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  • Kia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kia Corporate Office Headquarters

11 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-468-4800
Fax Number: 1-949-468-4905
Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-4542
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542

How To Contact Kia Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 180 Foster Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4J5
Email: n/a

Kia’s main competitors are Toyota, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai.


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  1. I purchased a 2013 kia optima in 2016 pre certified, 2017 I never got a recall message about the engine and instead the engine seized up from lack of oil because of the ridiculous oil consumption i received a new engine but in 2018 in my driveway when I was trying to head out i turned on the car, I smelled a electrical burned and the car caught on fire, 4 years later and I am still paying for a car I don't own, I called my insurance they didn't cover the fire, even when i had full coverage and i called the dealer they did nothing next month is my last payment never buying a Kia again, Saturday I went the Javit Center auto show, I saw how nice all the new Kia's looked especially the K5, but do i trust it NEVER!

  2. I a gap asset protection policy from Zurich. The dealer only gave me one page.(1st page) only. Page 2 stated they would not pay for total loss of the vehicle upon previous damage or wear and tear. My stepson purchased a new Kia Forte 2020 and he suffered a total loss in November of 2021. After the insurance company paid their portion, it left a balance of $1728 which we have to pay out of pocket. The Gap policy paid 0?! This constitutes fraud and breach of contract by the dealer (Mid Town Kia) Tulsa, Oklahoma for selling us a Gap policy of which we were not informed/received the 2nd page regarding this exclusion!!!!!

  3. purchased a 2012 kia Optima with a recalled engine.Engine ceased and they replaced it with a bigger engine,now im running out of gas,and my gas needle is not correct.Jeremy from Temeccula ,Ca lied and told me I had to pay for hoses and belts.horrible service.How do I have to pay anything on a recalled engine.No one went over what was done to my vehicle,lost my keys for about 3 days.The service team are a group of liars who will cover each others lies.Never again will I go to Temecula,Ca for service.Jeremy will scam youy into buying things and tell you its mandatort when in realty is not.He tried to charge me 289 for transmission fluid..Im going tohave to sue just to be reimbursed for hoses that I didn't request,my starte3r that had a lifetime warranty for a one year warranty starter.Never again.no one has contacted us yet in regards to the service on my vehicle,or anything else that we had questions..If you go to this dealer remember the name JEREMY..he will lie and con you out of money for unnneccesary parts..JEREMY THE JACKASS

  4. I have two Kia vehicles and both have the same problem. I am an Electronics Design Engineer and I know how your system functions. Both cars hesitate randomly when pressing on the accelerator during turns as well sometimes during startup acceleration. The problem is in your software. You need to increase the priority level for acceleration keeping it at a higher priority than steering to make sure when the accelerator is pressed the vehicle responds immediately instead of waiting for the other functions are addressed. Please contact me if you have any questions.

  5. KIA NOT HONORING ALL THE RECALL for 2015 SOUL- Kia service department stated my catalytic converter needed work last year. When I took my car to the same service department that has worked on my car for years for the recall, my car would only go up about 1 to 2 mph, and now they are stating nothing’s wrong with the catalytic converter. Second Kia service department, and they never checked the catalytic converter saying it’s the fuel injection and wants estimated 600 to 900 dollars to fix it. I had the catalytic converter pulled by a licensed mechanic shop, and that stated it is the catalytic converter and the part alone is 1100 dollars catalytic converter pulled off my car it has gray looking dust and is clogged. I still owe 15,000. #metookiahonorallthercall

    1. You have to continue to call and insist. That happened to me and they had no choice but to fix it There was an article from KIA that there is an issue about the catalyst converters and it state it must be fixed.

  6. Orlando Kia North-Longwood

    Sold me a 2016 Nissan Altima under false information (Carfax report), bought this vehicle 2 years ago from internet salesmen Domingo. Starting having problems with it in Nov. 2018, replaced the battery and that wasn’t the case. Since Kia included the extended warranty and Gap into my loan, I contacted them to take look at the car. Originally had an appointment on 12/03/18 but they instinct I bring it in earlier. They diagnosed the vehicle saying it was a sensor that went bad, they contacted the extended warranty for approval on part and repair. After 3 days of waiting on no transportation, I requested them to provide me with a rental car. I contacted Dave (service tech) at least twice a week checking status on my car. He informed me numerous times they were waiting on the warranty company to send parts. After receiving parts, Dave replaced sensor and took my car for a test drive. Another light showed up on the dash, he informed me that it was another sensor for some shutter that opens up to keep the engine cool. He has contacted warranty and submits a claim for that as well. Now the Service Director contacted me last week (1/23/19), to inform me that the warranty company has denied all claims for my car to be repaired. Its mind blowing after 2 months my car isn’t repaired and now the warranty is declining all claims. Steve told me that he will put old parts back onto my car and I can come pick it up without it being repaired. I asked why repairs were being declined; he had no answer for me. Saying he was contacting the company to find out, little to say that was last Wednesday(01/23/19) and I still haven’t heard back from him but a voicemail stating for me to come get my car. I went to the dealership to grab paperwork out my car and realize someone ran sack my glove box and took all my paperwork concerning the purchase of the vehicle and warranty papers. It was a red flag that the dealership wasn’t being completely honest with me and hiding something. I also put in a complaint against them with Kia Consumer Affairs, as I was directed by my finance company. After contacting the warrant company myself to find out full details in why they’re declining all claims. The warranty company informs me that they sent their own adjuster down to see what was going on after Kia made several claims to repair my car, it only being 2.5 years old. Denied claims was due to the fact, Kia sold me a car that was previously damage(car accident) and sold me an extended warranty(platinum) knowing the company would reject all claims. Before purchasing this vehicle Domingo showed me a Carfax stating no accidents, now I’m thinking he showed me a report on another Nissan Altima. I want to bring this situation to someone’s attention so it won’t happen to anyone else. How many more people they have done this to and they have swept it underneath the rug.

  7. Is anyone having any issues with the Immobilizer or Anti-Theft malfunction? Although Kia is and has been aware of this problem they are refusing to do anything about it. Please respond with any info you may have. Seeking an attorney regarding a class action suit against them now. Thank you

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