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Kia Motors USA Corporate Office Headquarters
11 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-468-4800
Fax Number: 1-949-468-4905
Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-4542
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542

  • We bought our 3rd KIA in 2016, a KIA soul. They have always taken good care of me in the past and I didn't want to ever go anywhere else going forward. We noticed early in the year (2022) with 2 payments left that the oil changes were needing to be more frequent and we took the car into a local shop we have here in town. They have worked on our F250 many times and did fantastic work. They told up upon inspection that the vehicle was burning excessive amounts of oil. He had dealt with this before on other Kia's so he looked it up on the internet and there it was SEVERAL complaints about the same exact issue with this year make and model. Kia even published a bulletin about this issue- so they were VERY Aware of the problem. For those that don't know what a Bulletin is..well that is where a company has received many complaints about an issue and they know it exist but it has reached that magic number where it becomes a recall. So back to my story, We picked the car up and took it to the Kia Dealership in Rockwall, Texas. We paid for the initial fee for them to look at the vehicle and then we paid the fee to have them run a test on the vehicle to confirm this finding. They filled the car up with oil and then told us to drive it for a 1000 miles and then bring it back in and they would be able to tell how oil was actually burning. we did that and the car failed miserably. So the next step was to perform an soak on the vehicle. The exact words we were told were, this will sometimes fix the problem but there is no guarantee??? Ok you sure made me feel better!!! so we did that , they did the soak, we drove it another 1000 miles and guess what—it DIDNT WORK!! So the manager told us to submit all the oil change receipts we could find and that he was putting a spreadsheet together to present to the corporate person to see about getting a new motor, as this is the only way to fix the problem now. The car only has 140K miles on it, that's not alot of miles when cars can go way over 250K these days. We produced what they asked, providing YEARS of oil changes to show we did our part in maintaining the vehicle. They submitted it and we were denied we were told that it was past the warranty and that we were on our own to fix this problem. The service manager told us to go to the Corporate office for help so we did. We submitted what they asked for, they reached out to the dealership to get that paperwork and guess what?? I guess all the years of being a loyal customer meant nothing to KIA cause they left us hanging. The car needs a 4000.00 repair and they offered us a tiny 1000.00 towards that- WOW!!! I'm speechless!! You know your car is defective, you know this- you posted on the internet about it and you come back and tell a long time customer who BTW made the last two payments during all of this- so now we have a car that we will have for the next few years that will burn excessive amounts of oil- it's defective- you cant drive it anywhere long distance. And everyday you get in it you are stressed out because you have to constantly check the oil to make sure you are not running low! THANK YOU KIA for selling us a car that was not manufactured correctly- acknowledging that it was not made correctly and then putting the blame on us because it was 40K out of the 100K warranty!! Hide behind that warranty and use it so you can feel like you aren't accountable!!! You lost a good customer- you really did! I want to warn everyone that is considering buying a KIA product- DONT DO IT!! THEY WILL LEAVE YOU HIGH AND DRY!!! I am now in the process of filing a complaint with all of my state legislators, including the BBB. I feel I have to make sure people know exactly who they are doing business with. SHAME ON YOU KIA!! CONSUMERS BEWARE

  • I moved out of state and trying to get a title transfer,, It's been 3 months and still nowhere,, Can't drive my car,, mailed emailed and called about 10 times and still nothing

  • Horrible customer service!! We have been trying to get Kia to respond for a request for a title transfer to register in a new state and have waited since FEB 3 (5 1/2 months) with no response. The car has been off the road, unable to register since that time, and owner has no other means of work, as an Uber driver. Kia is the worst company we havve ever dealt with.

  • I purchased a 2019 Stinger May 2019…. Loved the amzing looks, the Luxury and power until it started to come unsnapped. First June 2019 the trim around the back running lights fell out. June 2019 the Front drivers side fender and the nose came detached. Service at Pitrie Kia Albuquerque, NM snapped it back in. September 2019 fender & front nose comes aprt again. Parts ordered and service repairs it Oct. 2019 with a new clip to hold it in place. February 2020 center consol starts popping up. service at Pitrie Kia snaps it back down and one day later it comes back up. March 2020 center consol replaced. June 2020 First road trip in car to califorina and mind you I only have 12,205 miles in over a year. I'm in the middle of No where on I-40 west bound between the state line of Arizonia & California and I hear this horrible noise under my car, Likw i amd dragging something so I pull over to look and OMG….Holy Crap the weather proctor for the engine is bent in half and under my car dragging. I notice that there are 6 gramet holes and they are all perfectly round but NO gramets in the material or in the holes where they once where. Like I said I'm in the middle of NO where and I'm worried this could become a fire danager or cause other damage dragging underneth my car so I cut it all of with a knife. back at Home the Pitrie Albuquerque, NM dealership tells me to file a claim with Kia, Then They deny doing any faulty work or the craftsmanship of the Kia Stinger had anything to do with this happening and I must have hit something and I should file an insurance claim. BS… On top of everything else the front drivers side fender has popped out again so the clips must have broken and the dealership refuses to fix it.

  • 2019 Stinger currently 14,527 miles…. I purchased a 2019 Stinger in May 2019 and at first I was very impressed with quality, prefermance & luxury of this car until about the second month when the retainer clips for the front drivers side fender and nose broke. The Kia service center at Pitrie Kia Albuquerque,NM took no time to fix it, but a week later it came lose again so now I'm told they have to order a new retainer clip. Obviously they did not fix it right in the first place. New clip is installed and the front Nose and drivers fender are in line. Two months later the trim around my back runner lights pops off, Service person snaps it back on and says that sometimes the snaps come lose??? I'm now worried that maybe this car is all snapped together!! October 2019 the front nose and fender are seperating again?? Parts are orderd and the service is done. February 2020 the center consol with all the controls that wraps around the shifter pops up and will not stay down. Parts are ordered and service is completed March 2020. First road trip out of town to California June 2020 and just over the california state line I hear a noise coming from the fron of the car like I'm dragging something, I stop and look underneth and OMG!! holy crap!! the gramets holding the under carriage body and engine protector are gone and the protector is bent in half under my car. Now here I am in the middle of NO where and it's obvious that the gramets feel out or where never put back on when the work was done on the nose and fender of my car. I have NO way to fix this in the middle of NO where and fear that dragging this under my car may create a fire or other damage so I cut it off. Now back at home I speak with the dealership at Pitrie Kia Albuquerque, NM and they deny they might have done any faulty work and in fact accuse me of hitting something and suggest I file an insurance claim. Unbelievable…. I filed a claim which was denied and on top of all this the fender and nose clip is not holding my fender down and they refuse to fix it…..

  • I purchased a 2014 model Sorento Diesel in 2015 from a local dealer n Trinidad. The vehicle was serviced at the dealer all during the warranty period. During the warranty period the vehicle overheated twice and was repaired by the dealer. In 2017 Kia issued a recall in various parts of the world for this model due to overheating and machining defects. However this recall was not for my region in the Caribbean. In Nov. 2019 my engine experienced catastrophic failure. I have tried to contact Kia Korea and the local dealer but to no avail. There are no parts available in our region nor in the U.S. to assist me in rebuilding the engine…I hope someone out there reads this and will be able to assist me.

  • I own a 2012 KIA Sorento. A piece of plastic molding from the front, passenger side door fell off. Tried to buy a replacement part. Was told that due to a design problem, the whole door handle unit had to be redesigned so I would have to buy the whole new unit and have it installed. $ 200 cost. I felt that because of a design problem by KIA that they should replace the door handle unit. Was told that because of the high mileage I would have to replace it myself. It was KIA's design failure that caused this part to fail, why should I have to pay?

  • I have purchased more than 10 new KIA cars over 20 years for my wife and myself. Team Gunther in Spanish Fort Al. has convinced me to get rid of my last one as they lied about it and refused to admit they lied. I had the breaks checked and was told they were good at 40 thousand miles,maybe a few more. Three weeks later they were metal on metal. It stalled out when making turns from a stop. I am now a Nissan driver.

  • We have two Kia Souls, a 2011 and a 2017. We stopped using the Service Department, located Covington Pike, Memphis, TN, as they quit making appointments on Saturdays (only time I have to service vehicle), and front desk people that sign you in, are not friendly, use vulgar language, and not pleasant. We use Goodyear nearby. They know exactly what needs to be serviced when. My 2017 Soul will never be serviced at Kia Dealership

  • I purchased a 2017 Kia Sportage EX. a week later I was looking under the hood and noticed the bolts to the passager side fender and front fascia were rounded off and paint skinned. I called the dealer and took it for them to see. I was told the factory must have done this because if there was any damage to the car they would have disclosed. I ask to see another 2017 Sportage ex under the hood. The bolts were not rounded and the fender bolts were larger than the front fascia bolts. Al bolts on the fender and front of my car were the same size. Of course the manager told me the factory must have put the wrong bolts in the car.This car had 29 miles on it when I bought it and it had been damaged in the front and they let me buy it without telling me. Stay away from this company and there cars! To top all this off they bring a lady service manager to look and she says that the robots at the factory rounded the bolts and offered to replace them. I said no thanks what BS! This in my mind is not a new car!

  • Yes I have a 2011 Kia Soul and my dash is so sticky, like the glue is bleeding through. I have a visor up all the time when it is hot. I have tried everything I can to get it back to normal NOTHING HAS WORKED! WHY HASN'T THERE BEEN A RECALL ON THIS PROBLEM? I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM AND IT IS ALL 2011 KIA SOULS. I PULLED IT UP ON LINE AND THERE IT IS STICKY DASH KIA SOUL 2011. I NEED YOU TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. I ALSO TOOK IT TO A DEALER THAT SELLS KIA'S AND THEY COULDN'T HELP ME EITHER.

  • I purchased a Kia Niro Hybrid a couple months ago and really want the world to know how great it is. We took the Niro almost 7000 miles to the west coast, toured and back and it was fantastic. It averaged 48 MPG loaded with food and luggage for 3 weeks. We did not see any other Niro's on the road and it needs more publicity. I kept a spreadsheet on my IPad of the miles driven and where we were and would love to scan and send it to you. Keep in mind the lowest MPG we got was 36 and highest 59. I would love to hear your comments.

  • I purchased a KIA Forte, it has been a good car except for one problem. It almost dies on me when II turn a corner or press on gas hard to go. I have been close to being hit 3 times. Three times I have taken it to Gunther Kia in Baldwin county to find the problem. They told me the first 2 times that it checked out fine. The last time they told me not to turn corners or pull out into traffic fast because it was not made to do that. I was misled when I bought the car and over the last 18 years I have purchased about 20 cars for my family and myself. I know that something is wrong and when they told me to accept the problem I realized I have had enough of KIA unless this is repaired. I have documented my information for an attorney so if I get hurt or killed, they will sue KIA. I suggests that there is a flaw in the car that others have as well. If i do not hear from you I will contact BBB and the state of Al. and US government office.

  • we bought a 2014 KIA Serento with 39000 mile on it and about a 2 weeks ago the engine rod went bad and needed a new engine. at this point it had about 66000 miles on it. lucky for us KIA replaced the engine we got the it back on April 11 2017. drove it home from the dealer 18 miles and it sat till april 13 when my wife drove it to work 15 mile. she left work at 10:00 pm on her way home 5 mile the transmition went out. you could put it in park and its fine but when you put it in drive nothing same with revers. we are luck she takes back roads home because if she had takeing the interstate there could have been a serious accident. Called and had it towed to the dealer. got up got up the next morning and called the dealer at 8:25 am on April 14 the dealer had it in there shop working on it. I had not talked to them to let them know what was wrong with it. Find it kinda funny how there dealership would start working on a vehicle without knowing what happened to it and why it was there. They told me that the transmition needs to be replaced and it would cost me $2900. I just find it really strange that 2 days after I got the vehicle the transmition goes out. my questions to myself did they not put it together right. I am very upset with KIA. I will probably never buy another KIA product again. The 2 most expencive part of a vehicle go out befor the vehicle hits about 66000 miles on it. I am the second owner and there warrenty only goes to 65000 for second owner. I am very upset because the vehicle had no transmition problems before the engine work was done.
    I then started looking into KIA and Found out they have class action lawsuits agains them for there engines and transmitions. I am not happy and if something doesn't happen soon I will be telling everyone I know on social media about all of the stuff I am finding out.

  • Let me start off by saying Kenneth Statzer in the KIA Consumer Affairs Department is the worst agent to have on your case. I have a 2013 Kia Optima and about a month ago it broke down. I had to have my car towed to KIA of Cherry Hill where they told me one of the rods in my engine broke in half. Therefore, my car would need a new engine good thing I have an extended warranty but KIA ended up paying for the repairs. Meanwhile, I rented a rental to get back and forth to work. I had a rental from the day my car broke down until the day I picked the car up from the dealer which was a total of 10 days. Every call I made to the dealership and consumer affairs I was assured that I would be reimbursed for my rental. Even though I was given bits of misleading information from both parties I was assured I would be reimbursed. I submitted receipts and everything to Kenneth because he was handling my case but it was damn near impossible to reach him by phone or email. It wasn't until after an email I sent today that I threatened to reach out to corporate that he then called me. He advised me that the dealership will only cover up to $34 a day on renal cars and the car I rented was $54 a day. My issue with KIA is that nobody ever communicated this rental policy information to me during any period of this case being open. I even asked for loaner but that was denied and they told me to keep the rental and I would get reimbursed. Wouldn't at that moment you'd think someone would say something about this policy??? Well no they didn't! I'm just supposed to take a loss on over $200 when it's their fault the car broke down? I deserve reimbursement for 100% of the cost for the entire duration of the rental. The only car you can get for $34 a day is a compact car that wouldn't even fit my entire family. I drive a full size car and that's what I rented so that's what I should be reimbursed for at the end of the day.

    I'm not a happy customer and I escalated the issue.

  • I have 2011 KIA Sorento with the ABS brake, traction control light,and the down hill assist light that keep on coming off and on. As of Feb 10, 2017, it is staying on all of the time. But after researching there are MANY, MANY other CONSUMERS that is having this same problem. But the dealers are not fixing the problem they are only chsnging out parts. WE NEED SOMEONE AT THE CORPERATE LEVEL TO LOOK INTO THIS MATTER TO SEE IF THIS ITEM NEED TO BE RECALLED. Please look into this proble with the SORENTOS AND GIVE US SOME FEED BACK on how this is can be resolved. Please HELP US.

  • I have a 2016 Kia Sorento…I do not drive now due to health…I am always in the passenger seat…my air bag on passenger side when I am there always says passenger air bag off…the dealer where I bought the car said it is working properly ,,,what can be done about this…is there a weight limit for small people… if we were to have an accident my air bag would NEVER DEPLOY on passenger side it I am the passenger…HELP PLEASE!!!

  • There is a KIA policy requiring that either a DD214, a discharge certificate, or an LES be submitted to receive a millitary discount on a new KIA. An ID card is not accepted because, apparently, it is illegal to copy a militarty ID. The reality is that many persons who qualify for the discount, excepting persons currently on active duty who do receive an LES every month, do not still possess their DD214 or discharge certificate. The wait time to get a copy of a DD214 from the government is up to 90 days, even with an online request. This hinders new car sales in many cases. Although dealerships have tried on many occasions to be allowed to accept something other than the 3 items mentioned above, they are always refused. This is a flagrant case of focusing on a requirement while ignoring the actual purpose and goal of that requirement. There are a number of other official documents which actually prove eligibility for the discount. Some examples: official docments showing membership in the American Military Retirees Association, showing receipt of Veterans benefits,be they educational benefits or disability compensation, showing a VA award of a less than 10% disability rating (which gets no monetary compensation), and even a Veterans Administration medical ID card, all serve exactly the same purpose as a DD214, because all of those things require that the individual had served in the military and was discharged honorably.

    There are a number of official documents which prove a person's status as being eligible for KIA's military discount, a lot of people do not have a copy of their DD214 or discharge certificate, and KIA needs to review this policy, determine which other documents will prove someone's eligibility, and add them to the current (very short) list. Doing so will remove a roadblock for selling new cars, and remove what is often a serious difficulty for the prospective purchaser.

  • DONE!!! Never again!! will I buy on of these…. and I have 3 now. Kia service is the worse I have ever dealt with! God forbid you have to take something in under warranty (DARCARS KIA motors in Lanham Maryland) I won’t write a long comment on why they SUCK , but after reading the other comments about how KIA treats their customers… It would just be the same over and over again.. Very sad a car maker of this size doesn’t’ standby it’s product. Nothing else to say….

  • I'm writing to comment on the KIA dealership in Medford, Massachusetts. All I can say is STAY AWAY. Not only are they the most incompetent group of sales people, the general manager is not helpful, lazy and downright rude! I returned a leased vehicle when it was due. No one on staff returned plates, they didn't keep any paperwork and now I'm getting in trouble with the registry of motor vehicles and in collections. No one at KIA has been willing to help. I strongly encourage all of you to stay away from KIA at all costs. The location in Medford, Massachusetts is terrible and frankly should be taken out of business!!!

  • Northlake Kia in Florida is full of liars and salespeople that don't know anything about their cars . My girlfriend bought a new Soul and all the promises and information was lies . Forget free stuff and reputable service .The warranty probably isn't any good either .

  • My brother, his fiance' and my 10 year old niece just rented a 2016 Kia from Hertz rental car to go from Champaign to Wisconsin Dells on Memorial Day weekend 2016. They were on their way to the Kalahari and there was alot of traffic on the expressway which only allowed them to drive between 35 – 40 mph. My brother smelled something burning, but wasn't sure where it was coming from. Personally, I wouldn't think that it would be the brand new vehicle they were driving in. But, yes, it was. He continued to smell something burning and had his fiance' pull over on the shoulder. She tried to use the brakes and they failed. She tried pumping the brakes and they wouldn't work. Then they saw smoke coming from under the hood of this vehicle. My brother (in the passenger side) reached over and pulled the emergency brake. The were able to get to the shoulder and jump out of the car. As they were running frantically away from the car, IT LITERALLY BLEW UP. THEY COULD HAVE DIED. The car was just a piece of scrap metal. I wish I could post pics of the car. It is horrific to see that my brother, neice and my brother's fiance could have died. I am pushing them to SUE THE PANTS OFF OF KIA!!!!!

  • On May 2, 2016 I had a 10:00am appointment to have tires installed on a 2011 Kia Sorento at Kia of Bradley located at 1010 Tighe Drive Bradley Illinois. While waiting I was informed that struts would also need to be installed on the vehicle. At or about1:30pm, I was approached by paying for the services, I was approached by sales personalwho indicated that he hated to see people pay large amounts of money for repairs on a vehicle with lots of mileage. A decision was made to invest in a 2016 4 door Kia Sorento which appeared to be a more sophisticated model.
    On May 6, 2016 at 3:44pm a text was sent to the sales rep indicating that the vehicle was making a rattling/ticking noise.
    On May 7, 2016 at 11:16am a call was placed to at Kia of Bradley with expressed concerns of the lack of efficiency and lag in the engine when accelerating in addition to the ticking/rattling noise when the vehicle was started lasting up to 10-15 minutes.
    Onay 11, 2016 at 10:00am after waiting for over a hour at 11:19am at the dealership I was informed that it may just be a filter problem and was instructed to bring the vehicle in later that evening ,leaving it overnight.
    On May 11, 2016 at or about 2:00pm I noticed that the malfunction indicator light was on in the 2016 Kia Sorento indicating that there was a malfunction in the emission control system the vehicle was taken back to Kia of Bradley. While waiting for it to be serviced at 2:45pm I spoke with sales personal (Eric) and expressed concern of the vehicle, questioning if I could be supplied with another vehicle or have the 2011 returned . Eric’s reply before turning his back and walking away was that” this was not Wal-Mart where you could come in with a receipt and request a refund. All new vehicles have a bumper to bumper warranty and I would have to be patient and allow the technician in the service department to go over the vehicle”.
    I could not believe how rudely I was treated, especially since I had just overheard a service technician making slanderous comments’ about my concern of having a vehicle for less than a week and having so many problems.
    On 5/12/16 at 12:17am a call was placed to the Kia Dealership and I was informed that they could not replicate the sound, that flight checks had been done and the technician was out driving the vehicle.
    On 5/12/16 at 12:22pm, I received a call from the service department indicating that they wanted to assure that all was well with the vehicle and that they wanted to keep it on more day. Staff was informed that plans to travel out of town were made for the week-end and the rental vehicle was due to be returned on May 13, 2016 by 2:30pm. According to the service staff the Enterprise Leasing Company would be contacted and the rental agreement would be extended until Monday 5/16/16. On 5/12/16 5:35pm a call was placed to the Enterprise Leasing Company 815-936-0404 and I was informed that there was no information in the system regarding a extension of the rental agreement. On 5/13/16 10:53am a call was placed to the Enterprise Leasing Company 815-936-0404 and I was informed that there was no information in the system regarding a extension of the rental agreement.
    On 5/13/16 at 11:28am I was informed by Kia of Bradley that checks and drives are still being made with the vehicle. I am concerned that as a senior citizen I was sold a lemon and truly regret not taking the advice of a friend/associate and a previous Kia of Bradley sales representative and not going to Honda. This will be my last vehicle purchased with Kia and all service work will be conducted at another facility.

  • I have a 2014 Kia Sorento and I am VERY upset that the back-up camera has already went out!! Its not cheap to replace and its pretty important to me. Also at the same time I have to ALREADY replace a hose that allows my AC to work! This car is too new to have such problems. And of course nothing is covered under warranty so its going to be an $800 bill!!

  • My Wife and I went in to Peoria Kia Peoria AZ to buy a new Kia Sorrento which would have been my 3rd one. I spoke with the Sales Lady there (Mary Ann). She was very nice and helpful. When we got down to make a deal I told her what Peoria Ford was offering. She went and got her finance guy. He was very rude to me and my Wife and told us we needed to immediately run back over to Peoria Ford and buy a SUV there as he wasn't going to deal with us. Fact is he said if the deal was so good he was going to go over to Peoria Ford and trade His wifes 100,000 Escalade MY Wife was totally Upset and was crying in the car. WE then went back to Peoria Ford and bought a new Ford Edge for my Wife. It is awesome. I am going to buy a new F-150 from them at their next sale. They sales Guy Steve was awesome and the finance people went out of their way to accommodate our needs. We will never own another Kia product. I am going to the BBB and file a complaint as well as the U.S. Attorney Generals Office.

  • I LEASED AND BOUGHT CAR FROM KIA DEALERSHIP AT KIA , FORT PIERCE, FL ON U.S.1 I leased a KIA Sorento on 9/2015. That was a stupid mistake. They did not explain what a lease is all about. (I took their word) Also felt that the deal was a rip off. I took my car up to have oil change, etc. I decided to ask about buying the car. Had all kind of help from salesmen and they told me that I could still get a rebate on my sorento of $2,000 but I had to purchase it "right away". I went home talked to my husband about buying car and what the deal was. $2000 rebate, contract for 72 months at 485 a month. Talked with my husband – called them back to confirm what they told me. It was absolutely true. My husband and I went back to kia – Fort Pierce, FL. Told them to have paper work ready. Got to dealership and of course the deal was changed. Deal would have to be 530.00 for 72 months. I said NO. Then they said maybe 495. a month for 73 months. I was not happy but I didn't like the deal with the lease car. So we made deal for 495. (Wish I hadn't) Waited for over half hour or more for Finance manager to get paper work done. I kept asking how much longer. (already there over an hour) I told them that I was going to leave. They said that they have been very busy. There was only one couple there the whole time and they didn't buy anything. Finally went in to sign papers. Of course there was a stack of papers. I was really pissed off at this time and just wanted to get out of there. Signed papers. no info about anything (probably my fault). Got copies and left. Two days later I looked at papers. They did not give me the rebate of $2000 and charged me a predelivery charge of
    $690.50 for a car that I have been driving for a year and half. Called Salesman right away- about 9:30 a.m.. He said he would check on that and call me before the end of day, called him back around 3:30 pm. They have been so "busy" that he has not gotten an answer yet, but would call me back THAT DAY. It is now 4 days later and still no call. I plan on writing to the corporate office. NEVER BUY ANOTHER CALL FROM A KIA DEALERSHIP AGAIN. But I will say I like my car very much and enjoy driving it. Hope it will last me for my life time. Should have stuck with FORDS.

  • We are in the market for a new suv and have seriously considered a Kia. However, your ad on TV about the father and his young son – changing the trophy denotation from "Participant" to "Champion" is so distasteful, that we will shop elsewhere. You obviously are unaware of the unnecessary pressure being placed on young children to "beat" their opponents. We have athletic programs for young students so they can enjoy the sport, develop skills and learn what it means to be good sports – not beat the other team, or have fathers live vicariously through their children. You needs to seriously look at this ad and the message it is delivering.
    In the meantime, we'll look at Honda, Nissan and some of your other competitors and suggest that our friends do likewise.

  • I feel my GPS Map in my 2012 Kia Optima is out of date. I recently took in in for an oil service and asked the dealership to please update my GPS Map. After the service was completed I was told by the technician and the service manager at Geweke Ford/Kia in Yuba City, California that there was no updates available. This seems very strange to me because my hand held GPS has updates and it is only 2 years old. I also read that the 2013 Kia Optima receives update yearly for 7 years. What is the real story and why do I feel I was taken for a ride?

  • I purchased a Kia Soul back in 2013 and up to this point I have had no issues until about 2 weeks ago. I went out to my car opened the passenger side door to let a friend in and walked around the back of the car and went to the drivers side to get in the car. After sitting in the car and putting on my seat belt I proceeded to close my door after which I heard a crackle sound. Much to my surprise when I looked back inside the car I saw that the back window blew a hole out in the middle of the glass. I went out to look and see what happened and there was glass all over the driveway. I called the dealership where I purchased the car and they set up a time to check the glass. I covered the car window and went to the dealership and they took photos. From this point it has been a uphill battle trying to get Kia to replace the faulty glass. They have said that that it looked like an impact. LOL maybe the invisible man blew the window out. I have told the company reps that I was going to go to all social media until they replace the glass. It is not my fault that the glass broke and certainly no invisible man knocked out the window. If Kia does not make this right I will tell everyone I know including all the social media I can and let them know how this company handles customers.

  • have a 2008 Kia Rio…had 8500 miles when bought in 2009, now has 41500….the rubber around all of the windows has cracked, peeled and melted…because it is out of warranty…won't fix it….in my opinion, this is not a warranty problem…it's using an inferior product….I am a senior citizen and live in senior housing..many older cars than mine, here and not one has this problem….Kia in Tallahassee, Florida is where I live and bought the car…they gave me several reasons for the defect…one said it was because the rubber probably wasn't designed for the hot Florida weather (live here and bought it here), one said probably used a different kind of chemical in the rubber that was inferior..the the srv. mgr said dry rot..oh,my….well they took pictures and sent to corporate and they said would supply the rubber, but wouldn't pay to install it….Kia said they wouldn't install, would contact a glass company for an estimate, but at my cost…..after almost 2 months of this….I was given a quote of $360.00…I said on my social security, I couldn't afford it..just forget it….will deal with the air blowing in and drive till one of us can't go anymore……shame on you….I have read of others with the same make and year having the same problem….

  • I have a 2012 KIA sorento an the engine went on the car on a trip back from ohio in west Virginia and the car is at the dealership for three weeks waiting for the engine to be shipped how can you not have the engine not in stock when the car is built the states and get a run around from KIA and not get any answers of when the car will be fixed and they do not care that you are with out a car for over a for over 5 weeks the service at KIA stinks and I will never buy another KIA again when the car is fixed I am going to trade it in and buy an American made car

  • I have a Forte KIA 2013 with 27K miles, for some reason it doesn't start every time, everything else works: A/C lights, radio dash board, but not the car itself, so you never know when it will start, it started acting up in June 2015. I told Shawnee Mission KIA (KS) I need a reliable car, it has been in the shop twice now for over a week each time, and they claim it starts every time, of course as mentioned before they do not have loners, they don't care of any time off you take from your work to take care of issues… new meaning of customer service. I don't know what to do, and I feel hopeless nobody cares after you purchased your vehicle.

  • I purchased a used car along with a 2 year warranty from the Yonkers KIA in Yonkers NY in December 2013. The car was totaled in a car accident last November and my insurance company paid off the balance of the car loan. In December I went to the Yonkers KIA to file the paperwork for reimbursement of the remaining warranty. The paperwork was filled out and the Kia representative told me it would take about a month to receive the warranty refund. In February I called the warranty company and was told that the warranty refund was sent to Yonkers Kia. I called the Yonkers Kia sales office and was given the run around for several weeks until I was finally referred to someone named Naomi who told me that a check for $1200.00 was sent to Capital One the company that I had the car loan with because Kia had not received any information that the car loan was paid off. She gave me the check number and told me to contact Capital One to confirm if they received the check. I contacted Capital One and was told that they had not received any checks from Kia for my account and that they had sent a letter to Yonkers Kia in December stating that the car loan was paid off. I called Naomi at Yonkers Kia and told her what Capital One had told me and she became indignant and said that she never told me that a check was sent to Capital One. When I questioned her about what her statement she slammed the phone on me. For the next week or so I called Kia and asked to speak to the Sales manager and was given the run around. Finally after who knows how many calls I was given the contact information of the Sales manager Darwin Olivia and was promised that he would call me back. After another week or so of leaving him voice-messages which were not returned I went back to Kia dealership in Yonkers on a Saturday. When I arrived I explained to the manager at the front desk that I needed to speak to Darwin and gave the full background of what had transpired through several months of unsuccessfully attempting to get my refund for the balance of the car warranty. After about an hour of waiting Darwin showed up and heard my story and apologized for Naomi's behavior. He told me that he would get back to me on Tuesday about the refund after confirming the status of the refund check and gave me his cell number. On Tuesday he asked me if I had proof that the car was paid off. I emailed him a copy of the letter that Capital One had sent me stating that the car loan was paid in full. We went back and forth via email for two weeks because he stopped answering his cell phone and responding to text messages. Finally he sent me a text message on June 11 stating that the refund money was sent to Capital One and that I needed to contact them. So at this point I've wasted 6 months of going back in forth with the Kia dealership in Yonkers who are refusing to pay me my warranty refund. Is there someone at the Kia corporate office that I can speak to before I head to small claims court? I will be extremely hard pressed to ever buy a car from a Kia dealership after this experience.

  • My Kia eas totalled after 4 yrs. My insurance paid it off. I filed for a refund on my extended warrrenty and Gap. The lady at the dealership csn'tvgive me any info and won't return my calls. This time I bought a Dodge because of customer service.

  • Kia says my bent rear fixed axle was bent not just a little but a lot both my tires are face outward and they will not cover it with my full bumper to bumper warranty. Say it was due to impart, my car has not be hit or wrecked. They say from hitting potholes and bumps in the road. Car is less than 2 years old, Its a kia forte xl 2014, I got it in July of 2013 brand new. I drive in the city, and main highways not on some dirt roads covered bumps and potholes. Never buy a Kia they do not honor their warranties. And blame you for actually driving your car for what is obviously poor quality parts that bend from apparently hitting bumps in the road.

  • I took my 2011 optima in for an oil change almost two weeeks ago, before I kept my appointment I called the service department to inform them that they may need to allow more time for my appointment that I was having a loud roar coming from my tires or wheels, so I kept my appointment, which might I add that they, Cavenaugh KIA , Jonesboro Arkansas, kept my car all day, when I was called to pick it up, I was told that their regular tech was taking time off and that the trainee wasn't familiar enough to say for sure what the problem was, so they needed to get my car back to them when the regular tech was back in, so we, the service receptionist and I deligently to work with my work schedule and the tech's schedule to get my car in for him to drive it and diagnose the problem.So she offered for them to bring me a car and pick mine up, so nearly 2 weeks later when I call her she asked what they were suppose to do to my car and later informed me that there was a problem that TODAY, the day that she scheduled this "their driver isn't able to come and get it." Now this was all set up this way due to my work schedule and the tech. I would like to know if for some reason there is a customer that is more important than me, or why if this is how she scheduled this why it couldn't or shouldn't be done the way that she scheduled it. Of course I got to speak to the service manager this morning. Well looks like I will be without a car another day due to their lack of communications and organization. My husband will not allow be to drive the car since we really don't know what is wrong with it, I drive 90 miles round trip to work so he is afoot while I use his vehicle. I woud say that someone let the ball drop on this one. Just hope that for KIA's sake all communication isn't this way.

  • I very curious about purchasing a Korean Automobile, I hear that KIA dealerships don't stand behind there products like most dealerships do. And what is this gimmick you can buy a KIA over a $7000 Kelly blue book trade. Who in the right mind came up with that nonsense. The last time I saw a KIA in operation was when I was station in South Korea and the dam thing would not start in cold weather.

  • Purchased a 2016 Sorento. On either side of the car, there is an emblem that reads "awd fe". I know awd means all wheel drive. But the dealer, nor the person at 1-800-33304kia can explain what the "f e" means. Does anyone know?

    • They build the Kia Sorento and Santa FE in the same plant in westpoint,Georgia. Im sure someone put the "FE" and the Sorento by mistake thinking it was a Santa "FE"

  • January 29 2015 at 6;22 pm
    I bought a 2014 kia Rio 7/13/2014 a week later I had to go back and resign the contract on 7/24/2014. So my first payment should have been on 8/24/2014 then I received three different loan numbers so as to make my payment on the first loan I received.Then I received the right loan account number after receiving 3 different account no.s. KIa made up 3 different account numbers for my car for just one car purchase.
    I only have one Kia Rio. Been on the phone with kia back and forth, and over and over ever since. They claimed I was late on my payments because of their negligence and oversight; mistakes, but were not helpful when I told them I was not, due to their mistake of giving me extra accounts for one car. The incompentency is overwhelming! They claimed I had been late with my car payment went I have been on time every month . As a result of this situation, my credit score has been compromised, and I have been dealing with them about this, but wi†h no effective results. I have talked with Corporate Service regarding this issue, and was told I would receive a letter by November 22nd, 2014, and yet to receive one. This situation is not only unaccepatable, unprofessional, but one for legal action. If my issue, and your inefficientcy to rectify my issue with your company continues, I will have no other recourse but to take legal action.

  • Kia customer service is the worst. I really don't write review, I just had to let this be known. I sent my payment through mail and they lost my payment. I track the money order down it was cashed through Kia motor finance. I told them that the payment was cashed, they stated that I need a photo copy of the money order. I fax it to them. I called to make sure they received the fax. The representative stated that they receive they fax. I received another call from the company 3 days later stated that I need to make a payment. I told the representative I sent a fax showing I made my payment. The company is so unorganized. I understand stuff happen they were not apologetic at all. The representative and mangers were so rude. I would not purchase from this company again. I love my Sorento I hate the company I purchase it from.

  • If you haven't bought a KIA and are looking to this website for reviews, DON'T BUY! This is the worst company to buy a car from. My mother bought a 2014 Soul last month (Nov 2014), love the car, dealership and customer service are the worse! We were told by the salesman that she had to pay taxes on the car she traded not on the new one, so that's what she did. Well the salesman lied, and now KIA won't do anything to help rectify the problem. He blatantly told me that they would not pay the taxes. I have reported them to the BBB and am also going to call corporate headquarters to see if they can do anything. I will never again do business with this car dealer and would strongly advise against anyone else doing business them as well. We all need to banned together and stop the lying and misleading and misrepresentation that goes on selling vehicles. My mom is 81 years old and can't afford to fork out money for taxes they told her she wouldn't have to pay as well as a car payment. And I really hope that someone from KIA reads all these negative comments.

  • We purchased a NEW 2012 Kia Sorento in 2011 at the Performance Kia in Everett Washington. Our salesman was fantastic! A year later we decided that we would like the Optima. So we bought a 2013 Optima from the same dealership, same salesman. This last week my husband and I decided that maybe it was time to see what the 2015 Sorentos have in new features, etc. Upon sitting down with the finance guy, who originally came out to the sales lot and basically "begged us to come in", he proceeded to tell us that our 2012 Sorento was not worth anything. REALLY….the same car you told me back in 2011 that if we were to come back in and trade in that it would still be worth a considerable amount. He tried to tell us that it was the way we were paying on the car. This had nothing to do with the payoff…this had everything to do with what the car is worth today. He told us we could put $7000 down if we wanted to deal. Well….I could have slapped down 7k at that very moment…but why would I do that for a car that your going to tell me in 3 years is not worth anything! Frankly I am pissed. I understand depreciation, I'm not an idiot, despite what he thought I was. WOW KIA! Customer loyalty is what I expected after spending $50,000+ in one of your delarships. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM THAT DEALERSHIP OR A KIA. Thank you~

  • Nexen tires will not warranty or replace why is Kia using them I certainly wasn't told of this when I was purchasing the vehicle besides they are aware of what tires are on the vehicle when they sell it

  • purchased a 2011 Kia soul approximately 9 months ago cracks in tires under 32,000 miles no assistance, help, or replacement I"m in shock would not recommend a Kia product buyer BEWARE NEXEN TIRES problem should be addressed I"m sure I am not the only one how sad not to stand by your product so much for honesty and Q certified you live and you learn unfortunately your taken advantage I spent the morning in the dealership hours only to be told they wouldn't do anything

  • I bought my car at Puyallup Kia in Puyallup Wa, I took it in to be serviced. The dealers shuttle was gone. The servive manger Tom gave me a ride home, the SERVICE MANAGER!?!?
    I'm very happy I'm dealing with such a customer service dealership!! Customer for life!!!
    Thanks Tom

  • We bought our first Kia from Big Red Kia in Norman, Oklahoma. It has been a HORRIBLE experience from the beginning and we have only had the car for 3 months. I have emailed the manager and no response. I would like to email corporatate but I can't find an email address anywhere. Anybody have it??

  • In 2005, we purchased our '06 Kia Spectra5. It has served us, as well as our daughter who has the car now, very well. Its tough, comfortable and, holds quite a bit for its size as well as getting decent gas mileage and, stylish looks. Dealer support is incredible as well. This is our second Kia and, we have had a Hyundai as well … so, we are familiar with both Kia and its now-parent company.
    Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Kia Motors Finance Co. in Fountain Valley, CA. Their telephone agents have monstrous attitudes and the corporate attitude is even worse. After buying the car and before the first payment, I had a deer run into the front end. I made the first payment and, was given a "pass" on the second in order to be able to replace the R headlight. I didn't mind doing this as it DID help us out.
    However, about a year later I requested a pass due to a temporary hardship, the "agent" wanted to repo the car! I wrote to Kia, informing them of how this was going down and they, allowed the "pass". Then, from that point on, it was a financial nightmare! Anytime we fell behind I received the most nasty phone calls which, as a retired disabled Army Captain, felt were totally unwarranted. But, even though we did get behind at times, I always made it up … until it came time for our last payment. I had thought, and had NOT BEEN INFORMED BY KIA OTHER-WISE, that the 5 passes would be added onto the 5 months AFTER THE DATE OF THE LAST PAYMENT. It wasn't. Kia demanded a $4,250 FINAL PAYMENT last May which no one, outside of Daddy Warbucks, could do. Instead, I said I'd make 1 1/2 payments from May-Dec and, pay off the car. They agreed and I did so, for 3 months.
    Then I found out that they put NEGATIVE info on my credit report!
    I then reduced it to the regular payment, and as time grew closer, even reduced that if we had a problem. This March, saw me make what I had believed to be the last payment and, without utilizing bad language, told them to stick their financing company and system to where the sun don't shine! I then sat back to await the title (NB: I had purchased a used '08 smart fortwo Passion Cabrio two years ago and, just traded it in on a new Fiat 500 Pop … both finances companies, the latter being Chrysler laughed at what Kia had done and, gave us both a decent deal and treatment).
    I just found out, after having contacted a lawyer but, doing this on my own, that we STILL owe Kia Motors Finance Co. $664.96! They did NOT contact me after my pithy letter due to the fact that "charge off'" car loans are never contacted. This is intolerable. They accepted my pay plan without hesitation, badgered me for 7 years when I fell behind and, after falling short, due to an error on my part, just left it there!
    I called Kia Motors Finance this morning in order to ascertain the CEO/CFO/COO of the finance company and, the agent I dealt with, Savanna 04395, refused to give it to me! I am writing this plus checking in the library on the officer's name. I do not want to send it to a title, I WANT (and, deserve) to CONTACT THIS GUY, IN PERSON. I don't mind having purchased the car but, their finance company (as verified by the dealer … who has been a ROCK for us … I even made a TV commercial for him!) is not to be trusted or, used if you want fair treatment. I am contacting legal help to have the negative info taken off and, straighten this out.
    The car has been good … WALK AWAY though, if you go through Kia Motors Finance Co., they eat their dead!

  • I bought a Kia Rio in Madison Wi in March 2014. We were told that we would need to go to Best Buy to get a wire for the satellite (erroneous info as the car already had satellite radio). I had the bill put in front of me and told that was what I needed to pay. The amount was not what I had agreed upon and was in their favor and it was wrong by hundreds of dollars. I was put in the waiting room after paying cash at 730pm in the evening and told I had to wait for documentation. When I needed to change the title to two persons I was told to come in at 900am the next morning and when I called that morning at 908am and they told me he wasn't there and would arrive at 10. He was there and they didn't know it. They didn't give me my second key for the new vehicle as he was too busy and I had to go in and grab it off his desk. They didn't tell me I don't have a spare tire and when I mentioned I didn't have one they said they would order one and then never did order it. And on and on and on. They get 0 out of 10.