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  • Kia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kia Corporate Office Headquarters

11 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-468-4800
Fax Number: 1-949-468-4905
Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-4542
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542

How To Contact Kia Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 180 Foster Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4J5
Email: n/a

Kia’s main competitors are Toyota, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai.

  • KIA…Your billion dollar company is putting people's lives at risk and looking the other way. Customer service is put in place to help resolve your customers issues with the vehicle they trusted to spend their hard earned money to transport their most prized and important belongings. PLEASE..PLEASE…do the right thing and do not keep looking the other way until a life or lives are lost!! PEOPLE ARE IN DANGER AND AT RISK. KIA is also to blame for a large amount of financial loss and strain on consumers. I will never be a Kia customer again after my experience and how horrible I have been treated by your consumer affairs department. I am a US VETERAN and disgusted how put my family's life in danger, put me in financial and credit strain and then had to deal with the worst customer service ever. K.Gautreaux

  • Your current ad with a young girl with a white top and a boy with a hand full of red balloons…………..IS TERRIBLE! The girl talks thru her teeth and most of the words you can not understand. TERRIBLE

  • I have a 2015 Kia Forte that was purchased at Southwest Kia of Mesquite – I took my vehicle in on Friday in regards to the 2 recalls (Tire sensor light and Passenger side rear window) on my vehicle and the trouble I've been having with the "Check Engine Light" coming on and off. I've been dealing with someone by the name of Aaron who seemed great to work with and very responsive. As soon as my husband and I left the dealership after dropping off our car, I received a call from Kia saying there was white smoke coming from my exhaust and in which could be a potential engine issue. I have NEVER had that problem nor was made aware of that problem in the past. Aaron assured he will look into seeing if it would be covered by my extended warranty and/or Powertrain warranty (both warranties goes up to 75K miles…keep in mind I'm only at 64K) but told me since I have not had my car serviced at Southwest Kia of Mesquite since I got it, I had to provide them with 10 documents showing my car has been maintenance regularly. Even going through that trouble to obtain those documents, I was only able to obtain 8 (documents showing my oil changes, etc.). This was all taken care of and done on Friday but has yet to hear from anyone on the status. My husband spoke to Aaron on April 16th and was informed that the warranty may be voided due to finding a cut radiator hose that has been glued together in the past (by a previous shop who worked on my car/fixed after an accident {Caliber Collision}). Aaron explained if that was the root cause of my engine issue, the warranty would be voided. I then called Caliber Collision and explained to them the situation. The nice gentlemen who was working with me was honestly taken back and explained those issues would not cause any type of engine issues. Me being an auto adjuster and who deals with estimate and vehicle repair then agreed with him. Caliber Collision did state that Southwest Kia of Mesquite is one of their vendors but wanted to jump on this immediately for me. I have been waiting to hear back from Kia concerning my warranty issues in order to get into a rental/loaner vehicle while the car is fixed but has not been updated with NOTHING! This has been the worse experience of my life and I have referred tons of customers to Southwest Kia for their vehicle but NEVER AGAIN! This has put stressed on my family and on my job. My only question is if my vehicle is still under the warranty to be fixed, why am I going through all of the trouble? It seems as if Southwest Kia in Mesquite is looking to find reasons NOT to cover my vehicle under warranty.

    Please advise –

    Tyler & Megan Powell

  • I have a KIA Sedona 2016! When I bought the Sedona I also purchased the Road Hazard plan, the Maintenance Warranty Plan, Ext Platinum Plan and Gap Insurance Plan. I have had all my maintenance, since I bough my Sedona, done by a KIA dealership. I last had my Sedona service with
    14,899 miles on it. Immediately after I left the KID Dealer Ship in
    Greenwood, SC there was a sever shaking of the steering wheel.
    I took it to an Automotive Shop owned by one of my Church members to see what was causing the shaking of the steering wheel. After examining my Sedona he found out that the rear tires were completely worn out and that one of the front tires appeared to have a belt separation in it. He said the only solution was to buy new tires.
    Now I repeat, I have had all service done by the KIA dealership in Greenwood SC in accordance with the Maintenance Plan I purchased when I bought my KIA brand new and it had 14,899 miles on it at last service and the back tires were completely worn out and one of the front tires, which was almost worn out, had a belt separation in it.
    I personally think that KIA should compensate me because I had to buy a new set of tires for my KIA Sedona when it had only 14,899 miles on it and you normally get at least 35,000 plus miles on a new set of tires.
    The tires on my KIA were suppose to have been rotated according to the Maintenance Plan I purchased when I bought the Van.
    James Massey
    3820 Rock House Road
    Bradley, SC 29819
    Cell No: 305 747-0239

  • I recently received an advertisement addressed to her from the KIA dealership here in Louisville, Kentucky. When I contacted the dealership about the letter and tried to explain that the vehicle they were wanting her to trade in had been totaled in the accident that occurred on 06-04-2015, my wife also died from injuries in the accident. The dealership hung up on me. All I want is for her name and address removed from their mailing list. How difficult is that.

  • why do you put such a junkie suspension on a kia optima and charge so much for them? also the front passenger seat needs to be redesinged so you dont fell like you are sitting on the floor. please answer me

  • Kia does not care who they hurt or who they do business with. I was told they would look into an issue with Bob Bell Kia in Baltimore which they never did get back to me. I would think a company like Kia would care about there reputation but evidently not. I will never buy a Kia again. Not only did the dealership refuse to offer a Edmunds guarantee price but they also delivered to me a Kia with a huge gash on the front which I am sure they knew was there. I am done with people who are so dishonest.

  • I recently leased a KIA SOUL from a dealership In Florida which was not near my home, but where the sales department was more nicer and gave a greater price than the one near me. I was told that I would have free oil changes for the length of the time I had the car. I took my car to the other dealer for an oil change and was surprised I had to pay. Another false advertising gimmick. This is my third KIA Soul and my last.

  • A couple of days ago my engine stalled in my 2011 KIA Optima EX, while I was driving through town. Thankfully I was not going at a high rate of speed but still scary nonetheless. I had heard about the recall on the engines but had not received anything in the mail about contacting my dealership to get the engine replaced. After having my mechanic look at the car, the conclusion was that my engine had stalled and the dealership came and towed my car. Since then I have been told that in order to proceed with the diagnosis I have to pay out of pocket for a new starter, which even if the starter was bad wouldn't fix the car. Also, I will have to pay out of pocket for a loaner vehicle because of the prolonged process. The reason I can't drive my car and it is sitting at the dealership isn't my fault in the least but due to KIA's negligence. To have to pay any money out for anything is unacceptable considering the engine is under the recall. You better believe that if the issue isn't resolved quickly I will be suing KIA. If the situation was different I could have easily been killed.

  • I purchased my 2011 Kia Optima EX in July of 2016. The recall on the engine came out in May. While driving through town my engine stalled, I had a separate mechanic tell me this. KIA came and towed the car to the local KIA dealership. They said before I could get the loaner vehicle that they had to verify that it was the engine. Since then I have been told that in order for them to even diagnose that it is the engine that I have to pay out of pocket for a new starter and a loaner vehicle. This is not acceptable, if a new starter is part of the diagnostics for the recall then you should be eating the bill for this. I was also told that they would clean out the engine and try to give it back to me, which isn't smart. I was lucky I was going at a high rate of speed when it did lock up. Also, I was told that I had to pay out of pocket for the loaner vehicle because the prolonged process. None of this is my fault, all of this is due to KIA's negligence. This company will nickel and dime you and try to get out of anything they can. While in the meantime you are without a car. If this issue is not resolved in a timely manner I will be suing for the amount I payed for the car, wages that I have missed out in work, and for anything else I can get out of them.

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