TX. I am pleased to announce that a higher finance rep. did finally make contact with me after several weeks of attempting to resolve the issue with the misleading extended warranty the original finance rep. sold me. This guy, Paul Morgan, was GREAT! He not only went out of his way to get the the 10 yr. / 100K mi. bumper-to-bumper warranty the other guy had originally mislead about, but he also, at no additional charge to me, upgraded me to the plantinum plan with a vanishing deductable. I would've been happy just to have them cancel the original extended warranty Gary had mislead me into buying, but thanks to Paul Morgan going the extra mile to take care of a customer, my family and I know have a 2012 Kia Sedona with a 10 yr. / 100K mi. platinum extended bumper-to-bumper warranty to go along with the 10 yr. / 100K mi. factory powertrain warranty. THANK YOU MR. PAUL MORGAN OF S.W. KIA OF ROCKWALL, TX! KIA NEEDS MORE FINANCE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!! P.S.- Correction on the 2/17/2012 post: It was 22 miles that was added to our vehilce by a 2nd test driver, not 32, but either way, no one else should've been allowed to test drive the vehcile we were in the process of purchasing

    • I recently purchased a 2013 Kia Optima EX and took it in to have the windows tinted when a garage door closed on top of it. This may not be a big deal to you people but it is to us. We are not rich & take pride in our cars and I take car of my mother who is 80yrs old & purchased this car for us to drive her to her doctor appointments. We need a good sturdy car. I do not feel comfortable keeping this car now. We got a brand new car as to not worry about any problems. For this carelessness to happen really upsets us. Now that will forever be on the cars title that it has been damaged. I do not want this car anymore. I have been waiting for your call and all I am getting from your department is the run around. Also I never was even given the opportunity to look at the car and the damage. Everyone was super nice when I was buying the car but now no one seems to care about my distress. My family all got there cars from your dealership. I am feeling like we no longer matter. Hopefully I will be hearing from you today. As per Gina Naborre they were all waiting to speak to you. I have been hearing that since Saturday. The car is under my mother . We look forward to your help in this matter. I need help in this matter and no one is calling me back.

    • I too cannot get ANYONE (GENERAL MANAGER-Derek Daniels) to return my calls regarding an issue with the Finance Director and Salesman, Ifonsio, from KIA at Thorton Road, Lithia Springs Georgia. The Finance Director is extremely unprofessional raising his voice as I complained that the salesman said oil changes are INCLUDED in the 60,000 warranty–only to find that after I took my car in for Service and Oil Change, he LIED. The Finance Director was deceptive in that he said he was the one in charge and there is no one else at the dealership to help me. Once I found that the Finance Director was not the one in charge, I contacted the General Manager—Derek Daniels several times, who has not returned any of my calls.

      The Finance Director stated that there is NOTHING they are going to do with the lies the salesman, Ifonso, said and the Finance Director went to get the salesman to tell me that he did not say that….After the Finance Director followed me out of the dealership raising his voice, I left in hopes the General Manager would address my issues……NO RESPONSE…..NO ACCOUNTABILITY….DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP—–

    • I visited the KIA DEALER in south philly yesterday. I experienced suspicious activity going on and some unprofessional workers giving off smart remarks towards me and was given a price for the car i wanted but then was told that they couldnt help me wit no expanation. I refuse to leave without a reason why not all of a sudden and the man tells me because of the bank…. but i knew it was something else. PROTECT YOUR IDENITY……..

    • Well, I certainly did not get good results, no help at all! They will not stand by their products and have completely lost my trust in Kia Cars as far as safety is concerned…research the recalls and complains on these vehicles. I have a Kia Spectra which they dont make anymore, so you can imagine they will not help with the issue.

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